Key 2372 – Gospel of Matthew Part 5

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2372

In our study of Matthew 4, we learn how we are all faced with the same temptations that Jesus faced and how the awareness of a practical translation may help us to stop succumbing to those temptations.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 7, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Matthew writing to a Jewish base; Lev 14:2 leper offerings; Extra work for Priest; Turtledove altars; “Religion”; Doctrine of Jesus; Badmouthing Paul; Implementing Christ; Rightly dividing bread; The other FEMA; Jehovah-Nissi; Essene interpretation; Doing what Jesus taught; Connecting the testaments; Taking the kingdom from the Pharisees; Appointing to His little flocks; “Meat”?; Temple: den of thieves; Understanding Jesus; Salt of the modern church; Solving the world’s problems; John the Baptist’s preparation of The Way; Network of charity; Binding ourselves by faith, hope and charity; Gathering of friends; John’s respect for Jesus; Matt 4:1; Jesus led by Spirit; Temptation; “Son of God”; Gospel of James; Welfare snare; Stones to bread?; Living stones; Corruption of priests; Wave offering; Handling money; Firing moneychangers; Word of God; Temptations of Christ and us; Fate?; Fasting?; Temptation -> Corruption; Sanhedrin; Opulence of priests; 2 Cor 8:9; Repentance; Religions of force; Oregon article 2 section 22; Media control; Perverting altars; 1 Sam 8; Fixing corruption; Matt 4:5; Jumping out of the system?; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Turning neighbors into bread; Matt 4:8; “world”; Your power; Worship = service; “Angels”?; The love from Christ; Mt 4:17; Kingdom of Heaven/God; Separate from the “world”; Receiving Holy Spirit; Christ’s commands for His Church; Kingdom within your reach; Simon and Andrew; James and John; Synagogues; New kind of “net”; Unrighteous leaping; Adversary to God – other “son”?; Public religion = legal charity; Exercising Authority; Process of repentance; Selling yourself into bondage; Distractions from neighbor’s needs; Tempting God to take care of you?; Burnt offerings; Evolution of “giving”; Systems of social welfare; Following the money; Caesar’s hut?; Democracy; Return to Pure Religion.

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