Key 2022 – Righteousness on God’s Terms

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2022

Righteousness includes one’s actions. But most today don’t even know the action Jesus commanded before the 5000 were fed. The early church thrived through the persecution and plagues due to those actions and it is critical that we rediscover them in order to survive the difficult times ahead.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 4, 2020

Show Notes

Article 2 Section 22
Tens hundreds and thousands

Notable Segments

[00:01:28] Jesus took the government from the Pharisees
[00:02:51] We have contracting ourselves into slavery
[00:49:50] Networks were critical in the Bible and they are today

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Welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory. And we’re going to talk, again, about the kingdom of God the kingdom of God. is the government of God as a Christ came preaching the government of God in the words is the kind of government that God has instituted for mankind is not a Corporation like many the governments today. It’s not a government that is ruled by rulers. It’s a government that is ruled by God in order to be ruled by God the people need to have God in their hearts in in their minds. Because the government of God is the government of the people, for the people, and by the people. But it only is really a government of God if the people are letting God right upon their hearts and their minds.

Jesus took the government from the pharisees

[00:01:28] Jesus came and spoke to the Pharisees and said, “I’m going to take the kingdom of God the government of God same thing from them as a Christ came preaching and appointed it to other men, Now the kingdom of God, at that time, was Judea remember all the Israelites had formed a government with a king they were warned against that of the King is just somebody who can exercise authority one over the other to it’s as somebody who is the chief executive executor of the rule of government in a particular nation of people. In a society of people. And the chief executive officer would be decaying in some places the Prime Minister in some places the president in some places he is the first that is a he gets to exercise authority now people write constitutions to limi that authority so that that guy who is most exercise a certain amount authority does it began to go crazy exercising too much authority and go beyond what the people have elected him to do he has limitations. And that’s what the Constitution supposed to do.

We have contracting ourselves into slavery

[00:02:51] Of course now people don’t pay any attention to the Constitution or they alter the Constitution or or like it was happen much in America they’ve taken the contract clause in the Constitution and contracted with agencies of the government and with people who are not even agencies of the government. And therefore, because the government has to not impede the enforcement of contract, the people have gone into bondage again. to live people in America want they go were not bondage but the people in Egypt were in bondage because they had to give 20% of their labor every year to the government one fifth of their labor belonged to the government. is not really slavery as we think of it that mean the word slavery has several different definitions it is a form of slavery but we don’t usually call it slavery we call it servitude. And the French have award for which is used internationally call corvee. It’s where you owe part of your labor you owe it you have to pay it by its in a contract where you owe part of your labor to the government to support the public at through that government so gives power to the public to redistribute that their funds and sources in and resources that come from the people. The government has the power to redistribute that because it’s contractual to have the power to enforce that they can make you serve 20% of your labor, gve 20% of your labor, to the government. Now each update they could do that lots of ways a connection paid money into the government and then they didn’t have to go work but the average guy didn’t have the money to pay out or he didn’t make enough to pay out so he had to actually go on work projects in Egypt. And he would work on those work projects in each of your building something or building the dikes that they built that the dams that they did the aqueducts that they did to your gate massive amounts of land they actually do the same thing in northern India way back before the time of Abraham they had large public works funded by the labor of the people that was compelled because they had entered into this corvee type relationship were part of their labor belonged to the state. Now when Joseph set that up and his brothers went into bondage and all the people of Egypt went into bondage in this type of bond is a statutory system of forced labor. Which the of the payment of that labor is called tribute. at said in there different words that you can find in Hebrew for it and we’ve gone to all that you read our literature on that we show you the actual words and the opinions of scholars that that’s what the this means. But Joseph put a statutory limit that was not to ever be more than that one fitfth.

Statutory limit of 20% existed until CIA overturned Egyptian government

[00:06:13] So this why just when Mubarak was still president of Egypt before America funded a rebellion there they am either other people funding as well. The Islamic extremists and everything but the definitely they had the support to the CIA for that revolution that ousted more bark not that he wasn’t corrupt I know people who knew Mubarak but he was but that doesn’t mean that the new guys are corrupt it was, like a comedian all the guys it took over. They’re raking off the same kind of money that the shower raked off they’re still putting people to torture chambers just like the shot it and maybe even more so than the Shaw did. And they are certainly oppressing their people as much as the shot dead by the it’s is the change of residual and the reason why changing from the Shaw to Khomeini didn’t really make a lot of difference… somebody else iss holding the torture stick… is because the people didn’t change before governments will change men must change in order for men to change have to realize that the state of the government is the problem that comes about because the state of your hearts the state of your minds until you repent think differently that’s what prevented is the tyrants will continue to seize power. And we seen that lately a lot of people to want think about it.

