Key 2018 – Coronavirus Craziness Continues – Pt 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2018

As the hysteria around the coronavirus continues to build to the point of taking down the economy, we attempt to inject some practical insight and historical level-headedness.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 21, 2020

Show Notes


Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory. And again, we’re going to talk about the kingdom of God. And we’re going to talk a little bit about the virus. We talked about it for two hours this morning but we also want to get into some of the remedies and solutions that you would find along the way of seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness so that’s what the that’s Canada topic were always talking about the kingdom of God and what that looks like as most people out there who think they’re going to charge are not actually going to the charge they’re going to some institution that they created they’re not actually learning the wholeness of the gospel their learning part of it and of course a part of anything is not the whole truth you want to learn the whole truth of the gospel of the kingdom and that’s what people are missing in the were trying to fill in those gaps.

How the early church thrived through plagues and persecution

[00:01:28] Of course, in the last few weeks everybody’s talking about the coronavirus. Everybody’s heard about and everything but we were introducing this morning a lot of things that a lot of people have not heard and wouldn’t you know what news channel you listen to but I guarantee his of this information is not on the news and what we pointed out the fact that there were all kinds of CEOs are far more in the last few months of the previous year and the first few months of this year that were resigning taking a stock option selling their stocks and getting out of the market. Of course, now the market is drastically dropped. Now it may come back but they will have made lots and lots of money they may have just sold their stocks now they go and when things get to the bottom they may start buying and to make these huge profits amine Feinstein who’s been corrupt for years and done all kinds of corrupt things over the years because I I used to live in California and that she so $6 million worth of stock one she knew that the coronavirus was going to tank the supposedly know that was going to cause a tanking of the market. But the reality is the market was about to make a correction anyway and this was way in which to kindly conceal that correction and of course I corrections coming about because of 100 years of bad policy on the part of Americans. The creation of the Federal Reserve the going off of gold standard in 1932 HJR 182 and then now the public on 95 – 147 make a remember all these numbers all these things have been altering the way in which people can relate to the government. But you could overcome all that if you had truly been seeking the kingdom of God. But in the modern church is they don’t treat teach you what the kingdom of God looks like, so you know what you’re looking for but basically you’re looking for. The kingdom of God and the righteousness of God and it simply is not righteous to force your neighbor to contribute to your welfare to force your neighbor to take care of the needy of society. The way you take care of the needy of society’s to pure religion that’s where the Christian stated and they were able to change the air society within the society and nations in which they lived. So that they were better prepared for the Holocaust and for the persecutions. Because it wasn’t just Christians who were getting persecuted they were certainly the brunt of a lot of it but it and we have articles up to tell you why they were being persecuted. You had freedom of religion in Rome. But eventually, they outlawed private religion. So what was private religion. It’s how you take care of the needy to faith hope and charity rather than the way that the world does it do force, fear and fealty you don’t want to do it to force.. In fealty and by forcing your neighbor threatening your neighbor and binding yourself in systems like the Roman Imperial cult you don’t want to do that because that entangles you in the yoke of bondage. It makes you subject to tribute. Everybody has done at almost. So that’s why we’re at where we’re at.

