Key 2377 – Gospel of Matthew Part 10

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2377

What was the faith and authority that allowed Jesus to perform the many miracles documented in Matthew 8?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 21, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Judging; Which rules?; Right to choose; Spiritual choices; Perspective; Cultural revolution; Barbarians; Knowing yourself to know others; Your idols; Two trees; Socialist degeneration; Daily travesties; Perfect law of liberty; Matt 8:1; Healing the leper; John the Baptist; Parthia; Jesus the king; Immediate cleansing; Lev 14:2 Law of the leper; Pharisee party; Possession; Jesus’ plan; Healing; Vaccines; Reproduction; Intuition and revelation; Jesus and the Old Testament; Charity + Faith + Hope; 8:9 – man under authority (exousia); Stories by Christ; How will you choose?; Ideologies; True sons; Starting your journey; Accepting the love of God; Peter’s mother-in-law; 8:17 Isaiah reference; Taking care of needy of your society; Making The Lord your Lord; 1+ hour of additional summary to follow…

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