Key 2020 – Coronavirus Craziness Continues – Pt 4

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2020

We continue considering details that make it clear that the fear being spread by BigMedia is unreasonable. We have the choice to build a community with natural immunity or to be absorbed into tyranny.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 28, 2020

Show Notes


Welcome to Keys of the kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, we’re going to talk about the kingdom of God. And the title was “What next?” And of course, this morning we talked two hours about the coronavirus and at telling you all the things that other people don’t tell you that I don’t seem to get in the news media and don’t even seem to be coming from the government and why is that I mean everybody says all we have to listen to the experts you’re not listening to the experts you’re listening to the media who is telling you what certain experts are saying they probably don’t tell you that the expert that everybody was listening to about that disastrous nature of this particular flu virus has rolled back his estimates from 500,000 in UK to 20,000 or far less. Now that the virus has been going for months now. And it was probably around long before… They just detected this fire as they were having flues is always lose going around the right people getting sick they detected this virus in China near hospitals that actually had unusual facilities for determining the nature of a virus the actual DNA and RNA of a virus. And they tested and they came up with a genome and a patented it right away. And then they finally let us know that there was a new virus on the horizon why did they have the facilities to do that? Welle they were right near the one Institute where they store all kinds of viruses from all over the world living collecting them like a virus soup and they study them and they test them in a test them on animals and they test them by title the decimal people are not but they test them they may test them in human tissues because you can take human tissue now and keep it alive in a petri dish just like they can grow meet in a test tube now they grow meet actually there there’s plans and people are actually doing this growing me for human consumption in mechanical instruments of in a day I don’t how exactly they do it but they they grow at an like a meat aquaria him and Ed they’re making for human consumption. So if you can do that then you can take that same meet the same tissues and infected with a virus and see what happens. And I’m sure they’re doing that kind of stuff Ameena if if I was a crazy epidemiologist I would do it also but I’m not, so I’m not doing it. But anyway I’ve they’re probably doing it anyway the reason they had these hospitals they been there for years and years and years these testing facilities because most viruses come out of China because most viruses come from other animals and then suddenly mutate enough to cross over to people. If people are eating those animals and they’re interacting like they do with the patient’s wine and waterfowl and people in China they have that’s a large portion of the diet in certain areas of China and it’s a good source of meat except for the fact that it can produce viruses. Or what we call viruses. Flu viruses and diseases in person we heard the you most of time he comes the pig to the people because waterfowl flashes so different than ours but takes could be a stepping stone and of course there are now that’s why we got swine flu and then we got bird flu, because this where they come from. And in the coronavirus they they say as a bat blue and in I heard rumors of a bunch of bats dying in Israel is falling out of the sky dying. Now you hear these things… I don’t like you mention them on the radio unless I cooperated them AB somebody has real evidence in autograph of the dead bat is not real evidence that there falling out of the sky in Israel. And you have to know your sources which is one of the reasons why we are selling people to do what Christ commanded which is to gather in the tens hundreds and thousands.

Seeking the righteousness of God does not mean singing

[00:05:04] I just got a message from somebody. And I was quickly trying to look at it before the program started thinking maybes going to give me some important information that might help people and might protect people. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing we care about others were supposed to be doing that and so I opened it up and look at is a 42-minute long video I got all my gosh and then tell me what it’s all about and so I click on it in and eight I see just talk in a car about being outside 70,000 so I thought I like a list get to the substance of this in cyclical farther in there and it loads in somebody singing and they could go farther in somebody else singing with the other person playing music and things is 40 minutes of singing. Well that’s great I love singing but that God didn’t say seek the side what you’re supposed to learn the song of Moses and song of the Lamb a song of Moses and song the lamb isn’t played with musical instruments. It’s played on the heartstrings of the people who actually love their neighbor as themselves. And don’t try to create a feeling of love and caring in motion with music which you can do but that’s not taking the kingdom that’s just having a good time as find you have a good time but don’t equate the emotional experience you feel by singing emotional music that simulates you to have a good feeling the righteous feeling. No, that is not the way you do it with the way you do it if you’re seeking the kingdom is to lay down your life daily for your fellow man and rightly divide the bread of charity from house to house and not go to the men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other. Not to pray to the fathers of the years for the on righteous wages that they offer and the form of benefits and welfare you not supposed to be doing that if you’re doing that and singing lots of luck because God’s not impressed with your music. He’s going to tell you get you from because your you you can’t sing get you from me the workers of iniquity. Because looking at the men who exercise authority so that you can live at the expense of your neighbor and depend for your livelihood on the property of your neighbor. To do that is not righteous at is a covetous practice and you’re doing those covetous practices then you will be made merchandise. You will curse your children and you will become a surety of debt you wouldn’t want that to happen except for the fact that’s already happened.