Summary of the misinformation about coronavirus

[00:04:51] So anyway, we went over this morning that the coronavirus is really not that serious. All kinds of virologists and institutes that have been tracking this say it isn’t really as deadly as they’re trying to make it sound. They had these different computer models that were supposedly telling you that it can be 4 million deaths. And the reality is that is likely to be 50,000 deaths that most some estimate only 20,000 deaths and some have actually stated that if you did not even hear of the coronavirus avatar on the news and it came to the country and you did nothing about it other than what you normally do for flues, it would’ve been at this up a slight bump in the number of cases and deaths. If you had no way of determining whether or not somebody was getting coronavirus he didn’t have the name. And then of course we talked about the the PCR test which is the test they used to determine if you have coronavirus and that is not an actual positive negative test they they say terms a positive/negative, but that’s not whether doing. They’re actually just measuring the certain amount of RNA debris that is created if you have the symptoms of coronavirus and you have asked amount of debris in the centrifugal test, then they will say that you have coronavirus. They know… this is what they’re publishing now, that the false-positive or a rate for asymptomatic patients is that 80% that’s a that’s the failure #hours they’re sending 80% of the people they tasks home saying you didn’t get it and they’re sending them home and they really do have it and so they’re going to infect other people and they don’t know they have and I know of people they sent they’ve actually done this test with people… One day they do but when they’re doing the same people over and over again one day to do the test and it says they haven’t three days later they do the test and says they don’t have and then three days later they give the test and they do have it again. So that’s not an accurate test. And it is simply that’s just the facts but your news media because they love-they love excitement in the because it sells, they’re telling you that this test actually means something means very little the reality is most the people never going for test most of people don’t even know they got the virus because it is it doesn’t show any symptoms and so the reality is is that it’s already fast-moving to society all through the world and people are developing a lifetime immunity. We talked about the idea of getting a flu vaccination. Excel unity into flu vaccination will of vaccination that you get has nothing to do with the coronavirus they don’t have one for the coronavirus and is matter fact statistics to come out… this has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals like the Journal go back saying states very clearly that they have discovered this phenomenon of “virus interference” and the vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with the coronavirus another was you’re more likely to get the coronavirus if you got the standard flu vaccination. Now that’s a peer-reviewed study. That I make this out I’m not trying to spread false information it’s just the way it is so that that’s another thing that were confused about the government solution are they doing far more damage with the government solution of shutting down all business shutting down the economy. Laying off people by the tens of thousands. Destroying businesses in many cases destroying your people to eat up their savings and and everything else because they’re all going home and the virus is already all over the place and people are it you know so it really is a solution. And we pointed out that 99% of the people in Italy with the coronavirus that they were able to detect as well as they were able to detect which is a false detection and 80% of the positives actually false are they getting the false positives and negatives on are correct either they did they just don’t know what they don’t have a good test yet they haven’t synthesized the virus where they can actually identify whether or not you have it. It’s all really guesswork and not very good of you you out this 80% versus 20%, that’s the have very good rate this real bad rate. But anyway 99% of the time coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions according to the country’s own national health authority. And more than half of the people who died had as many as three and other immune compromising conditions. So they were in bad shape and they died. If you’re in good shape you probably don’t have anything to worry it just passed like a flu most of you won’t even have symptoms it’s not that big a deal so what is really going on you got people sell out their stocks long before anybody should’ve known because she got people like Feinstein selling off $6 million was stock because she did know but is it really the virus that she knew about her she just knew that they were going to do this correction and use the virus as an excuse not a fact is is the all these things are probably going on but we can ask now we see a kind of a medical martial law being imposed. I was just was talking with somebody’s ahead of the roads and has meetings been having meetings all week with the governor and with the ice you had two people at the table that have been getting directly advised from the govenor. And they are hearing all this stuff coming down there in touch with people all over the state their actually either there even getting updates directly from the White House on phone conferences and they see the hype but they also have heard from us and I also have you know a doctor a research doctor at the same table and his wife who were actually here for symposiums at Stanford and the their disdain visiting us for a little bit. But anyway, we’re all there is something else is going on that they virus is a complete distraction but what I can tell you is is going on besides the fact that the new one Dr. publish the the world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the believe that the test for RNA this are near the virus is a test for the deadly new virus it is not is if it’s not really that kind of a test and even doctors because they’ve had conferences with doctors and in local hospitals out had a liaison to the local hospital here there is there the doctors think all while this test is telling us because somebody said the test will tell you but it doesn’t if you see get into it in death the actual literature is like reading inserts the actual literature these tests are extremely inaccurate and you should not base your life for your help upon at they may come up with a good test eventually they have such good test with some viruses that have been around for a long time they simply do not have one for the coronavirus that is now the of the COVID-19 that’s going around. They don’t have one for that they’re talking about developing one but even if they get it most of the people get sick don’t even know they’re sick most of the people who know their sick they don’t get all that sick I know people are almost 100 years personally know people almost 100 years old the got it and there well already they’re doing fine. I know I still have a cough when I had it. Now can I prove I had it nobody can prove they had it or not if I went out and took this test at probably not show that I had the virus because they don’t have a test to test you after the fact they can’t test for the indigent so anyway a lot of misinformation going on. And we’ve got this medical martial law they don’t call it martial arts, Marshall wall light but it’s there and I really think it it could continue the economy keeps crashing down but the the fact is his art is a lot of good things you right now I know some of these monitoring the traffic to the state monitoring traffic is down 50% of its normal rate. That means half the people have the vehicles on the road are not on the road that means there’s going to be a huge surplus in gas. We already have gas prices a pressure to bring gas prices down because the Saudi’s are your they got a big dispute going on so that they’re causing the prices to drop. But now we have the coronavirus in this loss a traffic there is a cause the prices to drop because is going to be that the tankers are on the way to fill the pipeline, but nobody’s using the fuel. So gas is going to go down toilet paper is going back I know ways of getting to a paper that nobody’s even thought of we have people at the table as it on get I just bought 2 miles worth the trip paper and the so what he did do well if you’re on the network and you get a hold of me I could tell you what he did have any trouble getting it there’s a lot of inventive things that you can do and if you’re doing what Christ said forming that network of people who care about their neighbor as much of the care about themselves by waiting by that for himself he bought that for somebody else who couldn’t get in toilet paper and so he has and asked her for them and the but anyway enough of the type a residence that is should showing the panic of the people when I can stuff goes on.

