Key 2019 – Coronavirus Craziness Continues – Pt 3

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2019

As the COVID-19 panic continues, we discuss natural immunity and antigens, how they are equally applicable to your emotional and spiritual health, and the type of government exercised by those who are most healthy.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 28, 2020

Show Notes


Welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory. And, again, we’re going to talk about the kingdom of God. And of course, in the news everybody’s still talking about the coronavirus goes a coronavirus is got not gone away we talk now a couple of shows and we try to incorporate all this into the big biblical concepts in biblical principles and in the principles of the kingdom of God which is what were supposed to be seeking of course that’s going to incorporate what is righteous and a lot of people seem to know what is righteous and they don’t seem to have much common sense about the kingdom and what the kingdom is all about and so anyway the we end up talking about some of these things and trying to help other people understand these things and the that’s what we’ve been focusing on for the last couple weeks have but we always have to bring in what Christ said. Because that’s where the gospel came from. It’s his words…what he said to do.

Gathering in groups no larger than ten was originally recommended in the Bible

[00:01:35] I thought it was interesting… I saw people say we’re not supposed to be gathering in groups of more than ten. I thought, well yeah, that’s what Christ said. That we were supposed to be gathering in groups of ten. Of course, we as families we gather a group 10 and then those 10 groups would gather in groups of 10 and then those groups would gather in groups of 10 then that’s out the church was able to create an international network of charity overnight. So that by the time Paul stopped his nonsense that the Pharisees were telling it was true, he can start doing what Christ said was true and that was go around and facilitate that international network of charity.

Government causing unemployment then paying you with your children’s money

[00:02:24] We see a lot of people now passing laws… we won’t go into that right now… we may cover that and the putting executive orders into place in the legislatures finally voted on something that gives away trillions of dollars and of course that may create problems in itself and that actually will but that’s not where we should be looking that I saw mem on the Internet where the somebody had picture of the Patrick Henry giving his speech of give me liberty or give me death except that’s not what they in the caption was give me liberty or give me $1200. Because these benefits that are pouring out of the government who is creating the actual problem… right in real time… they’re actually creating the problem. They’ve they’ve are supposedly forcing everybody to stay home and board of their business and go out of business in and not earn a paycheck is a set but will give you a pay Jack it will give you more unemployment. We made you unemployed but now we will pay you to be unemployed. And of course, they’re not paying you anything with their money their discussion take money away from somewhere else and that somewhere else is your children because they’re plunging the country into a vast system of debt but we already in that system that is kind of putting the finishing touches on it so that nobody can say was not my fault because it is your fault because you been going this way 400 years in this way is opposite of what Christ said to do because you have gathered in the case of the United States into 350 million people. That’s how you’ve gathered. And that you have chosen Kings you call them presidents and congressmen and senators but they are the ones who are going to make the law decide what is good and evil for you and evidently it suddenly became evil that do not have social spacing because of this terrible coronavirus.

Lack of common sense around coronavirus

[00:04:34] Well, we’ve been telling you… those of you have been keeping up to date… and we just posted are at preparingyou reposted the page that we have I’ve been putting together that doing research and getting information from people from all over the world and and putting it into that article. I mean I could have put tons… there were tons and tons of experts over saying that this coronavirus was not going to be that lethal that it was not going to be following this huge pandemic playing this going to wipe out the earth or wipe out large sections of the population they were saying this they had created their models and their epidemiologists and virologists and they they spent their life tracking these diseases as to what they will do there’s anyone Abigail Yap is unable dibutyl always Diane flu season people the Nicole season one wished a cold going around the couple assume people were Diane that like a said they were the gurneys of dead people were lining up in the hallway to get up the ramp and go out and load into the different hearses that were parked out back. Because when you’re that old and you have all these compromising health issues and you get a cold it’ll kill you that’s is a way it is that’s life and if you concentrate… like read the cases in the Washington state were all in a convalescent home it was actually not just a regular couple assume it was a severe cases as a severe care convalescent home and I’m not sure exactly which guy brought the coronavirus and but they had people coming from other countries that actually were on workpieces working in that convalescent home I think in the kitchen but I’m not 100% sure. And it spread. That however it spreads that’s one of the things about this virus it spreads very easily but does it kill very easily in on they give you the statistics of the 2% 3% 4% fibers a 6% death rate that 6% death rate of the people who get very very sick is that 6% of the people who get so you have to apply what we call common sense. Of course, Google tells you that common sense is good sense and sound judgment in practical matters well common sense doesn’t seem to be as common as it used to be because I see a lot of people not using good sense rushing out and getting toilet paper and in all these crazy actions. There is no shortage of toilet paper there is no shortage of food there is no shortage of eggs all those things are an abundant supply in the United States fuel is dropping but nobody’s driving in the huts can even drop more there are problems, but were not using sound judgment in identifying the problems. And it’s because we have faith in things like CNN and MSNBC, ABC. Even in the president himself. And the president has faith in his advisors. And the reality is something else is going on and the information is out there but people are not seeing it because they’re not looking deeply into the problem the and the reason they are is because the spirit that dwelleth in them.

Definition of “spirit”

[00:08:12] So what is a person’s spirit? Well, again, we can Google that and it’ll say that is a nonphysical part of them that is believed to remain alive after their dad at his spirit has left him and all the remains is the shell of his bodies. Is the curry age determination helps that helps people survive in difficult times to keep their way of life and their belief. So those are the two things that you find immediately in Google when you look up the word spirit at least ice I think I you looked of common spirit and got those this one is first things that showed up. What else does it say about that? I looked up a few other things or at least they give you other options look at things and they said there are two kinds of spirits. Do you have the spirit of God? Do you have the spirit of evil do you have the spirit of the wisdom to have the spirit of courage she had a spirit of the selfishness what kind of spirit do you have any course if you go back to the Bible you’ll find a Greek word for spirit is at least in the New Testament era has similar means to the Ross which we find in Hebrew knew my specifically also in the physical world means your breath and of course God breathe upon the waters in the fluidity of creation and things were created in life he breathed into the Clay and Adam was alive when Jesus came out of the tomb he, breathed on the apostles and said receive the Holy Spirit. But were not supposed to breathe on eBay because we might have the coronavirus.

Practical information about coronavirus

[00:10:11] Best we get the spirit of God in us and not spirit of fear. Because the coronavirus is not killing that many people. 99% of the people who died in Italy had previous immune compromising serious health conditions. Over 50% had as many as three of these major conditions. What are some of those conditions? Well, we talked about all of the forming overweight respiratory problems lung problems the diabetes, heart problems, hypertension… all these things can contribute to that. There’s a few other things that you will get you might do if you thought you got a flu that you should not be doing. I’ll just touch on the briefly there seem to be a great deal evidence you should not be taking Advil or ibuprofen and we’ll talk more about that later when we talk about some of the things you do for better health and what is going to touch on them.