COVID-19 predictions seem about as accurate as climate predications

[00:08:08] So anyway, we’re going to talk to the coronavirus in and we did this morning for two hours and gave a lot of new information a lot of people don’t know you probably will not hear on CNN you my dear Tom Fox. You might hear it from Ben Shapiro he did mention some of this. But the reality is is that the estimates coming out of teams of epidemiologist who are working on the coronavirus in Oxford University… These are experts, top experts in England. And why do I pick England well because Ferguson who came out with these outlandish death rates of 500,000 dead in Great Britain and were supposed to be all hiding her homes and stop working and cripple the economy because, otherwise, millions upon millions of people will die. That’s what they’re telling us. And that’s pretty scary stuff and you don’t want to be wrong and say all that don’t matter and on the telling you to break the curfew I’m telling you wise up and wake up listen not to what the media feeds you but actually go out find the real experts all the experts and find out what a consensus of the experts are not like the global warming thing they say all tousle to Sinai gives you the chariot thousands of scientists that don’t come to the same conclusion. And more and more evidence that the conclusions were skewed. I’m not saying there is a global warming but is it man cost and what’s likely to happen after the global warming reaches a certain peak and carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere is not going to increase the temperature exponentially everybody who is both a climatologist and the physicist and understands how chemistry works knows that that doesn’t work that way. Because we’ve had lots and lots more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and we didn’t get super super high temperatures got higher temperatures in life everywhere on this planet yeah in the polls melt. Yeah my flood Pismo Beach in the Santa Monica in Florida and the that might happen but are they really good about melt because we see them increasing in some areas and that we see the melting weathers volcanoes going off. So where is the heat coming from. Somebody I know dear friend and that he’s on his way back from Colorado to his home and he said he was going to pass through Yellowstone and just for fun go up and jump up and down on a super volcano. Like that makes them brave verse of the well there is a super volcano at Yellowstone of it went off it would change life on this planet it would wipe out tens of thousands of people and it really went off at my go offer appear to time it may not off for 1000 years of our may go off tomorrow who knows and likely I would estimate is not going off tomorrow. But there has been activity there.

Fear not

[00:11:19] But we’re supposed fear not. Isn’t that what the Bible says? Fear not. But we’re also supposed to be as wise as the serpent and as harmless as God’s are we that are we wise as serpents and as harmless as doves may Genesis 15 one right offices after these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram’s was in Abraham yet in a vision saying fear not Abram I am they shield and die exceeding great reward you and I can this morning about the mem that was floating around where it shows Patrick Henry saying, “Give me liberty or give me $1200.” Because us posting whatever is going to get because of this new $2 trillion relief package this reward packages benefit package coming from the government which all it does is drive you deeper and deeper into debt not may help out people and I’m not telling you not to take it you can take it if you want not perfectly okay as far as I’m concerned but that’s not what were supposed to be doing it were seeking the kingdom of God is also seeking the benefits of men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority we should be looking to the benefits of men are going to put your children farther and farther in debt. But that’s what you’re doing and you’re doing this all because they shut down and you you I know people just their businesses just tight just absolutely take stopped dead and they they were running a restaurant that was shut down, but they serviced restaurants that shut down. And all kinds of people I know tentmakers who businesses is being curtailed by this course I know a hairdresser when my in-laws is a hairdresser shut down now fortunately that they been looking for some time office so they just going to go there can in a way you know her husband has a fruit stand and that’s still open. It gets curbside service but that’s what is up for food stands are on the on the curb anyway so she’s doing lots and lots of canning and catching up on all chores around home. And in the they should be retired by most people standards but they just busy industrious people so they’re out there working but fear not you know that’s what they say and the 11 Joseph said unto them fear not for I am in the place of God. What did he mean, “I’m in place of God.” He actually was a ruling judge. He had the power and authority of the Pharaoh he was you was there instead of the Pharaoh who still slave had to serve the interests of the Pharaoh but he also did in a way that he was serving the interests of the people.

