Key 2370 – Gospel of Matthew Part 3

Following the setting of the genealogical stage in Matthew 1, the second chapter is loaded with hints to the requirements for the creation of a nation of free people.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 30, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Matthew the man; Charity in the early Rome; Cities and tents; Codified rules; “Citizen”; Paul the Rhomaios; Early American citizenship; Understanding Matthew; Sons of God; Defining “religion”; Intimate charity; Sexual revolution; Legal charity; The sin of Sodom; Early Church kingdom; Right provision of bread; Baptism of Jesus Christ; Jews in the Early Church; Justin’s apology; Caring for neighbor as selves; Charity vs force; Matthew 1 = Generations; Walking by faith; Sacrificing for the needy; Corban?; Saul’s folly; Bonding society; Forcing your neighbor; Imaginary belief in Jesus; Covetous practices; Altering sexuality; Treating symptoms; Solving social problems; Matthew’s birth story; Gospel of James?; Directions of Jesus; “Patri” = father; Contextualizing the gospel; Benefit addiction; Public religion; Temple of living stones; Matt 2; Luke 2:4; Micah 5:2; Bethlehem; Pretend Christians; Wise men?; Troubling Herod; Jesus’ mission; Matt 2:6; Rule people? Or “feed” (shepherd); No covetous practices; 1 Sam 8; Rejecting God; Repent and see; “Worship”; Moving stars?; Supporting Christ’s kingdom; Dream warnings; Nu 24:8; “Unicorns”; Degenerating the people; Hosea 11:1; “Out of Egypt”; Herod executing children; Jer 31:15; “City” = “polis” = community of people; Existence of “Nazareth”?; Nazarene Essenes; Where was John the Baptist?; Death of Zachariah?; Long line of Kings; No king in Jerusalem at Christ’s time; Until 1099 (crusades)?; Anarchy?; Moving by love; Worshipping Christ; Jer 3:13; Herod Antipas?; Kingdom of God is at hand; Your responsibilities; “Love”; “Polis” on a hill; Power in hands of individual = Republic; Mammon; Jesus rich, made himself poor; Different kind of governor?; Surviving the days ahead; Matt 3:1; Preparing the Way of Christ; “Kingdom of Heaven/God”; “ouranos”; Christ’s new world order – seek it!

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