Key 2021 – Pandemic of Selfishness

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2021

As the panic over the coronavirus continues, many alternative news sources are waking up to what we’ve been saying for weeks…that the pandemic seems more contrived than real. What should be the response of the body of Christ?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 4, 2020

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[01:38:27] How the early church dealt with these problems
[01:30:34] The early church become popular in times of turmoil because of it’s organization

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Welcome to the Keys of the Kingdom. I’m brother Gregory and, again, we’re going to talking about the kingdom of God. And we’re going to be looking at the news which the news is almost entirely coronavirus there’s everybody’s lockdown on their houses from South Africa to Australia to Nigeria to the United States Ave. because we’ve quarantined the planet for a virus that is going to go everywhere anyway, They’re not stopping the virus with this quarantined. They’ve admitted that from the beginning they’ve said that from the beginning they’ve said that just recently and so all they’re doing is slowing it down so that we don’t fill too many beds in the hospital. Or use too many resources. Now they’re running out of mass but it’s not because all kinds of people are sick is because all kinds of people are afraid to get sick of a virus that may have one of the lowest death rates of any major virus that’s come along in the last six century. At least that’s what it appears by the actual statistics that are coming out of the medical professionals and researchers.

Pandemics of history

[00:01:43] So what is the pandemic is a pandemic of fear is not a pandemic of a virus yes some people going to die a what you had this virus are not some people were going to die you will some people die that would not have died probably but virus is coming go been coming and going for thousands of years. You can go back to ancient times when the Roman centurions came back from fighting wars in the he was in Carpathian and they brought something that appeared to be smallpox and spread rapidly through the Roman people because of the fact that there was no immunity to this particular disease. It had developed somewhere else in the world and people didn’t travel around so much to go from Carpathian a nation to Rome was not very common and it took a long time so if you got sick on the way it was a legal sickness you would die. If it didn’t kill you then you got immunity and then you didn’t spread it to somebody else but as trade routes sped up more people got sick because viruses can travel. And then, of course, we had the bubonic plague where the virus traveled in rats because the virus wasn’t actually in the ratcheting get it from the rats you got it from the fleas on the rats. And so what it the rats traveled around in the fleas travel around the rat died in the fleas left the rat looking for another host and Accorsi got on people and and people got the bubonic plague because fleas were everywhere. And all they needed was flea powder. And a can of maybe done something about it or got rid of the rats.

Pied Piper

[00:03:36] But if they look to somebody to get rid of the razz for the you then the then you might get into another problem which was the Pied Piper of Hamblen. If you look on our book Covenants of the gods, that’s the picture on the front of the Covenants of the gods… was the Pied Piper of Hamblen who could go and play his pipe and he could get all the pros to follow him and he get all the rats to follow him and he hired on to the government to solve their problem the problem of the people and he let all the rats into the water and drowned them. And that’s the story and but then they didn’t pay them they do they were defaulted on their payment to him and so he ended up leading all the children away and they supposedly go into a mountain disappear. And they lost all their children because they couldn’t pay the Pied Piper whose solve their problem and then created another problem that was worse than ever no children in the little hamlet.

Finding viruses

[00:04:49] But anyway, so what does that have to do with what’s going on today? Well I don’t think the virus is what is the big problem here is that incompetence is a conspiracy is the corruption you know like you have actually Kissinger said this was a male said it before my camera but I have a quote on our Corona virus page never let a good crisis go to waste. And so we have this crisis of a new virus the reality is we have new viruses every year that’s why Juan was built all the hospitals in the storage units were built in Wuhan is to look for new viruses. Because if you find a new virus that’s coming and it from it poses an actual threat because all the viruses are different they’re just DNA strands that have come a kind of gathered in a little ball with little proteins sticking on the outside of them. And that they’re so tiny you they you can’t even hardly is see we can see them with a microscope you have to have like an electron microscope to see them. And they’re not even alive they have no homeostasis. And some people were saying I saw a number of videos of things going around the viruses don’t exist and that this virus may not even exist. And the reality is, I do believe it exists. Because I see the pattern in the behavior of the people I think I’ve already had coronavirus most of the people my family have already had it.

Inprecise virus tests

[00:06:21] And that is really kind of a major story that people have to get through. Is that most people in the what we know Oxford you know we’ve got this we put it out before that the Oxford specialists who have been building a machine to test for the actual antibodies to the virus and the and the virus the presence of the virus in antigens in the body so they can tell if you’ve got it and they can tell if you haven’t got it. Now just recently circulated amongst the politicians in the state of Oregon, and actually a lot of that started here, is that the the from virus tasked they’ve been saying well to test this pursuit test that person it is a virus specific. It can’t really if you’re asymptomatic it may not even know that you have been sick. As matter fact when they were on board the diamond Princess ship and their testing people they were test one person one day it they did them I guess somebody three times in the same week and get different results because it’s not really testing for the coronavirus this is a shock to most people because the somebody says were testing for and you think they’re going to know once they have taken this test and some doctors are saying the test is 80% gives a false reading. Some say only 30%. Most agree who are in the business of eggs using these tests not just prescribing them like doctors in a doctors office but actual people who were down there where the rubber meets the road when it comes to testing this and he could beat wrongfully percent of the time is it and is not virus specific it could be something else there seen in you the reason they use it it’s is categorized as a diagnostic tool. They look at all the symptoms that lines up with coronavirus and then they try this test and has as well they are do have a virus or not just faking the symptoms and they say okay you have coronavirus. But that is not a guarantee because it isn’t that kind of test and people are surprised when they find that out. Politicians were this last week were shocked when they found that out.

Atrophy of community

[00:08:57] A lot of the information that we’ve been accumulating… I’m not a doctor I’m kind of an investigative journalist but usually I’m investigating history. But now were investigating the making of history which is this whole thing about the coronavirus. Now, Tucker Carlson, you know he’s an actual… he’s is not really a full-fledged journalist either, but he does report a little bit more like a journalist than most of the reporters you see out there on most of the other stations. He isn’t 100% right. I see little bit the kingdom tracks in his life but he still look into the government but then he occasionally says you know the people have to take responsibility. But the point is he does but I was story questioning vouching any he goes in his research team I’m sure he’s not doing all this. He’s got lots of help. I’m just here in this office. But we do have a lot of people on the network and they do feed me things from time to time and I’d like to see more people join the network because that’s what we should be doing a voluntary system of government on the people for the people and by the people as a voluntary network of people working together not only to help one another but to find the truth. And that’s what you need. And finding part of the truth is not finding the whole truth and you need to find the whole truth and provide for and a lot of people you know they think they have found the truth and they put it on Facebook and people like it and I think they’ve done something like done something but they haven’t done what they needed to do you have to actually become physically involved with the life of others and care about the lives of others. We have atrified and that muscle of society. We don’t care about others which is why people are ripping 345 bags of toilet paper off the shelf and and going out of the store or traveling around in the stock trailer buying up every roll of toilet paper in every town. They come to me that’s actually people are doing that they did that in our little County and and the people sitting behind the the counter just sold them all the toilet paper in the whole town only store in town the caring toilet paper I sold it all to somebody from out of town with a stock trailer full of toilet paper what are they thinking while we haven’t been thinking we have been thinking for years but anyway back to the Tucker Carlson story, where he shows that found she was this main advisor well credentialed guy got lots of degrees been a administrator for years well that’s nice and maybe a nice guy but when he started the said this was no no more significant than the annual flu. That we shouldn’t worry and it’s not a big deal and then a few days later saying it’s okay to go to the Super Bowl. That there is no problem with that which is a mass number of people to go to it and personally I think it was okay to go to the Super Bowl except I wouldn’t go to the Super Bowl because I have no interest in going to the Super Bowl. But if you want to go that would been fine but then there saying that was a breeding ground spreading it all throughout the people in the Super Bowl tickets was in Florida which may be partly why Florida has ally cases the reason Florida has a lot of cases is the availability of the virus. And that may been contributed by the Super Bowl a lot of people got it but is because it’s a huge vast retirement community in parts of Florida. And so therefore that’s where you see the cases where people are immune compromised because of age, because of high blood pressure, because of diabetes, because they’re overweight, because they’re sedentary, because they smoke. All these things make you more susceptible.

