Key 2017 – Coronavirus Craziness Continues

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2017

As the hysteria around the coronavirus continues to build to the point of taking down the economy, we attempt to inject some practical insight and historical level-headedness.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 21, 2020

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Welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, we’re going to be talking about the kingdom of God. And the kingdom of God was the salvation of the people. It was the solution given to us by Christ. And people are always looking for solutions for problems that occur in this life. And sometimes they’re looking for solutions of finding some sort of afterlife where everything is going to be great because things are so hard in this life. And there is a certain mental dynamic if you have hope things are better for you now. But if you have fear anxiety stress things are worse for you now. We see this in the psychology of mankind in the way psychology is just the study of how we think. Of course, repentance is by definition thinking a different way than we think right now. So the psychology of repentance is a quest for hope and life and understanding and what you know… Christ is the truth the way and that life and what he came to show us was this way to the truth the way in the life to this hope in our existence that will make our lives better now. And for whatever afterlife may come after death… whether is in the form of our spiritual personal spiritual life or the life we leave behind or something in the dynamics of creation where we see life coming their plans out there that we see in and the moons that we see and there doesn’t seem to be any life on those places. But here on this earth, life is abundant and life goes on because of the fact that we reproduce life we pass life on to our children and to our neighbor’s children to our communities to our societies and to our nations and to the world in general. Or we take life away from our family, from our neighbor’s family, from our community and from the world in general.

Life on this planet has a tendency to lay down its life for others

[00:03:05] The way of Christ is to give life to lay down your life for your fellow man so that you may pick up life more abundant. The life on this planet exists because the life on this planet has a tendency to lay down its life for others. You see it in wildlife. You see it in all aspects not just one species. You know, we see you know we saw ravens attacking owls because owls were nesting in the ravens tree actually in the ravens Nast and the owl will eat the young area of the the ravens and other birds so they don’t like owls because they they operate in the dark they can see in the dark and they are a danger to their families in the dark so they try to drive the owls away in the house that have developed an ability to do scan assisted out and wait but their predators. And the that’s way it is often in life. There are predators there are those who take advantage of the Earth’s so that they will have life more abundant. And then there are the way those who think like Christ to lay down their life for others so that they may pick up their life and have more abundance. So where is hope well of course the predator has hope that he will be able to stock and hunting kill and take the life of others. But the Christian has a different kind of hope he has a hope of life more abundant and he knows that that comes by the example of Christ when we are willing to lay down our lives for others. But Christ is not act asking us to all go out and jump on a grenade somewhere so that others can live we are to be as wise as the serpent but as harmless as doves.

The gospel Christ preach is entirely different than the gospel of the modern church

[00:05:13] I just sent out a post to our network and I shared with a few people on Facebook and the local community that we were going to talk about the coronavirus today but of course what were really talking about is the kingdom of God and were just using news events that are taking place now in the lives of people to try to show you how the kingdom of God operates as opposed to the kingdoms of the world and how they operate. Because we’re not to be of the world according to Christ. To his disciples especially. it and won’t list touch on this briefly we have lots articles actually I just posted some more articles under our on our road webpages at preparing you about why we congregate and I’m going to be in the future hopefully I get the time to be moving some of those articles in a specifically Christian approach over to his holy church sought or we have an abundance of articles that his holy now that will tell you a lot about the keys of the kingdom but we have put preparing you so that we can kind of bring the kingdom down to a thinner slice we serve meat here at his holy church and so therefore sometimes we have to slice the meat a little thinner so that people can chew on it a while because the gospel of the kingdom is preached by Christ is much much much different than the gospel being preached in the modern church. Now that was predicted back in those days that there would be the strong delusion. And that people would creep in and deceive many and that that you how many will be called but few will be chosen. Because many are actually engaging covetous practices covetous practice by nature is not that you’re laying down your life for others but you’re desiring to have more life abundant by taking from others. Now of course, stealing is against the 10 Commandments and Christ never said that stealing was okay to be a long as you believe in me and that’s not what Paul is saying clearly that’s not what Paul is saying although there are many preachers out there saying all you can keep on sending you just have to believe in Jesus if you keep on sending that’s evidence you do not believe in Jesus. Because Jesus said if you love me you will keep my commandments if you’re not keeping his commandments then you don’t not really love him. That’s evidence for you so that you know you have need of repentance you have need of thinking differently now there are maybe will tickle your ears and tell you give you false hope that you are say because you think a particular thought about an image of Jesus given to you by the same ear ticklers. But Jesus’ true image may be quite different than what you’re hearing in your churches even. the news and your books in in your home church is even and the entire scene of people with great swelling words about Jesus about the world about life in general can actually be covering the fact that you are being mentally poison spiritually poisoned. Spiritually and mentally led away from the gospel of the kingdom while thinking you actually believe in Jesus. Jesus said very clearly, “Many shall say they have, in my name they will profess Christ he does in a few he said many will say they’re professing him and actually they are workers of iniquity and he’s gonna say, “Get Eve from me you want to make sure that you’re not one of those people who think they’re Christians but are actually workers of iniquity. And of course, there’s lots of evidence in the Bible right in the text is right in front of us a lot of us don’t see it because we sit in darkness today in many of our churches I would actually say most of our churches that are out there professing Christ are actually sitting in darkness. Or at least seeing the kingdom dimly as Paul says. That we were looking through a glass them late we can’t really see what is the gospel of the kingdom is so we have glad tidings but to those who do not want to see the truth what we have may have set you but that’s why we’ve created these websites in written these books that you can download for free you don’t have to you know with you occasionally people by some of our audios but all of our audios are on online for free that keys of the kingdom podcasts and and you just go to those basic websites of preparing you and and and you can find out a plethora of information about the keys of the kingdom and about the kingdom and the gospel of the kingdom. That’s what was called in the Bible: the gospel of the kingdom.

If it’s not the whole truth, it’s a lie

[00:11:20] What a lot of people don’t realize… somebody was just talking on a home church group and I was sharing with them I think they they don’t they don’t hardly occur say I do this all the time that Elsie somebody will call me my attention to some sort of conversation on the Internet, on Facebook or wherever, and they’re going back and forth on particular subject and I’m looking at I go I actually usually try to read as many of their comments as possible and they’re just going back and forth and everybody sharing something or telling something or making a comment and then I’ll put in a post at all stops. They stop conversing. And I find that fascinate I noticed it a number of years ago and I thought like so what is it that I said that stop the conversation I was trying to encourage the conversation but actually I believe what’s happening is I’m getting to the heart of the matter and a course we present facts in a fax to Heather and we prevent the present facts about the Bible about the words of Jesus Christ. We put Jesus back in the context of Jesus we put Paul in the context of Paul. But always Paul in the context of Jesus because that’s what Paul is telling us. I preach Christ first. But unfortunately when people hear that statement they think I’ll yeah I know Christ as my pastor preaches Christ. Well he mentions Christ, but he’s not telling you the whole truth about Christ he’s not really preaching Christ he’s preaching something less than the whole Christ and have Christ is the truth in the way in the light and he’s not preaching to you the whole truth the whole way, and the whole life, then he is preaching you a lie. Because of the definition of a lie. If it’s not the whole truth and nothing but the truth it’s a lie and so we want you to know the whole truth do we know the whole truth we seek to know the whole truth we seek the kingdom of Christ the kingdom of God we seek they can’t gospel of the kingdom. And you know, if you see things that we do not see we want you share with us the same as we are compelled by faith to share with you things that we see that the modern Christian often is missing. Now a lot of people will say that’s a bold statement, but will you can see that were talking about things that most churches don’t talk about.