Constitution suspended over false computer models

[00:15:25] Somebody else said Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion… of course religion is how you take care the needy and now the government is in the job or take care all the needy in most the people who think their religious are not practicing pure religion because they’re actually going to men who exercise authority one over the other, but call themselves benefactors but the only giveaway with they took away from others, and their even taken stuff away from your children because are borrowing trillions of dollars in debt to provide all these bailouts are going to go to people are already rich mostly, it will help some of the poor people but it will cast all their children and that and entangle them even more in the bondage of the world. But those who listen, you heard us explain how that all works if you haven’t all the audios are free online all the books are free online seek to find out and be join the network you know they’ll be people help show you what’s what you can find out the truth for a change. But anyway, Congress shall make no laws respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or the press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble. But now you can’t assemble. Actually the group that kept coming around we were out having a picnic out in the yard and more more people came around and some of the people sat back farther were trying to keep that distance forbade but the reality is is that we had quite a meeting. They’re still on out there without make it had to come in your do the radio show but the Constitution of the United States is a log for rulers and the people equally in war and in peace and covers with this shield of its protection all classes of men at all times and under all circumstances. That’s the Supreme Court. Milligan and the US Supreme Court. What they call the Milliken case. So there you can’t just suspend the Constitution because somebody sneezed on bus and because it is a virus the virus does not warrant this it is not as legal as everybody is trying to say the they throw out these big numbers but what 35,000 people died last year from viruses some of the Corona there’s a multiple them they’re going around talk about just flu viruses me 40,000 people died in car accidents to but just from flu viruses 40,000 almost 40,000 people died last year so they don’t have a right to declare this emergency they don’t have the facts behind they don’t have the evidence that kind they have real poor computer models that made outlandish predictions none of which have come through now weeks and weeks later gone by were not seen this in Korea or China or any place were not seen these predictions come true. But now they’re still talking about carrying this medical martial law shutting down businesses shutting down part shutting down employment all across the country. The fact is is you don’t have the will and people to change a 70 are governors doing it right now is she going do more tomorrow she did some last night and like you said to just talking to people that were talk with the Gov. and seen the Gov. for San and the realities the government doesn’t have any power to do this the actual legitimate government of Oregon governor of Oregon does not have the power to do this is according to the Constitution a caning declare a state of emergency unless the counties request it. That’s the law. No one cares about that.

Govenor of Oregon is illegitimate

[00:19:23] But of course, the governor of Oregon said many times have number programs on she’s actually a felon and is not the lawful Gov. Morgan she broke the law to get elected very clearly her records show she violated the law by taking millions of dollars millions and millions and millions of dollars illegally and according to the institution not just some statute but the Constitution of Oregon put in there by the people in 1992 she forfeits her office she had no right to it you can get rid of her and Amanda talk about recall all the you only recall you need to enforce the law but the people are so ignorant of a free government, so ignorant of how a free society operates, they don’t know what to do.

Holding officials accountable

[00:20:11] Well, they also don’t know what to do about the coronavirus. And we could tell you a lot of stuff you can do about that. But it goes on to say today the coronavirus panic is not pandemic it’s a panic gives government fuel and cover for its assault on the freedom and poses a question the government does not want answered. We just answered some of it. But we can answer a lot more before were done here today. If liberty can be taken away in times of crisis which we do said the Milligan said no it can’t be then is it really liberty that you’ve been enjoying what is or is it just license via a temporary government permission slip subject to the whims of politicians who are in power not even legitimately empower their in power because you’ve been slothful because you allowed to see up… I just heard a detailed interaction with a number people in government that are supposed to be working together and finally there was a showdown somebody pointed out that certain people were not doing their job and they were doing their job for the wrong reasons… or doing things for the wrong reason was was causing damage other people and they just laid it all out and called on and they took it and they realized and one of them had been in this position for a long time he actually was pretty good in the position the beginning, but he got drunk on the power of the position. He didn’t realize but he did and now and finally somebody stood up to them he he admitted it and realize that he was making mistakes and they all hopefully will now work much better together. I don’t know. We’ll have to see as time goes on. But when the people are apathetic tyrants rise up remember what Polybius says I’ve quoted a many times if you go back a listener eyes you find out so there is a flu virus going around. It is causing people to get sick. I got sick every Housel got sick whenever and how so got better we we were really out knocked out for weeks zooming couple days were doing short drawers and other people pulling up the slack. And then we all got back to work we been back at ever since I’ve I’ve been the laziest one could also broke my rib when I went back to work. So I need help lifting the 130 pound bales up. So the reality is is that it’s not that big a deal.