Coronavirus details covered earlier

[00:07:48] But the reality is, the government made everybody go to their homes to make them feel good about that, that they’ve actually accomplished something, they said if you don’t go to your home people will die because there’s this bizarre thing called the coronavirus we spent two hours this morning showing you that the coronavirus has a far less death rate than the average for which is what of RGN in the advisors are saying to begin with but some our they got over distiller were going to lose a smooth the curve and the and of course to some degree they may have smooth the curve a little bit but the reality is probably most of the people in the United States and you could almost say this for the world but I don’t feel there’s a lot of different countries out there but we know that the virus was showing up way down the Brazil, Argentina, and Nigeria, South Africa… the that’s pretty far-reaching because everybody moves around so much in the fact is that 80 to 90% of the people who get this virus don’t show any symptoms that kids are getting over it that they just don’t get that say the body because it’s in the lungs the body is designed to readily repel invaders in the lungs because that’s where that’s where stuff gets in bacteria is get in so that your immune system really focuses on the lungs. So most of the people who got this got over with either no symptoms at all or minor symptoms. Nobody’s counting those people we know now that that’s the case studies in Oxford studies in New York at Mount Sinai Hospital where they have created machines in the their people creating this all over the place. Somebody recently wrote the government why are we doing this and they said what we have order universities to start working on a way to create a machine that you know can synthesize blood visit has to be a blood test to find the advice to determine if somebody is already immune like they order. I can tell you microbiologist, neurologists, at the demount Demeo allergist who are working at university in her teens at universities as soon as this virus was mentioned soon as the news is out that it existed they were already working on. This this is what they do. They live for this.

Greg was a firefighter (gregbio)

[00:10:26] I was a firefighter for the for service estate for service in Minnesota and we were all sitting around listening to the radio having the radio calls for from our dispatch and it was just a break time laughing at lunchtime actually break but also in the call came over the radio ad that actually I wasn’t sitting in the room but I have a visual image of this because I was the guy on the radio calling in. Because I had gone out because we heard that there was a smoke and I got out there and I said no call headquarters right away when I come out, the woods and could see the smoke and I said yes we have fire burning in such and such a swamp and there are at least seven different locations of the front. Which meant somebody was going long starting this fire and then I clicked off the mic so I could hear the other Mike and I could hear chairs being knocked over and people running to the door. Heavy foot boots running out the hallway suck over the radio and so I think I think they got the message.

Virus testing machines were being developed very early

[00:11:43] The reality is. as soon as these guys heard that there was a virus they were working on this they had machines by March 1 in in in Japan in Hong Kong in New York in Oxford and they were testing those machines are putting blooded testing to see if they can find it. It takes six minutes on some of these machines and you have an answer back whether this person and it will tell you whether it has anybody’s weather have the disease and they were testing and they were finding out that everybody had already had the disease or than half of the people they were testing already had the disease and were already producing antibodies. And many of them never even knew they were sick. We know way back from the beginning have letters from pouch he himself saying they knew that a large number of the people were a some asymptomatic means they showed no symptoms whatsoever. And their natural God-given bodies had gone and in pharmaceutically inside their body produced anybody’s and were already making these people immune to the disease that’s that’s where your salvation is it is in the body that God gave you. And God will write upon your heart and your mind and protect you if you listen to all of his commandments not in my saying if you’re a good boy that you won’t die know most of the people who die from this already have serious serious problems are headed towards that great divide and this may push them over like is a 300,000 people die from obesity every year. Obese people are very much in danger from this fire’s if an obese person dies of the virus they blame it on the virus on on the fact that they were obese if of someone who is a chain smoker all of his life dies at this they don’t blame it on this fact that he smoked for 50 years, they blame it on the virus is of the virus killed while no edges smoking and obesity. Diabetics are in danger but diabetics can do a lot of things besides pump insulin into themselves if they don’t eat anything they want and dispose pencil and they will become insulin resistant that’s really bad for somebody who gets this virus so there’s things that they could have done so who killed of the virus or their foolishness? Or their sloth and avarice?