Two different worlds around coronavirus

[00:14:14] So anyway, what we said was that we were going to talk about the coronavirus. I actually have a little bit of a cough left over from when I had a virus several weeks ago. And when I get the talking a great deal sometimes the at I feel that let that little and cough that congestion up a little bit the still left over. But I learned a lot in the process of having this virus that I can say for sure was the coronavirus but the and and part of that is even if I went down and got tested for coronavirus now that the see if I had had at the tests that are now being given won’t tell you if you had a can only talk about the live virus and the reality is the tests that they’re giving now are not as accurate as a lot of people would like to think. It will get into that eventually to will show you from virologists from scientists what they’re saying about the test what they’re saying about the coronavirus they’re actually looking at statistics. We’re seen a lot of information coming in the news and the when we would go to the experts the actual guys out there where the rubber meets the road the guys you’ve been in this for years and years and we compare what they’re saying with what we’re hearing on the news were getting a decidedly different story. Which is very common to ask is we get a decidedly different story from the Bible than were getting from the people who say they know the Bible and are teaching modern Christians what they need to do to be Christians. Because you need to do something to be Christians you can’t just save yourself with a personal thought or idea about Christ that’s that’s idolatry you create an image of Christ in your mind and then you serve that image. But if that image is inaccurate is not the real Christ is not holy the truth they Christ came to give us then you will be led into a strong delusion. And you may find that you are actually a worker of iniquity. And we’ll go back to what we said the beginning are you giving life or are you taking life away and that’s going to be very important for your soul your mind, your life, and the life of all those people you come in contact with out there in the world today.

How the Bible has become so misinterpreted

[00:17:00] So in Christ told his disciples they were not to be of the world, what did he mean? Well he used a particular we see a particular Greek word in the Bible that he used in that instance. And that Greek word means constitutional order or system of government that’s right in the definition of that Greek word that’s what he used other times use Greek words that meant inhabited places and they translate that into world. Other times use words that mean not different things other than constitutional order and system of government. So it’s important to know when he used what word sometimes use a word that just means age. A period of time. You know in our age are in the age to come in the world to come or the retiming talks about the destruction of the world he’s not talking about the planet. He’s not using a word that means planet is not even always using a word that could mean constitutional order system of government. He’s using a word that means an age. The end of an age. And of course what happens at the end of an age? Another age now there they go and they take another quote from the Bible that that talks about a new heaven and a new earth and I think that the world will be destroyed and God will make a whole new planet with the new sky and all the stuff after the flood there was a new earth. There was sea and then there was earth. Because the sea dried up and that the new earth from a certain point of view. It wasn’t a new planet, same planet, but there was a drastic change in what we see as the planet and there was even, evidently, a new heaven and a new sky up about because now according through the tax were seen rainbows. And of course, rainbows or just a refraction of light to the atmosphere and there is quite a bit of geological evidence that the atmosphere of the planet drastically changed during some of the geological events of the planet. And we can go into all that the reasons why there’s a lot I mean a lot evidence. There’s a lot of things that people talk about that they think is science but there’s really very little evidence for it but it’s a theory and you know some of those series may be somewhat accurate some of those theories may be completely wrong because if you look back in the history of science we had lots of theories that now have no precedents in science whatsoever. We sell of that we used to think that you like the aurora borealis I’ve seen the school books in my uncles one room schoolhouse where he attended school in the school books were telling him when he was a boy that the aurora borealis was caused by the reflection of sunlight off of the solar polar caps. You know, the sun would hit the snow in and go up into the sky and create the aurora borealis that’s what it said in his science book when he was going to school back in they in their 30s but we know now that that’s not what causes the aurora borealis was a kind of a simple thing was something you because I was talking to by uncle when I was working on wheat farms out North Dakota, back when I was young fellow over 50 years ago, and the that was it I mentioned the cause of the aurora… because he sees there were up there in North Dakota he’s in the north part of North Dakota and the East he says 10 that’s not from what I was telling them that’s from the sun reflected he still had that idea in his mind you know 40 years later after school. Because that was what he was taught and that’s what he believed because that’s what he thought it believe that for a long time and here I’m talking about it and I was kinda shocked that that’s what he thought the aurora was. Later on we we went over with my cousin into the school house and there were some books there and sure enough I looked it up and I can see that that’s what they taught it was hard to change his mind you know I I had lots of facts in the eventually seem to agree with me. But he was slow to agree with me because it was not what he learned. We see that every day here at His Holy Church because were sharing information with you a lot of you have not been taught and some of the information you have been taught is the opposite of what were now saying so is why we’ve written all these books and and put up these hundreds of webpages, and hundreds and hundreds of audios to try to introduce this other information as well have thousands of footnotes so you can find out that what were saying is based on fact what we say about the gospel of the kingdom in Christ is based on what Christ actually said in the context of Christ in the context of the time in which Christ said it, and how it connects and is uniform with everything that Christ said including everything that God has said in the Old Testament, but was often, and regularly, and consistently, miss taught by some of the people like the Pharisees and Sadducees and zealots. As well as those who have accepted those ideas today and are called Protestants and Baptists or Methodists or what have you all these different Catholics are Jehovah witnesses… they have fallen parade to some of those false teachings of the Pharisees and that’s because when people were trying to translate the Bible, or now translate the Bible into English, they depended often on the Masoretic text of of Jews that were still accepting the philosophies of the Pharisees that were wrong. Everything the Pharisee said were wrong. But some of the things they were saying was absolutely rock will get into that in the coronavirus when we returne to Keys of the Kingdom.

Coronavirus models as inaccurate as climate models

[00:23:44] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So anyway, I introduced the idea that there might be many things that we are going to share with you that are contradictory to what you have been told before. And were just investigating. And were finding out information sometimes is between the lines the very reports that are misleading you. Because they’ll tell say all this is this is a terrible thing and you know be afraid in and get all worked up and get excited and is because this this in S&S. Then we lay out their reasons and we find out they don’t connect with all the facts. One thing their base talk about the six extreme danger of this virus and that yell coronavirus and the they talk about this great threat to society going to kill millions and millions of people but when you actually look into the flow of data from even from Italy and certainly from China and now from the United States none of the data that is out there is following the computer program predations of this virus. It’s not spreading quite the way they said it was going to spread. It’s not affecting the people quite the way they said it was going you with millions dying it doesn’t seem to be measuring up to their predictions or predictions appear to be wrong course where you have somebody programming in data there somebody else programming in the same data or more of the data available and putting it into computer programs and of course those computer programs that are creating these predictions are created by people and they may be accurately put together. They may be really good predicting programs of they may not be so good it’s like I like global warming. There there are number of models that were put out there that were saying that the global warming would take place at this stage. And in the distance is now 20 years old or more in some cases talking about this global warming to begin back to the 1970s they were predicting global cooling but now they’ve made new models and they take new test and they got new numbers and they’re saying were to have global warming promises that almost all of those computer programs talk about global warming are not measuring up to what they predicted. What’s actually happening is not actually measuring up with what they’re predicting but the belief in global warming has become a religious belief. To even question it with facts is now you know your global you’re at your weather denier a climate denier. And that’s just not the case. I believe there is climate I believe it does change I believe there’s we live in a cause-and-effect universe but I also don’t believe all the models. Because they are proven to be inaccurate so what is really going on there is more carbon than there is there was a while ago there there have been times in the history of the earth we know there was more carbon than there is now far more carbon in life didn’t end on the plans modified life increased on the planet some of that data is back when the atmosphere was much different than it is today so you have taken all these different facts. And this is one of the things that a lot of these models don’t do is they don’t take in all the different facts and that’s when they talk about the coronavirus and deaths, they’re not giving you the facts they’re giving you some facts giving some statistics. But they’re not giving you all the facts.