Making yourself more susceptible

[00:13:13] You know and one of the things I pointed out to somebody and people took it as you I’m being humorous but I’m trying to show people the ridiculousness of this whole thing is that 300,000 people will die this year from obesity. They will categorize their cause of death obesity and obese people are more likely to have a problem with coronavirus. And and there’s a number of reasons why that is. It has to do with the fact that there obese and it affects the circulation and you have cells fat cells we don’t need them in and so you could have a problem with coronavirus and it could cause your death. Right now they’ll probably put your debt down as coronavirus not obesity. Because I mean that’s what they’re doing is only has a heart condition or lung condition they get the wrong virus they said no they die the current coronavirus not the fact that they smoked for 50 years and direct their lungs so that the coronavirus caused them to tip over into the afterlife. But they’ll say it was the coronavirus they killed but the the reality is is a lot of these people are the endangered people and they should have already quarantined themselves personally away from this. Of course the people who have been eating too much or eating for diets or smoking or doing these other things are not taking care of their health. A lot of times you can lower high blood pressure by diet and exercise and meditation many people of done that. But if you don’t care I know people are diabetic and they want to eat what they want to eat they don’t want to change your diet one bit they just give themselves insulin shots and of course some of the people I’ve known like that are dead now. Other people I know have changed their diet and eight lowered their the amount of insulin they’ve taking and they’ve actually improve their health and they’re doing great because they look that they were willing to sacrifice to improve the health of their personal body. That’s what we need to do in the world today as we need to learn how to personally sacrifice to improve the health of society in which we live. Each individual is like a cell in the body of society we talk about the body of Christ a lot of people think they’re part of the body of Christ as a go to church in the talk about Jesus. But that doesn’t make you a part of the body of Christ and Jesus warned that a lot of people would go around using his name and saying there Christians and saying their do great things in the name of Christ and they thought they were but they were actually workers of iniquity that articles up to show you exactly how you could be a worker of iniquity and think your saved. And not be saved and actually Jesus was a get eat from me I know you not you don’t want to be one of those Christians who think they’re Christians and are not they believe they are they go to pastors and tell them they are and so therefore they must be Christians. But in reality, they’re doing the opposite of what Christ said.

Computer models have a poor track record

[00:16:57] But anyway back to Tucker Carlson talking about found she that he was saying this was not a problem. But it ended up supposedly being a problem and we had institutes coming out with projections computer models if it’s a computer model it must be right because computers are so smart. It’s like all the weather predictions for the last 20 3040 years that have been completely wrong. Or the ones that were back in the 1970s and said we should of been an Ice Age now for 20-30 years already. And instead were saying that were global warming and that the temperatures are going to you all the poles are gonna melt it will all of flooded oceans. But that was wasn’t a place 20 years ago. But it’s not it didn’t almost all those computer models have been completely wrong about what the temperatures going to be next year. It didn’t happen it that’s not what they were wrong they need to be rethought, rewritten, or scrapped. There have been some computer models that have been right fairly close to write about temperatures. As right is the weather man gets far more correct than what we have been told by the ones that everybody’s listening to but nobody wants to look at those they don’t look at those computer models and see what the difference is. Because there on this mass hysteria about climate change now that jump from that mass hysteria to the mass hysteria about coronavirus.

The new right to impinge on other people’s rights

[00:18:45] Somebody posted something… somebody I’ve known since he was a little kid… that what if you saw somebody going into a restaurant people going into restaurant would you turn the men and of course some people were saying yes absolutely because we the viruses killing people things are killing people eating too much as Gilly people like I said 300,000 people are gonna die because of obesity if what they’re saying is right anytime you see a fat person eating pie you need to stop them and turn them into the obesity police we need to quarantine them away from food. Because people are going to die because they’re overweight. You have the right… Evidently now, somewhere came along I’m sure it wasn’t in the Constitution the right to take away the right of an individual to life liberty and pursuit of happiness if you think they’re doing something that might cause their debt that’s what you think you think you have the right to quarantine the whole world people actually dying already in the 14 people actually locked in their homes in China and died in their homes. Somebody, I guess, was shot and not South Africa because he was supposed to go back into his home was home is a metal shack where he lives with 1314 other people in the middle of the day in South Africa going back into your home can kill you if you have a home like that and of course people didn’t want to go see the Army made them go in somebody got killed in the process. It’s crazy! You can’t go out to the beach you can maintain social distances on the beach viruses can’t hardly survive out there on the beach in the sun and the dry sand and the salt water. That is a good place to go. To be in and out in the open in the sun and where you get healthy environment. The reality is this virus, according to the people at Oxford according to the people of Mount Angel according to other people has already been traveling through society at a rapid rate.

Diamond Princess cruise ship example

[00:21:21] And the problem is… which we knew way back at the diamond Princess… that most of the people who get it… now this is on the diamond Princess where most everybody is over the age of 60 there’s a lot of people that are overweight a lot of people that are diabetic a lot of people that have health issues it is not the general society where you have children and people it 20 and 30 and 40 years of age, they’re not on that ship. This is all old people. And yet half the people had either no symptoms at all that the virus had no symptoms at all and or had mild symptoms so they didn’t even know they had the flu or the had moderate symptoms where they had the flu but they would never go to a doctor they just had moderate symptoms there was only a few people they got really sick and only two people out of over what I think there were 1400 people in that ship that died. That’s a very small percentage of deaths amongst only old people. But of course, if you get 330 million people together then that’s a lot of people you could end up with 1000 deaths it was still only be a tiny little percent and then did they die because they were obese because they were diabetic you know when you say that diabetics are vulnerable to this. Everybody who’s a diabetic is not more vulnerable to some people who are diabetic they can’t even heal their own tissue they have to have limbs amputated. They’re going blind because their diabetes is affected the health of their body so bad those are the ones who are extremely vulnerable at. An average diabetic, he might be in pretty good health. So how bad is this virus was why are we shutting down the entire planet. What is really going on what is a lot of things that nobody’s looking at because everybody’s looking at the coronavirus. We have to get over this fear and anxiety about the virus. We’ll be back.

