Key 2031 – Widows and Orphans

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2031

The basic idea of religion is to take care of the needy of your societies. Learn how today’s coronavirus hysteria correlates with religion and the Kingdom of God.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 16, 2020

Show Notes


  • Dr. Judith Mikovits
  • HIV virus
  • global warming
  • hydrocloriquin
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Federalists
  • Anti-federalists
  • John the Baptist
  • Sodom and Gomorrah
  • bubonic plague
  • smallpox
  • immune system
  • George Washington
  • micro-zymas
  • SV-40
  • Articles of Confederation
  • predator and prey
  • AMA
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • CDC
  • zinc
  • Dr. Fauci
  • intelligent design

Paul’s Notes

Widows and Orphans; Community support; How to help; Ministers under strong delusion; “Visiting”; Gospel of the Kingdom; Conspiracy of the soul; Coronavirus hysteria; Power of immune systems; Recognizing universal patterns; Evolution removes freewill; George Washington’s presidency; US Constitution is not biblical; What made America great; Diseases/hardships make you stronger; Acquiescence; Tyrants – big and little; US Presidential succession; Moving towards the light (righteousness); Pastor mark of the beast story; False preachers; The “Way” of Charity; Shutdown power grab; Holding leaders accountable; Living by biblical principles; Overcoming your blinders; Slothful people beget tyranny; Learning from history; Zeal killed Christ; Sureties for debt; Learning from those around us; Following the money; The Zinc key; US Constitution not popular; Patrick Henry; Financial whippings; Why we’re not free; Volunteer tyrants; Germs; Antione Bechamp; Pasteurization; Snake oil salesmen; Microorganisms in your body; Strengthening immunity by seeking the kingdom; Vaccines don’t cure – only stimulate; Cancer from polio vaccine – CDC website (SV-40); Willful blindness; Men in white coats are not your salvation; Bayh-Dole act; Profiting from disease; HIV/AIDS information; Retroviruses; Science is not settled; Filtering by media; Rethinking your methods – not OK to take from your neighbor; Repent = think differently; Seek righteousness of God; AIDS spread in Africa; Good men doing nothing; Seeing beyond Facebook fact checks; Love and care for one another; BE a doer of the word; Christ “way” will regenerate you; Teachers who home school; Lay down your life in love; Having life more abundant.

Notable Segments

[00:07:17] Battle lines are drawn with the coronavirus
[00:49:46] History helps us to see a probable future
[00:55:35] Germ theory and cellular theory
[01:16:40] Science is corrupted by big money
[01:25:44] Learn the facts of viruses


[00:01:18] What is religion?
[00:07:17] Battle lines are drawn with the coronavirus
[00:12:22] Coronavirus, early civil governments and the Kingdom of God
[00:23:33] Seeing the light and moving towards it
[00:37:20] Why people acquiesce to civil government
[00:49:46] History helps us to see a probable future
[00:55:35] Germ theory and cellular theory
[01:07:03] Vaccines don’t cure anything
[01:16:40] Science is corrupted by big money
[01:25:44] Learn the facts of viruses

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