Key 2015 – Social Justice? More Like Coerced Contribution

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2015

The current movement for “Social Justice” reflects society’s greed and the ignorance of the modern church. The form of government organized by Jesus and the early church demonstrated a system of redistribution based on charity and love for one’s neighbors.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 7, 2020

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Notable Segments

[00:12:51] The redistribution policy in the government of God
[00:16:52] Why church seems irrelevant to most people today
[00:20:37] The redistribution network of the first-century church helped them thrive
[00:45:56] Public schools built voluntarily

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. We’re, again. going to talk about the kingdom of God and what it looks like to seek the righteousness of God. And we’re on the topic of social justice we were talking about critical theory this morning and I put the information I have about critical theory which is rather limited on the our page on social justice of that’s where you dorm a look it up in social justice is supposed to be concept of fair and just relations between the individuals are the individual and society but over the centuries ideas creep into the thinking of society that actually abandons what is fair and just for the individual under the guise of what we commonly call today social justice the original use of the term social justice was about taking care of the needy of society and the abuse of society and and attending to the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith. We’re supposed to care about our neighbors much as we care about ourselves and so to seek social justice what if we just look at those words “social justice”—justice in society—then we would have a particular approach to those weightier matters of law judgment mercy faith that we would tamper the law with mercy and justice.

Changing stories

[00:02:07] I was just listening to the case coming up in local issues. And it’s all very complicated because not everybody is telling the truth. And so you listen to this person who changes a story and you listen this person six to the story and so who are you going to believe the one that keeps changing the story of the one who sticks to the story. Well, Christ has stuck to his story. Christ has told us what is what the problem is most of the ministers were supposedly studying Christ, are not sticking to the story of Christ that you they talk about being your we talked this morning a great delicate mentioning biblical Christianity. Well what I see posing as Christianity today doesn’t match biblical Christianity.

Ministers of the kingdom are not socialists because they can’t exercise authority

[00:02:58] And you know, I talked about the idea of vapor you video on this concept was Jesus a socialist of course Jesus was not a socialist and he gave a number of reasons very clearly quoting from biblical text that would show you and lead you to believe that Jesus was not a socialist and that Jesus was actually for the general population was a capitalist. He himself did not pursue capitalism he pursued being the high priest and king of Judea that’s over and maybe you could say politics of the kingdom is not politics of the world you said you were politics and everybody thinks a bad thought right away because you was the definition of politics and policy meaning many intakes meaning blood sucking insects. Well, politics in the kingdom, the ministers are not blood sucking insects because they cannot exercise authority one over the other do you have in your church you have ministers who exercise authority one over the other? Maybe a couple of different quotes from the Bible pop-up that we are supposed to be in submission you know and all this kind of think while we deal with those in other places we have the whole Bible online including in some of the Apocrypha. Including a quite a bit of the Apocrypha we put in there just to examine the literature of the time basically are we Bible believers? Absolutely! Are we is our faith based on the Bible know F8 is not based on the Bible our faith is based on Christ and the Holy Spirit that faith in Christ and the Holy Spirit needs to be in conformity with of what the Bible is saying. If we’re doing opposite of what the Bible is saying that is a red flag that you should maybe not be listening to us but we can actually show you where most churches are doing opposite of what Christ said what the Bible says that Christ said. And we show you why. Which is why we have thousands of footnotes on web sites thousands of links to other articles taking you step-by-step to do these different areas of the Bible the talk about this.

