Key 2023 – The Road Back From Fear

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2023

The good news means you don’t need to be anymore concerned about the coronavirus more than you would be the common cold. Moving toward God’s form of government is the best immunization against the fear spread by governments of the world.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 11, 2020

Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:08:45] Covid-19 and how the body works
[00:42:19] We are each like a cell in the network of connections.
[00:48:51] What is the nature of true remedy?
[01:17:01] How does the Kingdom of God factor in?
[01:26:07-01:26:50] (gregbio)


[00:01:27] Do viruses cause disease?
[00:05:27] More important to be loyal to truth than to nation.
[00:08:45] Covid-19 and how the body works
[00:23:13] Disease and remedy in today’s world
[00:42:19] We are each like a cell in the network of connections.
[00:48:51] What is the nature of true remedy?
[00:59:23] What is God’s, not civil government’s, plan?
[01:17:01] How does the Kingdom of God factor in?
[01:26:07-01:26:50] (gregbio)

Paul’s Notes

No more concerning than common cold; Virus process complexity; It’s the economy stupid; Conspiracy; Loyalty to truth; Jesus the Christ – the only leader not overcome by power; Followers of “The Way”; God’s plan; Worst contagion = fear; T-cells; Exosomes; Vaccine process; Correlation vs causation; Isolation lengthens pandemic; Kingdom of God is an ingenious system; Righteousness begets safety; Knowing them by their works; Selfishness disease – antithesis of Christ; Who’s your savior?; Vaccine salvation; MOST are already immune; Incentives for coronavirus diagnosis; Death by ventilator; Cellular communication; God’s plan = you well NOW; Exosomes and viruses; Antibodies; Protein keys; Christ’s problem-solving network; Keeping communication open; Who cares for YOU?; Zinc; Hydroxychloroquine; Getting zinc into cells; Avoiding enzyme inhibitors; Dying from symptoms; The solution; Prayer – requires action; Kingdom of God is a government; Caring for neighbor; If you had a network; Suicide increase due to fear/anxiety/hopelessness; China immunity without vaccine; Sharing research; Profit-seeking spirit; Passing immunity?; Lymphatic system – movement driven; Spirit driven?; Love with physical action; Becoming a light unto the world; Social distancing citations; No hiding from coronavirus – or fear; Sharing exosomes of immunity?; Body reaction to invasion; Built into creation; Invading ideas; Zombie Apocalypse here already – no mind of Christ; WWJD?; Set up your own socialism – by choice; No forcing others; Private enterprise works better than government; All are people – what spirit do they have?; People lacking knowledge – on viruses; Epidemics every year; Let thy food be thy medicine; Be ready to speak intelligently in love; Purifying the body; Self-filtering by light; Christ’s way; Whole truth so they might be saved; Anger comes from within; Practice religion.

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