$2 trillion misdirection

[00:23:54] So welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. I heard a man say the other day that he would rather get the coronavirus, and even die, rather than take away the future of his children. And I thought I was an interesting statement. Because he kinda sees the future of his children going away as economy is crippling down and crumbling so what is really going on with this coronavirus and what were seeing as the coronavirus. And what the government is finding is a solution now again I think there are other things going on I think there certainly is corruption I think there are a lot of the media that is not in love with the truth but using this and what they imagine or what they try to get everybody else to imagine to get ratings. To promote a political agenda or a philosophy. We’ve seen the I hate trompe media for years now and while Trump certainly has lots of room for criticism and the but most of the criticism that is thrown at them is just nonsense this bogus assistant vented instead of focusing on some real issues that you can say that that would be constructive criticism they’ve just gone bat crazy about you know I going after him and trying to accuse him of all kinds of things. I mean the attack his wife in tact this is Sonnen and what is that all about when you are done I kind of stuff and even though I mean some first ladies and things you can criticize. But they were they walked on water but for some reason they’re so hateful toward strong that they are disk Ewing biasing and not really focusing on the real issues that night might need constructive criticism but what happened according one person was saying this to me said what they have done is sent everybody to their room while they went out and robbed the bank. So you we hear about the $2 trillion. $2 trillion. at the lack of dollar bills stacked up and I would just go on and on and started semi’s of money to trillion dollars to aid people in this fight against coronavirus and will revisit the coronavirus to find out how how inaccurate the predictions were but they’re going to issue $2 trillion course that their borrowing this to trillion dollars that it’s coming from the Federal Reserve and because they don’t have the money is already in debt we know we the national debt is way up here. And somebody says what we can just print money is not like we owe it to anybody know that isn’t the way it works as work that way hundred years in somebody else must the gun a public school because they don’t know what they’re talking about but anyway they’re going to borrow these to to drill are too young to trillion dollars to help out the people and you might get a check for $1250. And unemployment. They’re going to help out with unemployment some people actually make more unemployment than they were making in their jobs that’s the way it works out the way they’ve done this this is which is crazy nobody’s tightening their belts I understand that regular employment might not be enough to get the people through because they’ve overextended themselves or they didn’t have much of a wage to begin with. And all that so maybe you can help them out but the reality is we don’t need to do any of that stuff because we don’t need to quarantine the whole nation or the whole world.

1 million military troops on reserve

[00:28:17] We don’t need to call out military troops I’m sure that somebody said they called up or at least talk about calling up as many as 1 million troops was now about for growing and they are not keeping social spacing if this virus is so deadly it’s going to be running to the troops like nobody’s business concern to be putting them in barracks and they’re going to be marching next to each other less than 6 feet apart. You can’t go to the beach, but they can take hundreds of thousands of troops and put them together in barracks. And then I can have this gigantic playground was going to die. The death rate didn’t exist among 60-year-olds that should we should get all concerned.

Hospital solutions

[00:20:07] We’ll get into the hospital bed thing, but the reality is… Tucker Carlson I think said it and another thing I’ve known it for sometimes I tell you all kinds of things about the amount of hospital beds you know why hospitals only have the amount of as they have because their federally regulated not to have more beds. Why did the federal government take the time to make a regulation to keep hospitals from putting in extra beds into a hospital they take care of overflow why why would they do that is because the federal government pays the Medicare or Medicaid and all those kinds of things. And if they let him put in more hospital beds it be more elective surgeries and that the more money going out by the federal government so they way of restricting that they restricted the number of beds in hospitals the federal regulation somebody went to the time to pass that what was the motivation save money. That’s because you you you do have a government control healthcare some people are clamoring to have more government control of their health care is some people are actually saying we don’t want any government control and healthcare. There was one thing the trumpet out and he gets very little presses that he was I don’t know if it’s ever going to come about mauka soldiers got washed under the coronavirus was medical accountability. But of course, we could have done that without the federal government if we got together like Christ said to get together and we were actually doing what Christ commanded us to do we could go to hospitals and say we want transparency and billing we want transparency transparency and what it will cost to have this elective surgery or that surgery or this treatment done what do you charge put it in a list you have a list I know somebody who is dealing with a hospital at talked about this before and they were they’re going hospital he wants her test done. So they wanted to know how much the test costs so they talked one person ended up talking to a person that set it was giving them all these prices of this all this test costs this much, this costs this much, this discusses so then they scheduled the tests and they were going to go in and everything and then all of a sudden somewhere in the process they found out wait a minute this test costs 10 times twice as much as what you said on the phone they said no this is what it costs is that that’s not what you told me on the phone what did they tell you unique she gave the price that they told and they said they’re not supposed to get that price out. What! You mean there’s two sets of prices? One the public gets to see in the other one the doctor gets to see because the doctor gets a kickback on every test he sends you in for that ends up doubling or even tripling or even you know some really ridiculous doubling is ridiculous thus I guess are super ridiculous but you’ll get to see those prices but that’s the actual cost of the tests. They don’t let you see those prices is why doctors have big boats because there is an transparency in the pricing. We could have fixed that as a people if we came together.

Toilet paper hoarding indicative of bigger problem

[00:32:36] And if we came together as a people, anybody taking three gigantic bags of toilet paper off the shelf would’ve been shunned by everybody in the store. The people at the register said what are you doing you don’t need that much. Stop. Put that back we would’ve done that because we would’ve had character we would’ve had morality in our lives we would’ve cared about our neighbor the next customer comes in we don’t know what a knees for bags of 24 rolls of toilet paper. Nobody needs that. Now if you want to stock up, buy an extra one next time you’re in the store you know by next one every time we go to the store and stock up the can you can actually put use it as insulation around your house eventually and you won’t burden society and you won’t deprive your neighbor of anything that’s called stocking up that’s not called hoarding that stocking up that’s actually creating grading more income for somebody when you go in and clean off the shelf your selfish pig. That’s what you are your selfish because you don’t care about the next guy you’ll care about your neighbor you’re not a Christian you can tell anybody carrying out all that stuff because they’re panicking, they’re not Christians. Because they don’t care about their neighbor that might not be able you know I know people that we would take her old people and some of that we always ask and you have enough of this you have enough of that and this is all I still have enough and we have to tell them now don’t wait till you’re completely out and then say you need that because we might go to the store it is not bear because of all the unChristian people out there cleaning off the shelves to save themselves.

Major changes to rules due to virus response

[00:34:35] Back to that father… He said, “I would rather die then put my children in debt.” So $2 million $2 trillion in that’s a lot the we disconnect over billion to get to trillion but that’s not all they spent as what they’re going to share with you the goal here is going to go there and businesses to airlines and airline industry is devastated. But there is actually $6 trillion that’s being given out. Because the Federal Reserve is this $4 million to take care of the banks because the bank the whole banking system is now changed all oil change is not changing backcourt systems of change in the and the ruling is is that is not changing back even after the virus goes. Now they can arrest you put you in jail you you don’t get a speedy trial that’s is gone they can keep you in jail for a year without trial you may not see a judge for year here in jail locked up in jail prison in a prison camp whatever this is the rules that they come out did they tell you that even on Fox. Did you hear 10 times over like you here on everything on the others channels? No. So $6 trillion you can be arrested put in jail for year never see a judge and then you can actually be try to never be in the same room as the judge never be in the same room as the prosecutor never be in the same room as the witnesses against you never be in the same room as your jury. Because he can all be done by video while even after the threat of the virus goes. Because that’s what they say. Did they tell you that in your news that you been looking to do is stimulate your hate against this guy or that guy now telling you that. So $6 trillion that’s a lot that’s going on the people because the people are surety for the debt of the United States because of other things that they’ve done against the will of Christ against the will of God and contrary to what God has said from the beginning they’ve gone out become a surety for dad so that debt is there and is placed on you and will be placed on your children after you die. $6 trillion added to what was already there was was over $50,000 per person for me when your children are born is $50,000 in debt placed on what you just added in another $18,181.81. I rounded it down and $.81 because when you do the math it actually comes out if you see the numbers it’s 181818181818. That’s what comes out to that was what so you get $1000 though but your children and your wife and you are an additional $18,000 so there’s 10 people in your family that’s $181,000 placed on your family but you get a check for $1250 so I mean like that’s your tip. So I’ll give you a tip you need to think differently because something else is going on here the whole of society is changing before our eyes.