There are countries handling coronavirus more appropriately

[00:22:50] But what should the government be doing? What should the government of the people for the people and by the people what should they be doing what other people doing what is everybody out while you go to some countries like I just got a report from Sweden and their shutting down the universities and other colleges and but they’re not shutting down all businesses and they’re not shutting down the great schools and the reason they’re not shutting down the grade schools as the economies because we’ve all moved towards socialism a great deal in the last hundred years socialist money system, socialist school system, socialist economic system, socialist welfare system… instead of doing it like Christ said by faith open Gerry we decided to force her neighbor to contribute to our welfare we’ve now become accustomed to living at the expense of our neighbor and that socialism so it it’s here already remain Democrats want a lot more socialism Republicans want just keep the socialism we got but is still socialism. It’s still coveting your neighbor is covet what we call covetous practice what the Bible calls covetous practices is going to make and has made merchandise of you it has cursed your children with debt but now we see trillions upon trillions of dollars in more debt being heaped on your children because of a strong delusion about of coronavirus. And a general ignorance of the real virus which is the economy, stupid. We don’t know how the economy works and were making it work the wrong way. But anyway that we can talk about all that we won’t get to everything today but who is doing something actually makes sense what country is actually doing something that makes some sense now they’re doing some things that are probably wrong. But what they’re doing they’re not shutting down businesses they’re not quarantine children they’re not quarantining teenagers. They’re are not quarantining people under the age of 40 because those people have point out one 0.2 cases of death from coronavirus they’re not in danger and of those people you know like I said 99% of people have pre-existing conditions and some over half of them have have multiple conditions. At least three or more serious medical conditions that someone’s your diet this is not a serious virus. This is not seriously okay honey times you hear it on the news I’m telling you it’s not am telling you that because you can just look at the numbers you want to go look at the numbers will they’re done all kinds of websites that are hard to find if you look up on CNN or MSNBC or ABC or any the station. Because they’re are all into the hype is not a pandemic it’s a panic into panic caused by skewed misinformation and it’s not just amongst the people but as amongst even the medical people there are some level heads out there there are some researchers… and we talked about that this morning…. who are showing the actual numbers and what’s actually you know hundred and 20 dead yet average age 85 or 90 or hundred that’s your that’s Sue’s dying yet we don’t see those old people die and that’s what Denmark is doing. They’re quarantining core team can say there was were being quarantined are the elderly 65 and older at they may break in it 61 or 62. But it’s older people. They’re quarantining and their lifetimes are doing in the homes we actually do it in the all the empty motels out there a lot of empty motels and we get room service in and take care of them and or you could take airmen your house you put them in a private room they don’t get to go in the kitchen they going to the bathroom at you disinfectant will talk to you little bit about how to disinfect how you kill viruses. But that’s who you should be quarantining is the elderly and the people with immune systems that are compromised. A lot of the people that are compromised are already in hospitals. Or in old folks homes. And convalescent homes. That’s where most the deaths are first occurred in Washington was in a convelescent home. I’ve worked in convalescent homes half a century ago. And we saw the same damn time political season came gurneys would line up with dead bodies because the old people could make it and we tell you why that is and what you do for the old people to make it. So that even though their old and they may have some scar tissue on their lungs like me you know I’m old got scar tissue on my lungs had in all my life I wasn’t supposed to live the to the end of the first 20 years of my life. I’m already in show maybe the last 20 years of my life. I don’t know. But I’m up there on well over 60 well over 70 so what can I do for my immune system and why is my immune system going down just because I’m older what can you do about that was some of the information we can share with you in the second half of the show.