Only yourself to blame when tyranny comes

[00:14:33] Well, when tyrany comes, everybody will blame everything on the tyrant. It’s the tyrant’s fault. No, there’s a void in this country and nature abhors abhors a vacuum. This is no longer government of the people, for the people, by the people. You no longer take care of the needy of your society through faith hope and charity like we used to do 150 years ago. You don’t do that anymore. You have navigated your responsibility to be a government of and four and by the people you have turned all the rings the government over to the state and federal governments or to the parliament they’re the ones it is posted that’s why you hear people crying out the government needs to do more. You need to do more but you most of you don’t know what to do if you with your churches, they do say, well kneeled down and will pray. But that’s not what the church is supposed to be doing the church is supposed to be the benefactors of the people so that the people do not have to go to the men call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other. You’re doing that. Massly. By millions and millions even billions of people.

We’ll shoot you to save you

[00:16:01] I heard the president of the Philippines that if you don’t abide by this curfew you will be shot wow that’s saving lives this curfew this no retaining people in their homes this is going to kill people it is killing people already. Suicide rates are going up I have is that as inside information from the government itself they’re seeing more suicides. They don’t want tell her but he doesn’t want to get get more people committing suicide but ends certainly the way that many of them are doing that we give anybody ideas and I understand that but the reality is this shut down is killing people. Somebody said, “But if we save one life like I said this morning to thousand people will die of obesity this year we should be out there policing interesting fat people who are ordering a second piece of pie we should have guards at the teller so that when they’re buying groceries and thereby into many fattening foods, we say no you can’t buy this. We ration it because your over weight and people so as ridiculous will wait a minute how is that ridiculous if we save one life, it’s worth it, right? No, that’s nonsense somebody’s not thinking things through they don’t understand how societies work. This is why they’re so easily led about with a looming mentality. God gave your mind to think with.

Must realize the statistical deception

[00:17:39] So we showed you the statistics what’s really going on. Who’s dying what the actual death rate is and you know the best calculation comes up 2.0001 regular flu is .1 but they’re not telling you that because there the calculations they show you’re not the same calculation socially estimated cases against cases that’s not going to give you an accurate figure. And they knew that from the beginning. But that CDC and the World Health Organization said those statistics out to the people like they were comparing apples and apples so you have to realize that you’re being deceived you’re being led you’re being stimulated by fear and anxiety. In reality rather than by corrupt your neighbor in and put your children in your neighbor’s children under crushing debt forever which is what happened in Egypt you should be saying will take her chances. In the reality, it’s not that big of a chance not certainly you can isolate the elderly people and the sick people and anybody who’s overweight and been a smoker all life they can go and isolate themselves. If they have any friends that their friends can bring the food they can wash her hands aware mask and all those kinds of things. But it’s is crazy what people are doing what people think they ought to do and they shouldn’t be doing this.

Something deeper going on

[00:10:17] So what is really going on. Since Fauci knew and stated so. The experts knew and stated so. That at the beginning of this file she was a this is a worse and the common flu he was absolutely right why did he rollback why did Neil Ferguson who gave these outlandish estimates of the death rates millions in America 500,000 in Great Britain roll out 500,000 back to 20,000 are far less why did he do that he told us why. But the very next day he rolls over almost the next day he rose a back up. He says, well it would’ve been that much except for the fact that were quarantining social distancing meanwhile you’ve lost all your rights. You don’t have any more rights and they’re actually shooting people are threatening to shoot people in other countries and why are they pulling up the military. Doesn’t make any sense. Except for the fact is something else going on here. Now exactly what it is I have people in our network and our subnetworks trying to find out and it’s in pieces are coming together not just reading the stuff in the news that you can check your re-that 800-page bill that just passed recently in Congress that is to give $2 trillion to help out with the economic crunch that is coming from this shut down. It’s not coming from the virus. It’s coming from the shutdown.