Israel went into bondage because they no longer had access to Joseph’s foresight

[00:14:27] Israel had to go into bondage because Israel had thrown their brother into bondage. And therefore they would as you judge so shall ye be judged. That’s the way it works write it down and so they do their brother into bondage and now they’re going into bondage. Many Americans, Australians, Chinese… all over the world people have been throwing their brothers into bondage they been applying to men who exercise authority they been entering into social welfare programs that are based on the idea of coveting your neighbor’s goods forcing your neighbor to contribute to your welfare. I just rearranged how you see some of the words when you look for keys of the kingdom tonight I cleaned it up actually had repetition in there and rattle I’ve just been copy and pasting it every day and some other I had some double words and but anyway it talks about offering a unique perspective of the ancient text hidden histories and natural laws. These things are not all that hidden there there there were we can see them but we don’t we’ll put them together and like Wycliff said, “The Bible is the book for the government of the people for the people and by the people.” And so how did the people free themselves from the bondage of Egypt how did they free themselves from the bondage of Rome which was the world of that time at least where Christ was and where we see most of the early Christians in Rome, Corinth, and Ephesus… they were all under the Roman New World order saving was going on in other parts of the planet but we see most of this history of the early church in amongst those people will they had the Roman Imperial cult which you signed up and then you were eligible for the welfare the free bread of Rome Christians wouldn’t sign up that was the public religion of the Roman Imperial cult. So they signed up with Christ by getting the baptism of Christ they were cast out of those other systems and they had their own system and you see Paul implementing that system not by going around conducting choir practice are getting everybody to sing. But actually providing for their need during times of shortages shortages of business shortage of money diverse in the land famines in the land and we gone to the history of some of those famines and why they were occurring. And now we see you came by toilet paper in the store so there’s a shortage I could tell you how you can get to Miles toilet paper relatively inexpensive–2 miles–can you imagine that and the and almost nobody knows about I will not kill you on the air I will only tell people in the network and if you ask your minister and he gets a hold of me during the minister call every Monday I can tell you how he did it. And it’s not that big a deal is not that difficult to do.

Most already have coronavirus

[00:17:44] But I don’t think that’s really all that important. There’s no real diarrhea usually with this particular disease and most of you have already gotten it. That’s right! That’s what the study in Oxford is coming out and saying that they believe that half of Great Britain, the United Kingdom, has already gotten the virus. That’s 33 million people. count that against the 759 dead and is .002% death rate and then I got again most of that death rate is people arty immune compromised we talked this morning out people who are immune compromised, the reason they’re immune compromised are older they been smoking or they’ve been allowing themselves to get overweight are that bad health habits and they got hypertension maybe they’ve got diabetes I know people who are diabetic and they change your diet I mean drastically change your diet is not if I want homes on the same diet that I’m on which ice: the diet are not dieting to lose weight although I have lost low but wait I’m not that overweight to begin with but I’m doing it for other reasons I’ve evidently become insulin resistant not diabetic I just have more insulin in my blood system than I should have. Because I become insulin resistant this often happens when people get older and is probably a number reasons you know it that this day and age almost everything you buy and eat is carbs either sugar or pasta or breads. And nuts been a big part of our diets and after you over 70 years of eating this stuff I appeared to have gotten a little insulin resistance not people might not other people might do so even more, maybe even become diabetic. But the reality is that you may need to change your diet for your health how do you know how to do that you go online and Google people and and get answers from people you don’t even know? Or should you be in a network of people who actually care about their neighbor is much as they care about themselves? And they are saying this is what I tried some saying this what I tried and when I tried this this happened so I changed it to this that’s the way you do it you actually take back your responsibility you gather together to try to pool your knowledge, not to the filtered realms of Google, but to the realms of righteousness. And they may come up and say you know you might try this diet or that diet may be a juicing dispenser where you’re at I don’t think anybody should have the juice for the rest of their life but the and less of course there 89 years old and they lost all her teeth and they’re having trouble to go maybe they should I know people who are like 400 pounds and they went on a juicing diet and they got back down where they could run down the road and play ball with their kids. And then things happened and they got off their diet and they blew back up again and then they went back to their diet and they went back and I hope they stayed on at this time but diet is important what you put into your body is important but you may need a support group to do it.