Exponential spread of immunity

[00:38:15] So Fauci said there wasn’t any problem. It’s no different than the flu. But he says it is but then nowadays we look at these computer models in the computer models tell us that all were barely out of all these bad similarly short of all these bad’s and were you know chances and everywhere else they’ve never got anywhere close to that in most locations most locations they have not got close to the amount of beds that they say you’re going to need. And running out of supplies is mostly because of panic. I mean, I can tell you stories that you wouldn’t believe is people you know I get first-hand stories and I is that. Our coronavirus article was used to draft a letter to senators and congressmen people in government all over Oregon and in and shortly after we been putting some of the stuff out to people in government they’re putting it out to to others then we hear things trickling back from a high up in the government… the federal senators and stuff like that where there there because the cats out of the bag no broadcasting on the small radio stations and podcasts and everything we don’t have a gigantic network like Fox News or minor media but that’s your problem because he you should be joining internetworks he could share this information and then I get feedback I got feedback the other day that I’ve actually miscalculated something. I had to fix that. But the miscalculation was… it was worse for the of my number I I thought I was I thought the number was too low the amount the death rate I gone diamond princes the death rate in the Great Britain based on their population and the amount of people that already had the virus in the death rate the death rate is like .00002. That’s tiny. It’s insignificant. You wouldn’t even notice that on the regular flu deaths if you didn’t somebody hadn’t told you that the coronavirus is going around now that the thing about the coronavirus that is different than a lot of other viruses is a little bit faster traveling in the they love to draw this picture using the problem that it will spread exponentially through society absolutely will spread exponentially through society until it bumps into members of society that have already had it. So when you come into society: nobody’s had one person has a gives it the six those six people give it to six people a piece that’s 36 people those 36 people give it to six people a piece theoretically. And it spreads through all of society rapidly like is no stopping like is a tidal wave coming over the dam. Problem is that if you had another person on the other side of the country that also added he would be doing the same thing and when those people come into contact with each other most of them will have already got the antibodies and they won’t get it again at least for 90 days they say 90 days later the antibodies still seem to be present in their body now eventually those antibodies will decrease in their body now the programming and their body to reproduce those antibodies will still be there if they get in contact again but they could get a mild case again next year. And when they get that mild case again next year because there antibodies against that are low they will be contagious for a short period of time until there anybody’s bill back up and wipe it out they arty have the programming in them. That will stay in there may be for years in their body their bodies doing this not the pharmaceutical companies a pharmaceutical company that God gave you in your body will be protecting you. Unless next year, you’ve gained 500 pounds and you are now obese. Or you started smoking or you have some other health issue then you may not recover but chances are you will recover but you will become contagious for a short period of time until you know some people is a day some people it’s 10 days because some people systems work slower than others. If you’re eating lots of sugar and carbohydrates in living them for you know getting drunk and all kinds of things your body may not act as fast in recovering from that. And you will can be contagious to other people. And those people that the virus missed the first time it came around will get them the second time in a have to quarantine people again. But you should not be quarantining healthy strong people most of the people that are under quarantine in Great Britain have already had it in they’re not a danger. When that guy is spreading from East England to our East London to West London and the other guy from West London when they come into contact with the people of already had it that six number doesn’t exist anymore. And that won’t spread the contagious any faster it’s going to spread no matter what you do there just trying to slow it down is a worry about overwhelming the system. Because there is not enough beds. But in most hospitals throughout the entire nation there has been enough beds because most people don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital most people really don’t get sick enough to even go to a doctor because it’s not that serious of a flu.

Misinformation around the virus

[00:44:39] You know, when I originally put out the thing on our webpage about the coronavirus, I had some numbers based on what was going on that the particular time. I been putting this together goes on rather long is rather long article but have it all sectioned off into different sections so that you can easily find it and share information. Because we’re trying to dispel the insanity of this panic is going to the country because were ripe for fear because we become a selfish people what made America great the part of America that was great was we were unselfish we took care of the for the needy ourselves the reader article and Davy Crockett at find out what people were thinking 150 years ago. Because Americans don’t think that way anymore Americans think about what’s good for me what will I get out of it they’re not thinking about their neighbor they don’t love their neighbor as themselves they can send their pew and say that they can send their pulpits and say that they don’t they simply don’t because they they have lacked knowledge and in some cases they lack the heart of Christ. But they think they’re saved. So anyway, some of the headlines that I have and that is you coronavirus pandemic or panic then I have the audios on the podcasts but then I have news from the princes that’s from the diamond princes I go through the analysis I’ve read the analysis from the doctors who were investigating that it was very interesting because the fact that they had this closed environment in this ship and they were testing these people. Now the test back then were not as good I believe they didn’t only use the Q PCR test but also the the RT-PCR test. Actually those are part of the same operation which is a quantitive test is not a virus specific test but they they can also use other test with their more complex in dealing with but now their machines have had him since 1 March that where you put in blood samples—not just mucous samples on somebody’s sinuses, but blood tests—and those blood tests can actually detect the anybody’s now they didn’t have that on the diamond princes yet but they did have other tests but the reality is is that extremely low death rate amongst the most vulnerable population I would say the absolute most vulnerable because the absolute most vulnerable populations in the hospitals you people that they’re already asked extremely ill learn convalescent homes, which is what we had in Washington. Another one is silent year Wallace I like your is the fact that bot God is giving you a body they can produce those antibodies. Vaccines don’t cure anybody. they’ll heal anybody they generate they stimulate your system to produce antibodies that’s what they do and your it’s because your system doesn’t stimulate itself faster was some people they have anybody’s within a few days read throughout their body in addition they just cut it off and they don’t even get symptoms. Because it goes so quick in their body other people it may take 14 days for them to start producing those antibodies and they may have mild system is a symptoms they that some might have with the call medium symptoms or moderate symptoms but only if you get really sick. And only very, very few die and all those who die. Did they dive the coronavirus or obesity did they dive coronavirus or diabetes did they don’t die of coronavirus or because they smoked for 5060 years in a why did they die without blame it on the coronavirus and you’ll think, “Oh my guys look at this more people who have died in any of they find one case of somebody a small child who died of coronavirus in Chicago and they make a big deal with headline news. 320 million Americans and one kid dicing it you can style of time in Chicago get shot they said no pre-existing conditions. Well, let me go in there is an investigative reporter and say okay was the history of this kid. Did he have say his vaccines is vaccinations within the month before he was exposed to the coronavirus we know that being exposed to other vaccines at the same time you get an infection… Sometimes it can actually help because your system is stimulated but sometimes he can hurt you keep you from developing your natural immunity because it’s so busy because of the vaccinations because the vaccination stimulate your system to protect you from other diseases. And in a small child that can cause that child system to overburden itself and he can’t even fight off a real infection that comes in but if I asked out of the hospital everybody would be shoving me out the door because it couldn’t be that. But we don’t know. But the reality is it’s not a threat. But anyway, we’ll go through some of this when we come back to Keys of the Kingdom. So state to because we and try to get a little bit into the real problem.

