Key 2374 – Gospel of Matthew Part 7

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2374

In our Matthew 6 study, we learn how, due to our apathy toward the weightier matters, the tax man is our modern day Levite who collects tithes through force rather then through freewill offerings on which the Kingdom of God runs.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 14, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

News behind the news; Bible is about government; The war for your soul; Vatican II councils; Whole truth; Matthew writing to Jews; The solution; Christians without a clue; Christ’s doctrine; Needing something to believe in; Reviewing Matthew; Genealogy; Wise men; Supporting Christ’s ministry; “Magi”; Rightful kings?; Corban; Matt 3:4; Camel hair?; Parthians?; Knowing history; John the Baptist’s lineage; Rome/Parthia history; Social safety net systems; Jesus’ government; Religious duty; Public religion; Temples in Jerusalem and Rome; “Nazareth”; “polis”; Foundational knowledge; Richness of Jesus; Julius Caesar; No coveting!; “Hemyan”; 16th Amendment; Changing the way you think; Sharing wealth; Idolatry; Anti-Christ governments; Caring for each other; “Happy” sermons; Spiritual fulfilment; Christ’s Republic; Destroying Rome; Matthew 6 decrees; Beatitudes; Alms – for needy of society; Compassionate choice; “love”; arrows?; No force!; Fair share?; People’s choice; World’s forced benefits; Lord’s prayer; Which “father”; Praying to God for your daily bread; Forgiving debt; Or NOT forgiving; The choice before you; Fasting instructions; Invisible god; Rich ministers; Your treasures; Learning to love; Matt 6:24; Serving 2 masters; Choosing Christ’s system; Mammon; Sharing your treasure; Anxiety and appreciation; Christ, Abraham and Moses created networks of charity; Seeking kingdom FIRST; Hypocrites; Taxes = tithes; Injustice story; Christ’s intention; Parthian shot?; True Christianity; Seeking righteous mammon; God’s protection; Network together in faith and truth.

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