Best thing: Gather in the tens hundreds and thousands as Christ commanded

[00:11:16] Basically, in my opinion, the best thing you can do for your health is doing what Christ commanded that I make you sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands. The church the disciples of Christ who were trained up to be the ministers of his accuracy at his church make you sit down intense hundreds and thousands now how do they make you do that while they don’t they can’t they can exercise authority one over the other because he also said they can do that they can they should be other twisting your arm but they shouldn’t have to if you love Christ. Because it’s very clear that Christ wanted you to sit down in that pattern before you get any lows and fishes before you get the charity that is distributed with the the bread that is divided from house to house before you get the communion the Eucharist of Christ. That Thanksgiving that helps you out, that is your common welfare that is your pure religion of Christianity which is where you should be going you should be going to the church to take care of all your social welfare. You should not be going to men who exercise authority one over the other Jesus made that clear. Peter made that clear. Paul made that clear. Because like Peter says it’ll you’ll you’ll become merchandise you become surety for debt and you will Kircher children. All that you’ve done while going to your local churches today that sing songs and tell you that you’re really great guy in that you’re saved in Jesus loves you but they don’t tell you what Jesus told you to do they manufacture some of these guys go around saying all you don’t have to do anything you just have to think of thought because that’s what they turn belief into thinking a thought. Belief is what drives your actions and of course that that believe in Christ brings the spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the comforter, the guide who is not blind will show you what to do. And what to hear and how to synthesize the information that you are your being given by the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Incoherent information not coming from Christ

[00:13:32] All the information you have in your head that comes from the world you know comes from the media comes from the government comes from the organized system of men and he comes from the flesh. What you hear, what you see, what you smell, what you feel, what you experience. And it also comes from the adversary of God. That’s what Satan is is the adversary of God’s way he wants you to go another way 20 go this way he says no you don’t have to go that way you can go my way. And he is breathing a spirit into you that is controlling your actions. You may think you believe in Jesus but you may only believe in an image of Jesus which is been created in your mind by all sorts of things. They know but it’s a Holy Spirit is guiding me how’s that working out because if that’s not working out well then that may not be the Holy Spirit. I’m just saying. This why James talked about you know looking at what you do the fruits that because if things are working out you may not be listening to the Holy Spirit you may have a listen a little bit but there’s another voice and they are disguising itself as the Holy Spirit and he may be guiding you to. How do you know which one is the one that you should be listening to? And how do you make sure that it’s the Holy Spirit what you want to get closer to the Holy Spirit and farther away from the spirits of the world and an somebody was talking about you reading the Bible will bring you closer to God. Maybe. But that’s not what the Bible says. The Bible says that sacrifice will bring you closer 90 being closer to God doesn’t save you just get you closer to God they’re all kinds of people at that they were closer gotten the right at the last days are telling Jesus you look at all these great things we done anything to eat from you never need they thought they were closer to God by what they knew and what they did you can earn salvation that is true this is out the devil tells a lie he says is nothing you do to earn salvation. Absolutely true. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. What you do is evidence as to whether you’re listening to Christ. If you’re panicking if you’re afraid you’re probably not listening to Christ if you’re angry you’re probably not listening to Christ if you’re selfish you’re probably not listening to Christ.

Coherently gathering gave the early church its power

[00:16:22] If you will a sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands as Christ commanded, even when we show you that he commanded his disciples to make the people sit down that way we show you how the early church was organized in a way. Which is the only way that it could’ve been possible to spread this network of charity across the entire European continent within a few years. So that Paul could go to Ephesus. And Paul could go do Galatia and Corinth and Syria and back to Jerusalem, to Rome. And distribute literally millions and millions dollars in aid among Christians. how much pressure how could he do that in less there was already a network so we knew who to go to and they knew who to take the supplies to and they knew who to take the supplies to so that everybody would be helped out and they were so united and disciplined in this process of the kingdom and the righteousness of the kingdom. Because all this distribution was by charity. All distribution coming down from governments today and stimulus packages all that is established by force it that is the intent this is of Christ’s Way. Christ didn’t do it by force. He did it by charity by love for one another in a voluntary system of charity that is what the church was hundred years ago in America the church was still doing wasn’t quite international dead become denominational lies there was no 40,000 different denominations maybe back 100 years ago there’s only 20,000 but we managed to ask bound up on our division and of course that’s what evil wants is to divide and conquer you. And you’ve got along with it with all your denominationalism. But Christ’s message was simple. Love one another. And the best way to do that is sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands.

Continuing with Google’s definition of “spirit”

[00:18:34] So anyway, another thing they had in Google was the synonyms for spirit. Now their synonym businesses Google now monk not quoting a bio but I’m giving you the idea that the world wants you to think that the synonym for spirit is character, courage, energy, enthusiasm, essence, heart of humor, skews me life but anyway these are characteristics showing you the spirit that is dwelling in you are again and go back to if you’re showing anger showing selfishness if you’re showing arrogance and you’re showing the know your ego and sell it back to selfishness, agai,n in an egotistical way… will that’s not the spirit of Christ so this I you know them by the fruits of what they are doing because of the fact that what they’re doing is giving you a glimpse of the spirit that dwells in them.

Testing for the coronavirus is flaky

[00:19:35] So anyway, back to this coronavirus thing. Something I posted today… I supposedly last night sometime in a midnight or somewhere around the but I’m on this from the beginning we talk to you about it from the beginning that that coronavirus spreads very rapidly but you can’t tell how fast it spreads. People are saying, “We’ll have 60 people in the hospital with severe case of coronavirus you know tomorrow you may have said was 600 and then I stay 6000 is this travel exponentially and it just overwhelm the system Achille saw it on terrible terrible to but the reality is that that’s false logic that is making a citizen is not based on the earliest evidence of the activities of this virus and I use that the that the Princess cruise ship the diamond Princess cruise ship is exam because I was a closed environment. And the analysis is not as thorough as I would’ve required them to make it but you have to look at the big picture in even the testing on that share up most of the testing you see on that ship was not the real proficient and accurate testing. It was the kind testing or using a most the hospitals but it it is not really a testing for the RNA factors of the virus it’s just checking debris, RNA debris, to a centrifuge test and it said kinda slow and very very Internet accurate amine they’ve come out with studies saying that is it can be as much is 80% appositive fails and it is a mean it’s wrong 80% of the time when it’s looking for positive proof that you have the virus. Because they don’t know what RNA they’re really looking at and they don’t even know that 80% fat picture is accurate until you synthesize the DNA and RNA that is supposedly in the spires was very difficult you can you see a virus games it under microscope is some feels a virus and even exist. Well, our image of the virus may not exist just like your image of Christ may not exist is why people say Christ and even exist is because they have an image of Christ that probably didn’t exist is made up by religionists and people want you to sit in their pews and donate to their Inca hand are lovers of filthy lucar and everything else. They are creating an image of Christ but what you want to know is the real image of Christ was the same way as was the real image of a virus and we to go over you go back and listen Earl programs me that just last week and we had three hours last week in three hours a week before and they all to us on the virus we explain a little bit about virus another that’s change they either they’ve already patented this virus. Or at least their their their list of the DNA chemicals of the virus they patented it they’re releasing it everybody they didn’t they would be in a lot of trouble but still we do not have a test even look for the antigens the virus so we can’t tell positively who has had it and who has not had and who is immune and who is not immune. And in this not in their interest to let you know who that is will be right back.

Images being used to create fear

[00:23:30] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So why would it be in their interest to let you know that who’s been exposed already developed the antigens that that stop this virus how to those antigens even work at you again virus is not a bacteria and viruses just DNA and RNA string of material and you know it may we have electron microscopes images of those pictures you see on the TV… the big, colorful, round ball that looks like a World War II mine at sea. That’s not necessarily how it looks at the artist drawing virus now they have a picture of what they say are viruses and do an electron microscope but that’s a little bit fabricated these days to but there is something that is trackable or seems to be trackable in many cases not very trackable in this case as we have all kinds of people who haven’t had any room you know Tom Hanks they went abroad and they came back with we know that people were in Italy got extremely sick figure woman got extremely sick she was tested eventually supposedly positive but we know the tests are not accurate but some of her symptoms with her little bit different she actually lost some hearing but she could have had multiple infections she may have had the coronavirus but she may have had some other illnesses at the same time but she flew back home all away from Italy to the United States. On a plane. Everybody sharing the same air touching the same seats. This is going to be devastating because the fear of the people in out there is they they stop flying lobby will stop flying because of the fact that there was 911 know they’re always afraid that all my guys were going to be hijacked everything that was a very isolated event but they were so afraid that they wouldn’t fly anymore this coronavirus that scare them in color scare is going to keep a lot of people from flying. And so industries can be very slow in coming back and that’s going to cause more joblessness.