Poor medical choices lead to many deaths in past pandemics

[00:50:43] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So I was going to our coronavirus page at that has a load of information that people found extremely informative when we finally get people to go and look at it you should try to get everybody else you noted look at that. And I just running to the things like that silent cure and the silent cure is immunity that expresses we don’t know and that and the Spanish flu that I should a lot of people we know that a lot of people in the Spanish flu died historians will tell you this everywhere and there’s a variety of historian some of them are going back and looking at the digging up the bodies and looking at the way in which they were treated. Looking at all the other parameters in society diet was a major problem for people that got the Spanish flu. Conditions… living conditions was a major problem with people who got the Spanish flu. Treatment, both home treatments and medical treatments were causing the high death rates. They were prescribing things that were really really bad to some of the things they prescribed by doctors all in Europe and the in the least of these ghosts probably and in the far West goes like California I don’t know how many different places they were prescribing it but you’d find it all over the country, that was killing the patients. What the doctors prescribed made things worse. We see that from time to time today to doctors are not immune to medical error medical ideas are wrong any doctor who is giving somebody with coronavirus Advil or ibuprofen are probably killing them. Because those those medicines and there’s probably a big long list of others that I don’t even know about people should be looking into this inhibit the production of certain enzymes which are necessary for the healing of the lungs because this virus is only looking for type II cells in your lungs and that’s what he can attach to. Now if it mutates maybe go for type I and type II and that’s what is likely to happen if we don’t get do this quickly. The idea of delay is probably going to cause a devastating side effect. Because the disease is the way things are designed it needs to go through society quickly. While people at their those that are immune already are at the maximum immunity. Now you can do some sel-quarantining of yourself. You certainly do better habits when you go around and you’re out there in the public and using public restrooms, that you wash your hands and all those things. That’s probably a good idea. Don’t go crazy with it because you’re probably going to get exposed anyway. So some delay may be good with these fast acting viruses. And then certainly don’t be going and kissing grandma and all those kinds of things. She doesn’t need a lifetime of immunity. She’s an older person. She needs protection now. And same way with grandpa anybody else with immune compromise. But the idea of shutting…

Stats of those already infected show an extremely small death rate

[54.18] In Sweden they’re not doing this in other telling people to protect themselves but the kids are still going to school people are still going to work their death rate is little bit higher, but we’re still in the process. A little bit higher than some of the other countries but that this is their spike they get through this spike and it may drop off in six months we go back and look at the death rate and we may find that Sweden had a much smaller death. Right now the death rate is still very tiny amongst the population that size and and we cover or we die as she didn’t use Sweden yet is too early because were right in the middle of the process. But that’s what happened when not I in I wrote about Clive Cook, science editor, you know who Rice coronavirus may have infected half of the UK population Oxford study where the he reveals that the new epidemiological models suggest that the vast majority of the people suffered little or no illness herd immunity says it is reached if we get over 60%. Well half as 50%-60% isn’t that much more. So anyway, I wrote and pointed out that half of you know half of the people of England 33 million people have they’ve already had the virus and at that particular time which is March 17 which is when the announcement was coming out that they had the equipment they been testing it for 15 days to weeks and they were getting good results in that ready to manufacture the machine there was only 759 deaths in only 14,000 cases. 14,500 cases. So that would give you that 0000 people to .00002 death rate which is insignificant your moral that’s that’s higher than the death rate of people get into cars they’re more likely to die a bad thing of the coronavirus so that the tiny little death rate somebody pointed out to me who read that you know 15 days later and they said while the death rate is now already up to 3000. Okay, yeah. that those are people that are arty gotten sick and now have some of them had passed and you’re dealing with 33 million people so 3000 that sounds like all 3000 dad what we could’ve saved up you could probably save as many people by arresting fat people or more you just you don’t everybody that to stop serving pie Europe sorry sir your over 300 pounds I can’t give you any pie. But I want pie. No, I can’t give it to you. that it may cause your death so sorry okay you recalculate with the numbers of 3611 deaths in England and you got 33,700,000 people who have already had and now course two weeks later that number of 33 million is probably up to you know maybe 40 million way over 60% of the people in England have been exposed, had it, and got over it. So what is that death rate that’s gonna be a real high one right .0001. It’s still a tiny insignificant… the annual flu rate is .1 were not even up to .01 yet and the reality is they probably gone past the 60%. But there’s going to be a lag. Because some people have already got it there’s an incubation period than if it doesn’t they don’t get better in two weeks and they start having respiratory problems than they going to the hospital. This will be investigated for years by some people you may not hear the about the results on the news but that’s the way it works. There’s going to be a little bit about a lag so we go back to the original predictions and under the article of Silent Cure. It says anyone wear between 80% of infections in adults and to 95% of infections in children that are observed or detected which is not everybody can because there’s a lot more people that are detected as nobody does any testing could have no idea that they’re sick. But like the Diamond Princess where they were testing everybody it appears to be mild to moderate cases overcome in about two weeks with the rest at home as the experts are saying way back in the beginning which is why Fauci was saying this is not any more dangerous than the regular flu virus we should not panic.

Panic sells more than the boring facts

[00:59:52] But somehow or other, never let a good crisis go to waste it became the vogue to get us to panic. You know, like Richard Epstein at that at the Hoover Institute writes that a serious flaws and predictions of millions or or more Americans dead from coronavirus is wasn’t accurately wit did a similar report of the 90% we have to one of the reason we put this article is that you go there and learn for yourself but also you can share these different sections with people who don’t understand because they’re watching CNN and CBS and all these other things and they’re fed all kinds of nonsense to panic them. There seems to be an effort to panic them. Later on down in one of the other sections we put in a video that was from Ben Swan. once a good investigative reporter he really looks into a lot of stuff and so I recommend that you you listen to him but you still have to take what he says with a grain of salt as well but and that would be you to find that under comparative lies because he’s actually pointing out they are lying to you and Tucker Carlson has pointed out some of the things where there clearly lying to us as well but the backtracking section which is under sinecure is showing you how the original models predicting 500,000 dead by Neil Ferguson…I think he’s from Oxford as well in Great Britain and everybody was publishing that because it was the worst case scenario published by him he rolled that back from 500,000 to 20,000 or far less and it may look like it it may be far less than 20,000 because we may have reached peak already.

Central government overreaction

[01:02:02] Yet they’re calling out troops. The governor of Oregon is talking about calling out troops. Not just shutting down restaurants as they have already done but stopping them from take out. Because some of the restaurants are staying alive by serving take out. And they’re going to stop them so you can even get take out. And now this did this gets even more bizarre. We’ve known for quite some time I know people in that working in government trying to figure this out. As well as private citizens organizations try to figure this out. Cattle prices in America where you get your beef in your hamburgers mean in on all these things are for the cattlemen the price of meat what he gets for his cows on the hook is half of what it should be. Half. His expenses are the same or higher but what he’s getting for cow is driving cattlemen out of business because he is not get is getting a dollar to on the hook for his cows that they meet in the stores is higher than ever who’s making a profit. The major, you know, the slaughterhouses, meatpackers, some people like meatpacker’s is more friendly meatpacker companies are reaping huge profits $500 more per animal than they used to so they’re making but to see this only a few of them these to be lots of them and now there’s like four major ones and but in now I heard last night that in Michigan to Maj. Pete meatpacking plants shut down is not a shortage of meat to sell. There’s not a shortage of meat to buy mean that your customers there’s plenty that want to buy why are they shutting those down I a dairy here in this county one of the there’s not a lot of dairies in our County but it’s shutting down. It’s selling out. Selling all its animals is to shutting down why because they can produce milk know they can produce milk but they’re not allowed to get the price there’s not a competitive market for their milk they’re actually making dairy farmers pour out milk. While you can go down to the local store and their rationing milk. You can only buy this much in milk is not one of those things you can buy ahead like toilet paper you can only buy so much their rationing milk because everybody’s at home they’re not going to restaurants the kids are home there drinking a lot of milk. But dairy farmers are made to pour out their milk by federal regulation rather than sell it. And they can only get X amount of dollars for their milk. So there shutting down these dairies you start them up doing you just suddenly say okay beef ranchers are selling out there going bankrupt. They spent a lifetime raising of her getting the bloodline to where it is knowing their cows getting healthy cows that’s hard. That takes a lot of money and a lot of time and a lot of diligent work on your animals. Some ranchers do a really good job of that others maybe not so much but that’s free enterprise. But the reality is everybody’s being squeezed now. And you’re running these people out of business. You can’t just start up again next week when you say okay everything is over you can’t do that oil wells are that are pumping oil out there there to they going to have to shut down because nobody’s using the fuel the planes are flying half the cars on on the road they’re going to be shutting down you can just start those up again. So this is having huge amount of the fact that we still have people thinking we have to keep them shut down for virus that has a training tiny death rate amongst only the most moldable people of society. It would’ve been cheaper far cheaper fractionally cheaper if we simply put every bowl noble person up in the hotel and isolated them had food brought in and the laundry dropped with people in hazmat suits and they go wash their laundry and they do stay isolated in the hotel to listen is over. That would have been cheaper than what we’re doing. Because it isn’t just the cost of the hospitals. It isn’t just the cost of the airlines is the cost to human beings by the millions all around the world for virus that appears to have very low death rate.

