Key 2028 – The Law of Nature

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2028

In the time of Covid-19, we are told that the only cure is mass vaccination. However, if you learn the basics of the gospel and go the way of Christ, you can find and live the cure according to His ways without vaccination and by releasing the exercise of authority one over another.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 2, 2020

Show Notes


  • vaccine
  • John the Baptist
  • House of Israel
  • holy spirit
  • NWO
  • Divine will
  • right reason
  • Bovine coronavirus
  • Cuty of Judea
  • smallpox
  • Temple of Satan
  • Samuel
  • Philistines
  • Federal Reserve
  • Kingdom tracts
  • Kate Brown
  • law of nature
  • bubonic plague
  • logos
  • quantum realm
  • metaphysics
  • Robert E. Lee
  • Civil War
  • gold and silver
  • home schoolers
  • Ark of the Covenant

Paul’s Notes

MUST HEAR episode!
Kingdom of God “at hand” = now!; Not when you die; Law of Nature; Do you sit in darkness?; What strong delusion?; Instructions to be Christians; Salvation; Kate Brown news; Re-opening economy?; Joining the Living Network; Gregory history; US Constitution not of God; Bondage of Egypt; Understanding history; Samuel’s warnings; US/Rome similarities; Think Kingdom!; Not against the world; What authority does world have to make you stay home?; What you can do; Where you are at; Word of God; Fallacies of world governments; “logos” -> logic; Distinguishing characteristic of Christians; Republics don’t have rulers; Executive orders; Robert E Lee; Citizenship; State rights?; Becoming citizens of heaven; Bubonic plague story; Understanding the science; Body harmony; Miracle of reproduction; Allowing God to write on hearts and minds; Law of Nature = divine will = right reason; Truth about yourself; World ruled by lies; What Christ said to do; Law vs Legal; “City”; Metaphysical jurisdiction; The kingdom “way”; Whose table do you eat at?; Continuing the “shutdown”; Vaccines vs Herd Immunity; God’s amazing invention of you; Christian posers; Heavenly “conversation”; What Paul was doing; Roman temples; “Covenants of the gods” book; Disobeying Christ; Gathering in righteousness; Who is your king?; How they get you; Kingdom tracks; Jesus healing the blind man; “shutdown” will effect generations; Basics of the gospel; What heaven looks like; Stealing the Ark; Pure Religion; The problem is us; Holy Spirit is your salvation; Horses, carts and mules; Having a humble heart; Vaccine damage; Mercy and Truth; Christ’s burden; Praying to men for safety; Christians aren’t cowards; Israel is not a bloodline; God’s covenants with you; Church presidents; Standing together; Strengthening your immune system; Learning to care; America the greatest mission field; Seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness; Strengthening the poor; Sanctifying; Why public school is evil; Absence of common sense; Vaccines and cancer; Preoccupied immune systems; Counteracting old mistakes; Origin of vaccines; Bovine coronavirus?; Share the gospel.

Notable Segments

[00:18:06] To learn about the present study history of the past.
[01:05:32] Gospel basics and the modern church (01:11:16-01:12:08 greg)
[01:16:35] Mercy for others as a doer of the word
[01:33:03] God’s blessings through your right reason


[00:08:38] Seek the Living Network and the Kingdom of God (00:11:48-12:51 gregbio)
[00:13:01] We are returning to the yolk of bondage.
[00:18:06] To learn about the present study history of the past.
[00:41:25] Right reason and the reason of the world
[00:43:44] How the Kingdom of God is a different realm
[00:50:42] God’s government and civil government
[01:05:32] Gospel basics and the modern church (01:11:16-01:12:08 gregbio)
[01:16:35] Mercy for others as a doer of the word
[01:33:03] God’s blessings through your right reason

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