Corban of the Pharisees was a socialist system that Jesus opposed

[00:05:24] But going back to the PragerU video, “Was Jesus a socialist?” Of course he was not oppose socialism he condemns socialism he condemned it when he said the Korbin of the Pharisees was making the word of God to none effect because the Corban and the Pharisees was a socialist program set up by the Pharisees and with the approval Herod set up not only in the Temple in Jerusalem but also in the Temple of Roma by hair and which was a system where you signed up you registered and once you signed up a portion of what you produced in a given year weather was no cunnins leaves or whether it was squeezed or Olive Oyl or whatever that you produce she lambs whatever had to go to the government Temple and then the ministers of the government Temple turned it into commodities that could take care of the widows and orphans and needy of society they ran a free bread welfare system out of the temple through the synagogues the synagogues were 10 families gathered together that was what a synagogue was and that synagogue would pick a minister and that minister would gather with nine other ministers like himself and he would pick up minister. And then they are they would pick a minister and then they would that minister we gather with 10 other ministers like himself and they would pick him and they just did this all happen to you got to the high priest. And of course, that’s how Judea was organized solely at one time and then they decided to have a king they called a have a king under Samuel Samuel warned them that okay because it is written in the Old Testament that the people might choose to have a king. That would be like a chief executive officer somebody who could execute righteousness in the land so that everybody didn’t have to drop everything and go and stop the robbers or the thieves every to somebody who had a little bit more authority, first citizens Prince he possibly to us and they would elect him to take care of business and that’s what they did was Saul but before they did that Samuel warned them that if you do this he will end up taking, and taking, and taking, and taking taking taking big long list emulate you find simulate and then you’re gonna cry out as he’s taking so much and in your be back in bondage to he’s going to appoint his guys from the top down like Nimrod. Nimrod had tens hundreds and thousands as well we we point this out show you an ancient tax out Nimrod organized his government in the tens hundreds of thousands but I did it from the top down like Samuel warns your king will do. He will appoint men over you.

The people you elect to make laws have given that power to unelected people

[00:08:25] I heard somebody today talking about the thousands of federal laws. He says, “We think that these laws are put into place by this checks and balances of Bill going to Congress and then did the Senate and the Congress of finally getting voted becomes a bill. Most of the laws most the federal laws you have are put I should say most but a vast number of the federal laws and there’s a vast number of federal laws you have are put in there by men who aren’t elected by the people. Because the people who are elected by the people give the power to other people to make these laws and so they make all kinds of laws like it’s a federal crime to have a dog on a leash that is more than 6 feet long. It’s a federal crime to take a rake across state lines if you have a rake in the back your truck in evidently in some states I remember all the ones he was mentioned as like the laws on the book the get on the books by people with these laws and maybe with good intentions but they they end up making almost everybody criminals goes a Job a lot of people it you can go on our Facebook page of my Facebook page it’s it or go to John Stossel it’s one of his videos it the guy was on talking about all these laws that are in place and but the point is that these laws are really not coming from the bottom they’re coming from the top down the government is really organized… You get to a lack some officials with if if you aren’t subject to Broder fraud and you know foreigners voting in your election and miss counting the out of the supposedly elect somebody but once you’ve elected them just like the elected Saul to be their king, then that guy gets to make all kinds of decisions on your behalf he can put you into debt and all the stuff.

Five elements of a biblical constitution

[00:10:25] Now there were five rules back in Deuteronomy 17… 17:16… that area there… that you are supposed to write down in your Constitution. If you decided to have a king this is all prearrangement way back in Deuteronomy in your to put those in your Constitution because that would keep the king from getting too much power. And we cover them in the books Contracts Covenants and Constitutions and we show you those five things what they mean. But we also show you that they are not in the Constitution of the United States only one of them shows up in there nobody pays attention attention to it. So many things have changed since the beginning of the American Constitution the American Constitution is not your salvation is not a biblical document it may have been partially inspired by God anybody can be partially inspired by God but if the Bible tells you to have five things in your Constitution and they are in your Constitution, then you cannot say your Constitution is a biblical document. There’s a lot of good things in it and a lot of wise things in it but fall short of what would be a biblical document I want to do away with it I would much rather you have that Constitution and the one you’d probably right today if you were given the power write a new one. but at just the same as there are many Christians out there who do a lot of stuff that Christ said to do and they you know they may be forgiving may be charitable they may well be faithful to their spouse they may take care of the children and maybe homeschool that they may have lots of wonderful characteristics and are Christ-like characteristics but there is a whole gospel. There is a whole truth. And anything short of the whole truth is not the truth Christ is the truth but what is Christ what is Jesus what is the anointing of Jesus what is the full character of Christ if you have people walking around today suggesting that Christ is a socialist that got no clue Christ is. They just don’t know. So you have to have a way of finding out who Christ really is. And that’s what were constantly trying to do. By looking into these matters looking at all things anew.