Experts kept reversing their positions

[00:25:59] One thing that keeps creeping back in my mind… I’ll share with you if you haven’t already figured this out… Something else is going on if there may is such a big deal out of this virus and he said we had to listen to the experts the experts say all the coronavirus is very dangerous and lawless of a worker to show you before the show is out that they’re all kinds experts say and it wasn’t as dangerous as they say. And it wasn’t going to do the things that we were hearing it was going to do. And of course it hasn’t done those things and now I’ll show you were some of those experts are reversing what they said about the extremity of the danger of this. And then I’ll show you how they reversed themselves again within 24 hours. will tell you probably why can only tell you probably why I don’t have I don’t can afford to send investigators out the check these things out that I’ve been around a long time the reality is is that there were all kinds of very credentialed expert Stanford, Oxford, other institutes that focus on this idea of following viruses… were saying it wasn’t to be that bad the evidence was that it was going to be very low damage to people.

Why the facility was built in Wuhan, China

[00:27:21] Now I tell you they come out with a forced vaccination, you may see those numbers climb again. Especially a forced vaccination, untested. The swine flu vaccination of a talks about swine flu in the news and then some people were mentioning that the you know that this whole deal about this virus being such a gigantic threat. But when we go look at the swine flu we actually see something else in the numbers 2009 the swine flu infected 1.4 billion people around the world. And killed 575,000 people. That’s actually not true. Swine flu didn’t really kill anybody. Again, it was mostly complications because of other factors in their lives they cause the death mostly by viruses seldom kill anybody but it is other factors that come in and cause the death of the person. Their reaction to the presence of the virus their reaction to inflammation the reaction and their inability to react because of other compromising situations in the I would like people to look up of slush you do this is of a look it up how many people had complications from the swine flu vaccination and by the time the swine flu vaccination came out, although it came out earlier, because they were sent every needed to get this that by the time he came out oh what what was actually happening in the population as far as natural immunity where things they kept saying about this virus was it was a no valve virus he was at all with the Nobel virus. A novel virus… that’s about the same way you spell it… but all it means is his new virus. How many new viruses are coming out each year you’ll why did they build the this gigantic virus storage unit in Wuhan, China means supposedly Bill Gates and even Obama contributed money to the building of this Wuhan virus Institute why are all the hospitals around Wuhan got huge laboratories for testing for viruses. And testing in much more complicated ways then this is a this test that we see them using that is the century bejeweled test whether just measuring the amount of RNA debris in the body it was that debris coming from it comes from the fact of the body is fighting the presence of whatever this virus is and they can be that the problem with that test is that are in a material that they’re measuring 80 come from all sorts of sources. It may not just be coming from a virus he could be coming from fungus are bacteria or other complications within the body they don’t know that their night identifying the actual virus. That’s not the kind of test they have he knew how incompetent this test is—the test is—I’m not talk about the people how inaccurate it is you would probably become afraid again because you think they’re testing they know what they’re doing they have white coats and gloves and masks their experts well maybe their experts maybe they’re not but anyways swine flu what really goes on when all these new fluids come into this the to sit society into the world, into the population of the world. And why are so many people up in China with these huge elaborate facilities with all kinds of technology and why are they able to synthesize the a and determine the the this viruses DNA and RNA factors so soon. It’s because they been up there for decades looking for viruses are they looking for viruses in China. I’m not being racist. Their looking for viruses in China flu viruses specifically because that’s where most of them come from they come from China why they come from China is because there’s a large section of China that grows lots of pigs and lots of waterfowl in proximity to each other and then they are consuming the products of those waterfowl and pays and DNA in that environment you can get more mutations from flu viruses. Most virus they talk about this one coming from Batson maybe did but where did the bats get it originally of this huge amount of flu type viruses in waterfowl that that’s just scientific fact that’s what they been seeing this this DNA what we call viruses is found in waterfowl’s most of that you can’t get your I can get the flu from most you waterfowl. But then of course then they came up with a bird flu these are all these mutations that are going on all the time in nature have been going on all the time in nature for thousands of years and producing what we call disease in this virus form, different than the bacteria form, and has been spreading out in the human population.

Is your immune system working for or against you?

[00:33:08] You have an immune system that can protect you from that. As a matter fact your immune system, if it works too hard, your immune system is so powerful it can actually kill you. That’s right, it can actually kill you. So that we touch on low but I think we have enough time in the segment is to why do people die when they catch the flu? They don’t really die in the flu they die of other things but because the flu doesn’t kill them it’s looking like rabies. Does rabies kill you? If you get rabies is that kill you? No, it’s not the rabies that kills you. It’s the symptoms of the rabies and there are things you can do to make those symptoms lasts and there are things that you can do to make those symptoms worse the were so symptoms get, the more likely you are to die. That’s what all the treatments that they’re coming out with the supposedly for the coronavirus most of them have the do with slowing down your immune system there like a immune suppressors. Because if your immune’s system goes over time, and there’s a number of reasons why it might go over time, it can kill you. So anyway, will in in and because this is a SARS classified as a SARS virus it’s attacking the respiratory system that the we know that because that’s why they call it a SARS virus and any respiratory system there’s at least two types of cells there’s sexy more but there’s two types type I type II with the new sites which are new Maasai cells and in between those there’s interstitial membrane. And that allows your lungs do flaxen open and let air in and one of those cells is allowing blood our air to exchange with blood so the breathing oxygen and you breathe out carbon dioxide there’s an exchange it takes place. And the other one is actually produces surficants stuff and you’ll need and all that stuff but basically what they believe and I have to say what they believe but the way they describe it is that there are certain proteins on some of the cells and they call them Ace protein stands for big long word which you won’t remember and I can’t remember but to those those viruses they attach to those proteins and some are other they get the cell to reproduce to replicate the the virus in the cell and if it replicates enough of those viruses that cell may die but you got lots and lots of sell says this and right away your body may start to recognize this. That this is attacking your cells are causing damage to your cells in your body your natural immune system will do some about that. If too many of the cells die because your immune system is already compromised they can be compromised by lots of things, then you may get a secondary infection bacterial infection causing inflammation. Parasites in your body may come to wear that dead tissue is just like flies come to dead tissue anyway what happens is you have another additional immune response to fight this infection that is coming about because of all the cells dying. You’re still breathing that’s not the problem but this secondary infection that comes about because of the fact that so many cells die in and your immune system is not keeping up and so increase another problem and you get this surge of your body trying to fight this in the avioli in your body begins to fill up with liquid in this process and some of those flexing membranes may get a little bit Steph that’s why you get this kind of dry cough and you start developing an ammonia and so what happens is, you have what the doctors call it guards a lot of times but it stands for acute respiratory distress and symptoms and that’s what it it is such really get hard to breath. And what I had what we believe was the coronavirus here there was one little spot of my lungs I have I am very immune not immune compromised but I have damage long since away down when I was a little kid that came from funguses in and illnesses down in the bayous of Houston Texas but anyway Me out of the service. But it has always plagued my lungs are the supposedly very weak I have big capacity Melick by have a lot of scar tissue but anyway I started getting that tightness in that one spot I did things to relieve that if if things are done to relieve that like suppressing their immune system and there’s a way in which you can slow down your immune system to may will get to talk about that immune do it at your house you have to go get a ventilator shut down your throat but anyway they start saying you’re going to get tired out because it’s is your under labored breathing and so they they put you on a ventilator well now this is not against ventilators and I’m not telling you not to use a ventilator you gonna have to make these decisions yourself but 50% of the people to get on a ventilator die. I mean, that’s the statistics. So it doesn’t mean you get on a ventilator your saver but that there already way down you know the road towards the serious health and a death threatening situation this is why is so terrible to take their statistics as to how dangerous the virus is by going to the list of people that are extremely sick showing all kinds of symptoms and say will look at these people got coronavirus and they died. And it’s like 3% death rate. Or 5% death rate. And the reality is the death rate is far less than what they’re saying and now they’re finally coming out and saying it is not getting headline news but is getting in the news.