You congregation should be your dream team

[00:21:19] I was talking to some is more about people going to a psychologist because they have PTSD. And I started referring to a congregation is your dream team if anybody’s I didn’t make any references other than that to the movie dream team. But I found the movie rather humorous and certain amount of depth to it but assist the humorous, lighthearted movie. But the with a little bit action mixed in but I found it entertaining but really what I’m saying is that every congregation should be a dream team. It should be your group. It should be your support group. It is not supporting you in unrighteousness but supporting you in your quest for seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness that’s why you should be gathering not just to help yourself but to help others because that brings a different spirit into that gathering and you don’t want to isolate yourself as many the home church people do and you certainly won’t don’t want to have to keep going to the men a call themselves benefactors but exercise authority. And the only way you do that you can easily do that with a home church and last one of the members of your home church is a multimillionaire but you could do it if you gather like I said in groups of 10 and then 10 groups of 10 and then 10 groups of 100. That’s the way the early church was organized and that was the only way that Paul could be taking supplies to towns he’s never been to. And redistributing the bread of those supplies from house to house during these economic crisis. Which, of course, there was people hoarding in the government was confiscating food and of course is one of the reasons why they were parsing persecuting Christians is because they were trying to get in all and throwing their bishops and gels because then they wanted to take the food that the bishop had stored. But the way the kingdom of God works is you don’t have centralized treasuries where they can just break into the central treasury you know where you have a your the Mormons had some big granaries on the probably thousands of tons of grain in these big granaries love you had that was really a food shortage is what the National Guard will show up and take it but that’s not the way kingdom of God works. Everybody has a little extra to share with everybody else those who have extra share with those who don’t have enough that’s what it said right in the text of the early church be long before Constantine were saying this how we do it gather every week and make sure but get to this week and we don’t have big treasuries but but they had was a network of tens hundreds and thousands.

Local network is crucial

[00:24:10] We were just having a meeting with somebody who actually works with the government and I’ve known for 40 years and he was helping us look over and idea of communicating between ourselves when the cell phones go down. When the Internet goes down. Can we create our own network locally here. Now we may not be able to get out to everybody else but with shortwave equipment we could send a message out to somebody at a distance and then he can spread that message with the same type of network and local area. But messages are going to feed your kids so what you want also have is other ways in which to share with one another and of course that’s what the Christians were doing in the first century. You’re not doing that. So if Rome goes, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble and feel like I was saying actually said this in the government official actually put it on his webpage he was he was talking about that you have to keep agricultural businesses opening and keep that you know that they have to put in their crops don’t have a short window you cannot deprive them of parts they have to be prepared to plant their crops if they don’t plant their crops is not going many food next year and I jokingly said when he was telling me this I said yeah if if they don’t get in a crop this year they won’t need toilet paper next year is because you don’t that ENI can you not having food and we have never experienced food shortages. I mean I was shocked! This is the first time I’ve seen empty shelves in America since the was at her can Carla or whatever was when I was little kid that’s over 5060 some years ago and I saw some empty shelves because oh also there was a earthquake in the California Northridge earthquake. That was that was 50 years ago. And I saw empty shelves then but they were quite bear the mean like the whiskey I’ll all the bottles fell under the middle. there was stuff there but this one on the shelf anymore but other people hoarding and grabbing stuff. But I think what I saw this time was worse and they’re all doing it because the coronavirus is going to kill you! Except it’s not. Now think about that.

[00:26:38] The experts are saying, in UK, half the people have already had the virus. That means they’ve already been exposed, gone through it, become immune. This is the natural way we do it every year there are new viruses every year some of them are very weak they don’t travel well they are the that maybe the only attach themselves to certain types of cells in your know it maybe in a year get a pain in some other party your body and you know and you get over but this is usually attaches to the type to cells in seems to affect the type to cells in your lungs and then, if they damage it up that tissue, then you may have as a secondary infection in that dead tissue in your lungs and that secondary infection can cause the they a viola to fill up with liquid and then you get pneumonia and you literally drown. And it’s not the virus it’s really directly killing you but your immune reaction to the secondary infection of caused by the death of some cells in your lungs. So anyway, it’s all complicated, but what’s really going on is that people who are old and don’t have good immune systems are don’t know how to calm their immune systems down react and die L they overreact and die there are ways you know so they found the certain chemicals will reduce, will retard, that immune system and that will as save some people and their trying that a number of other drugs they been using the do the same thing immune suppressants have help these people that are overreacting so that their bodies can eventually develop the antigens and stop whatever the virus is actually doing and then the other cells can heal themselves. But when you’re 89 years old, that’s pretty hard to do. So the best thing is to keep those people from getting sick and the rest of us get immune so it can no longer travel in our community. That’s called herd immunity. Well, England’s well on its way get up to 6070% and you got hurt immunity. And is not to travel around it’s going to be around for decades or more. But it’s not going to travel so rapidly sue society because nobody’s going to be passing on the virus.

