Key 2379 – Gospel of Matthew Part 12

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2379

Matthew 10 starts out talking about soft and effeminate men. Is this about homosexuality? Or is there a deeper message…like the sin of Sodom was actually about the unrighteous way they provided for the needy.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 28, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Many words from Christ; Our journey as individuals; Matt 10:1; Disciples/students; Parables?; Sickness and disease; Bible sources; Uninspired translators – Inspired readers; Hearing the Word of God; Trauma; “Sickness” = nosos – disease; “Disease” = infirmity/weakness (soft/effeminate); Transference of traits/identity via trauma; Overcoming trauma; Consequential disease; Giving “power” to disciples; Listing apostles; Immigration?; Population collapse?; The design of God; Preaching the gospel; Leprosy?; Rotting of the soul; Why gather?; Preparedness; Conduits of Holy Spirit; Judging; Wise serpents; Protecting sheep in the midst of wolves; Living for your children – strengthening; Sin of Sodom; Resurrecting righteousness; Sanhedrin (Council); Subjection; “Swear not”; Taking God’s name in vain; Other churches; Governments of power; Confrontation; Speaking from the heart/spirit; Dealing with demons; Letting God work in your life; Fear Not!; Repentance; “Israel”; Power of choice; Confess? (homologeo) – agree/say the same; Doers of the Word; Artificial Holy Spirit; Sacrifice; Knowing yourself; The Way of Christ; Matt 25:34-46 lookahead; “Brethren”; Name of Christ; Where is your faith?; Who is your comforter?; Helping with unbelief; Parthia v Rome; Building social bonds; Christian soldiers; It’s time to repent.

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