Key 2376 – Gospel of Matthew Part 9

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2376

In this study of Matthew 7, we learn how today’s leaders are Sons of God just like the Caesars were. Are we doing anything to participate in the parallel system of government that Jesus setup?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 21, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Contextualizing Matthew; Christ’s history-changing message; Parthia and India; Digging deeper; Son of God controversy; Rome’s free bread and circuses; Earlier congregations; Baptizing Christians; Welfare snare, Bondage of Egypt; Income tax; Never to go there; Choosing rulers; Julius Caesar’s temples; Covetousness; Christ vs Caesar; Robbing your neighbor; Covetousness is not OK; Attacking delusion? Or saving lives?; “Christians” working iniquity; Freewill; Dopamine?; Fasting; Analyzing the Gospel; Pursuit of happiness; John 5:34; Rom 10:1; “Might be saved”; Our freewill choice; Living in light; Matt 6:22; Focus on truth; George Floyd example; Bringing light into the room; Matt 7:1; Turning neighbor into resource; Saving yourself?; “Judgement” = crema; Decree; Responsibility; Protecting neighbor; Peoples’ courts; Juries; Deciding fact and law; Corban of the Pharisees; Seeing your error; Keeping commandments; Sacrifice; Matt 7:5; Your beam; Idolatry; Col 3:5; Hypocrites; Pearls of truth; Heading families; Taking care of society’s needy; Approving corruption; The way of the Kingdom; Faith; Strait gate; Loving truth; Racism?; Wolves in sheep’s clothing; Knowing by fruits; Fruit of modern church; Your chosen gods; Dainties; Wanting to see; Unrighteous mammon; Changing the way you think; Matt 7:21; Laws of force; Why Rome was in Judea; “Born again”; The fruit of your faith; “Belief”; Seeing your darkness; The rock of Christ; Decrees of Jesus Christ; Doers; “Authority” (power); Who is the higher power in your life?; Liberty; Siding with righteousness; “Evil”; Being wise men; Gathering in Christ’s way; Scattered flock; Revelation-based judgement; Matt 8:1; Multitudes; Touching lepers; Christian minorities; Repent an do Christ’s doctrines.

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