Practical ways to control a virus

[00:28:31] But we’ll talk a little bit about what does kill viruses. Did you know you cannot kill a virus. It’s absolutely impossible to kill a virus. Sounds scary doesn’t it? I’m just saying it this way so that you get the idea the way people say things they can lead your mind down on the road to untruth it is like a magician they get you think it that I said you cannot kill a virus why can’t you kill a virus? Because a virus isn’t alive. A virus is not a living thing it does not reproduce it has no reproduction doesn’t reproduce itself. You can input all the viruses in a little Petri dish and in that you got and they will not reproduce one bit. As a matter of fact, they will probably start the materializing rather quickly if you put it out in the sun they’re gonna die really quick if you heat it up to 133°, it’s toast. It’s going to be completely this serrated if you part certain chemicals on what how he should we put chemicals in your body should we shine heavy sunlight on your body should we keep your whole body up 133°? That would kill you. that remedy that’s not a good remedy neither is shutting down the entire economy but again like is that they shut down the economy for another reason entirely has nothing to do with a virus the dish using the virus as a false positive to to hide what’s really had to go on for many years now because of the fact that we we’ve got things balled up for the last hundred years we’ve been going down the wrong we been going away from the kingdom 400 years and now were suffering the result of that so now the only real answer is to elect frump again no no not electronic again I don’t care where the electron for not I don’t care who you like this Caesar. It doesn’t really matter. I mean that’s your choice. I’m working on the I’m so busy working on the government of God this other form of government that operates by faith open Gerry meantime to pursue that I wish him all the best I wish all those people who want to go and elect a new president all the best if you want to go vote I don’t have any objection against you voting. That’s your choice. I’m just telling you what works and what where your salvation really is. And your salvation is really in Christ and doing what Christ said to do so anyway will talk about that more when we come back to keys of the kingdom but will take a little break right now. If I can find out it take that break and will be right back in a moment.

Interlude – Join the network

[00:31:43] We talk a lot about the kingdom hear them talk a lot about what most churches are afraid to talk about or don’t even though to talk which is what the first-century church was really doing but just talking about it is not an we encourage everybody to join us in their local neighborhoods in their local communities to find out more about what they can do to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness gather with others who are already starting this road are starting to turn around and do things differently join us on Or at Go to the network links. Go to Join the network. There is all the same and we’ll try to hook up with people in your local area they will not be perfect they don’t walk on water they are not necessarily St. but they are talking about seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness and join us on Facebook – All one word. Join us there. We’ll give you updates he start doing some studying and thinking about these things and’s start looking into these things for yourselves. You must become a doer of the word.

Understanding viruses – what they are and how they work

[00:33:05] So welcome back. So you can’t kill a virus because the virus isn’t alive. is no homeostasis reproductive ability on its own it is actually debris that’s what viruses are there debris the DNA or RNA that have escaped from the genes of some larger organism. elect some divorce and that the coronavirus came from Batson now maybe but not really it a you’re eating most people probably won’t get from a bat it has to get into human the human is a type A and influence what they call type A which is a pretty general term. 75% of the viruses to viruses that you get our type A flu viruses. And all that means is that they have been in animals no pigs or waterfowl or bats and now they’re in your and they may have gone from our files to pace and then to human and now it just goes from human to human human. But what it is is, DNA or RNA chunks you know transposes they sometime scarlet molecules of DNA that replicate and move around to different positions within the genes of the cell. Now I say they replicate they actually don’t replicate they are replicated by yourselves and they have certain proteins. Proteins… People arms and proteins are but there’s are proteins on this DNA fragment that escaped and they connect with the human living cell and the human living cell will reproduce that DNA strain and it goes out on they usually become weaker as they go but then they can mutate and mutations can sometimes seem to be stronger. But again, it isn’t the strength of the virus because it really doesn’t have any straight it’s just an escaped chunk of DNA or RNA material. What is the problem is the weakness of your immune system. And we arty showed how if you get a flu vaccination it can actually weaken your system so that you’re more susceptible… this is their data. This is medical doctors and medical institutions data that Aiken weekend your immune system by this interference so that you’re more likely to get a respiratory flu virus when it comes around you be more susceptible to it. Have more results are symptoms from it now most of the symptoms that you get from the virus is most people don’t have any symptoms most the symptoms you get has to do with the way in which your system reacts to the presence of the virus in your system. To its replication in your cells. Your cells begin to notice this replication your body begins to know you lots of cells in your body and your body reacts and that reaction is what is causing the symptoms and is causing you to get sick because it you’re overreacting like an allergy. You have an allergic reaction so to speak to the presence of this form DNA in your by which we call a virus that that happens a lot of presence of DNA in your body that is for numbing you eat animals you get DNA from animals and bite you eat you eat vegetables you get DNA from vegetables you need Bugsy get DNA from bugs in your by some DNA is more dangerous than others in five what we’re identifying is viruses can be deadly or dangerous or cause and effect within your body but people are usually dying of pneumonia. Which is a separate disease. But they attributed to the coronavirus because the coronavirus is what they’re tracking if you they say you want to got pneumonia eating at the coronavirus while you might got pneumonia my had pneumonia already.

