Key 2381 – Gospel of Matthew Part 14

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2381

In Matthew 12, we see that great multitudes “followed” Jesus and he healed them all. Was this the huge, chaotic rabble we see in the movies? Or had these people already organized themselves in “fifties” as Jesus commanded elsewhere.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: November 4, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Encyclopedia; The whole gospel; Being doers of the word; Concordances; Following Holy Spirit; Knowledge vs guidance; Personal paradise; Respecters of persons; “Sacred”; 1 Sam 8; Returning to freedom; Matt 12:1; Porters of the Temple; Two witnesses; High Priest and King; Prodigal son; Sabbath violation?; Worshipping symbols; Leaven; FDR; Your bondage; Unrighteous mammon; The Sabbath way; Taking the kingdom from the Pharisees; Two “Israels”; “SynagogueFree assemblies; Perverting Mosesreligion; Anti-Christian benefits; Serving our Father; “Brethren”; Strengthening the poor; Devaluing money; Sheep rescue story; Calf rescue story; Plotting against Christ; Loving their delusion?; Left of righteousness; Sanhedrin?; Romans 13 pamphlet; exousia = liberty of choice; King (and High Priest) Jesus; Moses’ court system; Cities of refuge; Casting out criminals; Stoning; “Rulers”; Burnt offerings; John the Baptist threat; One purse; Why didn’t you know?; Pharisees’ self-incrimination; Being friends with the unrighteous mammon; Things Pilate knew; Returning to righteousness; “Gentiles”; Overpopulation?; Freeing slaves?; “Faith”; Distraction; Speaking up; Boards and board members; Ready for conflict; Focusing on the kingdom; Promoting HHC material; Fasting; Waiting upon the Lord; Trauma; “Soul”; Submitting to God; Word trickery; Depopulation; Communism; Joining the network; Blasphemy of Holy Spirit; Forgiving; Emulating John the Baptist; Helping your minister; Brothers of Jesus; Speak up!

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