Terrible choices based on false info about coronavirus

[00:27:57] So anyway, I’ve put down a few quotes like here… “Federal and state governments are making a massive gamble about a little-understood new virus they may not only be betting our entire economy, but our nations future on what they believe is going to be happening with this virus. Thus it’s imperative that they not make foolish choices.” And I believe in many cases they may be but you’re at your desk and have to decide yourself. “The current gamble seems to be to shut down the nation indefinitely to suppress a virus that is especially deadly to some demographics and experts agree cannot be contained. Only slowed.” So all this all these thousands of businesses being shut down tens of thousands of people losing their source of livelihood hundreds of thousands of people being economically damaged and injured by the commands of the government to shut down all these businesses and to stop all this activity is actually not going to stop the virus they are not saying this is going to stop the virus is just going so that everybody is going to get exposed one way or another to this virus eventually. But they’re slowing it down by these drastic economic measures. Now there a lot of other factors that take place because they’ve taken these drastic at measures and because the media is reporting this dire threat of the coronavirus. So we have to take a lot of that and put it together so that all the facts connect up and give us a clear picture of what’s actually taking taking place. And so we have these officials decisions. And in some of the information I’m getting is from like the Imperial College in London. It’s talking about the dangers of this and need for quarantine. To contain a virus it will be necessary to quarantine Americans for 2 to 3 month stretches. Now isn’t it interesting that they had the word stretches and plural 2 to 3 month stretches. So you get through this you know they talk about shutting the schools down for an extra week and another talking about extending it and before they even say that we can all go back to school and go back to businesses and open up businesses, they already have plans to shut down the national parks for several weeks and months after those the present restrictions are supposedly going to be lifted. So what is that you know that shutting for the shutting down the national parks… if people just act with a certain amount of precaution there’s a great deal of evidence that the you’re not likely to get the disease in national park situations. You usually can’t be more than 6 feet from the people next to him and that if you’re camping outdoors, especially during the summertime, the the transmission of the virus will decrease rapidly.

Coronavirus facts

[00:31:45] The virus doesn’t live very long on most surfaces. On stainless steel services inside buildings where there’s no sunlight in the very reason we have stainless steel supposed to be cleaner well of course you can clean it easier but the fact is is that the life expectancy… and I use that word loosely, life expectancy of the sacred this way viability of a virus… because it really is and alive we’ll talk about that more the viability of a virus to contaminate somebody last longer on stainless steel than it does in almost any other object one of the reasons why is the stainless steel usually will remain colder not be put to standstill out the sunlight it will last as long but if you have it in a building it will last a long time. There’s a lot of things that about viruses that they break down and become unviable no longer even recognizable as buyers of viruses just like a string of DNA and RNA and it’s it doesn’t have any life of its own. It’s not actually alive. It’s like a complex substance and it’s created by other living things like you or pics or bats are you know there’s a type a virus and there’s a tight B virus type B viruses seem to be only in people and most the time when you get a flu virus it’s not type B us is type B is a far more rare. It’s three times more likely to be a type a virus the krona is a type a virus. So it has probably originated with some animals like pigs or water files or both and eventually ended up in humans and of course it could end up in bats and other animals as well but it changes and then ends up in human and human replicates that virus. It doesn’t really reproduce it. We talked about reproduction life on this planet reproduces viruses are alive and have no homeostasis they they they are have no they don’t create their own environment they don’t reproduce themselves we reproduce them. And I equated a virus with a lie you ally does not re-create itself it doesn’t even create itself it doesn’t reproduce itself it needs another person to accept that lie, and then that person goes out and reproduces that life tell somebody else that lie so that’s the nature of a virus is the nature of a lie. There are people actually out there same viruses don’t really exist well they may not exist as we often think of them like that viruses reproducing in me and it’s making me sick. Most of what you experience in a virus that makes you what we call sac it’s not a virus that is doing the damage you’re doing the damage to yourself by the way in which your body is reacting to the virus. For instance it will get into this in more depth to buds a most of the people that die from virus you what the average age of people who die from virus what was the average age of people who died from bubonic plague bubonic plague was actually caused by a virus and bacteria actually more than a virus but a bacteria but it was a bacteria in a flea in the fleet was on a rat and the rat was the carrier and then you get bit by the fully and then you get the disease and you die from bubonic plague while a small child could be bit by a flea an adult could be bit by the fleet and so the average age of people who died from the black plague was the average age of the people but the average age of the people who die from coronavirus is 82. So for the average age to be 82 you would have to take the youngest people that die plus the oldest people that die in average it out and it doesn’t come to 40. So it comes to 82 so it’s very clear that most the people that die or more than 82 years of age not as a mean that if you’re 90 or 98 or hundred and three that you’re going to die if you get the coronavirus there’s other factors almost 99% of the people who have died from coronavirus, this is their statistics that they don’t tell you on the news, are people that already have compromised immune systems. Either because of age or age and other most of the people who die from it have at least three different things going on in their body that compromises their immune system. Most of the people the majority of those who die from coronavirus already have three major things wrong with their bodies and their immune system that puts them into danger. People talk about diabetics who are more vulnerable well what diabetics you people to out these figures it scares everybody is a diabetic and I got my God to coronavirus and I know there are some diabetics that are getting limbs cut off because they’re in such bad shape. There are some diabetics who are already on dialysis because their kidneys have shut down. These are the ones the more things you have wrong with your system your life system this body we live in a spiritual creatures, the more vulnerable you are. We should be focusing on protecting those people because we want to give life but small children are very vulnerable people who are 20 years old are not very vulnerable people are 30 years old 39 years old are not variable the vice less than 1% of them even show evidence of everyone getting the coronavirus yet many of them are exposed and do get it, but they don’t get sick most of the people who get them virus will show no symptoms while they haven’t they could contaminate other people but they are much less likely to contaminate other people. It’s the people get really sick and a running fevers and usually when you’re running a fever that’s a good time where you can contaminate other people but is it possible that the people who get sick get better or get exposed get the virus get better, can actually extend immunity to the people around them? Can the cellular communication is taking place in their body telling you awakening all of their cells do not replicate this virus… because that’s what’s going on in their body their body knows not to replicate this virus and has a natural actually do have several layers of natural defense against this virus there actually can could they produce antigens that could be spread to other people so that their body will actually begin to produce the same antigen.