Practical approaches for dealing with coronavirus

[00:37:29] So anyway, what can you do to forestall this virus? Well, protect the elderly. Protect the the week the injured the people have pre-existing conditions isolate them and take all those precautions of distance. Washing your hands before you prepare their food. Washing your in your kitchen in your bathroom so that they don’t get infected because they don’t really need a lifetime immunity because they’re probably older already they just need protecting now. And we’ll worry about the next virus when it comes later in oh so that’s what you do you do that yourselves you do that new homes you can email like my family didn’t want me to go to town with them because they’re worried about me getting sick or set arty been sick one branch of my family just a the everybody in their household just got sick recently after they went to town I didn’t get sick but they did because they had had before so they probably have it right now. But it wasn’t as severe because they’re a lot younger than me. They’re kids are really healthy and there on really good diet so there they got over pretty fast it was just couple days where they had some headaches and some sore throat and and runny nose and little bit coffin but they got over really quick but when they were at the height of it I came over… and my daughter thinks that to know I shouldn’t be there riskiness but I came over and when I know is when I’m sitting in a stadium I this is my hands were my overalls and and we’re just chat a little bit and I go back adding anything or go to the bathroom there I went home and then I wash it when I got home and they get guiding but when I was sitting there I noticed I was I was feeling the symptoms described of a shadow of the symptoms that they were experiencing as I was sitting there and I think in I’ve experienced this before and I have several daughters are very empathetic and they they have experiences in this part of healing I think we can help one another heal because that’s an empathetic experience that you actually picking up. I know other people of had some heel healings a bit abilities more than the average Joe and they sense that too. Emotional stress there near somebody with emotional stress and they can tell lobby will have that ability and they don’t even know they have so but anyway I get sick from visiting them they’re all getting better. But what are some of the things you can do so one thing is that if you feel it be aware of your body. Don’t get caught up and everything around you be aware of your body so that if you feel like you start I can do this with my kids I can see that that that kids can begin sick you can tell his adrenaline was going there’s a certain air about him because I could tell when my wife or my daughter laws were her daughters even were pregnant, I could tell. I could see that somebody else there. But they can see that I think every created they would quiet their minds and learn to meditate and learn to do not sit in darkness you the more you seek the righteousness of God more talents you will see arriving in your ability that our natural their miracles are natural for mankind we don’t think they are naturally more conflict on so far away from the ways of the kingdom. We can go back that way but we don’t go back to the kingdom of God to obtain those talents or the skills. We go back to the kingdom of God because were seeking the righteousness of God those are just the byproducts of that. So anyway, if you feel like you might be getting sick or if you’re around a lot of people are sick you need to get rest in take it easy need to not stress stress is a real problem if you start to get sick you need to really go to rest. And any this a warm need to hydrate drink right kinds of food you may need to change your diet. Some of you probably need to change your diet drastically cut down the cars condones sugars. Watch your diet. is a lot of different kinds dies we can talk about that another time I know people that have reversed serious diseases including cancer by simply changing their diet and as a number of different ways to do that get on to our network and will talk to you about that show you links to different options in an things that you can do something was a garlic will help you I try to take some garlic every day I take it in in the food I usually only right now I’m only eating one meal a day and so I’ll have a little garlic without either salad or on meets or something like that. Another thing is to gargle with warm water with warm salt water that can be helpful sit hot beverages while not every hot beverage but I’ve been making homemade molten tea and homemade spearmint tea. I actually make a kind of a combination of make a teapot and I drink that it really helps with the congestion that is sometimes associated is recovering with coronavirus. Other things that I just recently heard about and I have done them before we made a little homemade sauna we got she manufactured them but we just don’t have the time to do it very easy very portable that you can put up in your house and take down it’s very simple thing to do and we had plans and I think you probably on the Internet somewhere we little booklet making yourself but raising a body temperature can be really good it also will help cause poisons to come out your body to that sweat and then you also breathing a lot of steam. And then you take a warm shower we should do this where we would give people oil massages. I do the guys. My daughters would do the girls and I have never ever given a massage to anybody that they did not fall asleep on the table now somebody was going to probably try to challenge me that on that but to and the but I have been giving up many massages lately but we can teach people how to do that is ways a learner’s lot people at each other do that and that’s really laying on of hands but you had to be careful who plays on because you want people that have the kingdom of God in their hearts. Because they want you have life more abundant. The wrong people lay hands on you they will suck the life out of you you want to have people that want to help you get out of the darkness help you awaken help and awake and get rid of the blockage that comes from an unforgiving heart and from angry heart and from her rebellious heart. All these things you and people who have overcome these problems can help you overcome. Which is one things is going to say about viruses you will become immune to the virus once your body develops the antigens necessary to do that and what antigens are anybody’s are that’s another whole thing vaccines don’t do that with vaccines are trying to do is stimulate your body to make those antigens in advance as WebEx they they don’t actually cure anything their teaching your trying to teach her by the cure think if your body learns to cure them by producing the antigens by itself your body will have a more robust immune system. But we know that babies who nurse from their mothers can pick up immunity to diseases to their mothers milk. Because their drinking their mothers milk they can actually pick up immunity. The fact that a child is born to the birth canal it set up so that the child will actually develop immunity if they are born to the birth canal. Cesareans they don’t have that immunity that is things that don’t go on this is medical science saying this isn’t just somebody with you know what you know some New Age ideas medical science knows this. the question could if you produce antigens you become immune can your association with other people not your immune you’re not a spread of the disease could you spread the antigens? We know that and I’m I talked a little bit about this the milkmaid’s in France were immune to smallpox because they got that immunity by their contact with cows that had cowpox at one time. And that’s how they got the idea of crating this artificial immunity to injection of serum from it that they they manufacture that they call smallpox vaccination. And I can work. But on almost all cases inject the CDC in medical literature immunity to vaccination is almost always temporary some of it is only last a couple years. Some of it will last five years some of a little bit more but they anybody who talks about boosters is because you did not get permanent immunity if you get sac and you get better you can have permanent immunity. Now I know people who like I like chickenpox first sick a little bit thought they got better and they went out and everything was okay but eventually they had a relapse of chickenpox because they didn’t get completely well that’s what’s happening with society right now we were rapidly on our way to herd immunity which would’ve ended the disease but now they’re slowing it down and were coming out of flu season so this may have disastrous… these choices may have disastrous effects later on. Same as the choices of this quantitive easing the nine quantitive easing they just done away with the banks requirement of having it reserve they don’t have to have a reserve anymore so there could be a sudden really boost to the economy and people were going to buy stocks when their low there to buy gas in the lullaby houses and property was low and they’re gonna make a fortune but it’s the wrong way to do it and eventually there will be repercussions but anyway like I said also Sonos you’re connected don’t. Is these other signs you decide in your head was out of it that’s good but another thing I heard about was taking like a hairdryer or something generates a lot of warm air and blows it out and breathe that in for four or five minutes. and because the viruses are killed when you get the temperature up you can’t get your body temperature up to that but hot baths Epson salt bass these things can really help you begin going back to also you need to change your diet you need to stop smoking. You need to get plenty of rest so and in some people say a spoonful of honey. And that there is certain value in honey and it can be but the thing is there’s a variety of things that you can do fresh air. Big thing. I talked about the 1918 discovery that the the new respiratory virus that we call a Spanish flu that because they King of Spain got it so they called Spanish flu it probably didn’t start in Spain. It could have started almost anywhere. Somebody told me the day that it started in America the Spanish flu started in America what you cannot but the reality is is that the people who got sick with the first where the Germans and that’s why they lost the war they the people contributed to the fact that the Germans got sick or sick, or sicker, on their side and it was destroying the efficacy of their troops and that’s one of the reasons why they lost the war on when the only reason but was major contributing factor.

