Key 2276 – The Way of Sabbath

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2276

The idea of Sabbath has been oversimplified to the point that it has lost its primary relevance to society. And the most legalistic “Sabbethkeepers” are going down with their society’s ship.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: November 19, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Manipulation of society; Free society under God; Bible about government; Remember righteousness; Oregon local government issues; Repairing our faults; Ignorance – Knowledge kept from you; Democracy = bad; Anarchy = no rulers; Patrick Henry; Cherishing liberty; Correcting ideas; Willingness to know the whole truth – humility; Fruits of democracy; Gold and silver to pay debt; Public Education; Church a viable republic; Ignorance -> tyranny; Knowing history; Law of nature; Statutes?; Juries; Growing broke slower; Paying “the debt”; Happiness in America; Capitalism; Weakening the people; Gun violence; “War on Poverty”?; Legal charity; Learning solution by doing; The will of the Father; Mass formation of psychosis; Conversation; 2 commandments; Loving neighbor; Depression; Science vs religion?; Defining religion; “Superstitio”; Addition to government benefits; Scattering the flock; Repentance from destructive ideas; John 1:1; “logos”; Prophets of the beast; Daily ministration; Economic collapse?; “Sabbath”; God’s government; Wanting kings; Bondage of Egypt; Social security; Insurance vs Assurance; Killing care; The Solution; Christ said it best; Covetousness; Free bread; Law based on spirit; Getting rid of depression; How to find the kingdom of God; Blind guides; Fraud?; Abundant life; Sacrificing; It’s your fault; Listening to Holy Spirit; Anger; Forgive!; Your armor = love; Strengthening the poor; Doing His word; Born again; Becoming human resources; Cursing your children; Character of His name; Making contact; Seek righteousness; Come together – religiously!

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  1. Thank you Brother Gregory, well explained how Sabbath is “work first, then rest”, not entering into debt that perpetuates “financial slavery”.

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