Horrible reporting

[01:06:58] Now these testing machines that are coming out, they’re producing them in different places, all the results that we were getting back from New York and Oxford are saying that everybody has already had the virus. Not everybody of course is still going be more but 50% and they didn’t even get sick and of course that was the actual statistics coming from the experts from the beginning is not coming from the news is coming from the experts from the people who are actually looking at this to the microscope essay and that 90%, 85% of the people don’t even hardly get sick they don’t even know they had the book virus. Silently they have been spreading immunity throughout society. But now that like as a they backtracked so I wrote that just recently just last night I finally posted up there the case of the missing estimate they were and and this is what Ben Swan is going to be talking about in this the article about Lies. Is that the media was holding up, trying to tell you there’s gonna be this horrible death rate. And this is just horrible reporting. Totally biased reporting. Totally incompetent journalism. That they aren’t even practicing eighth grade math it if I was a teacher they all fail. They’re all going to get a failing grade.

Is the media writing upon your heart, or Christ?

[01:08:32] And the fact is is the only one who can do anything the government can’t go and throw those guys out of their position you the people have to find out what the truth is that your responsibility if you want to be a free people you have to take back your responsibility. Stop he painted on the government stop keeping it on men in white coats stop heaping it on the media and making them gods of your mind their writing upon your heart and upon your mind panic hate fear anxiety. That’s what they’re writing on your heart. Because you’re not letting God right on your heart not going to a church where your pastor tells you you’re saved already but you can keep violating the commands of Christ he’s writing on your heart and your mind as I got if God was writing on your heart your mind you would not be running out of the store with three bags of toilet paper for yourself. That’s just one barometer you also would not be looking to the government to take money from your neighbor so that you can have free things you would not be doing that you cannot be a Christian and do that. You don’t believe in Christ that is evident by what you do that’s what James is telling you. But you’ve given them all kinds of power. Now how much power is being shifted now you’re right to a speedy trial right to a fair trial your right to face your accuser all gone all gone just wave at all gone but you got your toilet paper so you’re okay and you might get a check for thousand dollars you’ll be putting your children into $81,000 in debt or hundred thousand dollars in debt minority $50,000 in debt. You can look that up on Google. them is not secret you curse your children with this dead already they don’t own their labor anymore. You’ve done this is not a government people want to blame the government all-time is not the government is done that you done that.

Rights disappearing because individuals aren’t taking responsibility

[01:10:46] So where we go from here what what is going on. So there’s a few other things. I talk about the test. And some of the stuff I put down in the footnotes is not so heavy to read if you’re really think you’re sharp you want to figure out the chemistry of the thing you can go look at the footnote to do your own research be on this finding mistakes… I find people don’t want to hear was on this but I don’t find anybody who has constructive criticism very often actually one individual wrote a letter using this material he found one thing that seemed to be a little bit off and he was right. And somebody complained that you know I’ve done the math on the 17th and now things have changed I went back and show you at the state this was the answer. At this day we’ve gone from .00002 to .0001 is still minuscule death rate and if everybody you know if at half the people of already had it or 60% of Artie had that death rate is going to suddenly plummet but you still a lot of work and you still can go back to business and the Gov. and organist talking about maintaining this curfew to the entire summer to September. What is going on here is she is this ignorance is his incompetence is this certainly I know why she wanted to make the state an emergency state right away so they get all this money to come in. And now people are starting to talk about what can we do? What can we do? it actually getting together by phone because you can have a meeting public meetings you don’t have the right to freely assemble anymore gone the right gone why you were watching the Super Bowl. Gone. Is it because the government took these rights away from you? No because you’d you didn’t exercise your responsibility have been doing this and I don’t know what to do.

Article 2 Section 22

[01:13:01] If you go back and you look at our article on Article 2 Section 22 of the Oregon Constitution, we can probably find similar kinds of things going on in your own states. In your own countries. And other countries are doing the same thing because he let that somebody else’s job. I don’t care what happens to somebody else I got my toilet paper. That’s the metaphor. We’re using the metaphor.

Community Supported Agriculture

[01:13:25] I mean is a lot of other things they were taking bleach off the counters and flour off the counters and eggs there’s a shortage of eggs – it is a shortage of eggs now there’s the producers are still doing the people of been feeding you there still producing the eggs the cattle ranchers are still producing the cattle but the eggs are getting to the market because they have a shortage of egg cartons. They can’t get into market because they can’t get enough a Gardens which is a paper product maybe I’ll start making toilet papers that a Gardens article but the the fact is is that if we were paying attention to business this would wouldn’t be a problem but this is this is a great time to get involved with community supported agriculture. We sell a few beasts we know we can feed the nation. They what we have a few cows here and we have more we produce more meat that we can even a few sheep year mostly keep the church grounds grazed off so that we can have big meetings there. And to give chores to our kids in her grandkids and things like that but that the reality is our beef we had no vaccinations in our beef. They’re all grass fed we don’t feed them with DMO corridor any of those things so much healthier for you and but you have to buy a whole beef because we hear it’s illegal for us to butcher it and sell it to you unless we get federally certified. And that’s a lot of trouble for a few cows. We can’t afford to do that but the but you come in by whole cow from us and we can have somebody else butcher for you but anyway that’s what you want to do is get a hold of your local farmer’s your local ranchers. Buy direct. And it’s end if you create a network of people to do this you become a part of your own supply chain and that’s what Americans have to do stop depending upon the cartel controled markets and start getting to know the people who are actually putting food on your table. You can still go to Cosco, you still go to Food 4 Less, you still go to Safeway and all those things but you need to get a hold of farmers… cemented the color community supported agriculture go find out about that.


[01:15:57] But there was even more backpedaling, so we have another thing I’m backpedaling, or backtracking. The sections are small it was not a lot of reading going to read about the Oxford study and what they were coming up with that’s a whole section delaying herd immunity there are experts saying this is really a bad thing delaying herd immunity you want to get through this. Now if we go back to swamping the hospital things California, way back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor, they set up a deal where they allocated $21 million and $22 to building mobile hospitals with thousands of beds. Because they have earthquakes in California. So you can have in order earthquake that hit one town and suddenly need more hospital beds in that town and there there maybe the hospital was damaged they have this mobile hospital they can set up is start taking care the people. Well they spent the money they can find the stuff they know they sold under the other administrations they sold off a lot of the beds and they can’t even find all the stuff. Like we saw New York that they can find 1500 ventilators that they lost. But the reality is is there’s more to it will give you that when we come back.

