Key 2029 – Who Cares?

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2029

Why is so much that is happening today surrounding the coronavirus repeatedly in the news? The global shutdown is doing the most harm to tens of millions of people. Yet how many really care about this underreported aspect and its devastating impact?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 2, 2020

Show Notes


  • Oxford study
  • shutdown
  • metaphysical reality
  • depopulation
  • logos
  • polio
  • consent
  • Kate Brown
  • holy spirit
  • early church
  • liberty
  • Saul
  • force, fear and fealty
  • using fear
  • natural law
  • pharmaceuticals
  • immune protection
  • ethos
  • Marc Anthony
  • pride
  • bubonic plague
  • offices of power
  • Samuel
  • ad hominem
  • red herring
  • law of nature

Paul’s Notes

What makes “news”?; Crazy 2020?; Who cares?; Epidemiologists say.; Reducing world population?; Difference between “world” and “planet”; Speculation vs evidence; Asymptomatic = Healthy person; Grease vs syrup; COVID death numbers; Convincing people they’ve been fooled; You have consented; China’s one-child contract; YouTube censorship; Polio vaccine -> cancer?; Doing what Christ said; Changing your heart; Fire departments; Choosing to be self-sufficient; Romans 13; Tyndale translations; Pride opens the door to being fooled; Believing in the real Jesus; Guidance from Holy Spirit; Preacher disconnect; Why you’re not free; 2 Peter 2:2; Right reason = Natural Law; Ethics and hope; Degenerates; Business are essential; Offices of power; Christ’s instructions; Prayer power; Knowing who to believe; Serology tests for COVID-19; Control via fear; What can we do?

Notable Segments

[00:26:26] The journey back to following Christ’s commandments (00:31:45-00:32:31 gregbio)
[00:35:39] Right reason and the mission of pure religion


[00:01:45] Coronavirus and generational repercussions (00:07:33-00:09:59 gregbio)
[00:12:27] America’s return to bondage and salvation through Christ (00:24:33-00:26:25 gregbio)
[00:26:26] The journey back to following Christ’s commandments (00:31:45-00:32:31 gregbio)
[00:35:39] Right reason and the mission of pure religion

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