Key 2016 – Coronavirus Craziness and the Lemming Effect

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2016

A simple comparison of COVID-19 statistics to those of previous flu outbreaks is enough to make one question what all the panic is about. The Spanish flu was much more virulent and it provided practical solutions for us today.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 14, 2020

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. If you want to get notices of all the broadcasts as they go out and as they become available, you need to join the network which is an email network. not a lot of Bergman some emails coming in but I’ll give you notices but the key thing is the network itself and there’s two networks is one is just an email network and the other one is a living network the email that were put you on a on an email group based on your geographical location but really the way to get to know people is to actually join the living network which is you become a part of the congregation of record.

The early church’s network was critical

[00:01:05] Now this was very critical in the early church. And a lot of things are going on in the early church… There was global warming and then there was global cooling. There were dictators rising to power. There was persecution by the medical system there was persecution by the political system there were persecution came by radical religious groups and there was persecution by the government. And why was all this was going about? Well that’s what were trying to let you know the Keys of the Kingdom so that you know how all that that went on back then relates to today. The problem is that you get a lot of the information you have in your head from other people and from news sources and from books and from wherever they get getting from that are misleading you. And so how do you know?

What is blocking people’s minds to reality?

[00:02:04] So many people don’t know what was going on at the time of Christ. And what the early church was doing. I’m sure they had flu viruses or some sort of viruses. And they certainly had diseases. Actually you know, I heard in the news where they’re talking I was AOC again always a newsworthy commentator from Congress who was saying that the reference to the coronavirus being the Wuhan virus from China was somehow a racist statement. I didn’t see it but 70 was telling me that that somebody put together a collage of just about every newscaster on TV was using the word Wuhan virus that was whatever they call that when it was first appearing on the same and that I was because it was first reported in a place called Wuhan is a they call that the Wuhan virus it wasn’t until like the almost 45 days later that it was named at something else other than the Wuhan virus I will say what was actually named because most people have never heard what it was actually named and exactly when on why exactly they named a certain way is part of the is what were going to be talking about. But what we really want to get into is what is blocking people’s minds from seeing what’s really going on out there the world. A lot of people want to know what’s really going on they look at the news that look at CNN look at him it as CNBC they look at their newsfeed in their Facebook and they get all kinds of stories about what’s supposedly going on with the the Wuhan virus. We’ll call that right now one of the things that came out some he said all it first appeared in fishmarket and they made references to the fact that over there is some people served bad soup and of course you there have been viruses that have come from Batson and cooking the and you know in proximity to bats. And getting on the pigs. and viruses everything the movie contagion kind starts with that kind of scenario.

China as the apparent source

[00:04:36] The reality is, in Wuhan, there is a Institute where they store viruses all kinds of viruses and they study these viruses and was actually built and designed by an individual from the United States to I think he was a Harvard, maybe Princeton, college professor. And he was paid like $1 million to go over there. And actually there’s been talk behind-the-scenes of actually charging them because supposedly information that he gave to the Chinese is classified information. But I don’t know. And that’s really irrelevant. Did it come out of that storage unit it’s a possibility there were some stories they came out early on about the disruption in that a storage Institute that studied these viruses and other was actually some video that leaked out of people struggling in a hallway with security people struggling a hallway with somebody wearing a mask and all this kind of stuff. And we might get into some of the psychology of of why it is dangerous to create these institutes and the why some of the protocols are sometimes not followed but less let’s deal with this this phenomena because it basically this is a flu virus. It’s not anything new. It’s a new strain of a flu virus and is a lot of information available as to how flu viruses actually operate it may go over the head of most people to even discuss such things but the reality is is that these flu viruses like the coronavirus in the corner with the name coronavirus is actually been around for 50, 60 years. I think it was the first named way back in the 1960s but there are numerous strands of coronavirus and one of them is the sort SARS coronavirus of 2003. And that was a COVID virus as well. That has to do with that this crown a wreath sheet that it has. It has all these all little proteins on it.

Replication of viruses

[00:07:05] And to get you some understand what virus is a virus and and this is replicated throughout nature that some things don’t reproduce through procreation. They don’t reproduce themselves their parasitical reproducer’s they require that that they enter into another living thing. And they use that other living thing to reproduce the virus. And that’s a out works and I could go into all the different factors of reproduction of what it was actually going call reproduction occult replication of the virus and it has to get into a human being and use the RNA genome and reproduce itself through a chain. And it is very complicated. It actually has checks and balances in its own system to make sure that it’s re-duplicated correctly just like it was before and is using your living cells to do it now some coronavirus is our dangers to people they get into things like chickens they get into things like pigs and they reproduce there. Most viruses come from some sort of waterfowl like ducks or geese or something. And then they have to get into another mammal such as pegs and then they may change because this reproduction in these living tissues is not always the same and if they change enough for they can now get into a human being a human being becomes a kind of a petri dish of reproducing the virus and then he gives it to somebody else and the reality is most flu viruses have come out of China. Most of the ones that we have you know what checked off, because the there’s a section and in China actually all over China but there certain areas that were this is very prominent that they they grow pork and waterfowl in the same cages if bird like a goose or duck dies they feed that to the vague so the pagan has this contact with the waterfowl and eventually the pig also being consumed and in contact with human beings, gives the opportunity of those RNA polymerase reproduction or not I should say reproduction again at the a replication morphs into something else that allows an individual to get this flu that may be only takes got, maybe only ducks got, maybe only other animals got. But now all of a sudden it’s in the human genome and is being reproduced by a human and he coughs or touches somebody else and it travels to another one which is kinda interesting that this this virus started in Wuhan according to the Chinese some people actually saying that the you know it originally it started in the US is a part of military project. The fact is the US has been is studying these viruses for a long time in in the military because the fact that they the original ideas that they want to know how this is done to protect Americans against your warfare that somebody else might do and but it’s all irrelevant it does really have anything to do with what is really important to you where it came from Amico to come from outer space for all that matters. But the fact is, it’s here and is moving around…

Greg’s personal experience with what may have been THE coronavirus

[00:11:10] Those of been listening the show regularly, I told you week or so ago, we had the flu go to this house. And everybody in this house got the flu at different stages. And we thought it was just a coronavirus. Not THE coronavirus and sky neighbor was tested for coronavirus and it was a coronavirus because they also had the flu and their elderly individual in their 80s, maybe almost in the 90s now, and they recovered. But they had gone into a hospital or to a hospital or to a doctor emergency and were tested and they said it was a coronavirus. But now I’ve talked to people who understand these tests and what tests can be ordered and how long the test taken there’s actually a series of tests to find out if it is the coronavirus and evidently she didn’t have that test and so it could have been THE coronavirus everybody so concerned about. And now, also, that we’ve have a lot more information about the symptoms of the coronavirus, it appears that we’ve already had the coronavirus in this house. And we all survived.