Naturally-developed herd immunity is superior to isolation

[00:40:00] That’s what vaccines are. Vaccines are elements of the same DNA and RNA factors in a vaccine supposedly broke down so that you can’t get sick that’s not always the case and they injected in you so that your body has a reaction and produces the antigens necessary to keep you healthy. That’s the principle of real vaccinations. Now the reality is is the reason they’ve even came up with the idea vaccinations as they found that milk maids were not getting the smallpox. They were not getting the smallpox because they were handling cows they were milking cows. There were milk maids. And cows got a thing called cowpox which is similar to smallpox. And it actually cause their bodies stating get cowpox is that that’s a disease cows but they got in that natural immunity by their contact with the cows against smallpox they by milking the cows they were getting vaccinated so that that’s a good day and that’s a natural thing and that’s the way nature works and how many other cases of that can actually beat take into consideration how many other antigens does our body produce that protects us from disease that we got from say Pat Weld that’s actually very possible that there are many diseases that we have. Because some of these diseases some of these things go through other you know like if you eat certain foods you may develop an immunity having when you suck at your mother’s breast as a child, that child is eating antigens that are going to protect it from disease. The mother is passing on to that child with her own bodily fluids protection from disease. And then but what you want is that child to develop an of a robust immune system by exposure and overcoming that it gets healthy. And of and we won’t go into all of it right now but you know we’ve talked about before when Europeans came over here, 80%… some say as many as 90% of the American Indian population died off eventually from many of the diseases that they brought over. Now many of the Europeans died from diseases that were here so it was a two-way street but why did the Europeans do so well and the Indians were so devastated by this interaction of these two separately grown cultures and biogenomes where the Indians suffered immense losses in the Europeans suffered losses but not so much to wipe out all the Europeans. And we going to that in great detail and have in some other programs but the reality was his Europeans it already gone to their great die offs. They had already had the bubonic plague and other plagues that ran smallpox and everything that ran to society and wiped out large large sections of the European population because of these diseases they came through. What you had laughed were people that could develop robust immune systems and survive the introduction of new bacteria’s and new diseases new viruses. That’s what you want in your societies you want herd immunity in your natural society where people are naturally immune or can develop an immunity to any new virus that comes along that makes life more abundant in your society because you’re less likely to be vulnerable to the next disease that comes along. Which can have a devastating effect on life on this planet usually one species at a time, but now with all this genetically modified organisms out there, I believe you’ll see more jumping of diseases from one species to the next. Because your blending the genetics of different species. There’s is a lot of other problems with that.

Are vaccines making you more vulnerable?

[00:44:36] But anyway, so we’re seeing that this virus that the talk about due to contain the virus it will be necessary to quarantine America over the next 18 months that’s over here to talk about quarantining you shutting down restaurants shutting down businesses. This is a massive change. Does the death rate of the coronavirus warrant this? We see that you know less than a percentage point of young people, and I say young people anybody under 40, are even going to get get the virus and show symptoms now the reality is what we see from that the that Princess cruise where a lot of people got a date they were able to had a closed environment and they tested these people have the people more than half of the people got the virus never showed symptoms. They didn’t even giet sick. Now the symptoms your scene is your immune system fighting this virus is not a virus killing you it’s you killing you because your body is overreacting or it needs to overreact in some cases that’s actually what’s taking place because of the fact that your infection rate goes way up as you’re very vulnerable there’s a difference between eight-year-old and an 80-year-old. The body begins to degenerate as we get to be a certain age. Seems to be built in. Almost all animals age there are a few animals actually don’t a very very small simple animals and they they don’t seem to age. But that there is almost none of those and we talked about those before but their reality is is this the this this strategy that they’re bringing up is only mitigated so it’s not going to stop it is going slow it down. For this society to really become healthy concerning the virus the coronavirus or any virus there’s a dozen viruses out there that are travelling around slew viruses and making people sick and they do this every year. Thousands, tens of thousands of people die every year from viruses. 35 to 40,000 people die you know of tens and tens and tens of thousands of people get the virus most of them show almost no sign that they got sick in the ghetto fever one night it already knows they’re back at work the next day or maybe 24 hour flu they call it. These are these are viruses just like the coronavirus in many ways going around. And when you get a virus vaccination that may only include a vaccination for two of these buyers may be three at the most and which ones they use they just guessing which ones they think are going to be most common traveling around in society. And just so you can get a not that another virus that isn’t that flu virus and had no protection from the vaccine what a recent study came out and actually have that study linked right here I can I can tell you what it said but in 2017 2018 a study published in the prestigious journal goal vaccine single look this up it which is a peer-reviewed medical journal revealed that flu vaccines may increase the risk of infection from other respiratory viruses including coronavirus. Which is a phenomenon known in the medical institution and Barajas as virus interference so getting the flu shot this is there that they’re saying that this is the magazine vaccine peer-reviewed magazine is a getting a flu shot may actually make you more vulnerable to the coronavirus or other respiratory… Coronavirus is a respiratory virus…gets into your respiratory system so the idea that everybody needs to vaccine is not necessarily going to help you it actually may make you more vulnerable based on scientific information that is in peer-reviewed papers. So, you know, go figure. examining on influenza virus specially the odds of both coronavirus and human matter no no viruses in vaccinated individuals were significantly, significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals. So now you go to the news media the same vaccine vaccinate get vaccinated but, actually, the science is that it could make you more vulnerable to respiratory illnesses. And if you have a compromised immune system in your lungs getting a vaccine for viruses getting your flu back state and nation according to the science makes you more vulnerable. They didn’t tell you that? and tell you that in the news not entail a lot of things in the news and were going to work on assuring some of those but will start moving long will quicker hear and cover a lot of these different things that they’re not telling you in the news but are well published they’re actually in the data that were getting and they were going to get into what you can do to make yourself safer. We’ll be right back.

Interlude – Join the network

[00:50:38] We talk a lot about the kingdom here and talk a lot about what most churches are afraid to talk about or don’t even know to talk which is what the first-century church was really doing but just talking about it is not an we encourage everybody to join us in their local neighborhoods in the local communities to find out more about what they can do to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness gather with others who are already starting this road are starting to turn around and do things differently. Join us on or at Go to the network links. Go to join the network there is all the same and will try to hook up with people in your local area they will not be perfect they don’t walk on water they are not necessarily St. but they are talking about seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness and join us on Facebook – all one word. Join us there. We’ill give you updates he start doing some studying and thinking about these things and start looking into these things for yourself must become a doer of of the word.

Greg’s trip to town during the toilet paper hoarding

[00:52:00] So welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. We’re taking so were talk about this coronavirus and viruses in general problems in general and one of the greatest contagions out there right now seems to be fear I’ve gone into the town we don’t go to town very often I was in town and I was watching people know grabbing toilet paper off the shelves actually avoided buying any toilet paper just because I was almost embarrassed by the pandemonium that’s out there but looking at the people looking into their eyes looking into the hearts and minds, fear is rampant. Fear is rampant because faith is missing. And I also see amounts a lot of people say and all we just have to trust in the Lord and I’ve seen that the other extreme and but I also look at their eyes and their kinda glazed over a little bit that as if they are avoiding seeing the whole truth in this why when I talk about the gospel of the kingdom I try to bring the whole truth to you because these people have a habit of not seeing the whole truth it is absolutely amazing when you point out the things that Christ specifically said the apostles the warnings that they repeated Peter Paul repeated over and over again. I am concerned. I am concerned about what people are thinking because they’re not seen the whole truth.