The redistribution policy in the government of God

[00:12:51] According to UN report on social justice, the term is defined as in their own words social justice may be broadly understood as the fair and compassionate distribution of the fruits of economic growth. Social justice is not possible without strong and coherent redistribution policies conceived and implemented by public agencies.” Now that’s the UN’s definition of social justice but the UN is you know the the kingdom of God is not a member of the United Nations it if the people but is not a member of the United Nations because you have to submit yourself to the United Nations to do that and were told not to do that UN is one of those governments that exercises authority one over the other. Now, in the kingdom of God, to be fair, there is a redistribution policy and there is a redistribution and implementation of that redistribution by the authority in the government of God. So what’s the authority in the government of God. Well, isn’t it God? it didn’t Christ say we were not to exercise authority over each other but certainly God should be exercising authority over your heart so how does the church redistribute the wealth of the kingdom of God while first they have to be get in the well of the people people have to share their wealth with the church to have to contribute to the church and the church then takes that well and redistributes it. And so how do we do that well if the church was commanded and it was in in in Mark and we see it in a couple of the Gospels and we certainly see it in the traditions of the early church the church was organized also in the tens hundreds and thousands. That’s why we had deacons. Deacons is the leader of 10 the that’s why they talk about synagogue of Christ in the synagogue of Satan they both organized intends but the synagogue of Christ the congregation of Christ is organized in the bottom up the people have to organize themselves in groups of 10. Pick a minister. And he gets together with 10 pics a minister and they do this to create a system of love and charity and hope and faith in the way of Christ in the way of Christ is love is not force. John the Baptist wasn’t using for he said you know you have extra share with those who don’t have enough we show you how the first century church second century church were doing the same thing they gathered once a week and those that had shared with those that didn’t have enough. And they took care of the widows and orphans in the needy in their society even the strangers in their minutes and they were persecuted for because the Roman government had a system like the corban of the Pharisees were you signed up and you had to pay in a portion of what you produced in a given year that was socialism. Rome wrote went from a Republic to a socialist indirect democracy into an imperial power.

[00:16:33] I’m getting over the coronavirus here so… Not THE coronavirus but a coronavirus. I also have a cracked rib that I broke the other day and accident feeding sheep but the so anyway when I cough it is extremely painful but…

Why church seems irrelevant to most people today

[00:16:52] I’m here to tell you how the kingdom of God works. And that’s out works. And we talk about the solid time and is amazing the number of churches that continue to go to men who call themselves benefactors who are parts of the princes and rulers of other governments to get their been if it that to get their Social Security get a free education get the Medicare and Medicaid and they’re absolutely terrified of sitting down in the tens hundreds and thousand and taking care of it by faith hope and charity. They want to keep doing it through a system of force and fear in fealty but they should be doing it to faith hope and charity if there really following Christ. Most Christians are not really following Christ. They they give them lipservice they sometimes do some of the things they may have turned their lives around from the decadent life that they live before but they’re still in a system that is based on covetous practices of desiring benefits… what the Bible calls “the wages of unrighteousness” that desiring those benefits to force and of course social justice as it’s defined today includes a government that has the power and means and a coherent system of redistribution policies conceived and implemented by public agencies. Well, the definition of liturgy in the Greek word Sergio is public service the church was the public service just 150 years ago in the United States most of the charity the provisions for the needy of society was handled by the churches. By philanthropic contributing organizations were charities help take care of the needy of society that that’s the way most everything was done now almost all of it—the vast majority of it— almost every congregation is done by the government yet people go to church they listen to a pastor sitting up in a pulpit talks about Jesus but is not actually implementing the tens hundreds and thousands as Christ commanded and so because the church is not doing that people look at church and they say or they go there saying talk about Jesus and they read from the Bible and they say prayers, but what is that to me what how is our value to me I don’t need that you like it or not I got my iPod and my MP3 player night was no music I want and I got friends and buddies and go out to a pizza parlor it’s a lot more fun in the stuffy church was smelling somebody else’s perfume. So church has lost its appeal. Because really churches in the business most churches are in business of tickling your ears making you think your saved why you continue to do things involved engage in practices that Christ said made the word of God to none effect a Korbin a sacrifice a sacrificial system where you have to sacrifice into a treasury that is supposed to take care of the needy of your society. And you think that’s okay. Christ said it’s not. He condemned the Pharisees for doing he forbid it with these different quotes that I’m constantly reading from.