Backtracking of Neil Ferguson

[00:39:46] And one of the chief problems and this is a particular epidemiologist I want to get to this before the break so that you get a little hope. Because I just talked about how things could go wrong that you to know that that what’s gone wrong long before those things went wrong is we accepted the word of the wrong expert. Like you say there were plenty of other experts out there who are saying something quite different quite less frightening but they went with the guy with the scary report and I was Neil Ferguson. And I’m not blaming the guy. to saying he’s wrong. He’s admitting that he was wrong although the nose backtracking on admitting that he was wrong I assume that somebody came to his house or called him and said you can do this because we have to do this other thing in a but anyway will get into that… I’ll let you connect some of the dots. But anyway he’s downgrading his original estimate and they give you an idea of some of his original estimate and many of the reasons he gave when he first downgraded his estimate was the same things we’ve been telling you weeks ago from the beginning. And we were only telling because experts were saying this and then we put the connected the dots of the experts and were showing you that, wait a minute, this is not a bad thing this is a good thing this is yet the new virus we get new viruses every year we all get they go to the that the pipeline some of them are more contagious less contagious have greater reactions less reactions but the reality is we get that immunity. How did we get the immunity to the Spanish flu we got the immunity the Spanish flu because people have immune systems and they produce that immunity in society: herd immunity when enough people get immune to a particular disease it is traveling around in your replicating in your cells and now your cells are to replicate that anymore then it doesn’t travel around in society. And those few people that are extremely vulnerable will be less likely to get it because there’s not so many carriers. How many carriers do you think there are at least at one time and not one single time but how many people in UK, for instance, have carried the virus and possibly spread it to somebody else. Do you have a number on that? Well anyway, his estimates was that 500,000 estimates in Britain and estimated the 20,000 or far fewer is what is now predicting so will die you start about half 1 million people in the UK die when there’s only about 67 million people in the UK. So have a man die that’s a pretty high death rate of everyone who gets it now is reduce that down to 20,000. Or far fewer than 20,000. Well far fewer than 20,000 is how many will right now early’s yesterday 759 dead and again these are almost all immune compromised people people that are very vulnerable. We should have been spending our time isolating those vulnerable people with compromised immune systems I don’t think we should been doing it to the government we should been doing it to our families and through the tens hundreds and thousands. And we should been doing things to help improve their immune system I mean if there’s gonna be 300,000 people die in America this year, supposedly, from obesity. They’re overweight. We should be helping those people not be overweight that they don’t want help they don’t want then there killing themselves that suicide you know if they get the virus and they die because are overweight and hat they’ve had years to do some about the fact that their overweight and they didn’t do it and what you do when you want to deal with a problem like your overweight 80 have you should be gathering and attends hundred thousands in every group of 10 every congregation of 10 is your dream team. It is your support group. It that’s that’s the people that are going to help you lose weight and get healthy and be stronger that there they have an interest in doing your minister has an interest in you getting healthy. And he has an interest in you getting stronger. And being more immune to these diseases is a go around and so of your immune compromised for whatever reason maybe you had some sickness or something at one time or injury, your congregations going to do everything they can to isolate you until everybody develops herd immunity. And then they won’t bring the virus to you because they isolated you but it’s all voluntary in the kingdom. Because the kingdom of God is not just seeking a government of God, but the government of the righteousness of God. that I can do this by force is by voluntary. I remember we had a neighbor here guy cancer and he’s a heavy, heavy smoker and a lot of other problems as well. And had to go in for his chemo and he took his motorhome down and parked in the hospital parking lot because he wanted to go out and have a cigarette between his chemo. He will didn’t want to stop smoking. But he wanted to be cured. Well, he’s dead. That didn’t work out for him.

Lessons from polio

[00:45:37] So anyway we’ll talk more about Ferguson. We’ll talk more about the a number of other people that the have been the coming out with very new information to the public. It’s not getting out to the public in a lot of cases most media people are really covering it they’re not giving it the fanfare that they gave Neil Ferguson when he was talking at least 1 million dead in America but now he’s reduce that number down to a fraction 500,000 have a man down to 20,000 or far fewer why did he lower that number and I gave a reason 21st lower that number but then we started backtracking on his backtracking then he said all this is only because of spacing. But your all the stuff about spacing you know social spacing in shutting down business and everything from the beginning over they saying was to slow the virus. It that stops it the other probably going to come out with a vaccine I guess they already have in Israel and stuff. And their going to come out with a vaccine is a the vaccine will stop it will it because he only came over the polio vaccine polio was already dropping of a put together a number of things on the polio think will we have a whole page of vaccines you look it up would go through in detail and we have lots of footnotes you can check what were saying with the experts but the expert like the guy who invented the polio vaccine, at least one of them—Saulk, testified in Congress that most of the cases in the years before he testified the polio were coming from the vaccine and the reality is is that they also because they got better at tape testing that for the antigen in the body and we can actually find those in created tests that 95% of the people got polio never showed any symptoms. Half of the people who showed symptoms completely recovered with little or no aftereffects. emotions aftereffects disappearing entirely within a short period of time there’s only a small number of people so if you had 20,000 people that got polio in a given period of time this is an of the was in that many of you 101 place or anything but it if you’d found that you got 20,000 people that got polio and severe enough that they ended up in the was identified as polio and they were not real good at identifying that in the early stages but then he would have to multiply that by what number? If 90% or 50% of people were showing no symptoms, we have to include them in figuring out how many people just got immune to polio. Not just the ones who recovered from severe cases of polio but the other 95% they got polio and never showed any symptoms. They were also immune. So will polio it specifically we were rapidly going up to herd immunity today this a statistic that just was put together from the CDC and people study this they were in it they are actually in one article they were telling how most of the children who got polio got better it was the older the people got that they got polio and they did not get better and in their contributing factors to why they had a polio case that bloomed with severe symptoms. And we go back to some of those things we talked about and will talk about later in the show but the reality was is that now most the people get polio our children so is a virus changed know what it is this many of the people in the population are immune to polio naturally they’ve already have an immunity it’s all over the place coming it’s been around for the hundreds and hundreds of years polio we doesn’t have a name for but they’re already immune what’s happening is new children the polio virus is new to them so what can we do to stimulate their system so they get natural immunity too. That’s what we should be working on but is not much money and that but anyway we’ll talk about some of those things when we returned to keys of the kingdom so stay tuned.