The virus that has spread in Chistianity

[00:29:03] Because, remember? Viruses are like a lie. They don’t reproduce themselves somebody else has to replicate it. And that’s what’s happening Christianity. Somebody has started telling lies they were telling right away but they really got going around 300 A.D. and they’ve been telling more more lies about the gospel looking we talked about some of those this morning to talk about them all time and these lies are passed from generation to generation. From church congregation a church congregation and that’s gotta stop mass why we created the website preparingyou and hisholychurch. And the number of other websites other guys was individual deal so we have other guys putting the same information up on their own websites the same audios and hopefully soon the same recordings we were still waiting for shipment of a few plug-ins that we need and they’ve all been delayed by the coronavirus what will we keep on living Nike putting things together to put together on the videos when we get going on the but the reality is your time is running out for everybody because things could get worse. What’s really going why obviously the meeting is not going to give you the estimates that were extremely lower than what we hear is the terrifying estimates to create fear amongst the people successfully done and the the so they should tell you that they’ll tell you about all the others that we mention our page on coronavirus at prepareyou. And there’s far more than I mention I mean I’ve read the studies and analysis and all that stuff as fast as I could in my breaks and when where I had other people drive and then I can read it and so what does all kinds of experts that were saying this is not that big a deal there’s videos out by doctors who’ve been in the field for decades and say why are everybody panic we should not be panic there is a way to handle this. They just found a bunch of ventilators in New York them to store it away. Incompetence.

Your ruling judges

[00:31:16] I told somebody who is the liaison to a hospital board for the government and he was saying how ill-prepared they are. They’re running out of masks. Well, you know, my daughter’s supposed hands she has already the equipment we haven’t is several neighbors that are great quilters and source and so that they were putting together patterns in their sewing masks for them mean better mass and you could buy and reusable masks we just put clean gauze in them layers a clean gauze in between the cloth and their different color on both sides they form fit to your face that you know the site always goes out the site always goes in also you could identify the that you don’t ever pick up somebody else’s but like as a they can be re-sterilized so were given him a better product you were just making them. You can be doing that everywhere this all going to be valid always on machines they should be doing that and they the file use a lot of caught that they had before and there’s things it all kinds of things you could be doing but that’s like taking responsibility. That’s not what the world does the world says government save me and they go into the judges which they have no created for themselves and they say save us you like it says in Judges 10:14: Go in cry unto the gods God say were God’s is also translated judges and it is all it also means both in the Old Testament and New Testament ruling judges and that’s what your government is other than the ones the judge that you all have to stay inside. They’re the ones the judge that this is bad. Thery’re the ones that are telling you that this is bad.

Poor statistics like poor understanding of scripture

[00:33:01] And it’s bad. Any flu viruses bad. I was just reading the statistics this morning of how many people die from flu viruses in Italy in 2017, 2015, 2014. what huge numbers a disproportionate number to other people why is a blot of old Italians in the limits of he was just talking to me this morning this is what you I keep talking about when the sun comes out and people go out the virus is going to probably decrease. Because son eviscerates viruses of its exposes silently get hot temperatures you really want to was about 133 but if degrees but if you have sun and hot temperatures and drying winds, these things start falling apart. And they start disappearing also if you’re out you know in a Parker on the beach and you sneeze and he goes into the sand is not likely to contaminate anybody else if he goes into the salt water is elitist on for but if you season your hand and then put it on the stainless steel handrail in the stairwell, somebody else is going to pick it up. Whatever a viruses and we’ve talked about that but the reality is that it’s time here should take a break already the reality is his and he says well if that so why are we still getting you know Florida has one of the highest of flu rates of anywhere. Well, it doesn’t have the has a New York and California are doing you really bad and usually in the cities is the concentration of the problem but what is Florida is gigantic retirement community have a disproportionate amount of elderly people who are living in their houses air-conditioned houses not out in the sun not to you know out and traveling around you have this and if you and a lot of them end up in convalescent homes and in the hospitals. That’s where they live now. They live in Florida they’ll retire to Florida and so you have a the the most vulnerable people concentrating in places like Florida and retirement communities everywhere there’s retirement communities of Florida so you’re going to have more cases that are going to show up on the radar because those are the ones that are going to show symptoms see whenever you gather statistics yet to be really careful Chris people can skew the statistics to create an image in your mind that just ain’t so they’ve done it for thousands of years with the Bible they do skip certain things and emphasize others in on the RAC that in writing they say an emphasis added. They don’t tell you that now. I’m emphasizing something in you I I don’t want you to see this over here so I emphasize this and say this is the important thing know you you have to take the whole gospel see when you start leaving out elements of the gospel what you’re preaching is not the gospel of the kingdom is the gospel of life because that’s the nature of allies to leave off some truth in a really good life has a lot of truth in it I Jesus Christ is the way that that’s true there’s nothing you can do where God owes you salvation. That’s true. That salvation is a gift. that get but if God is going to write upon your heart and upon your mind you got to clean some of the junk off of that those slates of your nature to let him have room to write upon your heart your mind and he says thou shalt not covet, you to take that the heart. If you don’t take that the Harding God is not writing that on your heart you God from writing on your heart your say well wait a minute I paid in to the system so I have a right to take from you Courtney the system yes according to God, it’s still coveting your neighbor’s goods. I’m not telling you you can collect Social Security I don’t collect Social Security a lot of the other people I know don’t collect Social Security they don’t go get they not to get the $1200 needed they were eligible they’re not going to go get they’re seeking the kingdom policy interview but I want to see all of you seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness and that’s that’s expensive if it doesn’t require you to write a check necessarily that mean you do it you want but it requires that you give up something of that nature that has been given to you by those benefactors of those men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority.