Vulnerable population

[00:53:31] So anyway, like I said, more than 99% of the Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who already suffering from previous medical conditions. Many of those extremely life-threatening conditions. Yet there’s been hundred three old women… 98-year-old women who have got the virus and recovered and are continuing to live so is not for gone conclusion some of these people were close to death when they got ill convalescent home was the first one of the first sources of Dess and they had a large number does not, was normal without the disease getting into that convalescent home evidently from workers from Canada who Chinese a extraction amine is not Chinese people’s fault that this is taking place at best this where the virus showed up is in Wuhan. And like I pointed out before to many people, Wuhan is the storage is the location of the storage for largest storage facilities for viruses… you wouldn’t think you want to store those viruses, but they do it for testing… in the world. That appears in the world. I mean there may be some we don’t know about but there is a very large facility in is this the evidence they’ve Artie come out and say 10 wasn’t from bats they know it was not from bats it did not start in the marketplace it may have been connected to bats at one time but it is a human virus that is passing in the human population. You you can’t confine a bat make them sick with this. But what the reality is, this this is this came out of that area of the of the storage unit and now it’s in the human population and so what can you do about it. It goes on in this one article by a virologist at Rome-based Institute has examined the medical records and just three victims of all the victims in Italy that they have exam had no previous diagnosed pathology. It doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a pathology or they didn’t have a problem but they were not already in care for pre-existing condition so it is the people who are already compromised and sick that this is dangerous to do you want the rest of society to get this they’re going to get they’re going to get exposed most of society will eventually be exposed to this you want to protect the vulnerable but most of society will be exposed they’ll get it they will develop a natural immunity by producing antigens that protect them from further infection. And you will develop herd immunity and it will not be able to travel through society. And society will be safe. If you slow it down you’re slowing down the potential of getting to herd immunity and says this is late in the flu season when this is showing up, when we get into summer and the temperatures rise and people get out more and the contagion really slows down, then if you haven’t already developed herd immunity you may have to revisit this virus next year in order to develop that herd immunity. So slowing it down there certain good things about that but there certain bad things about that what you do to slow it down can actually be causing more damage to society economically. You damage society economically, you damage the likelihood of people you you there actually will be people that will go hungry.

Christmas Valley Angels

[00:57.27] Now there’s a lot of great things happening because people are actually stepping up. At least in our community, we have what they call the Christmas Valley Angels. site I was going to talk to the people that started that what they do is a go around to make sure that old people and people in and that are more vulnerable are that they are getting the supplies that they get they do it in a safe way and they’re checking on their neighbor in there helping their neighbor that’s a good thing but they really ought to call it the American Angels because that’s what made America great and that we just have a Christmas Valley branch of that now there people in and Paisley doing the same thing and people in Lakeview doing the same thing these are all the towns in this Lake County one of the largest counties in Oregon but is one the least populated counties in Oregon. But people are commonly stepping up and helping one another because we live so far there is no major cities in in this county it you know if you want to go to a major town semi major town you gotta drive for two hours to get there is were remote. There has been no tested cases you’ll confirm us about that way confirmed cases of coronavirus in this county. But again will look at that testing later we may have to get that in the third hour this afternoon but more than 75% had high blood pressure about 35% diabetes third suffered from heart disease all these people were very vulnerable and they got sick and they died. This is not killing millions of people it is not is not that dangerous of a virus biostatistics coming in from even Italy which was hit very hard. Why was Italy hit so much harder than other places well Italy has a very high number of elderly and vulnerable people and many of their elderly are taken care of in the homes and this virus is going through the homes into the population like a said it half the people who get it don’t show any symptoms it’s going to spread rapidly. It also spreads you it doesn’t spread through the air but his Mistress Perez by droplets if you cough out there in your vulnerable when you cough.

Disease expert staying at Greg’s home

[00:59:53] I’ve coughed several times there in the show but I have I am a vulnerable person. I’m way over the age of those that are of a but I Artie had a virus that looks like coronavirus. It probably was a coronavirus and the everybody in our family that is living here right now right outside in our guest quarters, we have somebody who’s in the business of studying diseases and the remedies for those diseases and cures for there’s diseases you happen to be in the country and his wife are in the country to go to symposiums at Stanford University to study this very subject and topic matter that were talking about today. Stanford’s been shut down and now they’re trying to get back to their home country and all the airlines are shut down, and their only chance of getting out with before their visa expires… They’re over here on the educational visa because they are going to go hobnob with all these other virologist and pathologist and study diseases and everything. What they do in their field of expertise and it’s all been shut down and so now they have to return so anyway we been talking to them a lot. I’ve also at in the house actually was in house a few minutes ago was the somebody who’s been on the phone getting debriefed and briefed by the president of the United States. Been on the phone with the governor of the Oregon and is heading up the command central for the government of Oregon for this and he’s very familiar with what’s going on. I have other sources in our network that have been feeding me information. Plus doing the obvious research like I said that is right online now that will tell you…

Computer models are bogus

[01:01:51] Like the computer estimates… can’t weigh all the real risks of this virus or any other virus. And many of these models are proven to be inaccurate the Hoover Institute is suggested that the total number of cases worldwide will peak out at well under 1 million. That’s total number of cases but again even a statistic of cases if half of the people show no centers they’re not getting tested we don’t even know they are those cases if it and then then we go into that looking at the tests. That would make the death rate around 50,000 will the death rate annually is 35 to 40,000 so if nobody ever even mentioned the work coronavirus we never even heard the word and this was undetected in China and going around and we didn’t develop tested to look for this particular virus, this would’ve been a bump according to these the Hoover Institute at a mere bump in the numbers of the regular viruses for viruses that we experience and the death rate that we normally experience every year one I was working at convalescent home some 50 years ago and we had the flu season go through you would see the gurneys from the morticians lined up in the hallways this happens every year in convalescent homes people died that that their old there there week there’s the vulnerable it was so hard to get the help not to come to work when they were sick because the call that they will discover couple days will kill the patients in a convalescent home. This is been going on for a long time but you haven’t had this scare tactics of the media to get everybody worked up so they say the so they had these computer models are predicting ridiculous amounts of death that could be real in a real threat, but doesn’t appear that that’s was actually taking place. The alternative says the reports is 4 million Americans dead yet the Hoover Institute just said worldwide talking 50,000 dead. But nobody’s using their study. Reputable study they’re using somebody else’s study that is predicting these huge amounts of death yet. What we’ve seen in the coronavirus moving around in societies now to get it traveled rather quickly because most of the people get a don’t know they have it and so they say that will have all these desk is a lack of ventilators and now they’ve even increase the percentage of ventilators but these are ventilated for people that are already at best the war and get they get the illness because people aren’t doing the proper precautions that they need to do. And getting a vaccination doesn’t seem to be one of them. Because evidence is according to CDC in these medical reports as they beget the vaccination you’re more vulnerable to these respiratory viruses that go around.