Open-air hospitals

[00:49:20] But anyway, so these open-air hospitals that they ended up having to go to because the fact the hospitals were overflowing… they didn’t have enough beds for all the people he got sick they didn’t have respirators and ventilators to put people on but they put them in the sun and in the present tense at night but in the daytime is warmly put them out the sun the fresh air… the staff had little to far less almost disappeared infection rate of the staff that were in these open-air hospitals. And the patients, the death rate was pretty high but it drop by almost 50% amongst severely ill patients now course a lot of people got Spanish flu and got immune and they didn’t even show symptoms. of but a lot of people show symptoms and were often it was estimated got worse because of some of the medical practices of the day which we talked about 30 g of aspirate but that he started designing hospitals with high ceilings and lots of windows and lots of fresh air, because it was undeniable that this fresh air and sunlight was really important. Now we know that if you ever if you sneeze in a stairwell and a virus gets on the handrail as stainless steel or any kitchen that is stainless steel that virus will live longer on the stainless steel than almost any other substance you clean it off and disinfected with alcohol vinegar and lots of other things that you can use to wash it off but the reality is if it just left there inside, in a cool room, recently cool room not extremely warm it it will live for weeks if it is a handrail on the outside with sunshine it will be dead within minutes to hours at the most. Because sunlight kills the virus destroys and you can create artificial lights in your house or sunlamps that will probably do the same to lesser greater there’s lot of different what’s raise it actually is I don’t know you guys can do the research a lot of snow on the network and that’s how we grow with more intelligence and how to deal with these things without devastating the economy. We can actually increase economy could you can actually produce things that will help numbing the colloidal silver I really believe that they can help but if you think I just have to drink a little coloidal silver, no. Grapefruit seed extract, that’s good. There’s lot of other good things that you can do and have. T those are all things that you can put into practice for yourselves.