You already have government-controled healthcare

[00:20:55] We had beds. And we could have beds galore. Most hospitals are not overcrowded. Most of them have no rush there’s nobody you can see videos where nobody is out there trying to get tested there their empty beds in hospitals all across the country a few hot spots like New York and California and Florida. And there are reasons for those hotspots, where they have more. But the beds in hospitals are limited by federal law that’s why you have enough beds because the government was controlling things already. But they should not be controlling but they think of the right to control that because you signed up for Medicare Medicaid and if they put too many beds in the hospital more people going to the hospital to get all kinds of surgeries and it will be a drain on Medicare or Medicaid so they restricted the number of beds which makes you less safe, but it saves them money. Well, the reality is that is the sign of government-controlled healthcare people are worried about we don’t government-controlled healthcare because they will live looking like Canada with long waiting list. Why do you have long waiting list and can because you have government-controlled… Why is medicine so expensive in America government controls and because of you I said this this morning that you could’ve brought the prices down in medicine if you had gotten together like Christ commanded and come as United front and tell the hospitals we want to know what things are going to cost you have to publish just like any other business you have to you know when you the story or by some have a label on the shelf this is out this is a $1.50. If you get up to the teller and the teller rings up three dollars you say when you label back to the says a dollar 50 and he says no that’s just the deal we our price is actually three dollars we can tell you about that that’s just kind of we just want you to come and pay that.

Hospital overcharges during bith (gregbio)

[00:23:05] My wife at the hospital once years ago when we had one of our children. And they said certain things were free in a we will charge that the bill was astronomical for us in those days and I I went over a line by line and they actually went into the hospital and I went over with their manager and I said you guys that this is free will that’s free but this over here cost money when you get that so that you can get this without paying this money then this is not free and then you say all you like what they get is that little that that was one of the prime examples it wasn’t what drove the bill of I could go and all that is just ridiculous. It was crazy. They were just had the bill with every little thing that you turned around on but they they give you distal like promo thing it’s full of flight Johnson & Johnson, baby shampoo, and a couple of diapers. And it’s all things that you might use in they are giving it for free by those manufacturers to promote their product it’s the just sample sample things they charge the dollar charge on those things a dollar 50 for the little tiny shampoo things that they got for free I know they got for free because I know people that work in these hospitals this is the power of a network. But they charge a $1.50 for the got for free at all the little items of their they tagged on prices they got it all for free but they’re charging you like I said that didn’t drive up the bill that was all the other things he did the doctors same principle where they pad the building pad the bill up at the bill.

You don’t even stand up for your neighbor when they are cheated

[00:24:45] And then, like I said, that I have somebody who went and they were given prices from the hospital for these tests in the with the wind to get the test they were double that what was that all about and they finally admitted while they were supposed to give those prices out so what are those prices will that’s actually what it costs that’s what we charge the doctors is what we find out later on but if you come in off the street want the test we charge you double or three times or four times that charge well if you had all gotten together the people outrage to the hospital, you can gone down there and said we care about what I’m not in the hospital now I’m not probably going over the hospital. But I care about my neighbor is a your out of the habit of caring about your neighbor you know your neighbors getting screwed and give you an example after example after example with the courts have done this hospitals have done this in and other businesses have done this. But if you were together as united front, you just have to show up and say we don’t want to see you do this and they would stop but now you want the government to come in and do what you should be doing. You want the government to force the hospital to publish their prices. And that’s great but the governments going to be more powerful when you’re done.

If you want to have a free society, you must do your part

[00:26:14] You want the government to fix this problem. Like the governments is what we order the hospitals the start were an you working on this testing equipment. They were already doing it before the government even know that you could make such a thing. And they were already using intestine like I said in in both England and the United States they were discovering surveys Artie had this. Six months from now or year from now I go back and do a study and analyze the data or if I had enough money coming in I would set somebody on this summit we work 16, 17 hours a day. We have a few ministers really work hard we have some ministers at work a little bit we have some ministers don’t even show up for weekly phone call they’re not doing their job and you know some ministers are challenged by this kiss is very difficult and have to make a living because number ministers of paid none of us gets our this were showing you the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is that voluntary government that produces a free society. But in order to have a voluntary government that produces a free society and sustains that free society you have to volunteer on not to chase you are not to be a motivational speaker that says now let’s all do right. You know, this go out do one for Jesus. You have to find the motivation in your heart. Because I don’t want to be right in on your heart your mind I want God to be writing on your heart your mind. You see the difference? You can’t have a free society…

