Key 2378 – Gospel of Matthew Part 11

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2378

The best insights of Matthew 9 can’t be seen until one grasps the politics of the time and the overall message of the bible.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 28, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Writing to Jews and Parthians; Social safety nets; Courts; Circumstantial evidence; Media falsification; Missing information; Translated bible; Preconceived notions; “Patris”; Twisting presented information; Ideology; Believing in Holy Spirit; Patterns of evil; Connecting with God who gives life; Jesus quotes; “Christ” = king of government at hand; Kingdom not of this “world”?; Rightful king of Judea; Protection draws subjection; Pursuit of happiness; “Blessed”/happy; Righteous relations with neighbors; “Conversation”; Administrating civil affairs; Saul’s foolishness; Christ’s healing power; Matt 9:1; His own city (polis); Meditation; Spiritual awakening; Discipleship; “Publicans”; Government corruption; Devotion to sin; What sin?; “Q gospels”; Voluntarism; Matt 9:12; Tending the sick; Evil’s control; Delusion; “Mercy” and sacrifice; Fasting?; Separate from the world; Matt 9:18; Faith; “Worship”; Making whole; “Nazarite” vow; What is death?; Raising from the dead; Understanding Holy Spirit; Acting upon faith; John the Baptist’s ministry; Devils; Synagogues; Spiritual and physical realms; Matt 9:36 “Multitude”; Scattered flocks; Too many shepherds; Few laborers; Chapter breaks added; Matthew story over years; Sanhedrin; Sacrifice of the world; Heaven’s operation; Deceitful meats; Welfare (unrighteousness) snares; “Bridegroom”; Who is the bride?; Gospel solution; Red-letter decrees of the king; “Church”; Levitical criteria; Body (incorporation) of Christ; 40,000 denominations?; Who is the harlot?; First-century doers; Christ’s table; Caring for all neighbors; Repent (think a different way); Don’t miss the gospel (of the kingdom)!

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