Interlude – Join the network

[00:50:12] In Matthew 1311 Reggie says and he answered and said unto them because is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven but to them it is not given I don’t know who’s listening on the radio and so I can’t give you everything that I could share with you if I knew you were one of those that should receive the information about the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven a lot of it in our websites and then articles in between the lines and that thousands of footnotes and you could maybe put it together with just the Holy Spirit. But sometimes people need help and that’s good because I gives us an opportunity to help them but I’m not supposed to cast pearls the swine I supposed to help those who are helping one another who are seeking the way of Christ. You have a right to the information about crisis because your poor is because you repentant. And so you have to turn around and go the other way when the first things you need to do is sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands. And everything is our websites out there for free all the books you can download for free there there already for free but you may not be able put it together without the grace of God and you may not get the grace of God if you don’t start doing what Jesus said and you have to let Christ write upon your heart your mind and you have to live by faith hope and charity. And not the covetous practice that entangle you again in the yoke of bondage that Peter warned you about James warned you about it Paul warned you about and Christ warned you about and in truth Moses warned you so anyway turning around that’s your job join the network and will share through that network of those who share to that network of sharing.

[00:52:06] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So why are we talking about this flu virus so much? Well it’s in the news and so we want to relate the kingdom of God to you as something that is relevant to this time. It was relevant at the time of Christ and relative to the lives of the people with Rome fell and was relative to the life of the people when corruption was pervasive throughout Rome before it completely fell apart before the economy crash we see right away in the New Testament there were dirths in the land these are economic crisis then there were famines in the land these are another problem there’s no famine in America today they’re just hoarders going into stores buying more than they need and the private it with callous disregard for their neighbor. Now we actually know people out here went and bought extra stuff to share with their neighbor because everybody can get the town we do we’re doing that already we are number of elderly people we don’t want them going to town because they’re actually vulnerable. They’re not that much older than me some of them although we have some centenarians, 100-year-old people out here certainly 90-year-old people and we don’t want to see them get sick we want to you know care about them so we we bring food to them it with limited contact but and contact with people that are not probably carrying the coronavirus because they’ve already had to do now they have immunity in this is some I haven’t done a lot of studying on it.

Spiritually sick people suffer the virus of corrupt government

[00:53:47] You know, I don’t just read newspaper articles. I don’t just listen to the news or look on Facebook or anything like that. I actually search out the actual studies the Anna analysis I could get access to moral move I’ve spent some more money on it because they cover up a lot of it unless you’re a member of the University. But I get enough access so that I can put the dots together and that’s why wrote that article covering the coronavirus at You go there and read it and we have the footnotes and footnotes of some of the articles that I did read and I think EI even take you back to some of the actual studies at least the synopsis of them. Because they get rather long when you look at all the numbers but the and I put all this together and the way I see things working because God shows me how things work, I apply God’s sense to the common information out there and sure enough everything we were telling you was going to happen or was happening is now they’re admitting is happening so yeah we have 2.2 million people die of the coronavirus but we had 300 million people From going to work because the because they the other virus which is corrupt government. And that corrupt government is corrupt in relationship to the government you mean like they’re not following the Constitution we’ve Artie taking already back and show you how the Constitution is not a biblical document that it violates at least four of the five items that are stated in the Bible that you’re supposed to put in the Constitution they did not put into the Constitution the United States have a borehole book that goes right through that and I don’t have anybody refuting it people not liking to hear it but there it is you go read it is free online contracts covenants and constitutions and see for yourself the one item they did put into it nobody cares about anymore they don’t even understand their own Constitution and they are not even staying by their own Constitution both in the states and state constitutions and the federal Constitution why because they haven’t been seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And if we have enough time will get in show you how that process works and what we were’s telling you were talking to you as an individual basis you want to make sure that you’re not falling prey to the same thing that makes them think it’s okay to violate their own those and not keep their word to keep their constitutions those Constitution were created my men. Men swear to abide by the Constitution and then they get the job and they proceed not abiding by the Constitution the problem to us we we don’t have faith in the Constitution begin with but the we do have the faith and making your yeses yes your no’s no. If you don’t make your yeses yes in your no-no you open yourself up to disease and and in these storms of problems that will come with that and you know I’m not I walk on water either like I said, I probably already had the coronavirus there was another of flu virus it would around with a different set of’s aromas flu virus but anyway some sort of contagion went around. And I saw it going I am contact a lot of people in the population to network so I don’t have to actually go to them and we saw this thing traveling to our community, and it had the same exact almost exact symptoms of everybody varies a little bit I got but I only had it for 24 hours only have for 24 hours because I did something about it based on what God has been showing me everybody else got four days and or they got a little bit and then they get a relapse it all is stuff I got for the the one day still have health problems but like is that I’m an old guy.

Ferguson downgraded estimates

[00:58:07] So anyway we’re talking about Ferguson going for this ridiculous 500,000 dead to 20,000, or far fewer, dead. And he just says that but a course by the time he says that the economy is already shut down and the damage is being done suicide rates we knows… I have first-hand information and in a place where suicide takes place that suicide rates have gone up in those places across the country I can only imagine that that’s actually happening. And then the burden from this shutdown in the trying to recover may cause more if they allow us to come out of this which they evidently seem to still want to keep us from coming out of this because they’re not telling you what I’m about to tell you not only did Ferguson downgrade his estimates, but from the beginning hundreds of epidemiologists and doctors in Germany, and Italy, and some went online to say that this it work were going crazy this is not as severe nine know doctors who went crazy too. Because they just read they don’t read the studies they don’t read the inserts they think they know already and they got the message through this channel of information they depend upon that this is really a be bad and they were in José like is going be hundred 20 dead in our County within a month or months have overridden and I debt now they’ll say always because of the shutdown that we save these people’s lives the same as when they opened back up and see if you more cases which is actually when they opened back up and they let you get all back to work you are going to see an increase in cases of illness. And that’s also predicted by the experts there saying that actually the shutdown actually could be doing more damage. Because their projection is that it will spike even higher it will be a sharper spite but it will spike higher. And that’s may be true, but something else is going on and we will get to that. But they been saying that this was an outlandish prediction to begin with but everybody went with the outlandish prediction that you go with Stanford they didn’t go with these other institutes that we mentioned article Oxford that he go with their prediction they went with it Ferguson’s prediction which is obviously now he’s saying is not just in. It’s completely out of the ballpark 500,000 to 20,000… or far fewer. I love that way present far fewer because it could be 10,000 it could be 1000 thousand as far fewer than 20,000, so he’s still accurate, right?! You have to have common sense and listen to what they’re saying. But yet still have your ear to the ground and not just to the media. Because they will lead you around like lemmings.