Searching out the truth

[01:17:29] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So I haven’t even got into my notes for what… things have been changing so regularly so rapidly and more more information is coming out that’s why mention like Tucker Carlson and Ben Swan is that they actually have been saying things that we’ve been saying for weeks and weeks but they’re finally getting to the point of saying them. Even some of the Senators are now coming back and saying things that we actually told them earlier. Through people that do pay attention to our network to go to to see the research that we’ve done and like I say in the footnotes you go and you can look at some of these studies yourself if you want to spend the time we already spent the time in order to be of service to you so that you don’t panic and you know learn how to handle flu viruses when they come around illnesses when they come around so you can do it yourself. And the more you come together network and the more you find out who is reliable and who is not reliable. Instead of just turning on CNN and thinking you’re getting the truth. You have to seek out the truth that’s part of seeking the kingdom of God you have to do it by seeking righteousness. Don’t try to you know turning your neighbor for a fictitious danger that he went to a restaurant and sat down with other people. That’s actually not a bad thing that is a good thing. But they’re keeping you from doing it.

Manipulating statistics

[01:19:02] So now I’m hearing feedback through our network the people luring government they’re saying that they’re realizing they’ve been lied to. We’ve shown you to places where the they’ve clearly liked you I can show you have a dozen more but we just go on and on were they giving out misinformation and I saw what we did I just gave you that the Ben Swan article then and video that he put out and we show you the statistics there in the comparative lies section of preparing you you can see that there and he showing you that they were comparing cases which of the most severe cases that were testing was allowed they don’t tested in mild or moderate cases, only in severe cases, and then they show you how many of the severe cases died. They don’t tell you in the same story that 95% to 80 know 90% to 85 or was 85 to 95% of the people get this are mild. Or asymptomatic. symptomatic they don’t even have symptoms they’ll tell you about that so they compare the numbers of the most severe cases and they still only got up to 3.4 SARS in and Mars had much higher rate of death but again SARS and mers were testing severe cases you may have got SARS and MERS and not shown any symptoms. You don’t know you have to go in test for the actual anybody’s in order to know. But we may know. But I’m glad time we know they’ve already got the National Guard activated on none of them keeping social distance. They’ve already shut down businesses, crippled economies, devastated you people are using up their savings they’ve put you the entire nation in greater and greater debt in the doing this all around the world setting down Nigeria shutting down South Africa. Shutting down Australia. What are they doing what are they up to and so anyway that I asked that question what’s going on and I can read it could actually think I may be wrong about some of that they did not really wrong wrong but I could be a little bit more accurate. Put some of them or the pieces of the puzzle together. And I am actually not going to share with you all the stuff that devs come across my desk. Because I don’t really know how true all of it is. But it’s starting to look like pieces I had certain moments when I heard certain things in it seem like that’s important but in know why until I heard more things in the start connecting the dots.

Much bigger things afoot

[01:22:10] And one of the interesting things was this loan now from the Federal Reserve to do all this trillions of dollars. And evidently this going to be more that was another thing they said this is just the first of many what why do we have to have many? How long are we going to go on with the shutdown why are we shut down where we really sent to the rule our room so they can rob the bank certainly there are people robbing the bank right now. There are people that are appropriating millions of dollars and you’re never going to see it as the peons. As the people you’re not going to get those millions of dollars so why are we pulling up all these troops are we gonna go around like the South African police enforce people back into their homes with guns are we going to do it like they did in China where they actually locked people in their own homes so that they couldn’t come out and they died in their homes. Are we going to do that? Is that was somebody asked why I don’t think so I think something is going on that’s a lot more serious.

A voluntary society depends on networks

[01:23:16] But what you should do is join the network. And is and that’s how were going work and discuss it with Ed as information will flow it down to the network that God told us to create. Moses told us to do that. Jesus told us to do that. Even Jethro had the common sense to do that. You don’t realize the only way to operate in a free society is through voluntary society. In order to voluntary take care of society efficiently you have to get into a network of like tens hundreds and thousands. 10 families get together they pick somebody they trust not to tickle their ears from a pulpit every week. But to connect them with the rest of society so that they can the love of the rest of society as much as they love themselves. Not so that they can get all the toilet paper off the shelf and all the meat and all the rice and all the beans off the shelf so that they will have food all other star so what are you doing are you join a network like Christ commanded. Are you trying to take care of one another to faith hope and charity. Are you trying to be finding out the whole truth and provide for any righteous way not a selfish way but a righteous way. Not covet this way but it righteous way not a way of data but a righteous way. And what is righteous? So you’re not getting years tickled here today.

Corrupt Oregon govenor

[01:24:54] So anyway, there’s also the mites Mount Sinai deals you can go read those things that what is going on and familiars rise yourself with these different articles I’m sure there’s still some typos in them you can notify us join the network and then you notify that minister you just posted on the network because the network is based on geography the ideas to get you together locally and like I mention the Article 2 Section 22 I didn’t tell you what that was this time for those he you might be new it simply that the Gov. of Oregon was a call troops and shut down all these businesses is not the legitimate governor of organ it’s easy to prove in five minutes we put up whole articles on it we put up recordings on it and the reason were doing this not to meddle in the politics of Oregon. Because we have to divide the truth not just the bread from house to house not just the meat from house to house we have to rightly divide the truth and what we see the problem we see is not the fact that the Gov. know she doesn’t have a right to the office and she should step down. By law, she’s required to forfeit the office. She didn’t even have a right to be in the office and she’s actually committed a felony and on an on classified felony so the courts declassified she can do jail time for what she’s done holding that office, extracting millions upon millions of dollars from the people. Redistributing inset setting up she’s signing executive orders that’s all a violation of the law and I say this for the good of her own soul as well because you cannot bear this false witness. You cannot do this extortion of power and money if you violated the Constitution to get office. And it specifically says in the Constitution, she forfeited her office already. She continues to do it because she’s continually taking millions of dollars from donors you know she’s not gonna run again but millions of dollars are being donated into a private account for her against the law and she’s getting away with she’s getting away with it because more than half of all the Senators and people holding public office, sworn to abide by the Constitution, are violating the same Article Section 22. And until people step up and admit I’ve done wrong and we have to enforce the Constitution as it is written you’re not going to have a free government. And if you let your guy your favorite guy stay in office… When you have the power to say you don’t have a right to that office because it’s already written down you have to read to him the Constitution daily like it says in Deuteronomy… you do it. And hold into it your you’re going to stay under martial law you’re going to stay controlled and whatever is coming down the pike you will have no control over and the reason you don’t is because you haven’t sat down in the tens hundreds and thousands to care about your neighbor to love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.

Deeper meaning of “visit the widows…”

[01:28:22] I know ministers, nice guys, who think that when it says, “visit the sick,” “visit the widows and orphans of society,” that that means to go by and say hi and shake their hands and tell them you love them and all that stuff. No! It means to take care of them but instead those same men who say that they are ministers of Christ send their own congregation two men who exercise authority one over the other that call themselves benefactors but only give what they take away from their neighbor you have created a selfish society and even if you don’t want to read the Bible you read Polybius who is a historian of historians who said that this will change the nature of society we’ve done that you cannot go back any more than that rancher sells off those cows he took 20/30 years to develop he can’t get that back by say no I think I’ll go back into the cow business is gone. It’s done. And you can’t suddenly become a moral people. You can become a moral individual you can do what Christ said and what Christ commanded was was to sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands so that you can rightly divide the bread from house to house their they’re running dairy farmers out of business the running cattle farmers out of business or their that there actually are closing down gardening in that this is the mindset. I guess in Vermont maybe New Jersey Ave., Avenue I just found out last night I sent out feelers to find out if this is true but Walmart can’t sell seeds and gardening supplies in Vermont now supposedly because that’s nonessential only essential things while we have a on a positive note we had a California Sheriff say that guns and ammo are essential business and he let the gun stores open up in his county in California. I assume is a more rural county probably not LA County.