Today’s news anchors are just pretty faces…not capable of finding the deeper truth

[00:12:27] Some of the interesting things that we also found out talking to people that deal with this on a day-to-day basis… It’s kind of our behind-the-scenes network where we can talk to people who are actually in the missa things and and then I’ve read a lot of articles about it’s amazing if you only listen to the hipe the news channel you may miss the real information although if you listen to enough of them you may get enough data that you realize that the news media is coming to the wrong conclusions they do not understand what is really going on because the fact is most news announcers they are kind of a pretty face and a good sounding voice and they’re not really that smart at least that’s what I see today mean is been jokes about that is been comedy shows about the fact that news announcers were supposedly giving you all this good information are just reading off of a Teleprompter and they actually don’t know what they’re saying. Chris we just had recently were two newspeople were doing the math concerning the amount of money that one of the candidates spent to get into the campaign is now since dropped out but that was like $500 million. And they were saying he could’ve given $1 million to every man woman and child in the United States well that actually doesn’t work out mathematically. But there they are on-air doing the math it actually comes out to couple a box not even a couple of bucks, $2, $1.50 or something like that do every man woman and child and in the United States. Not $1 million a piece but they’re saying it as if it is fact. And you’re thinking like somebody’s got to stop them.

Lots of people are reacting to the coronavirus the same as they do with the bible…jumping to conclusions with only shallow understanding

[00:14:33] That’s because we we have a tendency to listen without putting fact together without feeding the pieces of the puzzle together we’ve done the same thing with reading the Bible. A lot of information the Bible a lot of stories in the Bible a lot of accounts in the Bible. And we’re finding out more more than many of these accounts actually do have historical evidence around a lot of people said one even say oh there’s no evidence that Jesus ever existed nobody wrote about them but the Bible while the reality is all kinds of people wrote about him is all kinds evidence that he existed but they say that in some people just grab on to that idea because they want to believe that Jesus never existed now the Jesus that’s in your mind he may never have existed except in your mind but the real Jesus existed I don’t know what’s in your mind that’s why we talk about it so that maybe if you have some ideas in your mind about Jesus that ain’t so, we can get that sorted out. And we look at this process of people looking at the coronavirus panicking about the coronavirus and were to look at how people’s minds can be led away how they can be missing very basic information about the coronavirus and jumping to conclusions that just ain’t so because they miss some very basic facts about this coronavirus.

Digging deeper for real coronavirus statistics

[00:16:06] So anyway, I sent the email to myself with some of the notes that I picked up and put on my phone and mail it to myself so we can look at this in one of the quotes for schools that I saw was as the impact of the coronavirus grows politics has not waned suffice it to say none of this is helpful and all of it is designed to polarize the country at a time we require concerted actions. And so the impact of coronavirus grows. Well the impact of coronavirus is actually very, very small. Very few people have gotten it supposedly very few people have died from it at the original estimates of death by coronavirus is like 1% to 5%. Which is actually kind of low for a virus but where are you getting the statistics, how are they accumulated, and what is really going on. this is some of the things it just look in news reports I saw that there was a serious problem with people talking about the threat of coronavirus and one of the stories that I came up with was the actual interview with people on that cruise ship that had the coronavirus and they way they were quarantine their they were all in the people who were sick were put into his separate rounds and then other people who were not supposedly sick didn’t show any symptoms were put in another room but everybody was getting tested on this ship. Because they had this closed environment and they can examine and see how things are operating just learning about the coronavirus will one of the interesting statistics is that more than half of the people on the ship that were infected by the coronavirus… And we know they were effective because they were tested in the complex series of tests that are necessary to find out if you have the actual coronavirus where they can actually check the genetics of the virus… More than half of the people never showed any symptoms. But they got the coronavirus and they got immunity to the coronavirus but they never showed any symptoms so when they say 12,000 people in Italy got the coronavirus, where is that figure coming from? That’s coming from hospitals that took the time and the money and did the the ingenuity of medical science to determine that 12,000 people actually had the coronavirus. But if more than half of the share did not show any symptoms and what have been tested except for the fact that they were on that ship, you wouldn’t include them in that 12,000 figure so we can assume, safely assume, that at least 24,000 Italians got the coronavirus. Because we know that more than half will not show any symptoms but they will get the virus so all of a sudden the the calculation that 5% of the Italians died from the coronavirus drops to 2.5%. Now we take end of consideration the fact that the only ones getting tested of the people who get severely ill and check into a hospital or in a to a doctor and get tested had somebody been traveling came down with flulike symptoms in the town next to us. Population 300 in that town. And they call the hospital to make an appointment because they have these flu-like symptoms. And they wanted to go in and be tested and the hospital said don’t even come because you’re not at risk. You’re not elderly diabetic person with lung problems so they said only become so he is going to be in the statistics of people who got the coronavirus but he’s one of those that are showing symptoms but isn’t welcome at the hospital so he’s not gonna be counted in there so if half the people just treated as affluent maybe their symptoms are like a bad cold, they’re not gonna go to the hospital and be counted either. And so now you can think that well maybe there is 36,000 people who have the coronavirus if they’re now fearing being isolated and quarantined if they go into the hospital, there may even be more people not going to the hospital and just treating it. So now the the percentage of people that die from it drops down to maybe 1% or less. So when they are talking about the effects of coronavirus they’re not actually talking about the effects of the virus they’re talking about the pandemonium and hand is not the pandemic. It’s the panic that is causing devastation and changes and repercussions throughout society and what is driving a panic well certainly the media wants panic because panic sells.

TV news binging = Bible binging. Understanding becomes shallow.

[00:21:53] Everybody watches the TV. Everybody watches and listens the radio in the program to find out what’s going on. But the more they listen the less they know. Same thing with people who study the Bible. If you study it in the wrong mindset and and the wrong position of thought, then you may totally misunderstand the Bible and it may lead you away from the very thing you should be seeking. Which is the kingdom of God and the righteousness of God. And we give you plenty of examples in history the Crusades a lot of injustices happened with the Crusades the persecutions that came with the that the institution where the church is looking for heretics. And people are being tried and burned at the stake. Driven out of their homes. Because they have a different opinion of what is in the biblical text. And so therefore they are persecuted and you have inquisitions of thousands even millions of people being driven out of their homes and even killed because somebody evidently misinterpreted the Bible when it that begin actually began before the Bible was even written. At least the New Testament was even written. And we’ll talk about that when we come back to the keys of the kingdom forcing to reveal a lot more about what you can do about the coronavirus.

Developing immunity and a more robust environment

[00:23:36] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So we’ll talk about this virus. And again, remember viruses don’t reproduce themselves the reproduced inside of another living creature. The same thing is true about lies and deception. Lies and deception do not reproduce themselves. Requires people to reproduce and carry them from one person to the next. And creep into people’s thinking through the interaction with other people. And then be passed on to somebody else and so that’s that that’s characteristic of a lie that is also the characteristic of a virus so anyway one quote I saw was when viruses like such SARS and COVID-19 emerges the race begins to find a new vaccine and treatment for those affected. Well, before were done were going to show you some of the things that you can do to help you alleviate the problem of the COVID-19 if you get it. at if in that if you get it and if symptoms appear in you because you may get it and no symptoms appear in you and here’s a thought if somebody gets the virus no symptoms appear, but their body produces the antigens that stop that virus from making them sick, is it possible that that person can pass on that immunity to someone else? Certainly they have a robust immune system. And that robust immune system is passed on through procreation to the next generation. And we talked in several shows pastor with talking about the the number of Indians who died from the diseases that came from Europe in the number Europeans it does died from diseases that came that were already here in America. And the number of Europeans who died when the plagues went through your back in the 1200s and 1100s when they were developing all these trade routes throughout Europe and they were bringing diseases from the far east and from wherever. And these diseases and even bacteria… Many of the pilgrims were having a problems with not only with the lack of food but in the keeping that food and their health up because they were suffering from things like diarrhea. If you were to go down to Mexico you can get with a call Montezuma’s revenge was happening is your being exposed to bacteria is in your system that are common down there in Mexico but not so common up and maybe Detroit. A lot of people realize that when some Mexicans would come up to the United States, this is years ago, they would suffer the same problem with diarrhea in their intestines because the fact that they were used in the bacteria that was up here and so the reality is that whenever you went to a new place there was a danger of running into not only bacteria’s but also viruses that your body had to adjust to and when that adjustment period, certain things would happen in your body which is part of the protective mechanism and then eventually your body adjusts and you’re okay go down to Mexico and you don’t have the problem.