One sloppy convelescient home employee could cause a number of deaths equal to thsoe who have died in Great Brittain so far

[00:38:07] So anyway I sent a message earlier… I was looking for people who send me remedies. One of the first things I want to say anybody I think is really important is is is just on the top here is that if you get the flu do not take Advil. Do not take ibuprofen. Don’t take those sayings those are just you they’re not gonna do anything to get rid of the virus and they can actually cause the virus or the damage that the virus can cause to worsen. Because those are inhibitors. Those will decrease your ability to produce certain enzymes that are necessary for healing and the it’s a way of reducing the immune response unit you headache desperate maybe part of the human immune response. Or a fever and you take these things to reduce that the thing is is not selective it may reduce things you do enzymes you do need. Those enzymes that are acting from those cells know that are facing the virus now there are leather things night I don’t take any of those things ever and when I had what appears to be the coronavirus… And if you go to our coronavirus page will tell you lot of stuff and I can go over it in every program and there’s some audios there where I did that seamlessness on Israel and read the details. But like I said, this Oxford studies and most people arty have it you go back to the earliest studies I like that the diamond Princess study this close to population lots and lots of people were showing little or no symptoms at all. They were asymptomatic. is symptomatic those that are asymptomatic people could still carry the disease for a little while that is not get they’re probably not big spreaders of the disease because they’re not running fevers are not mass-producing any any replication but they could spread the disease you know for a little bit of time and spread it on to somebody else. So everybody should be washing their hands at all like a stuff to slow down the spread of the disease which are not to stop it again at that they never said there to stop it there said they’re going to slow it down which means in six months and six years this virus is still going to be around. And if you have large sections such as the population that have not become immune it can get going again and start killing all kinds of people I mean all you need is one cook in a convalescent home with 300 patients… I’ve worked in some homes with 300 patients and I was a cook as a matter fact and the if I in fact the people the young people working in the kitchen and they start handling the food trays and don’t exercise proper hygiene, we can affect the entire 300 people. And then you go Steve you got half the deaths of the entire Great Britain in one convalescent home. Especially like the one up in Washington was severely ill elderly. So it get they can come back.

Christians are to operate by faith, hope and charity not force, fear in fealty

[00:41:34] What you need to do is realize there are these viruses every year, all kinds of different ones, they been coming for years and years. And you know some of the medications that they put you on the hospital at the hospital food to tell you know I personally think that a lot of you that if you get the flu you should cut down sugar immediately. And you should cut down on carbs immediately. Eat something else other than cards because carbs you know Posten all that stuff those carbs and bread they just start turning into sugar. And you like one slice of bread supposedly could be 5 teaspoons of sugar equivalent. If your body broke it all down at one time but sugar is not good for the immune system it slows the immune system down. And so there’s other things but like if you start getting that congestion sauna hot bad things that relax you. Music! Now you can have some music that slows down your system meditation we have a page to teaching you about meditation you want to slow the system down and one of the things that you want to do more than anything else is fear not so how do you do fear not as hot is a negative is means not fearing so what you want to do is something that is the antithesis of fear, which is faith. See we’re supposed to be enforcing again Aquino were supposed to be living by faith, hope and charity. But the world doesn’t operate by faith hope and charity. The world operates by force, fear in fealty.