Evidence that the US is headed in the direction of Venezuala

[00:27:53] I just talked to a government official today. They are trying to get together and do something about the draconian rules that are coming down and squeezing the life out of this economy. And they see that you know they stop them they were going to curtail agriculture and they stop them from doing that now that your Vermont they had a rule that came down heard about last night that Walmart and a number of other stores throughout the is actually Vermont New Jersey Virginia several other states were supposedly told that they could dad to close their gardening department no longer sell seeds no longer sell us onion sets and potatoes and things like that no longer sell plants from nurseries because that’s all unessential meanwhile in Oregon there making dairy farmers are probably in California pour out Mel because they supposedly lack certain chemicals to finish putting the milk together and all this kind of stuff. For years, people have wanted to start dairy and sell raw milk to people who wanted to buy and they were arresting them and throwing them in jail and so they put those people out of business all across the country. I haven’t hardly drank milk unless it was raw milk we don’t have a cow that’s coming fresh but I have a son and daughter-in-law that they have our old cow and is coming fresh and they just bought another little dairy heifer from of dairy that’s going out of business because of the draconian controls of the government. People say we don’t be like Venezuela but you are becoming like Venezuela and your head for food shortages now I go out say that on mass media people go out there and hoarded in the stores like is that if you’re running out of the store with four role for bags of toilet paper, 24 roles in a bag, you’re not a Christian. Because you care about your neighbor as much you care about yourself. your clean those shells off there is no shortage of toilet paper people were still manufacturing but you were able to clean it off and then you create shortages for other people you don’t care about them the only care about you doing the same thing with flour the same thing with bread and the same thing with everything else now the reality is is that because you shut down the restaurants… And the the governor and the state order was to stop them from doing curbside services is the only things keeping them afloat. We’ve actually ordered thing for the rest we never the restaurant because we we cook our own food but we’ve actually for other even young kids and stuff is a tree we ordered things from the restaurant just to give them some business. But they’re still losing tens of thousands of dollars because are also motel. And nobody’s in the motels and when the festivals come up this summer millions upon millions and millions of dollars revenue and income will be lost to people forever. They will have to depend upon their savings or borrow money to stay afloat and borrow money from the government is much better than bombardment from the bank and the reality is that whatever the government gives you the just borrowing from your children your cursing your children with debt. Why? Because you haven’t been doing what Jesus said. You’re going to church and they’re not telling you the truth about the kingdom.

Emotional component to health

[00:31:37] If you want to know the truth about the kingdom, listen to all or other 300 400 audios that will explain it you go to our website or And read what we’ve written down. We show you what the kingdom was. How it works. Then you have to start thinking but you can’t but many people can’t even begin to think now because all afraid of this virus so we spent a lot of time we have a page at preparingyou coronavirus that shows you is coronavirus is nothing. This is no different than the common flu know more people to die from apple pie not just apple pie but overeating 300,000 deaths this year from obesity. From their diet. From eating the wrong foods at the the wrong amounts and not getting proper exercise you I’ve known guys 400 pounds on me I didn’t know them personally 400 pounds when he goes again a semi truck the truck actually can see it tipping because you still have over 400 pounds to change his diet and he was down he can run by bolus kids the got off that I do it right back up they found out that there’s an emotional element to stay in the right weight keeping good health and he went back down because went back on his diet. And the and the fact is is that many you know things can be solved with proper diet and get you healthy. Proper exercise proper sleep and proper relationships what relationships based on love, not fear. Relationship you one of the things that I see it and I hate trunk club is this hate it is it’s it’s motivating them they’re motivated by hate they cannot you cannot see clearly if you’re motivated by hate I don’t I don’t agree with everything the trunk doesn’t agree with everything Obama did I don’t agree with everything any president Ronald Reagan Eisenhower certainly JFK. All these guys. They’ll do things that but I didn’t hate them I knew some of them were totally dishonest and in criminal and corrupt and immoral but I don’t have to hate them. I leave judgment to God. I will stand against the immorality and the lies in and the deceptions but I don’t have to hate them is a huge difference in the gives you tremendous power in oh I’m aiming I don’t… I could tell you stories of facing 200 people full of hate and they all just backing away. I was unarmed skinny little guy and they wanted to do something to me and they couldn’t touch me. If I hated them it would be to take lights up but you’d that’s the but now you have to do that as a body you have to gather together as a body. Not driven by hate. Not driven by resentment. But driven by love and if you love your neighbor as yourself you will gather in the tens hundreds and thousands because you care about them as much you care about yourself not just those that you gather with you can’t just love those who love you. But you have to even love your enemy while that’s quite a challenge to love your enemy. You think you can do that you think you can manage that? Do you think that’s possible to do? Well, we’ll see. Because if you don’t do it, you’re in a lot of trouble.