Plumbers have done more for the health of society than doctors. Moses stressed the importance of cleanliness

[00:27:33] One of things I do always like to bring up is the fact that plumbers have done more to sustain the health of society than doctors. A lot of people want me to say that but the reality is if you did not have plumbing fresh drinking water and millions and millions of people just defecating into water supplies and on the streets and all the stuff, you were would’ve had lots and lots of diseases running throughout the population of the United States. Now we actually see in the news were places like San Francisco and Los Angeles and evidently some other cities your were finding more more of that defecation in the street had friends who just came back from China not very long ago and they saw that on a regular basis. I talked to people from Europe and they they would see that kind of stuff and not places even like France not always the Guerin strays but if you going to the restrooms they in some some of the French restrooms were just a hole in the floor at the public restrooms and filthy dirty. And if you don’t have a way of washing your hands and washing yourself… This one of the first things that Moses was teaching the people in the Bible that you had to wash your wash your hands wash your feet you could be around people were raising pace we’ve explained before that was because of the they the parasites in those pigs were devastating whole societies and and P board dying before they were 40 years old because the amount of parasites in that society there was no escape from it the only way they could overcome that is to do away with the raising up eggs because they were the carriers the major carriers of this parasites also waterfowl was not a biblical food it was because of the fact that they work creating contagions and illnesses and that parasites are being spread to the people and they also needed to bury their faces and not just defecate on the road like you see in San Francisco and LA. These are age-old things to improve your health. And there’s a lot of other secrets that should be secret that can help you have better health and that you know was a say in III John Chapter 1 verse 2 or something about the above all else I want you to have health and prosper and that’s that’s why we’re having this but I want you to prosper in the knowledge of the gospel and I’m just bringing up these viruses that you will also because it’s in the news and there are some things that you can do will get to that to protect yourself. I mean more than just washing your hands.

This year’s coronavirus = COVID-19 = SARS = SARS-COV-2

[00:30:35] So anyway what is the actual name of the COVID-19 that’s what they call it now they hustle scholar Wuhan that supposed to be racist which is ridiculous but were supposed to call it COVID-19 let not actually his name at the actual names is SARS yes it’s a SARS virus and is just another strain of the SARS virus which is why it’s very contagious about is SARS–COV–2. That’s what it’s actual real name is an classification because telling you something about the virus when you read that classification so what does the SARS stand for “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.” That’s what SARS stands for COBIT means it’s a Corona type virus and to means it’s not the first one and that at I’m kinda surprised that they refer to it is tell you because there is the work several different Corona spreading viruses so that that’s still in a classification this may be slightly different than the second SARS coronavirus is going on haven’t research that and you have to get into that genome in order to know what the heck is going on and they haven’t written that much about it yet. But anyway, this at COVID-19 threat that the media is reporting is actually not that big a threat we just showed you that most the people get it don’t even show any symptoms some of the people who get it show greater symptoms. Just had a 103-year-old Chinese lady survive the coronavirus. And she’s doing okay. And she’s 103! That’s the danger area, you know. Anything over 80 or 70 actually they say I’m over 70 I just had a coronavirus which appears to be that one.

What are we REALLY suffering from? Lemming Effect

[00:32:44] Are we are we suffering from something else rather than the coronavirus that is actually doing more damage to society. And I coined the phrase lemning effect. I was talking to somebody… I sayed. “It’s the lemning effect.” And the then I looked up limning effect it’s a real thing there really is a thing called the limning a facsimile else is already named it didn’t originate with me I thought I was being original but the limning effect and there’s a couple different definitions of it but the refers to a phenomenon wherein crowds of people across various fields of life exhibit a certain kind of behavior for no reason other than the fact that the majority of their peers do so many psychologists even argue that human beings are conditioned by nature to fall the large group instead of undertaking the risk of independent thought and action so that’s an actual definition of the limning effect and I thought of the limning effect when I saw the person being interviewed at Costco I know people get went to Costco and they said that there were all these people grabbing toilet paper in the first video of this of people grabbing toilet paper and and other things in loading it up and trying to buy all kinds and to had to limit the number of packages that you could take and some he asked one of the individuals, “Why are you buying toilet paper?” And their answer was, “Everybody else is.” And that’s why they’re buying so much toilet paper I know other people went to the same town went to different stores not Casco and there was no run on the toilet paper that the shells were stock fall the wasn’t in any kind of shortage appear apparent at all yet if you win in certain items in Costco there were shortages showing up in the lines outside the store what’s going on well a certain mentality Cosco is a bulk food place sells a lot of everything in large quantities you know you don’t buy one thing it butter you have to buy like two and you know the pies are huge and the pizzas are all big. It’s appealing to people who have this idea of stocking up so guess what the habit of going to Costco is strong amongst prepers. So they all went down there and they cleaned off the shelves in a short period of time that has do the limning effect that but the linear effect also remember the definition across various fields of life some of those people were doctors. Some of those people were nurses. Some of those people were plumbers. Some of those people were in a retired are all kinds of walks a life but some sort of behavior became constant in those people were they all were going down there and buying lots and lots to paper and stocking up and vitamin C. They’re rationing vitamin C. There are other things that that the rationing because of this virus scare which really isn’t that scary and they that there’s not rather the statistics that were popping up and am looking here at my notes I should organize a militant better. Infectious diseases experts predict that the coronavirus could in fact anywhere from 20% to 70% of the world’s adult population I’m is in Brazil and Argentina it’s all over the world already you can almost guarantee everybody is going to get exposed to the coronavirus no matter what your precautions are. And people in the CDC know this. What they’re trying to do is slow the spread. Because if the experts are right… if the right if there write a doubling of the number infected every six days resulting in 2 million sick by 1 May. But there are only 1 million hospital beds throughout the US with 65% of them already occupied at any given time. Meaning 100% of all hospital beds may be filled by the end of April. What happens next?

Solutions outside of doctors (gregbio)

[00:37:38] Well, we’re gonna actually show you some solutions that have been around for many many years is so that that’s not a problem. And now it may be a problem with certain people Artie have respite I’ve had respiratory problems since I was a little kid. You know that when I was a little kid the doctors predicted I would make it to 20 I’m over 70. So doctor predictions are not always accurate I always joke that outlived all my doctors actually stopped going to doctors when I was 14. I went back a few times but I and they just reaffirmed the lesson that I learned. Now I’m not against doctors. Doctors can save your life. And there’s all kinds of things that they know and skills that they go but this addiction to going to the doctor as if it is your salvation. That’s not that’s not necessarily a healthy position to be taking the you can find out lots of different solutions for lots of different problems without necessarily going to medical institutions. And what happens many medical practitioners get stuck in a rut of thinking that a certain way to do things is the way we should all do things. And the fact is were more varied than that and there’s a little bit of that lemning effect built into the idea that we have to run to the doctor run to the hospital running get antibiotics and may states the people who have ready access to antibiotics and get them anytime they get sick are sick more often. They say that. They tell you that was people’s keep running back and there are other solutions there are other things you can do so that you are in good health and prosper. So we will talk about some of those things.