Who do you belong to?

[00:43:21] That’s why they get you to sign up for things like Social Security and a will you know Workmen’s Comp. now you assign all kinds of paper to get your $1200 in your your aid for your business but it will be very clear at the end of this that all those people who sign up for all these $2 trillion in benefits belong to the world. They’re helping their children out. Thery’e not helping out foreigners are helping out their children and you you this is how you get entangled again in the yoke of bondage. Not that you are already but they’re just confirming it. Meanwhile behind-the-scenes and I should get to that of looking at time here behind-the-scenes like as a the changing all kinds of banking regulations unprecedented you know what we no longer have a fractional reserve system. It doesn’t exist anymore there is no fractional reserve system. They just did away with it this last week what you have is an zero reserve system is totally zero reserve system. Now it was stupid to have a fractional reserve system to begin with especially when that fractional reserve was 10%. And then when it got so that they were loaning billions of dollars maybe trillions of dollars every night so that all the banks on their books would look like they were solvent. Now they don’t have to do that because they don’t they don’t need to have that 10% anymore. And the fact is you got down to 10% reserve should mean like you know you have enough money to pay off all your creditors right now. But if you had credit unions which we been saying for years the church should form credit union. But we can’t get enough people sit down the tens hundreds and thousands to do it Kagan of people who really support that idea the credit union still involved in that Federal Reserve system but it it could be created in a way legally create have looked at all the bylaws for Federal credit unions and stay credit unions would probably go with a federal credit union now I can’t start it. I could be on the board of directors. Gizzi don’t usually have either three or seven people an odd number on the Board of Directors and they can’t receive a salary as the all volunteer I could do that I’d probably wouldn’t find somebody else to do that but the that if you had your own credit union, you could create the exact same network that the church used. And right now you’d allow people to do banking and because I had forecast of society the number of stores or people are running into that won’t take cash… It’s stupid not to take cash. But that’s stupid is as stupid does. And people are being stupid.

Details you should know about the polio and swine flu vaccines before buying into the hype around current vaccines

[00:46:24] Half the people in the United Kingdom have already had the virus like the experts say then in it and like we saw with polio is more than that and then they come out with a vaccine in the and then they have almost no cases and were the case is he more depleting before they came out because you are already approaching that immunity. Except for like with the poliovirus he can live quite a while and water. And in your that’s why still see polio showing up in and some while Palermo a lot of the polio that you see today is coming for the vaccines according to the experts putting the CDC’s coming from the vaccines not coming from the wild virus but you will find while virus in some tropical areas of the of Nigerian stuff getting young people sick because the young people don’t have the immunity yet. But it’s also probably because of diet and exposure they don’t have the plumbing systems that we have that could that could it decrease the disease until the children develop immunity. You can pass immunity on from you to other people the same as you can pass on the disease the doctors don’t want know that. The doctors won’t don’t want you know that almost every now polio Spanish flu all these things were cured because the people became immune they don’t want you know that the high death rate of the Spanish flu was because doctors were prescribing aspirin in unprecedented amounts why because aspirin was cheated because the patent ran out everybody was producing and so you’re getting as much 30 g of aspirin a day to a patient who had lung problems and then he started bleeding his lungs and drowned. And then they started wondering like a Y he died in oh well as you killed him well was not talk about that this talk about something else how many people how many errors in oh July some thalidomide we know that doctors can screw up how many people asked us this morning and people were injured with the swine vaccine money and how many people died from the swine vaccine were paralyzed from the swine vaccine? Do you have any idea of that you think you hear that on CNN not now you hear that the vaccine is going to save us. And you can be vaccinating millions of people who are already immune because everybody’s looking for the vaccine and nobody’s looking for test for the antigens. And they did this with polio until after the fact and they start looking for test for the antigen to see who was already immune. They found out that most of people were already immune before the got the vaccine and you are just getting a vaccine because somebody is making millions Mannesmann dollars you needed. But they’re gonna make it mandatory. The panic and fear in people is ridiculous that there think like if you don’t get the vaccine I might get sick from you but you got the vaccine how you get sick than the vaccine and give you what all you need to get the vaccine as I got the vaccine. So if we meet at a bar, I have to get drunk because you get drunk? They’re not reasonable. The zombies are here already.

