Key 2113 – Following the Science

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2113

When you stand back and take a broad overview of the large scope of reach available regarding the COVID vaccine, too many questions arise to feel comfortable with it.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 9, 2021

Show Notes


[00:01:36] This specific PCR test can’t be sued unless a state of emergency is declared; Beyond 27 cycles renders the PCR test ineffective.
[00:04:05] 14-weeks pregnant – miscarriage
[00:07:03] Proverbs 30:8
[00:07:31] Syncyn1 protein and pregnancy
[00:11:38] Dr Shiva networking
[00:13:30] Most cited German biologist has been censored
[00:14:43] Dr Lee Merritt
[00:16:30] No animal trials; animals died
[00:18:00] Carrie Madej – transhumanism
[00:22:15] Dr David Martin – under legally defined terms, this is not a vaccine
[00:23:44] What happened to the regular flu virus?
[00:27:00] People sick and dying after vaccine
[00:30:29] More on reproductive issues
[00:31:45] Spike proteins and “host” cells
[00:34:52] Declared emergency to get around rules
[00:35:28] Smallpox killed nearly 50% of Roman population
[00:36:18] Example of delayed effects of epidemics and vaccines
[00:38:20] Spike protein damage to smooth wall heart muscle tissue
[00:42:09] Necessary long-term monitoring of effects…but not to a small test group.
[00:49:28] Monkey virus in polio vax preoccupied immune system that fought cancer cells
[00:50:36] NIH-funded study – virus binds to host cell and releases genetic material. COVID spike protein works differently. Tests haven’t been done.
[00:57:40] Immunity passports
[00:58:32] Non-replicating vaccine options that MAY be less damaging
[01:05:20] Vaccinated individuals may be contagious

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