Key 2027 – A Virtuous Network

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2027

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by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 25, 2020

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Paul’s Notes

Christ’s solution for all the problems of the world; Parables; God wants to reveal to you; A virtuous network; Bible metaphors and allegories; God knows; Forgiveness; Meditation; Pushing buttons; Christ has done his part that you MIGHT be saved; Delusion = not dealing with truth; Degeneration by desiring benefits; Free assembly of tens, hundreds and thousands; Minister’s job description; Body of Christ; Exosomes; Minstrels and heralds; Kingdom within you; Resentment; Humility; Realizing you don’t know God; Coronavirus – is the fear warranted?; Ideas sealed by fear; Extremely low mortality rate; YouTube censorship; Death by other issues; Oregon study on fighting disease; Vitamin C; Hosea 4:6; Be well informed; What made America great?; Infected with lies; God has the cure; Anger vs forgiveness; Seeking the virtuous network; Freely assembling; Practicing pure religion; Governmental ulterior motives; COVID-19 is not even the problem; Sharing the cure; Constructing our own prisons; Mustard seed; Be teachable; PCR test; Serology test; Sweden’s handling of COVID-19; Faith in God’s plan; News media doesn’t want to hear truth if it’s not fear; Why?; Many CEOs resigned last year; Economic collapse due to overreaction of government; Being made merchandise through covetous practices; Christ’s warnings; Nationalization of transportation; Network communication of information; Immunity ability; 338% increase in suicide hotline calls; God’s way vs the world’s way; Fauci’s letter; Christ brought light to the darkness; God: “Fear not!”; World: “Be very afraid!”; Wages of unrighteousness; Strong delusion and believing lies; Fear abounds where love is lacking; Solution to all the problems; Self-organization takes effort and time; Local hospital example; Communication failures; Officers drunk with power; God-given right to freely assemble; Kennedys’ activities regarding Federal Reserve; Choosing darkness vs light; Following righteousness; You can change you!; Repent!

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