The redistribution network of the first-century church helped them thrive

[00:20:37] You know, if we go back and look at Augustine of Hippo and the philosophy of Thomas Paine. Which are concepts of social justice are they referring to when they talk about social justice the term social justice has been defined and redefined over the years so you on the page I talk about be days social lease which is in no another way of kinda saying social justice the life of society and you know Augustine had these ideas and I don’t agree with Augustine time I agree with Christ entirely everybody else’s in us take second fiddle to Christ. Because there is only one denomination in the church established by Christ and that is the denominator of Christ. So in 1840 a priest named Luigi Tapporelli using the term social justice advocated that levels of society having both rights and duties should be reorganized and supported by individuals as a members of sub-societies these individuals should cooperate rationally avoiding competition and conflict. So you can about denominationalism is back in 1840 and denominational well on the way we’ve been we had that since the Protestant revolution but now admittedly he was a Catholic priest and I think he was the Jesuit order… I said that this morning I could be wrong in a study a lot of different people and had read this in years I wrote many years ago I received several typos as I’m glancing at the page and maybe I’ll have time to fix that later. But this is putting together these websites is….Oregon preparing you and ministering to people all across the country and around the world is very preoccupying since I don’t get any wages or salaries I depend upon my own labor to sustain my family and have for more than half a century out here and to the plots I am conforming to Christ in the formation of religious orders which were 10 families 10 ministers and their families summing the apostles at families that they were celibates or something like that. They had families in that but they serve the people but silver and gold had a none Christ was ready to talk about that this morning we show that the Bible says he was rich and the but he made himself poor there was a reason for that we explain in other places but the reality was his he was forming this government of Christ. This Latour G.I. that was going to be the public servants of his kingdom. And they were forbidden to exercise authority one over the other they were certainly forbdden from forcing the contributions the people but the people went in one day thousands of people that baptize when you got baptized your kicked out of the system of syniguoges that the Pharisees were using you are no longer going to get access to the free bread of the Temple we see that with a blind man who Christ said he’ll but then wasn’t there when the guy got his eyesight back as he went to wash out as Isaac Rice was one of them he washed out his eyes but he was professing it was Christ who’d healed them it was professing Christ and they said you know you do this were cast you out as you’re not supposed to do this. And he says all I can do is say what I know that I I couldn’t see an IC ministry he could see that so they turn to his parents and they said to his parents so what you said and I say well he’s old enough to speak for himself that they didn’t edit it tells you they didn’t want to say anything because they did not want to be cast out of the welfare system of the Temple. They wanted to stay members because that was their Social Security pay for do the impure religion of the Pharisitical hierarchy that had this treasury where they could take care of the widows and orphans through and they didn’t want to lose their benefits so they is that he can speak for himself and he spot continue to profess Christ and they kicked him out we see Christ going looking for me send you coming to the king what was he coming into? He was coming into that network the Christ it commanded the early church to form that was not built up’s dead stone but was built of living stones do this tens hundreds and thousands that would take care of him as Jerusalem would fall in a matter in a little over three decades that are or less actually at that time that Jerusalem would be invaded and destroyed. Christians would escape. They would be allowed to leave they couldn’t take anything with them but they were allowed to leave but they had a network that extended all the way to Ireland into Scandinavia all over the Roman Empire that would absorb their migration that was going to be outside of Jerusalem. Now many of the Jews who remained behind fighting for this false Judaism that had been created by the Pharisees who got Moses wrong didn’t understand Moses what he created a whole religion around it…. Now that you have to admit that the Pharisees were not the only Jews at the time of the Sadducees and Pharisees the zealots there was the scenes and then there were factions amongst these loose labels of people. And some Pharisees follow Christ some I think many it seems follow Christ some zealots followed Christ but they