Vaccines: Temporary immunity vs Lifetime Immunity

[00:39:40] So what happened when… We have an article up on our… probably expand that article over the week if I get the time… on the Spanish Flu on our vaccine page that talks about vaccines. We’re not any vectors you want to get a vaccine going get a vaccine but understand the power of vaccines and the limitation of vaccines most vaccines do not give you hundred percent immunity they don’t give you for ever immunity this is their statements you can go look these up we have quoted they give you a temporary immunity and maybe they come up with a vaccine you can go get the flu vaccine give you a temporary immunity. But all those people that got sick and never showed any symptoms that have a permanent immunity probably a lifetime immunity long-lasting immunity. So that’s really what you want. How did they get that how did they get the virus and not even show symptoms how to other people get it show some symptoms of the common symptom is that you run a fever and it just knocks you on your… puts you in bed. you just get absolutely tired and exhausted that that with everybody here they just they just it just drain them for day or two days and even when they got back up on the papers we got up on our feet and did chores with Minogue is sick at one so that everybody was sharing the workload they they started getting better than they had this dry cough you know where you have this congestion in your chest my congestion when the been so bad except I also broke my rib at the same time doing job at in a minor accident here and so coughing became a very painful thing. But then we dealt with that. We’re 100 miles to the doctor. So we didn’t we can go to the doctor we just dealt with it course were very skilled in this because we’ve been doing it for a long time.

Testing the Spanish Flu

[00:41:55] But anyway if we go back to 1918 that back to World War I there was a thing came out the Spanish flu. Spanish flu came and went just like this flu will come and go. Lots of people died in the Spanish flu epidemic that was worldwide… traveled all over the world. They just recently and fairly recently dug up some people died in the Spanish flu in order to get samples of the Spanish Flu. They dug them up and they were died in Alaska so they were buried in permafrost been frozen in the permafrost ever since. They dug them up to get samples genetic samples of the Spanish flu to test it so this is what they do in these things like the Wuhan Institute as they gather the some of the most deadly diseases and they put them in this building and the have people coming and going and supposedly they have this under control. Hopefully. But anyway, they found out it’s not extremely verilant. It wasn’t it was a little bit more contagious than some clues but it wasn’t more deadly than some fluids I’m not sure how they test all this figure this out. So they wanted to go back and look at why did so many people died from the Spanish Lucas a lot of people that die from the Spanish flu went went through.

Spanish Flu during World War I

[00:43:22] We won World War I, likely… this is actually been not hotly debated fairly well accepted that we won World War I… because the Germans got Spanish flu first. And they named it Spanish flu not because they were racist but because that’s what was in Spain he got the next Spanish flu if I didn’t come from Spain it probably came from the Middle East or not the Middle East but from Asia somewhere in Asia most lose come from Asia by way of the Middle East it got into the German trenches and they got the flu first. And they were trying to deal with the flu there and that devastated their military witches kind of what germ warfare is all about. They were toying with a poison gas in and that’s sort of thing. I don’t believe the Spanish flu was a result of germ warfare. But the reality is it was the Spanish flu that devastated the German troops more than us. And it a weakened the German resolve to continue the war. But anyway why did so many people die in the Spanish flu and what did they discover entry in the Spanish flu that you can use right today to make your family safer in the days to come when you eventually are exposed to the coronavirus.

Swine Flu

Now I personally think the core viruses going to Peter out a lot of people are going to get sick some people Godiva when we look back on it much like they did with the swine flu everybody was worried about the swine flu gotta get slammed flu shot that they were coming out with and they people died from the swine flu shot almost more people were devastated by the swine flu shot than devastated by the swine flu swine flu didn’t go very far petered out disappear fact that this is showing up so late in the flu season means that this flu is probably going to peter out as well. It might not, but the likelihood of it petering out is is pretty strong based on past history based on the fact that we know that more than half of the people that are exposed develop lifetime immunity people who haven’t had it… I don’t want to get into they say. But the reality is they may have already had it. They may be already immune.


[00:46:05] We show this to on in the article on vaccines at According to their records, 95% of the people who got polio never showed any symptoms for that. Which means that by the time they came out with the polio vaccine most of the people that it in who lived in areas where there had been a polio outbreak were already immune. And so some people ask will why people keep getting polio. Well Saulk, who invented the vaccine, says the reason they kept getting polio as they were getting it from the vaccine. That’s Congressional testimony and you go look it up we have footnotes right on the page that and still today people are getting polio from the vaccine. That’s according to the CDC in only if I posted that on Google that probably censor me as false information. But the CDC recently published, fairly recently published, that all the cases of polio that they were detecting in Syria and in the Congo were from the vaccine. Not from the wild virus. That’s what they say. You’re not going to hear that on the news. It’s going to skew your view and understanding of these diseases. They’re going to tell you that the vaccine is your salvation.

Views of the Bible are just as warped as views on vaccines

[00:47:36] We have the same problem with people who study the Bible and tell you that all you have to do is believe in the in Jesus and you’re saved. And then they proceed to give you a false view of Jesus they paint a picture of Jesus that just isn’t so they paint a picture that outlined the teachings of Jesus that is missing critical elements of what Jesus actually taught with the early church actually did. They skip over that and I tell you all you have to do is believe in Jesus and you’re automatically saved. That is not the way it works.

Spanish flu may have been here long before WWI

[00:48:22] What else did they discover back in 1918 when they were dealing with this flu virus… which could’ve been a coronavirus… I haven’t actually checked that out. I haven’t looked at the RNA factors of the Spanish flu but it could have been. The fact that they discovered it in 1960… the first coronavirus that they discovered… it doesn’t mean it wasn’t around before. That’s when they discovered it. It’s like Christopher Columbus discovering America. America was already discovered. Chris didn’t discover it yet other people had been here other people live dear they already knew it was here is not likely invented the US insisted that it finally came into their consciousness that this this giant continent of America was here and so they begin to pursue that content and explore that continent but that was their choice so what what what did we learn from the Spanish flu they can help us in this supposed to flu pandemic that is traveling across and then how can we relate that to what is going on in the Bible and on our understanding of the Bible. Because the there’s a lot going on that people just don’t seem to quite grasp or understand concerning the danger, or lack of danger, and where the real danger is at. And that’s what will be discussing the second half and some of the solutions that you can follow to have protect your family and your community from any pandemic that may come along. We’ll be right back.

Join the Network Interlude

[00:50:20] We talk a lot about the kingdom here. And we talk a lot about what most churches are afraid to talk about or don’t even know to talk about. Which is what the first century church was really doing but just talking about it is not an we encourage everybody to join us in their local neighborhoods in the local communities to find out more about what they can do to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Gather with others who are already starting this road are starting to turn around and do things differently. Join us on Or at Go to the network links. Or go to Join the network there. It’s all the same and will try to hook you up with people in your local area they will not be perfect they don’t walk on water they are not necessarily St. but they are talking about seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And join us on Facebook – all one word join us there will give you updates he can start doing some studying and thinking about these things and start looking into these things for yourself must become a doer of the word.