The early church become popular in times of turmoil because of it’s organization

[01:30:34] But anyway, the the reality is that you have to start caring about your neighbor. I’m not a survivalist. Survivalist go out and say I’m going to survive it all at any cost and they start massing up stuff for themselves know I’m kingdom oriented in the kingdom oriented person has to love his neighbor as himself he does not have to cast pearls to swine. He doesn’t have to take care of somebody simply because they’re poor. But he has to care about his neighbor as much as he cares about himself and that as a different way of thinking. And we’ve lost that in America we used to have that coming in the pioneer days because there’s always been selfish people around those days too. But there were a large number of people who cared about their neighbor took care of their neighbor provided for their neighbor and they and in turn their neighbor took care of them and provided for them when they were well offer better off. And that’s what it was from the beginning in the early church the they met every week, not to tickle the years of the people. They would educate them. They would read from the Scriptures that they had that wasn’t from the Bible was from the Old Testament and from the writings they were coming down to the Bible wasn’t written yet when be written until you assemble this put it that way until around 300 something AD. But they read the letters that were passing around to the network Paul’s letters etc. survive because if you would rewrite them and pass them around to the network. But what they were really doing was they were sitting down taking care of the needy of their society through faith, hope and charity instead of fealty, force and violence. Which is fear. That’s where but he fears not just a virus but the violence today is the virus tomorrows the violence you need to do a price that that is the only solution for what we see and what we don’t see. Because there’s much we don’t see and I’m not going to share all that on the radio will share the the network with those who are actually Christ… When people were hungry when there was a shortage when they’re out there in the wilderness the wasn’t enough food the apostle talk about enough food for themselves that they said Christ said okay make all the people sit down into tens hundreds and thousands. Like this there’s 20,000 men and their families there. Am I getting that right? of my get in a number I may get ironic but anyway there was a lot of people that it took a while for all the the people to sit down in the tens hundreds of thousands and he didn’t distribute anything until the and the only thing he distributed was the last of the bread and food that they had they shared out with the people what happened the people started Sherry with each other that and they were able to do so in an orderly fashion because they were doing what Christ commanded to sit down the tens hundreds and thousands. And this was you see in the early church when the Durst were coming through Syria different parts of the Roman Empire volcanoes and all these things going on in earthquakes. And wars and rumors of wars. And armies marching through. They said down every weekend those that had dispersing is those that had shared with those that did not have enough and they got through those. It tells about some of the plagues that came through in the following years and after one major plague went through was devastating, the historians say and suddenly Christianity became very popular. As Rome declined and fell through corruption doing competence do all the different the tyranny and conspiracy theories in off of young people vying for power. Never letting a good crisis go to waste. But eventually they all turned on each other all those people vying for power they begin to rob power from each other and they end up destroying each other when they were going to you know and Emperor every month there for a while you know that this guy was our salvation then they assassinated. And then this guy was our salvation and then they took them out and kill them. And then this guy was a it just went on like that of this crazy. People vying for that power.

The shutdown is from the government, not the virus

[01:35:43] We see that spirit certainly going on behind the scenes. One of the stories the $25 million of the Kennedy Center was put in there by Schumer Schumer said no we want 35 million Trump settled for 25 million in order to get the bill signed to give this relief for not for the virus before the shutdown shutdown is coming from the government, not from the virus. The virus isn’t really killing that many people. And it’s only people that were already dying of all kinds of other things mostly as if you that will but that happens every year we what we get 20/30 thousand deaths every year from flu and in the United States alone you had marched what was it March 11th, I think, the worldwide told was only like 40,000 that’s out of 7 billion people almost I think almost 1 billion people out of some of the that’s a very low death rate. That’s not like the death rates receive real plagues but anyway that’s what I say one of the $25 million and he goes in there goes the Kennedy Center the Kennedy’s center shuts down Lays off all the musicians and people anyway and now they’re suing the kid community center to get that money back some people attract so they gotta go to court but they got to keep social spacing so they can put off that court case four-year. Meanwhile they got $25 million. And they shut it down. will lose one of the people that runs They Kennedy Ctr., Pelosi’s daughter this is because nothing goes on all time she’s in her money buds the so was it what is that this is graft and supposedly they took $5 million of that $25 million and gave to the Democratic Party so Democratic Party wangled in $25 million to go to them and they gave $5 million and kick back to the Democratic Party. And Schumer and Pelosi. Pelosi’s got a daughter working there. So what is all this? What’s going on this has nothing to do with relief bill for the for the poor people that they are devastating with their shutdown but you deserve the government you got because you won’t come together as Christ commanded in care about one another as much you care about yourself you certainly don’t care about righteousness you care about what you can get. That’s got to stop.

How the early church dealt with these problems

[01:38:27] You can’t make other people stop that but you can become that light on the hill by doing what Christ said in gathering together stop procrastinating. Christ had trouble with the procrastinators all will come and get together and create an entire social welfare system Corbin system that operates by faith hope and charity like Christ was doing but meanwhile we’re going to keep taking from the Corbin of the world that operates by fealty enforce and fear were to keep taking from them what your baby were not taking yet I will take until I’m real old. But right now, you’re young and you’re working and you’re not contributing to the kingdom of God your because you’re not sitting down in the tens hundreds and thousands in at least beginning to care about the 10 families your with and then those 10 families have to care about the other families as much as they care about their own. It’s a different way of thinking. And you will come up with different solutions to the problem and you will be able to see the truth because you will bring the light of the Holy Spirit into your congregations but you have to sit down every week not to be entertained or to have your ears tickled. But to actually say what can we do to seek the truth and provide for his Christ is the truth. Christ doesn’t need your money Christ doesn’t need your daily bread if you want to have Christ you have to care about your neighbor as much you care about yourself. Moses said that. Jesus said that. The apostles say that that’s what seeking the kingdom of God rather than the solutions of the world the governments of the world but if you were to start to do that character would start coming back to you that you didn’t know you lost. Through becoming accustomed to living at the expense of others and depending for your livelihood on the property of others. Which has degenerated society so that they are like handy I mean I just stood there in the first big store I came to when we went to town a couple weeks ago I listed there and watch the people shopping. I could feel the panic and fear in them. That’s not good for your health. That will strangle your immune system is you’re already in the flight mode at the fight mode you might be fighting over toilet paper but you are really in the flight mode you are operating from fear, not from righteousness. You seen something different in that store I did see if you people in that store that had that spirit of Christ in them. But they lack knowledge. But if you want those people who will see the truth and provide for you need to create the network I’m not creating a network I do all this work I stay up till midnight writing these things doing this research and research on my phone every chance I get but and I put this together for you and make some people have used it in they’ve rewritten letters taking these pieces that are all put them together and categorized and they send it out and they’re changing the minds of people. Because they’re finding out the lot knowledge they lack you can be a part of that join the network until you join the network and seek the kingdom of God all I can say is peace upon your house and may God be with you to go to or preparing and we’ll see you there. God bless.

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