Key 2380 – Gospel of Matthew Part 13

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2380

Most are clueless to the richness of the message of Matthew 11 because they don’t know what things like the “Error of Balaam” and “cities of blood” are. Nor do they understand that they themselves are mired in those systems.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: November 4, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Gospel = “good news”; Matt 10 – decrees to disciples; Revelation; Who is Jesus?; Simon a rock?; Fathers on the earth; Equality; Family; Levites; Degeneration of society; Welfare snare; Herod’s legal charity; Honoring parents; Stone temples; Respecters of persons; Pure religion; Parallel service; Matt 11:1, Command = “diatasso” (appoint, ordain); 2 Pe 2 2:15; Rev 2:14; Idolatry (covetousness); Fornication?; Stumbling blocks; Registration of men; Blind man story; In but not of the world; Herod’s other temple; Taxation; Jude 1:11; Spots?; Media influence; Shifting standards; Repentance; John the Baptist; Bondage of Egypt; Hearing truth; Nazarite?; Death?; Single gospel message; Born of Holy Spirit; Nearing Tree of Life; Kingdom of Heaven/God; New world order; Matt 11:12; Lk 16:16; Violence?; Burdens?; Superstition; Religion; Making your “yes”, “yes”; Cities of blood; Coming together in love/charity; Matt 11:15; Seeing your faults; Killing care; Prodigal son; Saul’s folly; Children of wisdom; Missing History; Freely disseminating truth; Guidance by Holy Spirit; Matt 11:24 Sodom?; Knowing Jesus; Christ’s light burden; 1 Cor 1:20; The “wise”; The right of choice; Foolish wisdom; Gaul’s history; Learning to come together; Kingdom truth; Admitting your wrongs; Making the foolish wise; 1 Cor 3:19; The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Ez 16:49; The solution; Strengthening the poor; Brethren; Supporting your chosen minister; Fear not!; Sabbath?; Seeking righteousness; Conforming to Christ daily; Leaven?; Living Network; Freeing the whole world; Only one creator; Don’t waste any time.

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