Lessons from the Spanish flu

[00:51:48] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m talking about the Spanish flu. How many people died of the Spanish flu? well it 39,000,001 estimate how many people got 500 million worldwide there were it was all over the world is a said it was traveling everywhere it was not eradicated by a vaccine it simply petered out and disappeared. If the statistics we see going on in that cruiseship are correct, there were probably not 500 million people who got the Spanish flu but probably closer to 1 billion people or more got the Spanish flu and also developed lifetime immunity. This is how it peters out as one of the ways that peters out there’s another factor that will get to but people simply become immune enough people become immune no longer is being transmitted from one person to the next. Because they become immune. Somebody gets exposed they don’t they don’t replicate the virus because their immune to their body has knows all that’s not me I’m not replicating that and so it stops reproducing in society. They stop replicating this virus as if it is a part of them they realize that it’s not they don’t replicate it and the more people you have in your society that get and develop the natural immunity, the stronger your society. out even the people who get sick get better they strengthen the immunity of the whole society because of the fact that they are no longer going to be spreading that virus from one person to the next. And so this is how you make your society stronger is the nature that you confront the illness you get better and the whole society is stronger for in the whole society is healthier for it. What were some of the other things why so many people died that virus of it wasn’t more avirulent than a lot of the other viruses that are going around will one reason was they the patent on aspirin had run out and is that meant anybody could produce aspirin there was no limitation on and lots and lots of people were producing aspirin and providing it at a lower lower price and doctors were using that aspirin to treat this new flu virus. Because there was an abundance of that particular remedy and they were told and there’s a little bit of the lemming effect in the medical society there told do this do that and they all start doing it because that’s what you go to college to learn you learn to do it the way the you’re told to do it by the so-called experts that went before you. I mean the guy who eventually originally realized that we needed to wash our hands after leaving the morge before went up and delivered babies because we were carrying contaminated tissue and and and elements from the morge where we were handling disease dead bodies into the operating room where we’re delivering babies. And women were dying. He said we need to wash before we make that transition he was but an institution as a crazy guy as he said was your answer now course that’s one of the major remedies to slow down the spread of the virus is to wash your hands when you’re out in public. Don’t be shaking hands with everybody. Don’t be you know kissing everybody, you know. That’s what it says the Bible the word you greet our fellow Christians with a kiss well probably not during flu season okay your spreading it. Now some people will rationalize that yeah go ahead and spread it because and we get it over with quicker neighbor not gonna fill up the few hospital beds that are available to you I guess there’s some logic to that but I don’t encourage it it will get around quick enough. There is no reason to go out and try to get contaminated. But the fact is is that everybody who gets it and then gets over it, whether they show symptoms are not, are strengthening the whole community.

Aspirin overdose killed many with Spanish. Sunshine helped

[00:56:32] Now if you develop a vaccine, you may prevent a lot of people from getting it now. But there’s no telling what’s going to happen two years, three years, five years down the road because you’re not strengthening your immune system you’re stimulating your immune system with a vaccine. If you want go ahead and get it I’m not saying anything against it that way and just saying what it is what you can expect from. And you can go to the CDC website and see that they say the vaccines give you a temporary immunity. And and many vaccines that are being sold they know maybe only have a 40% effectiveness. know what you still may get sick some people say well I got sick but it wasn’t as bad how do you know was in bed to Java blind placebo test know the fact is a lot of people probably are getting sick from the vaccine and they don’t even know it was a vaccine made them sick but that’s my guess and that’s not necessarily science. Correlation is not causation. But to just same as they talk about autism if you look at the records is a lot of people don’t want to do some people have started doing people don’t get any vaccination whatsoever have far less likelihood of getting autism. That’s just a fact. And that does that mean that vaccines are causing autism. No. But there is a correlation. Just like to the fact that people got a polio vaccine does that mean polio cured was chaired by vaccines now that’s correlation is not causation. And the reality what caused polio to disappear as the same thing because the flu virus the Spanish flu virus to disappear was the fact that it’s thousands millions of people were developing a lifetime immunity of being exposed. And their natural immune system their God-given immune system was making them safe from a further infection. So the aspirin was actually what they were giving doses of aspirin I can’t remember exactly the amount but I’m is like a handful of aspirin that they were being given. Actually, you can probably go to Wikipedia look up Spanish flu and under aspirin poisoning 2009 paper published in the Journal of clinical infectious diseases, Karen Starko, proposed that aspirin poisoning contributed says of substantially to the fatalities she based this on a report of symptoms in those people dying supposedly from the flu were actually dying from the medical treatment given them by the military back in 1918. They were giving them large doses 31 g 8 to 31 g of aspirin 31 g of aspirin per day. That’s a lot of aspirin. And they they were producing hyper ventilation and 33% of the the patients at as well as lung edema and 3% of the patients and they were literally killing their patients with this aspirin and you go read the article and find that out what they did find helped him tremendously with the patients that got they abandon same from running out of beds and they’re putting people on cots and they were putting people in tents. That’s right. They were putting patients in tents outside and they show nurses moving the people outside of the tents. In the daytime and sons warm and everything fresh air is blowing or around essay blowing when we say blowing usually having trouble standing up out here the mountains that’s blowing a breeze is not blowing but anyway they moved them out on these stretchers in cots and in these beds outside of the tents and expose them to sunlight. And they saw a drop in the death rate from about 40% these are these are all severely sick people is not 40% death rate with Spanish flu but at the severely ill people that were hospitalized and in bed sick partial pneumonia and other factors as well. By exposing them to sunlight and fresh air, they went from 40% death rate to 13% death rate almost immediately. And the rate of infection of workers almost disappeared. The workers stopped getting infected by the flu virus. Of course meals workers were those people who had that natural immunity but exposure to sunlight exposure fresh air was making a huge difference there’s a lot of other studies that have come along some of them only prudent proving correlation not causation. But the amount of sugar has been a number of articles that came out even at the time the polio was around that sugar in your diet large amounts of sugar even any Amount of sugar process sugar in your diet lowered your ability to not show symptoms of the disease so getting off of excessive amounts or even any amount of table sugar is really good thing a one of the patients who were us on that cruise ship was saying they said it was very important to stay hydrated that is absolutely true. It’s very important if you get sick to stay hydrated it will prevent a lot of that problems with your lungs and this is usually attacking the lungs but they were hydrating him with Gatorade go look up Gatorade and find out what the chief ingredients of Gatorade. And after water, the chief ingredient gradients of Gatorade is table sugar is fall sugar. Not what you want to be taking when you’re sick you want to keep your fluids up but not with sugar water. Which is what Gatorade is. the sucrose and in table sugar is what’s in so those are just little helpful advice again to washing your hands and things like that.