Social distancing in the middle of nowhere

[01:01:31] We actually have people going around in our community people we know going around in their trucks and spying to make sure everybody’s keeping social distancing. You you could walk out my front door and walk for 25 miles before you come to another dwelling. We got social distancing at a local park RV Park which it was not shutdown is not required by the Gov. causes we have permanent residence actually veterans who are permanent refs a veteran or two or permanent residence there have been for months and months and months months anyway, since way last year. And they’re way better off in their trailer way out here then they would be in the middle of town because they are vulnerable they have conditions but we had somebody come into the park and there were people to see that there was like 11, 12,15 kids running around playing in the park not keeping a social distancing and they made a complaint for all we know them I made a plot complaint to the government. But the reality was these people were all one family they came in one vehicle it’s a big family I think their Mennonites or something, based on the garb… I didn’t go talk to them, keeping my social distance. But the reality is is that the the this turning in your neighbor based on faulty assumptions that you already know what’s going on is really a bad thing and the people should not be doing that but that’s that’s one of the big threats we are so divided is not 20,000 denominations or 40,000 denominations it’s the 300 million individuals who are looking out for themselves kingdom of God should be 1 million people two-man 10 million people looking out for one another it’s a different spirit is a different process and is needs to be practiced and exercised. Which is why Christ commanded that we sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands. Home church people like to sit down in the tens but they’re not in the hundreds and thousands because they don’t network together and most home churches go to get get together to get that charitable good feeling but not actually you take care I mean the early church was lots welfare free bread and circuses coming from the government but the early took church took care all social welfare were Christians and they took if anybody wanted to take stuff from the welfare of Rome and the Roman Imperial cult which was what was handing out the bread to their religious institutions and bread and cheese and wine and money and all kinds of stuff they were handing out if they wanted that that they want to get their welfare from that Christians wouldn’t do that they consider that staff offered to idols they would not be partakers of it today modern Christians are partakers of it. They pray regularly, daily, two men who exercise authority one over the other the at $1200 and want to give everybody is from men who exercise authority one over the other the reality is if you are really the church established by Christ I think a lot of you would need the gods still free actually I’ve had this constant is nine years old spur that damage to the scar tissue in my lungs but I’ve developed a way of getting it cleared so this actually a good thing it just I have this cough from that damage when I was a kid. I wasn’t supposed to survive that here a.m. over half a century later and I have survived and I owe it all to Christ I owe it all to God the father son and the Holy Spirit and so I carry that as my affliction like Paul had his affliction. But the reality is we if we were doing what Christ said this would not be a threat and we would not have to go to the men who exercise authority one over the other to bail us out of this problem and they could even shut us down and you know like were actually making the mass for the local hospital. We’re producing them here. We haven’t delivered a bunch of them but we probably will the first of this week they’re not out yet but this new stimulus package cut our County off terribly where that were not getting stuff in this county course we don’t have a single confirm case because we had no cases in this county they were bad enough to be confirmed by this poor testing. And even to put into the hospital. Because they get they’re just testing for RNA debree. The quicker you get immune to this the less RNA debris you’ll have the less symptoms you’ll have. Most the people we have that have symptoms have other conditions that are causing these extreme can it symptoms.

We may already have herd immunity

[01:07:05] The reality is… and this is what we’re finally getting to. And I quote Prof. Sanja Gupta as for one source and also Clive Cookston, a science editor who on March 24, 2020 announced in his story coronavirus may have infected half of UK population who says that he says it’s already infected half of the UK population which would be 33 million people was an Oxford study is about their testing not quite as good test as we had when we eventually found out that 95% of people got polio had no symptoms. But their study is now showing… and this and this is a new epidemiology all model by experts this suggests the vast majority of people suffer little or no illness from the infection. Which means if you got 33 million people who’ve already had the infection and are now immune you’re almost a herd immunity. Which is only the there’s different figures but basically they believe that if you get to 60% you got hurt immunity. And so 60% is just a little bit more than half. And they may be there already you will still see the disease going around he’ll still hit some of those but you’re not gonna have the pandemic 500,000 dad predicted by Ferguson it is just not gonna be there now other things could come about and again when you go back to salt backseat when he saying that almost all the cases… And even the CDC… I have read the studies… right out of the CDC, that said that almost all actually I think in one cases at all the cases of polio in the Congo were from the vaccine almost all the cases of polio in Syria were from the vaccine that you do have some children who are nonvaccinated who show symptoms of polio and a lot of these places because a lot of those children don’t have immunity. Because it the viruses knew them it’s been around is new to them but also because of dietary issues other health issues at that they get sick and there’s a lot of things you can do to change you can you have control over that to some degree some of these poor places they don’t have much control over it. You know, they may have worms they may have all kinds of other problems that drinking water the drinking on the ditches and the get polio lady stopped drinking out of ditches because you put in wells and stuff like that which many groups of done Christian groups have done, then they’re less likely to get that infection there let they’re less likely to be injured but there are a lot of things you can do bottom have high carbohydrate diets you know like eating a slice of bread is like five spoonfuls of sugar as far as carbs are concerned because those Brett though the bread carbs can be broken down in your body into sugars is not refined sugars but is still sugars his cards are just complex carbohydrates. Sugars broke down more. Sugar feeds a lot of things in your body. And it can actually get things in your body so that they are not reacting.

What inhibitors are making you vulnerable to the world’s craziness

[01:10:47] If we go back to that Advil, Ibeprofin. I don’t have the number of doctors of, said that they have discovered that people who take Advil before they come into the hospital and I believe I’ve ibuprofen they seem to have a lot more trouble people have not taken those things don’t seem to have as much trouble with this virus why would that be well there’s in design inhibitors in Advil and in some of these other drugs and enzymes about healthy enzymes a really important in your body to deal with these things we call a viral infection so if were creating an imbalance in a by taking Advil and some of these other things which are that’s what they’re trying to do their trying to inhibit productions in your body of enzymes and they’re not very selective. So they could inhibit enzymes you need and that makes you more vulnerable to something else to make solve your had a problem but it may or your pain problem the thing is what you want to understand is what is a balance… what you put into your body. Christ says it’s not what you put into your body that the files you but what comes out. And the reality is that you’re going to be listening to blind guides and you’re not going to have the common sense of the Holy Spirit if you’re not doing what you know the Holy Spirit is telling you to do if you’re not following the way that Christ said to go, then you are going to stumble in the way you have chosen for yourself. And you are following after the gods which you have chosen the ruling judges that’s what gods mean both in the Old Testament and the New Testament it will him and feels means, ruling judges… You are following the ruling judges they say it’s okay the covet your neighbor’s goods in order to survive the plague or the economy crash or the dearth in the land a Christ said it’s not okay to covet Moses said it was not okay to covet your neighbor’s goods. He said that you are to live by love if you want to come near him you needed Corbett sacrifice that’s what corban comes in the word meaning sacrifice you need to be laying down your life for your fellow man laying down your time laying down your energy that’s why we go to church. That’s why we gather with the ecclesia it way down our lives for our fellow man we get to choose how we do that and hopefully we pray to the Holy Spirit that shows us how to do that in a righteous way and that will open up your mind open of your soul or spirit and soul are not the same. They’re connected but they’re not the same your soul the word that they translated the soul is also translated mind into mind so but they and sometimes they play around and you see the word spirit pop up word actually isn’t the word spirit in translations but the spirit of God should be guiding your mind. That’s why he says I shall write my laws upon their hearts and upon their minds but their laws are now being written in the high seats of their governments. Because they have elected lawmakers. Have chosen lawmakers to rule over them and tell them you can come out your house for 14 days you can go to work for 14 days because there’s this virus is going to kill you by millions if you come out of your house. So everybody hides in their house. But the reality is this according to the experts and that we may find this out to me we found it out with that by the time they came out with us all back say most people were already getting immune to polio. Because 95% were walking around with polio and they were sick and no symptoms they didn’t know they had polio but they got lifetime immunity. That’s what happened with the Spanish flu that’s what happens with almost all the clues that they don’t develop a vaccine for we just get immune and like I said in the show couple weeks back, a virus is like a why they cannot replicate itself a cannot reproduce itself it has to get into a host and be reproduced by it and what they did was they infected your mind with fear. And then you reproduce that fear in your own communities in your own societies in your own countries. Because you your you’re not able to connect the dots you’re not able to even see the dots. Because your eyes are glazed over with fear. And there are some people sell we don’t fear we trust in God but they don’t do what God says those tables they were trusting God they may be not saying all but many of them may be the ones that Jesus says, “Get ye from be ye workers of iniquity.” Because they’re still going to the men who exercise you hear the feels that we distrust in God and do what the government tells us that our Christ said Christ the head yellowcake Griese came with the government in out and it will if you you want to the sale he says obey the government all the stuff that Romans 13 in and Peter no go read our website we show you what these original work said what really means and were not trying to denominational lies you to follow this preacher or that preacher. We want you to be led by the Holy Spirit. We don’t want to be follow me either we want you to be following the Holy Spirit so that you can recognize the truth that you at the close you get to that Holy Spirit which comes to sacrifice sacrificing of your vanity, your pride. You’re not subject to great swelling words that promise you liberty but deliver you into bondage. You will be listening to those great swelling words that deliver you into bondage you will be listening to the Holy Spirit is all I’m I’m telling you if you if you follow the way that Christ said that we have to go you’ll be way better off. You’ll you’ll be led by the Holy Spirit and to the Holy Spirit. And many of you who think you are listing the Holy Spirit now it is not always the Holy Spirit got the closer in the way you get closer is to walk in the way of Christ and Christ came to sacrifice himself. When we gather we should be gathering to sacrifice ourselves for others. So, above all, I want you all be healthy. And you can go read the article. There’s lots and lots information in there that is probably lots of typos and they’re going to have to do a lot of this in the middle of the night and I try to read stuff during the day I can now use my smart phone but I want you to join us and we’ll talk more.