Borrowing trillions and illigitimate govenors

[00:35:41] So anyway, go to that coronavirus page of it would be cleanup not just me evidently I found out today that one of our at least one of our other ministers and checking it pretty regular and like I I do a full days work. 8, 9, 10 hours. As the do you know 56 hours of research sometimes more in the night in Nevada go out and work even harder fasters I get back into more research and but things were breaking so fast so much misinformation out there that I can keep up with a note without losing too much sleep last night and finally I went to bed the night with as early for me as I was just exhausted not and seven a couple of times and I’ve Artie had the coronavirus are pretty sure I didn’t go and get tested with the test like I said that they give doesn’t really tell you they won’t even give you the test was really sick. Which is how they’ve created the illusion of a high death rate. is a say old look at we tested you know thousand people and that we are confirmed cases and this many people died. And it’s still only like .3 as opposed post .1. .34 which is still not as high as a lot of other viruses like SARS and stuff which are kind of bogus figures anyway but for reasons I explained on this morning show you want to hear the morning show join the network it will make it available to everybody as it comes out the reality is this is important to understand that what they been telling you is not true there either liars or distant see themselves or incompetent but it’s not true. It’s not actually what’s happening. Something else is happening as I got into that a little bit this morning touched on it you know you were borrowing $6 trillion not to trying to trillion supposed to come to you for triangles the bankers to keep them supported and their interest free loans it appears that the president ordered the Federal Reserve to make those loans are somehow twisted their arm to make those loans interest-free. The courses may eventually lead to all kinds of inflation but hopefully if the economy gets going again we might be able to more that off but you have to do a lot more than what we’ve been doing and I don’t think the government can do it. Because before governments will change, men must change. I don’t care how much you love trunk that’s just as dangerous as hating is to love them without thinking you have to hold him to high standards and we see this I just talked to people about it again in the government here in Oregon the governor is not legally the governor of Oregon easily proved in less than five minutes webpage Article 2 Section 22 that shows you the governor has already for further office she has every right to the office and all these commands and executive orders are null and void and any appointments that she made are literally null and void because she has no right to the office that’s the law that in the Constitution is not some statute passed by the legislature this is passed by the government of the people for the people by the people the people put this in the Constitution of Oregon and everybody who’s in the government organ is sworn to abide by it but more than half of them are not doing so. And they’re getting away with not doing so because their constituents say yeah but I like he’s really a nice guy. So I’m not going to enforce the Constitution I’m not going to obey the Bible that says to read in enforce those rules that you make for your leaders every day. They’re not doing that. They think they’re Christians but they’re not doing and sold the governor who’s not the government’s terrain is if she’s the governor and she’s threatening martial law and shutting down… She’s going to forbid the restaurants to even have curbside service. Now people and government senators and congressmen and other members of government in organ are thinking that they’re going to have a showdown with the governor. The showdown they should be having is that the governor is not the governor.

Must rebuild from the bottom-up, not top-down

[00:40:21] Now I’m telling you this to show you what a mess you made of things because you haven’t been seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. You’ve been trying to create your own rulers. Now what is the Bible tell you that when you want to have a ruler they can exercise authority. They warned you that a ruler with taken taken taken taken taken taken rule over you and force your children to do what they want and make your children their slaves and you’re gonna cry out well right now I’m just telling you you need to repent and start thinking differently and start holding you know making your yeses yes and making them stick by their yeses and making them stick by their oaths. And you have to have principles and that’s because you haven’t been practicing real righteousness people got self-righteousness down pat. They got that. But real righteousness they don’t have. is real righteousness would say wait a minute I like you I think you’re great guy but you can keep your word you broke the rule rule is this. And you didn’t abide by rules that you have to step down from your office. Now of all those guys that are broken a rule which is most of Congress and the Senate in the state of Oregon got together and said you’re right we need to in order to hold the governor to this Constitution, we are going to have to abide by it. is that of just jumping out the window running down the street when the boat comes up that you don’t like you go and say look were going to have to step down and the governor has to step down to because that’s the law and you force the hand of the government and the governor now in many cases a many offices when they step down they can they can appoint a replacement. I don’t know they get away with is because they really don’t have they have forfeited the officer how can they appoint a replacement for the office. So theoretically, it may bring about some chaos. But the reality is is that what that chaos can be overcome in the people start taking back the responsibilities it doesn’t mean that the be mass killings in the street. Everybody knows pretty much what their job is. It’s like down the local mill they had a guy was just bossing everybody around and he was kinda not liking his head of that department. And finally he went away for two weeks. of vacation or what but he was gone for two weeks everybody in the middle worked really hard in the out produced in the other two weeks of the year while he was gone just to make them look bad. They know what their job is. This government that that this nation was great not because of the government but because of the people. But you need to get organized from the bottom up instead of from the top down. Stop looking at the top for your solution and those of you up there the top start respecting the wishes and rights of the people. Start getting together with the people and and this can be a learning curve because it’s gonna be a lot of people that want to get involved in this and they’re still selfish. They have to change your minds have to change your hearts have to change you’ll do it for what you can get but you can do it for.