Lots of flu viruses start in China due to there culture

[01:03:31] But now let’s correlate this over to the gospel of the kingdom. Because that’s an important factor in what we want you did because I believe that that will lead to your health more than it at more than any other thing it will also begin to protect you from the lemming effect. Of running out and doing things because everybody else is getting vaccinated everybody else is getting toilet paper everybody else is running to the doctor for antibiotics every time they get sick and even though the AMA states that if you do that you’re going to get sick more often that’s what’s going to happen but people are still doing and that disrupts a lot of what people want to think but that to me the most important thing is we disrupt the false information about Jesus Christ which a lot of people want to think as well. And we need to go a different way. Because were not gonna have as healthy a society. Also at your why I look up some of the things that I said I’m unsure what kind of flu virus the Spanish flu is but it’s an H1 in one influenza lineage of that Spanish flu which is slightly different than what we we see is the coronavirus. But it’s still flu virus and operates much in the same way it’s replicated in your living tissue were in the living tissue of some animal it it is one of those ones that were connected with swine again probably out of China is not a racist statement despite what AOC said. It’s simply because of their cultural a way in which they reproduce and feed themselves with growing pigs and waterfowl in the same place and also the close proximity of humans to this habitation of pigs and waterfowl, they have a tendency to come up with new strains of viruses and then that passes from one person to the next. We know there’s a US presence there all the time looking for new viruses in that area because that’s where they start from. If they catch it early, they can manufacture there is not entirely without a monetary reward, they can manufacture a vaccine before that virus gets to the US and they can sell you that faxing the multibillion-dollar business. So yeah, there are Americans over in China all the time checking people for new strains of flu viruses. It’s not racist. It’s just the culture over there allows this to be produced and so their way of dealing with it is to deal with it with vaccines. So that’s the effect that they have chosen to follow.

Develop your own immunity as well as your community’s immunity

[01:06:39] I want to see you be able to develop a robust immune system in your community and the diet that enhances that immune system. And practices and cultural practices, and what we would call rituals and ceremonies, washing your hands is a ceremony, that will help protect you when we all had the flu virus in here some people didn’t get it right away some people seem to have a longer incubation period. I think with the my wife it is always been that way she’s usually the last one to get sick were all over it and then she gets sick and that we take care of her car she was taking care of us when we were all sick or helping to the chores or whatever you want that in your community so that when somebody gets deathly ill, other people in the community are there for you. This is part of seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And this is something that Americans have lost. And I share this with a number of people that don’t seem to understand how a free society operates and the way it operates is you have to care about your neighbor as much you care about yourself you had to care about your neighbor’s health as much as you care about yourself. This is why we don’t defecate on the street this why we wash our hands because we care about are not just trying to save herself were trying to save our neighbor because we care about our neighbor just as much. If he gets sick were also there for him.

Most of those occupying offices in Oregon are felons

[01:08:18] I just had a call last night it neighbor has multiple myeloma cancer. And right now he’s taking care of his mother and he’s he’s going to be needing taking care of and we were already have people in the community splitting is firewood and helping him with that and that’s what we do that’s what we should be cultivating in society but the system that we have now says that’s not your job. That’s the government’s job to look after your neighbor to take care of your neighbor a we have this situation we’ve talked about wrote about several times in Oregon were the majority of people holding political office in Oregon are felons and have no right to their office according to the organ Constitution. We spell this out in Article 2 Section 22 page at preparing you we show you the reason we show you this yell it that’s their government they can do what they want in the government were were trying to indict the people the Gov.’s a felon the government has no right to the office according to the law she must forfeit her office and yet she closed all the schools in Oregon. They’re all closed. All the kids are home and so be it subtly homeschooling is mandatory in order which is fine with me but the reality is she does have a right to do that she had every right to be in the Gov.’s office by law is very clear. It’s not like, “Gee, that’s an interpretation.” No, it’s a fact but the people let her do that they complain about her in OME it was she was the one who is having delegates delegations from China when my son was up in the state capital and came home with this new flu virus anyway I don’t know week we can do I can guarantee that it was the coronavirus but is looking more more like it was the coronavirus Artie made it all way out here and got us all sick we all survived. Even the 89-year-old lady. she survived. And were okay were were immune so I guess nature is taken scores but were not immune to the selfish nature that has become pervasive in our society where the people can sit around and complain about the Gov. they can remove or at any time they want but nobody has the will to do it they don’t know how to come together as a people and take care of the business the government of the people is responsible for. They don’t know how to do it that they have so long done nothing about it, they’re not immune to corruption. As a matter fact, some of them even know that their congressmen are corrupt and not you know a part of the unit on honest government because they violated the same Article 2 Section 22. They make excuses but I like the guys a good get he’s a liar he’s taken oath to uphold the Constitution he’s not doing so is violating yes no right to his office, he must forfeit… that’s what it says… forfeit his office, and he is a felon, but they still want them in their this why term limits are going to do you any good you have term limits now it’s called the boat it you created this indirect democracy where you elect lawmakers for you who rule over you and tell you what is good and evil, what is right and wrong, and you can’t you have no control, no reins of control on them because you don’t know how to come together as people.

Most people who consider themselves Americans are actually un-American

[01:12:29] If you were still doing what the church did 150 years ago, you would be taking care of hundred percent of the social welfare of your society through your church and to charity the way Christ commanded you to do it. And when you did that you would be rebinding yourself to the people of your community. So the idea of coming together was not only easy with natural as you are already coming together to help take care of one another and to provide for one another, and encourage one another, but because you haven’t been doing that you no longer have a robust immune system to corruption. And so corruption is staring you in the face that’s what I wrote the article to show you your whole government is corrupt the majority of the people holding political office in the state organ are felons. Have forfeited their right to the offices they occupy. And the wages and salaries they’re collecting. They have no right to I’ve seen where these the so-called Americans they want to think their Americans they say the Pledge of Allegiance but they don’t put together simple ideas of a man is innocent until proven guilty. That is not applied in their life. They they judge people without even hearing their side of the story. They judge people and condemn people without giving them a day to defend themselves with sketchy evidence because they are bigoted in prejudice. at and this because they are un-American. If you live in France you could be charged with a crime and you’re guilty until you prove your innocence that’s the way the French law works in America your innocent until proven guilty. But people don’t that’s not a part of their cultural thinking anymore. They think their Americans because they drawn a picture that says I’m an American. I have American values. But in their day-to-day life you clearly see them not having American values.

Most people who consider themselves Christians are actually non-Christian

[01:14:56] You think you’re healthy and you’re eating poisons every day. Just like those aspirin. Those heavy doses of aspirin. 20 g of aspirin. Can you imagine taking it every day? Even if you are healthy you would get sick if you were doing and that doctors were prescribing it. Because they doctors know better doctors don’t always know better dislike when the doctor says you we need to wash her hands a week after handling dead people who died of disease in we go up to deliver a baby he was he was institutionalized as a crazy man put in jail locked out it was years before people started to think on you know actually is right pursuit Delray so it the fact is is there are all kinds of things were doing because the lemming effect is there were following the herd and Christ was not following the herd to her begin to follow Christ because he was doing all these miracles but even when he finally explained to them you have to do it this way yet the take love one another to faith hope and charity to sacrifice for one another as I sacrifice for you that’s what Christ was showing you. We got people going around saying there Christians in the sand there’s nothing you have to do to be a Christian you just think a thought and you can save yourself. You just say this magic phrase in your automatically saved and they come to that interpretation because they take Paul out of the context of Paul. And they take Paul out of the context of Christ. I don’t how many times a set it… were a pastor saying in I say that Jesus is not those who say but those who do the will of the father he says all but he said that before the crucifixion. After the crucifixion, it didn’t apply anymore. That’s crazy as insane thinking sky but crazy insane thinking is not the way it works Christ knew where he was going he knew where he was taking his who’s pointing us the way the vessel Christianity was called the way. And the way was that you cared about your neighbor and yet you see people in Castel fighting over bags of toilet paper. Hoarding! Hoarding is a clear sign you don’t care about your neighbor as much as you care about yourself. That’s insane. But they think they’re Christians.