Things to avoid

[00:52:06] So anyway so things to avoid is a stress, anxiety, panic. Which is what the government is creating a panic on the face is unbelievable it shows that when you’re year your panic it decreases magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium in your body so you may need to take more magnesium, calcium, and potassium and sodium if you’re all worried and upset better learn to calm down learn to meditate put our website look for the word meditation Teachout to meditate and there’s lots of different ways and if you want get special counseling join the network and we’ll see we can help you. We can already send you the programs that we’ve done on this to talk about in greater detail inadequate sleep see need to sleep a course to be stress anxious a panic you minutes late as well but there are things you can do to improve that without taking sleeping drugs. You have yeast overgrowth because you create imbalances in the body because of stress and anxiety. And also eating the wrong kinds of foods. Carbs, carbohydrates these can also create imbalances in your body and so you get an abundance of yeast in the skin breakdown your immune system fast foods junk foods there there very seldom good for you yeah you get a limiting everything is going good but you wouldn’t be wanting giving them to Granny when she sick. There’s a lot better things though I’m trying to get these quick as I’m running times Jimbo-based foods we had lots of recordings up on why Jim owes are not really a good idea why they’re not a good idea scientific evidence that says what’s actually happening in and actually agricultural evidence it is really bad thing is the results that were seen from animals being fed you most but anyway that’s another long story food containing MSG is actually the people say they don’t think that’s really good for you and is probably true sodas and soft drinks absolutely. Even diet drinks as they were done on the sugar well as aspartame a lot of things probably shouldn’t but a crazy imbalance in your gut bacteria see one will avoid those overdoing the caffeine some caffeine can actually help you at certain times too much caffeine is almost never good for anybody. It can affect the your bodies information antioxidants etc. so there are things that you should eat of and things you should avoid but smoking obviously you shouldn’t even have to talk about that. It’s not a good thing excessive alcohol and excessive alcohol is more than one beer so you probably shouldn’t drink any alcohol a depends on the individual. I’m just giving generalizations out here I could going to some of the good news I don’t actually think I have a lot of time and some of the cows going actually pooh-pooh some of the good news is really not all that good major changes in diet can often be good but then you have to have a certain amount of common sense and again that’s why should be in a network seems that all I’m trying this in somebody else can say you my daughter’s expert in health get several daughters you have a lot of knowledge in the area but one particular she’s on many forms it discusses and where people are actually dealing with these things on a day-to-day basis and finding the pros and cons. And it variety of reactions to changing your diet and there’s no one diet that fits all and there is no one diet that fits all all the time. And the so anyway but we don’t have the time talk about all that but I said air pollution is down that’s a good thing want to get things his distilleries are actually instead of making alcohol to drink, they’re actually helping make alcohol for hand sanitizers it washing your hands is better than sanitizers next clear that at doesn’t really do it to but some sun exposure washing your hands. And of course, that’s why the Bible is telling you to wash and all is kind of stuff. John Hopkins research says that anybody’s from recovered COBIT patients could help protect people at risk absolutely they could how do you properly get those antibodies or antigens into those other people. And we we mentioned a little bit about that. South Korea’s outbreaks finally is abating that they were hit pretty hard for a lot of social reasons the year recoveries are outnumbering infections and of course the actual infections they don’t have a number of that because most people never get tested, never show any symptoms.

[00:56:40] So anyway, join the network to find out the rest of the stories that we couldn’t get to in my rapid recovery of the notes join you because you want to join to help other people not so that you can just be helped and learn the ways of righteousness and the ways the kingdom because that’s where your salvation is in the ways of Christ. And we talk about that start listening to all the other podcasts if you like podcast look first keys of the kingdom so anyway that’s pretty much it so will see you next week until then peace on your house and may God be with you. God bless.

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  1. There are many questioning the validity of the ‘virus’ theory [not contagious, can’t cross-species, isn’t alive like a bacteria – organism’s response to toxins] including but not limited to these two
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