The Body of Christ made up of tens hundreds and thousands

[00:43:52] What did JFK… JFK was the first one try to stop the Federal Reserve. Really stop it. I mean you go back to the idea of having a national bank like the Federal Reserve everything been around for a long time been plenty other presidents who opposes Lincoln had problems with it I could go to a lot of the presents were opposing there were some for ot. You know, I think Hamilton thought it was a good idea but Hamilton had a lot of bad ideas but the reality is is that it’s here and it is a major source of our problems but it isn’t the Federal Reserve by itself it’s our apathy and avarice and ignorance we can do this another way I don’t know there is the will of the people that do it but the thing is you don’t need everybody to go along with this week we’ve laid out we can show you were not going to explain it on the radio this is not given unto you to know. But if you sit down the tens hundreds and thousands, we will teach your ministers and they will teach you. And then once you know it will be a knowledge in the body of Christ. And the whole body of Christ. But it’s what Jesus was doing because he that was the same system. Now Rome was a Republican it went to an indirect democracy. And that’s what you’re at now. And now you rulers have more power than it was ever intended for them to have. And when something like a little virus comes along, everybody’s looking to the government to solve the problem to be their salvation guy gave you the salvation from this virus shows you what to do it you don’t know what you meant learning because you been looking in the wrong direction. You need to turn around need to find out what’s really going on and so if you don’t sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands, how in the world begin to confront evil? You can do it on an individual basis. But you need to do it that’s why if you love God then you have to love your neighbor as yourself as is the second commandment of Jesus Christ in order to love your neighbor you have to come together with your neighbor you have to gather together and show that love. And is showing that love is not dictating some doctrine. Loves is a lot simpler than that. else people say why do we make it so complicated we make it really simple, but life gets complicated. So I say no you take care of one another how you do that will that gets complicated but the principle is simple.

The Gospel of Christ can’t be taken partially

[00:46:41] And it gets more complicated because we have to do it in the midst of tyranny. Because we already have tyaranny. You just haven’t felt the full weight of the boat yet but it’s common and I’m not against government. Governments there to punish the wicked. Who are the wicked? Slothful. Apathetic. Aphoristic. People of the world who love to engage in covetous practices instead of the righteous practices of Christ. They are content at living at the expense of others and depending for their livelihood on the property of others because that’s what you’re doing. The money that’s going to come from the government is not you people supply paid in the unemployment, I have a right to unemployment. That money you paid in dues eat up the first day that’s gone the money you’re going to get now and unemployment is clearly coming that’s what they’re telling you on the news but you putting the facts together as you’re just thinking about yourself that worries coming from the future of your children because their borrowing that money to pay you that Workmen’s Comp today. You don’twant Workmen’s Comp. telling you can’t get it been telling you that that’s the cheese those loans that they want to give your small business is a many of them realize that that’s cheese in a trap of debt you want that but just knowing that isn’t going to do you any good the kingdom of God is the alternative to the tyranny of the world. And if you pursue the kingdom of God… That’s what Jesus said that the John the Baptist said that’s what the all the prophets is set to seek the kingdom of God pursue the kingdom of God which includes the righteousness of God. Which would include, therefore, loving your neighbor as yourself. You just don’t know how to do that you’re not being taught in your faith churches have to say fake churches because they’re not if you’re not preaching the whole gospel in a preaching the gospel preaching something less than the gospel. That’s just basic common sense logic, reality. That’s one thing Christ was was logical and real.