Lemming movie

[01:17:46] And lemmings thought they were running to food. Now I really shouldn’t give limning such about that there was a movie I think Walt Disney made it and they talk about lemmings it was a short film and the lemming supposedly eat up all the food and they raced around trying to find more food and all they keep following all the other lemmings everywhere they go supposedly and they do do this to some degree but they show a picture of the lemmings going over this cliff. Just chasing each other over the cliff. There’s actually in the real filming of that movie somebody’s pushing them over SI cliff is a short drop but it is a manufactured scene by Walt Disney or by Disney productions. But what’s going on in the world today is not manufactured. We’ll be back to Keys of the Kingdom.

You don’t earn your salvation, but your actions demonstrate whether or not you are a believer

[01:18:39] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. Scylla some of some of these things this is All part of our project 1619 a criticism which is this idea that they’re changing the way Americans think so that we all become lemmings I just said at the end of the last section that to what we’re seeing is not manufactured well actually in a way it is manufactured. Is there a vast conspiracy somewhere? I’m sure somebody is looking at this insane Neil they can take advantage of this and politicize these events and everything. It was Chinese officials who said that the back of the the virus may have been brought to China by American military and the other people interpreted this to mean that it was manufactured by American military brought here. All that really doesn’t matter. It’s created Weathers manufactured an individual or other you know some of the coronavirus is our only affecting animals and but occasionally they jumped species and move to humans. And because of the complex prop of the properties of being replicated inside of the human cell, or in a swine cell, or a bird cell, or a bat cell. And so this way these viruses but all of nature has a way of developing a natural immunity we have that way but were often getting in the way of that way the same as were not following the way of Christ and one of the things that keeps us from following the way of Christ is to believe in false religion. To believe in you know those of you understand what false religion is. Religion is how you take care of one another that’s it it it’s an action word religion is what you do dress get in the Greek it’s what you do and course we have religions now that say you don’t have to do anything. Well they’re right in that is true what they’re saying you don’t do anything to save yourself you do not earn salvation where God now owes you salvation that’s true but not doing what Christ said to do is evidence that you’re not really a believer. Because the word belief means compelled to action. It is what compels you to action. And if you’re not doing what Christ said… the specifics that he required of his followers… commanded of his followers… then you’re not really a follower of Christ. That’s just the way it is.

Living by the righteousness of God

[01:21:29] So nature will find a way. Nature is going to create… people think that, you know, God is going to punish it there’s a numerous people I saw Facebook saying this is a punishment from God. It’s a reward from God is a punishment from God it depends on how you receive it or react to it it will make you stronger or it will make you weaker it will even kill you depending on how you come about and I were all going to face death someday. But are we all going to live by the righteousness of God. And condemning other people because they’re not doing what God said is not our job it is preaching the gospel of the kingdom and the righteousness of God’s that people begin to pursue that and that means that we have to come together and love and nothing will give you more immunity to the evil of the world the corruption the viruses the replication of lies in the world than to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. It will all way can you you won’t be awoke but you will be awakened. So that you begin to see I need to do things differently. And you will see solutions and what are the possibilities because you’re going the other way.

Practical dietary insights

[01:22:51] So anyway, like I said, don’t forget about watch a sugar intake watch your carbohydrate intake because carbohydrates are just complex sugars. When you eat lots of carbohydrate that’s in some ways like eating lots of sugar process sugar is just sugar sugar is already down to the sugar state. But carbohydrates are broken down in the body to become sugars. We’ve been experimenting with Keto diet. Because we we raise cows and she and so that’s that so we have lots of meat and we don’t have to drive to the store to get it set in the field but that it’s and entered look at diet look at a lot of different kinds diet look at intermittent fasting and and studies things maybe will end up putting some programs on we have some people were very knowledgeable in this area will maybe have they may scare some programs in the future we wanted to do that for a long time but the according to the Surgeon General the other thing was that the Surgeon General of the Massachusetts state guard the efficacy of open air treatment has been absolutely proven and one has only to try it to discover its value they did this with tuberculosis patients and then so they decided to also do it with flu patients and with tremendous results sunshine really a good thing to help cut down viruses are destroyed by the light of the second and surprise surprise that so you want to bring the light into your life in every aspect duchesses son what you want to bring the way and the truth and the light into your life to give you immunity to all these other dangerously replicating evils of the world.

Media manipulation; People have become addicted to their dependence on government

[01:24:53] So what concerns me is this lemming-like mindset of Americans that allows them to be easily panicked by the manipulating media madness misrepresenting available facts. They often report the facts in their stories. But they don’t put it together. They can see they can’t see their ignorance. Because they are full of vanities. With great swelling words there actually delivering you into bondage with their barrage of these bias narratives the people are are being led down a way of thinking that is not good. And Christianity, the modern church the televangelists are leading people away from Christ away from what the early church was doing you can just go back like as 150 years and see what the church was doing is take care of all the social over of the people to faith hope and charity are not doing that anymore were taking care of 90% of the social welfare of the people through force contributions. Through who call themselves benefactors been exercise authority one over the other through what Jesus calls the fathers of the earth. A and we explain all this at preparing you with almost a century of public education the views of American history has been altered so completely that they no longer know how to function in a viable and free society you can get rid of people like Kate Brown and all these people that are doing these things that are based complaining about they can get rather easily they can drain the swamp easily amended its burden. But it be like compared to what they have in store for them coming down the pike with their cap and trade which is just a slush fund of money that the the people in power can use to guarantee their their Pers pensions and all that stuff which is bankrupted the country. Again they’re out there these it you’ve created offices of power so people who seek power seek office and people who seek power one or more power they’re addicted to power. The same as Americans have become addicted to slaw and now we see in the character of America characteristics and culture that would is not what was great in America. America got rid of slavery. Took him a while to do it. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of people died but they got rid of slavery every instrument introduced slavery Corby system of slavery like that of Egypt they’ve returned to the bondage of Egypt because they don’t know the truth about their history they don’t know the truth about the Bible they’re not attending to the weightier matters of law justice mercy and faith. They don’t even know how to come together and do that that ability discipline is essential in a viable Republic or in a free society. People have become so addicted to their dependence upon government programs to government solutions government answers, that they’re looking to the president more more and to the government more more to protect their children to protect their health and protect their parents to provide their social welfare… None of that was in America hundred 50 years ago we did it ourselves we did in communities and that’s what made society stronger that’s how we were able to end slavery in America. But we’ve returned back I said like said to the bondage of Egypt. And globally this has taken place.

CDC’s projections for coronavirus are tiny compared to Spanish flu

[01:29:01] The CDC’s worst-case scenario, according to their reports, is 1.7 million deaths from this virus. We have more than twice the people that we had back with the Spanish flu. The Spanish flu killed 20 what I say 26, 28 million people. I mean there’s bearing figures of we don’t have it back or figure far more lethal yet I just showed you that large numbers of the people died because of the type of medical treatment they were receiving. When they simply, casually took care of the people exposing the sunlight and fresh air with people who care about them that were very happy to do this because they also noticed, immediately, there was less infection amongst them. We already have rules that are coming down that people who are working in hospitals have to go to the hospitals and work and by law.