Media spreading hysteria

[01:054:15] So anyway, there are other hysteria skeptics. There people that are talking about like a John PA I own night us a professor of medicine and evident of etymology and statistics at Stanford University which I know about…I read his report even before I had somebody who was going to be attending a living and in our guest quarters but it seems that the fatality rate among individuals infected by this SARS Cove – to which we see the diseases with a call COVID-19 but the actual viruses a SARS virus is a respiratory virus it in the general population is a mid range guess from the diamond Princess analysis is that 1% of the US population gets infected about which would be about 3.3 million people, this would translate into about 10,000 deaths. Which is far less than what we would normally get in the flu season because we have the real flu season on top of that. But again, those deaths will be amongst the most elderly that the diamond Princess you they were all quarantined they’re all tested in this where we got the statistic that most of the people who get don’t even show symptoms. Everybody recovered. But what who was on a princess diamond Princess cruise what was that mean age well what were they eating what were they consuming what was their pre-existing conditions no deaths everybody walked off the ship with lifetime immunity to the coronavirus. This particular coronavirus and the immune systems may have been stronger they they may have damaged some of the ones who got very sick they may have damaged their lungs a little bit. And this will have an account to the rest of their life or they may completely 100% recover with total lifetime immunity you know some people are worrying about the 68 deaths from corporate corona a COVID-19 in the US as of March 16 will increase exponentially from 68 to 682 6860 8600 80,000… That’s not the way it works. They’re not understanding how viruses progress that is not a realistic scenario but that you hear this kind of stuff on the news, but this from people who don’t actually know what they’re talking about. It’s almost as if they’re trying to create panic in the reality is many of the news media we seen this over the years and we should become immune to that ever willing to see it is that the media thrives on hype they get you to watch the show because they scare you and they tell you next week were going to tell you more. US death rate due to the Wuhan flu is much lower at the same stage of outbreak than most of the other high spread countries like Italy and even Korea. Korea that is spread rather rapidly anywhere from 80% of the infections in adults to 95% of the infections in children appear to be mild to moderate cases overcome in about two weeks with the rest at home even had CBS news correspondent Seth I guess of Dawn he actually went to work at and in you note so so what’s the big threat most people are not threatened by this virus. It is true that we should be protecting those that are in danger but why are we shutting down the economy to protect people that, you know again, that that figure of two weeks… that’s the people who show symptoms. Most of the people euros 80 to 95% of the people who get the infection or just to get better in a couple weeks some get better in a couple of days some get better in a couple hours. Some there is another sick. And that is spreading herd immunity that’s how it works that’s how we become safe as a society.

Are we ensuring more people will get COVID-19 nest year by isolating them this year?

[01:10:01] But for some reason now, we had people campaigning to give you free stuff. going Vries of all the Democrats you know where Bernie Sanders they’re all like fighting for whoever’s going to get elected is the one who promises the most free stuff. Well now the present president, not picking on him, is offering trillions of dollars in free stuff to people all over the United States and even over the world and supposedly fighting a virus that is going to go all over the world anyway it’s just going to slow it down a little bit and sewing it down is a sad because you’re going to get through the flu season, temperatures in a warm-up it’s gonna stop spreading any will not have arrived at herd immunity so it will come back. Next year, the year after, but it will come back and the we can do this again know there’s actually much better remedies of many many things you can do to make yourself glassful I mean we have to realize that is not a good thing we don’t want more death we want more life but how do we get to the place where we have more life. There’s a Richard Epstein at Hoover Institute writes in a series and says that there are serious flaws in the prediction of these 1 million Americans that will be death that these models that they have made radically overestimate the ultimate death toll this what he saying he he knows his stuff is his first they underestimate the rate of adaptive responses in the people I can say most people will not even get sick of the virus and you will not even see symptoms they will just get sick get better and you don’t even know they were sick. Second the model seems to assume the vulnerability of infection for the four of older population from 70 and upward… that’s me, I’m the vulnerable population but they don’t give some clue as to the rate of spread over the general population they don’t seem to understand how you get to herd immunity which we have been doing for thousands of years this is what there are lot of very healthy Indians in America today surrounded by all the diseases they came from Europe and they don’t get them anymore so how does this work you know a 30 says the model of rest on a tacit but questionable assumption that the strength of the virus will remain constant throughout this period when in fact it’s potency should be expected to decline over time in part because of the temperature increase (which we’ve Artie talk about) that will come with summer at least in the northern hemisphere and the is actually still pretty warm in Australia most of hemisphere but the even in our summer as their winter. But the reality is is that this virus will continue to live in society and society will continue to be vulnerable to it but we will see it disappear away.

Victor Davis Hanson article

[01:13:21] So why is all this happening? Why is all this going on? I could go into you like Victor Davis Hanson and who is an American military historian colonists and a former classic professor and scholar of ancient warfare he was a professor of Classics and California State University Fresno and currently that Martin and L Anderson Senior fellow at Stanford University again in Hoover Institute. And is also the visiting professor at the Hillsdale’s college’s 2004. He says the massive curtailment of the US economy can have as many health consequences as the virus itself if millions lose income and jobs and become depressed and self-isolated action increasing smoking drug alcohol use to postpone out of fear of necessary buying and visits to the doctors in the hospital for chronic and serious medical conditions unrelated to the virus. So this idea that were going to be saving lies by shutting down the economy, he says, is not actually the case. We plunge the nation into a depression that kills many businesses and addicts millions to welfare and a nation that has already pledged more welfare than it can afford for at least the next three generations. Because of this depression, many people die due to poverty lack of medical care and despair. Millions more transform from workers to takers causing faster implosion of our already mathematically impossible welfare state. That’s what’s taking place now. Why is that’s taking place well in arm running out of time here will end up taking another break but in the second half while I will talk about some of that but he goes on to say the nations quarantined, only at risk populations and those with symptoms like South Korea has and insurers targeted and temporary taxpayer support to those groups goes nuts cranking out ventilators, other crisis equipment such as temporary hospitals, using emergency response crews while the rest of us keep calm wash our hands and take extreme care with at risk groups and carry-on. That’s what he saying that we should be doing just cranking out those ventilators keeping her distance, self-imposed, not shutting down the whole economy. Why did they shut down the whole economy? And did they know they were going to have to do this last year? well I’ll ask a couple of questions and I will answer them in the next half.

Did CEOs know in advance?

[01:16:26] But why did so many CEOs retire in the last six months? Far more than normal were retiring. Why did it why did they all retire well they can exercise their stock options and sell their stocks we see no Feinstein before this virus threat crash the stock market she sold $6 million in stocks. Richard Bird sold $1.6 million in stock he knew the virus was coming and so $1.6 million in stocks and others both Democrats and Republicans were bailing out of the stock market before crash because they had insider information. We know that. But the CEOs seem to know before the virus was even in the population that they needed to sell the stocks and they been selling them off for months and months and months. If they didn’t know about the virus why were they bailing out because they knew that there was a market correction coming color correction. But it’s devastating. Tillions of dollars in wealth are changing hands now under the guy days of this giant threat of a virus which appears according to the people that are actually know… Stanford University, other institutes who actually study this on a regular basis know… is not that big a threat. And by slowing down the exposure were actually great especially with these taxis of shutting down the economy were actually endangering everybody. More when we returned the Keys of the Kingdom.

