Key 2375 – Gospel of Matthew Part 8

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2375

In part 2 of our study of Matthew 6, we learn the deeply practical intent behind Jesus’ genealogy, the antidote to anxiety, and the difference between compelled and freewill offerings.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 14, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Christ High Priest and King; Firing moneychangers; Taxation and Tithing; Benefitting at neighbors’ expense; Your bondage; Hoping for repentance; Taking away power of authority; “Almsgiving”; Riding the beast; Merchandising humanity; Anxiety vs Gratitude; Walking in faith; Enemies; Unnatural affection; Phil 4:11; Moses’ influence; Believing in God’s provision; Greek “thankfulness”; Beatitudes; God’s fuel; Poor in spirit; Awakening Holy Spirit in you; Psalms 107:1; Give thanks unto the Lord…; “yada” and “tada”; Force use by modern Christians; The “love” utility; Your greatest fears; Conduiting Holy Spirit; Lam 3:22; Forgiveness and health; Seeing your own error; Phil 4:6; Being careful?; “Peace”, 1+ hours of summary yet to come.

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