So anyway, we need to take a break. Actually, what are we at now that I look at the time longer did we set the to oh my gosh we had a lot of fun here we just went right but anyway I I was going to go a little bit into the world health I took some a bunch of those I had a mama phone with my phone was in the other and so I don’t have them in front of me I do have other notes that I could go over about the coronavirus but you really…

Networks were critical in the Bible and they are today

[00:49:50] We had somebody who thinks that you study the Bible I started by one all by lively has a whole webpage the eat bad mouse us on his webpage and there’s a couple of guys that do this but that was one particular post I somewhere in the Midwest I just know he’s Polish because’s last name and he was saying is nowhere in the Bible where it says to form a network thought like what you nowhere does Jesus talk about forming a network while we know historically that the church was organized in the tens hundreds and thousands. That’s where you get words like deacon really because it comes from that to which has to which is a similar word in Greek and Latin which means 10 yet became known as a minister or sermon but as a servant of 10 and that’s the word originally came from the same word is 10 because that’s the way the organize themselves thousands of years before Christ all he back in the days in Iran and Iraq organize the people into the tens hundreds and thousands. But Nimrod did it from the top down you get to choose what 10 group you are with he told you EE appointed the officers of your nation from the top down and your offices that he appointed had authority over the people for Christ and do that he appointed his charge is called out to but he forbade them to exercise authority one over the other. But they were still do sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and that’s what Christ commanded. And this guy has studied the Bible for years decades and he didn’t know they Christ commanded that the people sit down and tens hundreds and thousands. Organize themselves in that tens hundreds and thousands or there wasn’t going to be any loaves and fishes. And so if you’re not going to organize yourself into the tens hundreds and thousands there’s not going to be any loaves and fishes for you. So you know we see in a Walmart was told that they were allowed to sell garden supplies and seeds and all that stuff not I just recently to the network that information that Walmart is now issued a letter that they said they misinterpreted the law and so they will be doing that to what extent I don’t know yet but I can tell you this that that kind of stuff is affecting… Meat markets are going to be terribly affected. Ranches are being driven out of business by cartels in the meat processing area. We know that for months now and supposedly your public servants are working on summer working hard others are like stifling the progress in the area but certainly a cartel it’s making millions upon millions of dollars yet driving the ranchers out of business same way with a lot of other things because we don’t have a free market in America they are controlling the market and a lot of the market that I see that they’re controlling is the market that feeds you. So I mention this morning community supported agriculture you need to get a holier farmer and the best way to do that in my personal opinion is to join the network like what Christ said to do it when I say join the network you’re not gonna be a member of the network you know become a member you’re not person to us you’re an individual to us. If you join the United States system of social welfare through force your person you be a person to them to us you will always be an individual and there’s a transition here. You need to start seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. For when the unrighteous Mammon fails you will be suitable for more righteous habitations will that’s what the kingdom of God is a more righteous habitation. And when they had plagues going to Europe early on in their first few hundred years of the the church thousands died tens of thousands died but tens of thousands lived and how many people says that Mr. historians seem to all agree began to become Christians. Real question is not present any Christians. Real Christians because they saw the Christian way the way of Christ was a better way but it’s a way based on faith hope and charity the perfect love liberty is not based on force and fear in fealty which is the way the world operates which is why if you don’t buy them they get to shoot you you like I said right to speedy trial gone with this virus. And they stipulated in there that even after the emergency virus Florentine is over they still can wait a year before they give it a trial or more and we get a trial and maybe by video in a courtroom to your detained for a year or more two years whatever finally get you trial you don’t use it in the same courtroom with the judge or the witnesses for the jury is still in your cell watching it on video how is that American jurisprudence. How is that even voiced out of the mouths of people we have lot we have become savages civilized savages now your you can’t change the world but you can be changed by following the way. The Way. That’s what Christianity was called. The way in the way is where people sit down tens hundreds and thousands love their neighbors as themselves and even love the stranger in their midst and in the somebody on the other side of the network Christ that you never even met you care about them when they said relief from Jerusalem to other places, or from Galatia to Corinth, the people Galatia didn’t know the people in court but they knew there in the network of Christians that spread all the way to the Celts in Northern Ireland and beyond. Up into Norway. Up and do Sweden they were up there now because it’s a free society you get lots of versions of Christianity but don’t on more rituals from the righteousness we’re not trying to form new rituals the counters of days we want to be righteous and righteous according to the terms of God which are very clear so that’s where you want to go that’s where you want head that’s where you want to be and if you if you gather together with us you can help us learn those ways and teach us those ways like is that somebody’s been fixing a lot of my typos and I didn’t even know it. Sounded a little impatient when he told me. But that I’ve had to add to this constantly because the things are constantly coming to light but the next phase that some you might be concerned about but until then join the network and peace on your house and may God be with you. And I see all the listeners the game at least that I see on the board. Thanks for coming. God bless.

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