Martial law accepted when it’s called something other than martial law

[01:18:06] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So we’ve looked at studies from London and studies from Stanford University and from other institutes that say that this virus is not that dangerous is a dangerous virus every time there’s a virus of flu going to society people died usually the most elderly are the most sick are the most immune-compromised people in society. And so what you want to do is help protect those elderly people those sick people laying and keep them in isolation and quarantined, but you can do that without shutting down the entire economy. And we know that the economy is overblowing go and talk about that another time we just don’t have time to do and I want to get to some of the solutions to what you can do so that you can have life more abundant, other than seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Because that’s really what you should be doing and that means you should be doing what Christ commanded which he commanded that we sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and start loving our neighbor as ourselves in caring for one another to faith hope and charity rather than fealty, force and fear. Which is the way that the world does it. The world… nobody’s giving away trillions of dollars of their money to help out the airlines that are getting hardheaded to help out the other industries the restaurant industries that are getting hardheaded and all the unemployment that they are creating a virus creating they are creating a based on their choices they’re going to them trillions and trillions of dollars. And create trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars of debt that your children are going to have to pay off or the entire system will collapse with which we may be seeing the beginning of that I think things will go on we will see this kind of fadeaway but it will come back they know now that they can implement martial law as long as you don’t call it martial law. Because the people don’t know what’s going on they cannot they sit in darkness. They cannot see what is really going on. They don’t know how to take care of themselves and their neighbors the way we used to know in America they have lost that skill. And we need to bring that back. And the best way I know from being a historian myself is to do it the way Christ commanded that we do it. Which is to sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and get into a network based on faith hope and charity which was what the early church was it was a network of small congregation synagogues—10 families—that network together through these ministers that met the criteria of Christ most ministers today are not doing what Christ said the vast majority 99% of the ministers out there claiming to be the ministers of Christ are not doing what Christ said to do. And so we need to repent and think like Christ and do it the way Christ said to do.

PCR Test is inaccurate and/or has no relevance

[01:21:18] So anyway, we’ll mention the testing. The testing for this coronavirus is what they call a PCR test and if you listen to David Crow who is a Canadian software telecommunications engineer with a degree in biology why because his software engineering as a do with biology and expert in the global infections such as SARS, Ebola, and the flues, including the coronavirus. He says that this is an irrational panic. That we do not actually are not actually finding out what is going on because RTAS this PCR test is a test of an unproven test of RNA. They don’t really know they came up with this test is the best they had their talk about developing better test you protest faster test but they’re simply testing the RNA. Which is a polymerase chain of reaction that they’re looking at. He says, “A coronavirus is a quote the coronavirus test is based on PCR a manufacturing technique when used as a test it does not produce a positive negative result but simply the number of cycles required to detect genetic material the division between positive and negative is an arbitrary number of cycles chosen by the tester. If the positive means infected and negative means on infected then there are cases of people going from infected to uninfected and back to infected again in a couple of days.” So the people that we know that were tested for coronavirus in our community received this PCR test. And it may be totally inaccurate. It main it with a so although they were tested they don’t have it know that that’s not the way to test work you could’ve had it you could you could test you of your tested three days before they’ve it wouldn’t they would set it was positive. They got it. But you test three days later and they say they don’t have it. Because the test is not really what we think of as a positive negative test it’s not that kind of test that they don’t have any other test available yet but that’s all they have so your data and information is incorrect and of course if they developed a test they can actually, based on this isolated RNA of the virus of the it that you can actually tell that person or the antigens of the virus, if we could test and say oh this person has the antigens, he has been exposed…

Lessons from polio

[01:24:17] We did this with polio. And they went about did the test with polio and they discovered that 95% of the people that got polio got better. Never had any symptoms. Which is why we developed herd immunity to polio before they came out with a vaccine. And then they came out with a vaccine and most of the cases after that were actually from the vaccine. Now people say, “Oh that’s crazy! Why do you say that?” Well, I said because the guy who developed the vaccine said it in sworn testimony in front of Congress that’s why say it is because the experts said it the news media tell you that the scope turn telling you that CDC tells you that but they tell you that in a mountain of information from the CDC and the but you’re not hearing you’re not finding out about that because your sources of information are from the kingdom your sources of information are from the world. And the world is not telling you that. If you’re afraid the world has more control over you if you actually are living by faith you will hear this message of the gospel of the kingdom and you will also hear the truth in many other areas.

More on inaccuracy of PCR test

[01:25:48] “So if the virus exists,” he goes on to say, “than it should be possible to purify viral particles from these particle RNAs can be extracted and should match the RNA used in this test until this is gone it is possible that the RNA comes from another source which could be the cells of the patient the bacteria fungus because all most of the things that living in most of living cells that live in you, that’s not you. That’s bacteria that lives in you that is an essential for you to let you know that viruses are essential for Psalm creatures to survive they need viruses to survive. You need viruses moving through your population in order to become immune to things. To get that robust immune system you need to exercise your natural biological systems of immunity that strengthens you strengthens your society is strengthens the children that you give birth to because you are developing a robust immune system. It’s a part of nature. And you should be nurturing your immune system. Strengthening your immune system. But Crow mentions, “False positives and there is a shocking new Chinese scientific paper that calculated the false positives rate for a seven nomadic patients as 80% so that they can even tell at that 8% that’s 80% correct used to be 30% if you got more and 30% wrong that’s a fail. This is built-in fail system.

Spirit of hoarding vs spirit of loving your neighbor (gregbio)