Gather with reasonable people so you don’t have to gather with zombies by default

[00:50:01] What you need to do start gathering together with reasonable, loving, industrious, effectual people that want to walk in the ways of Christ there humble enough to allow their minds to be repented so that God may write his character his wisdom upon their minds and upon their hearts. That’s what you should be doing. It’s not denominational. It’s tens hundreds and thousands a network of charity that cares as much about one another’s they care about themselves that’s what you are supposed to be doing according to Christ he’s the expert what he Christ do the only time he said commanded his disciples who became his church is called out that’s what you doing… he’s calling out these disciples to be his church to be the government of faith, hope and charity instead of the government of force, fear and fealty. This is the other government you still today in the law dictionary the church is another form of government now you know what that form looks like that is the key to liberty that is the key to the kingdom of God and you know besides changing all the banking laws now you cure arrested, they can postpone your trial for a year or more even after the pandemic crisis is lifted. Even after the virus is completely gone so next year when the virus in around if it’s not around it all next year it may be around a little bit next year he could be in the it could kinda disappear for a little while and then come back several years later. We’ve seen that before. this a reason for that will go and all that but whether there’s a virus or not and they have mass arrests that I don’t have to try you for your speedy trial that’s gone they did they say what is not constitutional they’re going to do it is people care about the Constitution. The fact that they quarantine everybody says you can go out work that’s not constitutional. That does a lot of things that are constitutional that they could do a lot of things they’re doing the people think are not constitutional are constitutional because of the contract clause. When you sign for that $1200, you’re signing a contract. You have written evidence now that you’re one of theirs that you’re one of their their merchandise you are no everybody knows the governments a debt every not but he knows this trillion dollars is not coming out of the treasury is going is greatly more debt everybody knows that is been in the news if you don’t know that your your has been in the sand and yet you still want to get money from them as you know is just increasing that dad is putting greater and greater burdens on your children to come. You’re cursing your children with this debt when you take that money and I know y’all think you need that money but if you don’t need that money you pray about the God may be don’t want to take it. Maybe you can get going and get back on your feet but if you get in the congregation the tens hundreds and thousands of really start doing what Christ said next time you won’t have to go to them. Next time you know if if you run out of toilet paper we might be able to get you some. Maybe we’ll get you the the foods you eat tomorrow they will find shelter for you somewhere else in the network. is wise that we want to build some big community or commune somewhere where everybody goes and become this gigantic bull’s-eye with some big you giant granary sticking up in the middle of it. You’re just making yourself a target we want to be tens hundreds and thousands where all the love and charity and resources is spread out through a network of people who actually have taken the time to get to know one another find out who they trust shared information share resources share their lifeblood. So that we get to whatever real disaster may come along someday in the world.

Martial law and trails under systems of the world

[00:54:30] Because I think this is just a practice run. They found out that they can impose martial law. They’re doing martial law light right now. Not only do they not have to try you for a year or more guttural work or more it is year or more is that two years or more to this or more for indefinite. But if they do try you they can do it in a video they you get is that in the same room as judge. You get this in the same room is a part prosecutors yoga does in the same room as the witnesses. You’re doing this by video by conference call yet guilty yet guilty yet guilty that a drastic change in the jurisprudence of America we arty had drastic changes the all the things are put in place I remember the executive orders when first came across some way back we’re almost out of time… the executive orders of John F. Kennedy because he wanted to do away with the Federal Reserve he was gonna slowly replace the need for Federal Reserve notes by printing US federal notes and and I have some still in print very many be you started doing it exceedingly shot now that the Federal Reserve shoot them I don’t know who knows who shot him. Actually I could tell you some stuff but that none of time. But what the he did was he signed all these executive orders almost every president sent since that I know of it been signing the same executive orders because he knew that the economy might crash when he starts doing this because the Fed said such power at international power over our economy. And he thought we would need these in order to get us through. Well unfortunately, he’s dead and then the next president LBJ why don’t trust far as I can throw he had that power the you create offices of power many seek power seek office and you don’t want anyone to stay away from that you want to stay as far away from that as you possibly can. But is too late. You’ve already gone that way. So what you do you know that this power corrupts and so which have to do join us on the network start learning how a free society works start creating that free society and seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And do it out of love for others, not just to save yourself. So anyway that’s what you need to go that’s what you need to do and if you do that and may God be with you until then peace on your house. We’ll see you on the network. God bless.

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