Lessons from Tolkien and Booker T Washington

[01:30:03] Back to the 1619 project… One of the people who was opposing that in the 1776 project was about what’s in which I mentioned before previous programs he says America is a remarkable place where you can be the agent of your own uplift if you are willing and able to compete. Well, were not just competing against each other were competing against the the forces of nature competing against the coronavirus were competing against our ignorance. We’re competing against them media madness that is misleading people. Even J.R.R. Tolkien wrote but he that sows lies in the end shall not a lack of a harvest and soon he may rest from toil indeed while others read and so in his stead. And that’s what we see has gone on the colleges and in high schools and in the great schools with a failed to teach history now they teaching a false history is that the kids are spreading the very lies they’ve been taught we’ve allowed them to be taught because we’ve been apathetic and slothful and the responsibility of being the razors of our children Blaise Pascal once said truth is so obscure in these times and falsehoods so establish that unless we love the truth we cannot know it. You won’t even see it if you want to believe in what you already know more than you want to know the truth you will be more easily deceived and remain in that deception. Falsehood flies and the truth comes limping after it so that when men come to be undeceived it is too late that just is over the tail has had its effect like a man who had thought of a good rep RT when the discourse is changed or the company parted or like a physician who had found out and infallible medicine after the patient is dead.” That’s Jonathan Swift societies being confronted that we need to change the way in which we think because the way in which we think has already been changed by others we have accepted the lie and can hardly recognize the truth that this is a problem that is constantly befalling us, here at His Holy Church and in the network where people are saying how do you tell people they think they know already, and Christ in the same from you say you know already see your sin remains you you cannot find the kingdom of God and his righteousness if you continue to desire to covet your neighbor’s goods to continue to want to empower men who want power over your neighbor to provide you you have become accustomed to living at the expense of your neighbor. And this is why you have been changed by this process. And the very people who cry “racism” and “hate speech” are the ones who permeate hate throughout society they’re the ones who perpetuate hate in society. Booker T. Washington… Every black person should be a student of Booker T. Washington and Thomas sold some of these guys who are so bright so wise so awakened he said associate yourself with people of good quality for it is better to be alone than in bad company also said egotism is the anesthetic that doles the pain of stupidity. Egotism where you think you know already minute you go on Booker T said few things can help an individual more than to place responsibility on him and to let him know that you trust him.

We build trust by congregating

[01:34:51] So we need to learn to trust one another. And that’s why were supposed to sit down tens hundreds and thousands. We need to be helping one another caring about one another show up for one another we a lot of our congregations are spread out some people can only: we need to show up on those calls and talk to one another we need to find ways in which to find those other people out there who are willing to see that we cannot be a free society with the rights if we will not be a society that comes together to exercise our responsibilities. If you separate the responsibility from the individual, he will soon have no rights left. Character, not circumstances, makes the man. of Booker T. Washington. Why did he say that because characters power that’s how we grow as a people is the exercise of that character. The Christian culture of taking care of one another to faith open’s charity rather than force fear in fealty. Which is the way America has gone and it’s altering America at every level of society.

The message of Booker T Washington is totally opposite of what blacks are being told today

[01:36:11] “No greater injury can be done to any youth then to let him feel that because he belongs to this or that race he will be advanced in life regardless of his own merits or effort.” That’s Booker T. Washington. That’s not what blacks are telling people today. They’re saying your victims that all your failures or somebody else’s fault or not your fault is because of somebody else’s privilege. Nonsense. Your success or failure is on your shoulder and I’m not saying that there are people that will block you but that they will make you stronger like those viruses that you may get what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. But if you only live for yourself and not for all of society… Christ didn’t come to save himself he came to save others that’s the nature of Christ that the character of Christ that is the character of power. To be willing to lay down your life for others and people won’t even gather together for an hour for others for the sake of others as Christ commanded. “No man who continues to add something to the material intellectual and moral well-being of the place in which he lives is left long without proper reward. But he who sucks the life out of his community shall reap also a reward. If he seeks the reward of unrighteousness he will receive receive the reward of unrighteousness which is distraction. Nothing ever comes to one that is worth having except as a result of hard work.” Again, Booker T. Washington. I does have all these quotes down your way. The molded I thought there was so appropriate and in the midst of my 1619 notes to thwart this to ridiculous teaching of American history and the reality is many of the people who actually look at what is now coming out the 1776ers who were objecting to this thing which is already becoming curriculum you have to go back in the back shows to hear more about that. They don’t know the history. Because they still it’s like you know we suppose Ellis socialist over there on the left and and conservatives all over her on the right.

Liberals and conservatives have both grown accustomed to receiving government benefits

[01:39:02] I was explaining my grandsons just the other day, conservative just means slow to change conservative slow to try new things slow to explore beyond the norm. And that’s because their conservative. Now the conservative at if you using as a noun describing a political movement it’s going to be right to life and you know traditional marriage and in these other things. But the reality is the conservative people over there on the support so call right are all for public education the state taking care of your parents, which is the Corban of the Pharisees. Which was making the word of God to none effect. They’re all for Medicare or Medicaid and government health care they don’t want the extreme government health care that you see over there on the left, but they still want that. I’m not saying do way was so scary I think that you we were real close a number of years ago to privatizing Social Security like they did in Sweden and I think you could even do it more so than they did in Sweden but Swedish Social Security is privatized. And there’s ways which you do that which would be a boone to society. Even with all the other problems that we have because it would begin that process of repentance the process of turning around. That process of not being Dick addicted to the benefactors who exercise authority. The fathers of the earth that Christ told us not to pray to. But modern Christians pray to all the time. Because the modern Christian church is not taking care of the needy of society. They’re actually sending you to those benefactors who exercise authority which is according to that covetous practice of seeking benefits by men who take away from your neighbor has made you merchandise. Hs brought you back into the bondage of Egypt has entangled the you again in the yoke of bondage. All predicted in the New Testament. Bby Peter. By Paul. By Jesus Christ. But people don’t see it because they think they’re save because they think they love Jesus but they have been painted a picture of Jesus that is not whole and there egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of that stupidity of not really knowing the real Christ. Now a lot of people have seen some of Christ they love that they believe in that but you need to pursue the kingdom of God and his righteousness. So you need to pursue the whole truth which Christ is that whole truth and so you need to know the whole Christ who also said, and commanded his church, his disciples, to make the people sit down in tens hundreds and thousands so that there could be a daily ministration based on pure religion you don’t know what pure religion is need to find out what that is if you don’t know what Jesus was talking about when he commanded them to sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands so that there could be a daily ministration to see your daily ministration is the so security department the welfare department the foodstamp department that your daily minute that’s your daily bread. You can say the our father but your daily bread comes from and who exercise authority that’s going to change the nature of your society the nature of your country and its liniment make you susceptible to the virus of lies. Because you won’t be able to, even if you wanted to, see the truth. So anyway were out of time today and there’s a lot more that we could say but will have to save it for next time on keys of the kingdom so go to or join the network start gathering together is Christ commanded and start preparing to take care of one another as Christ intended. God bless.

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