Key 2204 – Mass Formation Psychosis

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2204

In a recent Joe Rogan interview, Dr Peter Malone used the term “Mass Formation Psychosis”. He also stressed the importance of rebuilding our social bonds. That’s the entire reason for our existence!

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 8, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Mass Formation Psychosis; Lemmings?; Sheep?; Needing a shepherd; Parallels to modern society; Too smart to be fooled?; Capgras; Face masks; Isolation; Depravation; Flattening freedom; Gregory’s uncle; Anxiety; Suicide; Focused single solution offered by authority; Identifying the purpose; Society’s sickness; Visitation by the Holy Spirit; Sacrifice; Making excuses; Things to learn; Social bonds; Sitting in darkness; Not to be that way with you; Exercising righteousness; Importance of community; Forgiveness; Communion; Rightly dividing bread from house to house; Fervent charity; Drawing near the Holy Spirit; Immersion in repentance; Acts 10:43; God’s logic; Testing your forgiveness; Importance of “works”; John 3; Heb 9:32; Unchanging God; Mk 11:26; Christ’s teachings; Shedding your blood for others; Heb 10:18; Remission/forgiveness; Blaspheming the Holy Spirit; Acts 5:31; Forgive to be forgiven.


[00:01:45] Mass Formation Psychosis; Lemmings
[00:03:07] Hard to force a sheep to do anything (gregbio)
[00:07:24] Greg’s great uncle was a soldier of fortune (gregbio)
[00:08:43] Mass Formation Psychosis mentioned in Joe Rogan interviews with Dr Malone and Dr Peter McCullough; Isolation, Depravation, Anxiety, Single Solution
[00:11:43] Capgras
[00:17:06] One daughter with binky; Another daughter learning to walk (gregbio)
[00:19:38] Finish of story of Greg’s uncle – fake beheading as a spy; History is a series of conspiracies
[00:24:03] 10yo girl dies within 10 days of both parents getting vaccinated
[00:27:25] Dr Malone: We’re sick as a society
[00:29:29] Seventh Day Adventist bum (gregbio)
[00:31:35] Dr Malone: We have to come together. We have to recreate our social bonds.
[00:34:45] Bible mentions government 700-1000 times and mentions religion five times, only once positively
[00:36:20] Community; Social Bonds; Communion; Free Bread, Corban of Christ; Freewill Offering; Charity; Legal Charity
[00:43:00] Remission; Shedding innocent blood; Character of Jesus is sacrifice
[00:46:50] John 3 Are you really born again?
[00:47:17] Hebrews 9:22 Mutual shedding of innocent blood
[00:50:20] Car breakdown (gregbio)
[00:54:32] Missed conversation with stranger at airport (gregbio)

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