Romans 13

[01:18:52] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So where are we at and what can we do? Well right now were supposedly lockdown a many of the states. Completely unnecessary. And that’s according to experts many experts we quote just a couple of them on the article at preparing you and you go read them and see who the article look at the footnotes and do your own search and try to find other experts in are saying this, that, and the other thing that is often different than what were getting down to the major media I mean the media has a tremendous power over the minds of the people in and that’s why a lot of people are going around saying the things that they’re saying it doing the things that they’re doing. You have to realize that the the modern church is the media of the church and they’re going around saying you know like Romans 13 means this. And we show you that Romans 13 doesn’t mean what 80% of the churches say it means. And you know how we can say that is we actually looked up the definition of the words that are in that text. And they are not the word that they’re translating it into that’s in some cases a many different translations he could be but the word they translate as power or government a trace literally translated government and in some Bibles at you and says let every man remain subject to the government that’s not what the word meant at that time we show you we quote people speaking koine Greek writing koine Greek, writing in Greek, hundred years before hundred years afterwards that word meant liberty the and you even in the concordance it says that word means the right to choose. How does the right to choose translate into the word government. issued translated delivery and in the Bible in and in the King James it does translate into government into liberty and some verses so is the translation of the word into power wrong now it’s not because there’s two translations going on when you read that power one is they’ve translated the word that means liberty a right to choose into power and an in your mind when you read the word power you think of government so you think they’re talking about the government but what Paul is really saying is let every man remain subject to the higher liberty because all liberty is of God is in all liberty of God is not what we say word were endowed by our God with certain inalienable rights that’s the liberty to chose the right to choose its end is endowed by God. God gives you the right to choose. Government doesn’t give you the right to choose. Why would you think that word means government well maybe you have got a relationship with the government where the government is what gives you the right to choose. They are saying you can, your house can travel down the roads you can go to work they’ve made that choice for you that God’s of the world have spoken and you’re not doing it. Now we’re complying. Of course, we live out the middle of nowhere anyway in most of our work involves attending animals are doing research for these programs and making these recordings for you so that you will see that there is a nether way rather than the way of tyranny. There is the way of righteousness. So yeah, let every man remain subject to that higher right to choose because the right to choose is of God anyone who opposes the right to choose opposes God. Somebody who opposes your right to choose takes away your right to choose wants to take away your right to choose is anti-God. It is antichrist. That’s right is antichrist Christ wants to give you the right to choose but if you sell your right to choose. You know, you say give me liberty or give me $1200 give me healthcare give me Medicare give me free education at the expense of my neighbor at the expense of my neighbor’s children because I know the government is borrowing money to give me all these benefits we know that. This $2 trillion package is borrowing against the future of your children that be not a borrower or lender be. You know, keep the Sabbath. Work earn what you have don’t take what you want and have to work tomorrow for somebody else work first this is the message of the seven do the work first certain what you get though go into debt. If you’re in debt, you’re not keeping the sabbath. a care how many times to count to seven where you start counting to seven if you’re in debt and everybody and just about who is a part of the world signed up for the benefits of the world there and that was your salvation dishonor the dad now you have to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s but there’s another way to go in this what Christ was showing people in a marvel that when they understood it most of the people of today go to church they’re not being told and we were told that this would happen many would be led away I can doing about that all I can do is speak the truth so that you say want to go the way of righteousness that source must be doing is seeking the kingdom that seeking is walking down that way trying to find that way to the kingdom of God which operates by faith hope and charity rather than the kingdoms the world that operate fealty, force and fear. And they actually get your neighbor so afraid they will turn you in if you stand too close to somebody else. What would they turn you in for tomorrow?

Your dream team should be your congregation within the network of tens, hundreds, and thousands

[01:25:23] Where are we going with us $2 trillion debt? What else is going on? We point out they’ve their change in the laws of banking there’s no more reserve in the banking they’ve done away with that you can we know the patriot act that they you could be arrested for suspicion know what with Ashley now I’ve said because the coronavirus we have to do is physical rotavirus this invisible thing you can see under a microscope that you think is going to kill 500,000 people in Great Britain. Or less. Maybe less than 1000 meal right now were at 759 or yesterday and oh how I Szekely go and I get none of those people die the virus they died of complications and other ailments is a me just just the common cold that would give you the sniffles will kill an elderly person in a convalescent home. Like I said, when I worked in convalescent homes every day, it was a strain to keep these young workers from coming to work with the cold as it was only a cold you’re going to kill the people you’re trying to take care of have to go home but I need the money know you have to go home because it but even if even the people who ran the Homestead noise in the moment because they didn’t want to be sure the help and the gurneys would line up in the hallway I was right by the door they would all go out that’s where I work and I would see them taking out patient after patient. Most of them came from what we call the third floor which was the spirit most serious cases but anyway this is the way it works you need to find the way of the kingdom and seek that and that seeking is walking in the way of Christ seeking righteousness and everything they do there’s no way you can take care of one another in a society of 100 million or 300 million people, or 67 million people, unless you gather in the tens hundreds and thousands. There’s no way you can do that to charity to faith and hope without gathering in the stands hundreds and thousand a practical way to make be the 999 and it but small groups intimate groups that your dream team that your group and encourages one another but then you have to connect equally with 10 other are nine other groups like yourself the had the same motivation of living by faith open charity of following the ways of Christ. Of seeking the righteousness of God. That that is your goal the tool is the network that Christ said to create this sitdown in this network. That’s what it that’s what he sent Moses said the same thing. Jethro said use that network even for your judicial system. But now the judicious this of the world says we can delay your trial a year or more even after the virus crisis is over. That’s a law. That’s come down from the gods of the world the ruling judges whom are the lawmakers that is not God is your lawmaker today is the men you have elected for yourself that’s the lawmakers you’re going to have to deal with not you can get out of that system by being mad or angry at are afraid of it. You have to think differently you have to repent you have to seek the kingdom of God and start laying down your life daily for one another. In a righteous way. that helps one another and like you said there’s no way I can imagine I don’t you can find another way other than the tens hundreds and thousands let me know and that I haven’t found it and Christ said to do it that way so I’m good now you don’t don’t need to argue it anymore as far as I’m concerned but if you got think you got some else I’ll take a look at it but I might enter my back and Christ to go the way he said to go are you going that way are you just doing your own think is you think you love Jesus if you love them you would keep his commandments and he commanded us to do that.