[01:27:55] So anyway, as we said, many people were dumping stocks. What you’re seeing now is this economic dearth that we saw on the first century church. Societies, their economies were collapsing. Famines were coming food shortages were coming there is no flu shortage in America today but there is food shortages at the store there bare shelves I’ve never seen so many bear shelves in this at have had reports from one end of the country to the other this is going all across the country in some places all way around the world because of panic. If you’re walking out of the store with three bundles of toilet paper when there is a shortage you’re not a Christian because you I actually what I was supposed to pick up bleach and it was simply because the bleach bottle that we had was way down and we didn’t have another one behind usually we always are stocked up because we live so far from town and so are supposed to get bleach I go to the aisle where the bleach is a major store and there’s nothing on the shelf. There is no bleach on the shelf whatsoever. Actually, there was some of the places expensive bleach over there that was the aromatic you scented bleach we don’t usually get that and so I was about thinking I well I guess I got to get the double costing scented one name know that’s not dinner have some bleach and we do we want bleach just as we use bleach down. But anyway, my daughter saw, behind a display there were two bottles of bleach that people had missed and so I could take both of those but I wouldn’t take both only took one and I left the one for other I do that later on in the day when I finally found some flour and about the force or we I a you’re headed out regarding left town but there’s another town small-town the passive is a must go to this of the store we went there I found one little bag of flour we don’t really need the flour but my wife requested a little bit of a different kind of flour and so I found two bags of pastry flour left on the shelf and one store and of course in my habit, I took one leaving the other one for somebody else. I was in the next aisle and I heard a guy said I suppose there’s no flour talking to his wife and overheard him talking as they were he was very call going to and they’re picking up a few items and I said I left one bag for you but it’s only pastry flour and I said I left if I saw him when I was a leaving the story had that one bag. But clearly in his heart he was only taking what he needed he wasn’t VE considered the feelings of other people and that’s what Christianity is all about you care about others that they get what they need of course we were already sharing with other people were checking on the elderly in our community and the you know where do we been doing that all all of time that’s what we do and I were trying to help other people there have have health issues as well and were showing them how they can fix their system. We have a guy who has a multiple myeloma which is a plant cancer the plasma were trying to say you know you need to change your diet. He’s debating whether or not to get chemotherapy or go get this $30,000 therapy in Mexico or whatever ice is change your diet he says was too late for that and I can show you people who had multiple myeloma and were on deaths door Artie had chemo twice and were dying on me they are bedridden dying. They’re up hiking around now they been well for years and years and years and they owe it all to the fact that they change your diet that their particular diet the way to and everybody’s different and you need to find people who actually have experience in the essay and know about this and help each other learn what we have forgotten how to do but they they went on a KETO diet nods not that is all kinds Aquino diet that they they started living the way we used to live in the old that on on a diet not fill with carbs and carbohydrates and sugars and all that stuff. Anytime you consume sugar you’re going to affect your immune system if you really really robust immune system you probably drink Gatorade right to the flu virus and survive. But it could be better. Everybody we know who’s had to go on the chemotherapy and lobby we don’t know but heard about when the cute cute team oath and had change their diet is a variety of direct some of them go all vegetarian Quito is not mysterious meat and fat and other proteins and fats… So everybody’s different everybody’s problems different everybody should try different things and do but there’s an educated guess and is also a spiritual enlightenment that helps you figure out what to do. And so diet is a huge thing. I did a number of hot baths that really help me get better I mean seriously is a seriously hot vastly hot Basden go get covered up and everything that’s helped me considerably. There’s other things that you had your diet I just heard from somebody who’s whole family came down second another part of the country he talks about this hot air, where you she breathed in hot air for a couple minutes and you did a couple of times two times if you have no symptoms five times if you have symptoms in this way to do it and you get get our network and ask him what will send you the links are people honor network no show you how to do that because with this airborne… it’s that really airborne, but you get to your nasal passages and and to your sinuses that the virus dies when you get heat also dies in sunlight you like is that he can live for days and days and days on stainless steel inside of ability the stainless steel out the sun dies readily and get it doesn’t really die but is literally made ineffective. It breaks it down so it cannot do with the the virus reproduces by getting into your cell are connecting your cell and convincing the cell to reproduce the virus it’s your site sell that is reproducing the virus it writ your cell should know that that virus is a liar night I should not be reproducing it but it doesn’t and there are things you can do one of them is to seek the kingdom. And your body may learn eventually how not to do that and how not to be subject in that way.

Practical approaches taken during the Spanish flu

[01:35:05] So anyway, I posted a thing on Facebook and Facebook took it down. I got a notice late last night that they are arguing back and forth they eventually allowed it to go through but now I don’t know where that is. But that the people couldn’t see it now conceded they have tremendous power over the control of the flow of information. But the it was found that during the Spanish flu, which was not more verulent. We’ve had people dig up people that were frozen in the tundra since the days of the Spanish flu died of the Spanish flu that got not flew they probably have some of it stored at the Wuhan Institute but they tested that they found out that that flu is not more deadly but it was the practices that we were doing how we were treating what we were doing to the patients and and how we were handling the patients that were causing increased death rate one thing that decrease the death rate decrease the spread of the Spanish flu was that hospitals overflowed and they set up tents hospitals where they put a couple patients in each tent and during that nice day sunny days warm days they brought them out of the tents and set them in the rose between the tents and they were exposed to fresh air and sunlight and the death rate went down by 43%. Amongst the severely ill patients. They were still doing something’s wrong they were giving too much aspirin I mean they gave 30 g of aspirin to patients a day that could kill them by the self but it what it was affecting the lungs, it causeed pneumonia. And at other problems but there are lots of things that we could go into lots of things you should learn about your health but hospitals for years had cross ventilation large windows high ceilings. When the people were on that Princess cruise… they’re recycling air. Almost everybody gets on airplane your breathing recycled air that’s not good for you want open air, good ventilation, sunlight proper diet and does some other practices like hot baths, saunas. But you have to do this in a reasonable wise way.

Practical approaches taken by the early church

[01:37:40] Again where did we start with all this have to be as wise as the serpent but is harmless as doves. We have to care about other people’s lives as much as we care about her own that means we have to love our neighbor’s children as much as we love our children we have to love our neighbor’s elderly parents as much as we love our elderly parents we want to extend life even in our personal sacrifice. Isn’t that what Christ was teaching you? If we were doing this coronavirus would strengthen society not we can it would strengthen our economy because that principle that way of thinking would become pervasive in our society. And that’s why we all need to become American Angels Angels to our neighbors Angels to our society caring about others and what will happen, because we are the way that is the way in the truth and the light and the life of society, we will not sit in darkness. So it is very important that we do what Christ commanded. Ministers need to start conforming to the way in which Christ said ministers should operate. And should interact with each other in a network of charity that reaches all around the world that’s what we should be doing that’s what Christ did that’s what saved tens of thousands of Christians as Rome collapse as its economy crumbled. As its politicians became more more corrupt. And as diseases moved to society and Mount Vesuvius erupted and earthquakes were felt around the world all these things taking and breaking down society, Christians were thriving. Because they were thinking a different way but they were real Christians not course many of the early Christians are people professing to be Christians were not real Christians. And we see Paul dealing with that warning them they year and James warning if you’re not doing what Christ said that the evidence that you don’t really believe in Christ. If you really believe in Christ you would not be coveting your neighbor’s goods. You would not be looking to meet new call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other. Because Christ said it was not to be that way with you so you’re not going to try to get another benefactor Argives calls himself a benefactor elected bury said he was gonna pay everybody’s dads in and make healthcare right in and do all the say he is a benefactor who exercise authority to do that with the money in his house do that with that money in his house. I as he owns three houses. He can do that with the money of your neighbor loving your neighbor as yourself is that is operating by force by fear by fealty to take care of the needy of your society. That’s public religion. We have articles call public religion go look it up at preparing you die, so you understand what public religion was that the system of social welfare set up by the government of Rome was called the Roman Imperial cult because once you are a member you could not become a nun on member you know if you buy insurance, you can stop by insurance you let the policy lapse. They will cover you but if you buy insurance from the government by becoming a member of their system of social welfare you can’t quit because you’re also a surety for debt which is another thing that Paul that Peter that James predicted that you would again become entangled in the elements of the world you would become a surety for debt. You would curse your children with that debt. You would become entangled again in the elements of a bondage of the world because you’re not really being Christians your churches are not operating like the first century church your home churches are not doing what the first century church did you get together you say nice things you tickle each other’s ears you talk about Christ and the wonderfulness of Christ. But you’re not a doer of the Word. If you were a doer of the work you would be taking care of all the social welfare of the world of the community in which you live to faith hope and charity and not be looking to men who call themselves benefactors but use force, fear and fealty to provide for theirs. Christ way is a different way join the network at or Start seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And until then, peace on your house and may God be with you.

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