Gods Many

[01:30:07] So what you do for your personal health. If you join the network, I’m sure there are all kinds of people on the net… I KNOW there are people on the network will come up with all kinds of ideas someone would be good for you some of our not be good for you ill like a you know juicing diets, KETO diets, just good diets… get away from fast food processed food MSG GM owes of these initial things that are you know the FBI had not no skin BATF all these we have all these initials and anagrams but what you need to do is say the COG like KOG – the kingdom of God and you can read the COG which is the covenants of the guys was a book we have free online that show you how you have been making covenants with these institutions of the world that have the gods many you been doing it either out of ignorance or out of a desire for the wages of unrighteousness all these are articles that we’ve had splaying what it meant in the Bible and they talk about the wages of unrighteousness what it means when it says letter man remain subject to the higher power higher power of choice what it what it means when it says obey the government. Those who are you know despise dominion despise government they say what’s the actual word there how is it normally translated because by shifting… by putting a little bit different word there you can shift people’s thinking in a different direction this the same as they paying eight you by showing you one computer model of the progression of the virus they did not take into consideration the fact that most people have little or no symptoms when they get this virus and they will become immune. Not because the government makes them immune with a vaccination but because God makes them immune with the body he has created for you. But if you want to continue to abuse your body with poor diet, lack of exercise, self-indulgence, then you’re going to be in a world of hurt. You’re gonna have to go to the gods of the world because God can’t help you. know this this is what if you go to our article I should have all these articles saved up seeking just pop them up and and see them but that we have an article “Gods Many” in preparingyou. And we have the quotes there you can share these and other people on social media I was hearing somebody was talking about all the different social medias there on the twitter I try to get on twitter I just I have a twitter account but I diskette using a distilled I just it that system but there’s all these others that are coming up in if we were forming a network everybody who is good at this or that their summer you’re better at that networking could be sharing these articles in the you look under the pictures on the videos that we have there at preparing you and it his holy church will have a lot of videos on his overtures our view the but they’re all in preparing you to.

Call No Man Father

[01:33:43] But if you read Judges 10:14, he says, “Go and cry into the gods which ye have chosen with that powered the guy gave you that free will that God gave you let them deliver you in the time of your tribulation and that’s the people of the ailment message the government have a the GABA listen the government God is saying going cry under those people you have chosen to rule over you and rule over your neighbor so you can get benefits at the expense of your neighbor and you become so accustomed to living at the expense of your neighbor by the property of your neighbor property taxes what gives you the free school so you’re you’re so use to that idea that you think it’s okay but thou shall not covet anything that is that I neighbors is the law of God. It’s not the law the Pharisees, it’s the law of God Pharisees actually started coveting their neighbor’s goods and created a system of Corban’s system of welfare system of sacrifice to provide that welfare that was forced offering we did the same thing back almost 100 years ago with Social Security. We didn’t force people to get a social security number have to get you really don’t have to get it now but if you got what you got you become a surety for debt you can’t just throw it out once you’ve taken… “Call No Man Father”. Go read our article on “Father” at preparingyou and at hisholychurch. And the recordings that we have that explain who the fathers of the earth are. And who do you pray to for your daily bread you really go to church to pray dear for your daily bread is your daily bread rightly divided from house to house as the Bible was doing in the New Testament by the church by the called out ministers who are not a part of the world or is most of your daily bread coming from the world with the you know we just got millions of people off of foodstamps now or put them right back on now there are men who think that they’re having there’s actually I will go into the details their people trying to do with the Federal Reserve another thing that we created you more than 100 years ago. And it’s led to lots of other things he that’s a deal is that you do not live in a vacuum you create a Federal Reserve the greatest a security system greater public schools is a we did that. 100 years ago almost half of the people were not educated in public education and most of the public education was privately funded as right that’s what it was in 1910 actually wasn’t until 1910 that more than half the people were educated in public schools yet we had the most educated population probably in the world in America is a but now the education that people have gotten makes them… I don’t remember where we’re rated… we’re way down and that their own terms in the intelligence of our children as far as knowledge and where were doing extremely poorly and you see that by interviews on the streets and the kids know nothing of history they certainly don’t know anything about bacteria and viruses disease or health works they don’t know what to eat and how to eat it that that and there’s so much to learn you can’t cover the radio program there’s a lot out there but you need to find people you trust in the people you should trust of the people who are willing to lay down their lives for you the people have got some money to make her some pride thing to push is not is not what you want to be looking to our power you created offices of power now men who seek power seek office now they’re fighting for the rulership of the United States and the rulership of the world and you’re caught in the middle anything what can I do about it rubber pant think differently think the kingdom of God and his righteousness.


[01:38:13] Your body is composed of millions of cells. Billions. Most of the cells in your body, according to some I don’t that’s actually accurate and seem like it could be but it could be because a lot of very small bacteria that are leaving you that’s bacteria but that bacteria is necessary for you to live you know that they know this was scientist experts say that some viruses are absolutely essential to sustain certain creatures to live. Are the viruses that they’re seeing in these electron microscope… are they the problem? What about the antigens what that we say that are battling against these viruses and we don’t and she see these battles taking place this is all theory but can your association with people who have the antigen pass the antigen on to you. So that when you first see the virus enter into you that this post to be so dangerous you already have the antigen when we know mothers can pass on antigens and immunities to their children through their milk. But could we do it do a handshake the man says greet one another with a kiss well if you kiss somebody if you touch somebody are those antigens on your skin the same as the viruses on your skin and can you pick up the antigen and the antigen from somebody else and that protect you from the virus. So the more you associate with people that of arty gotten better the less likely you will be to get sick it that’s a process it is very likely taking place. it in but that is not to tell you about they because they wanted you think the only way you can get the antigens is from the vaccine but the vaccine doesn’t have the antigens vaccine is has the disease. And their going to put the disease in you and strive to stimulate your body to produce the antigens. But you can have may be done not just by associating with people who already have the antigens.

Let the truth be your antigen

[01:40:38] So let’s go back to that thing I said before we run completely out of time. This virus… or this supposed threat that is and is coming to us is like LI because the it’s pretending to be a part of you in getting you to reproduce it that’s the theory and it cannot reproduce itself it needs you to reproduce it and then you pass it onto the next that God has a system built into you to create these antigens to stop it from doing and if you give yourself the right minerals in the right as sustenance in the right to elements, you can protect yourself from picking up these antigens because you have the natural enzymes and everything to fight this already in your system. And to develop that which you need to fight it in your system words you also have the truth in you that you have to listen to the truth you have to activate the truth and you activate the truth by letting God right upon your hearts and upon your minds of as we call repentance think in a different way so now you have the truth and you still have the virus you still have the virus which is the lie that he had the truth in the lie and you you have the virus and the antigen in you and you can be well and eventually the virus will died viruses actually like is a they don’t really live but they become unviable. They no affect they will break down and just become debris that’s what the truth to us breaks down the lie and it has no effect on you the lie has no effect it doesn’t make you afraid. It doesn’t make you greedy. It doesn’t make you envious. All the things that we equate with the evil of the world because it has no place in you to live because you’re full of the truth the truth is not something that dwells in your head has to also dwell in your heart. That’s what he wants to eat as this one a right on your mind he was a right on your heart and your mind he wants his character embedded like code in your heart and in your mind. In order to do that you have to seek you have to persevere you have to practice and that is where you need to be going in the best way to do that is to gather and network of people want to go the same place in the tens hundreds and thousands and that’s what you can do by going to preparingyou enjoying the network in your area and start meeting up and start working out your salvation with fear and trembling of God rather than fear and dribbling of the world unit better do it quick until then peace on your house and may God be with you. God Bless.

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