stopped doing some of the things that these guys were doing wrong. And one of the things they were doing wrong was grading the system of Corbett of forced sacrifice. So if they were part of that system when they got baptized they were cast out of that system they were put out just like that blind man was put out and they had to reorganize to take care of the needy of their society in the tens hundreds and thousands. Which is what Paul was doing helping these other cities like Corinth and an emphasis organize the same kind of network there so that you can, and then people would know. And they’d say well I was in the congregation was so-and-so over here and he was my minister and he was my bishop and they say what we know him and then they could find out if you are telling the truth. And they would let you into their group and they would take care of you but they would just treat you as a stranger because would be a stranger. Because they knew you because you are part of that network this help Christians not only survive but thrive during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire that had become more more socialist all the time. They talked about social justice to but that wasn’t the kind of righteous social justice that Christ was talking about because the re-distributors of wealth, the provision in religion to the needy of society was and orphans and needy of society was all done in the kingdom of God to charity. Through a voluntary network of charity of men who learned and earned the trust of the people they would give the people would give them funds and they would redistributed and a very localized level. But they also had a way of passing it up to that through the network to other guys who could pass it across to other people might be needing it. And this is what you see with Barnabas and Paul that they could take up a collection locally knowing that this these funds were going to go to Galatia but these funds are going to go to Syria where these funds might be coming from Syria back to Jerusalem or to Ephasus. And we see that with you Galatia sending aid to court Corinth was far wealthier than Galatia but at certain times Galatia was doing better in Corinth was doing poorly and they needed help well to this network this intimate network reached all across these nations this phenomenal network of charity they were able to help people all over. And occasionally people had to move I mean like when all the Christians at Pompeii when Vesuvius blew up. Where they all killed? Well, we know there were some Christian homes there because we see the Christian symbols 11 maybe a lot of Christians are but there were some but we don’t Nessie see people that we know to be Christians incinerated in the hot ash that came down from Vesuvius. Did the Christians get a heads up to leave early we know in the New Testament they talk about warnings that came to them that there would be famines and Durst in the land and they prepared for the same thing went on in Egypt when Moses was there he predicted that there was going to be displayed in this plague and this like all those plays were natural place except for maybe the last one and maybe even an actual reason for that but Moses knew when they were coming yet insight he had an understanding that wasn’t available to the average guy but evidently was available to many of the Israelites who listen to Moses knowing all the Israelites did not listen the Moses. But those who did were prepared for each of these plates in turn we tell you more about how they did things to guarantee their survival during those plagues. and I survived them they thrive during them.

Plague preparation

[00:31:04] So what plagues might be coming in America? Army we have the coronavirus which I don’t really think is a big threat I think you are dangerous out there are plagues I think there are dangers out there of disasters but I don’t really think that’s one of them and what were seen maybe is a cry wolf you obviously Mike it’s all joke about we survived dead nine or more these to call it Leo other gonna change from 1999 to 2000 and all the clocks in things you’re supposed to stop and there was some disturbance but it wasn’t the end of the world. And we’ve heard several different I don’t pay much attention the most of them because it is is ridiculous I pay attention what Christ is telling me and it is true that we should prepare but the best way to prepare is to do with Christ said to organize into those tens hundreds and thousands. So I want to put in one more quote here and then we’ll go take a break as were actually a memo say this quote till after we come back from break because I see that to we need to were actually three minutes over our normal break time but anyway will take this break and then we’ll be right back.

Is the US already more socialist than Sweden?

[00:32:20] Welcome back. So here’s the quote… it’s actually from Frederick Von Hayak and he even wrote this in his “The Mirage of Social Justice.” one of the things he used to say was that he hoped that he would expose the term social justice as the iniquitous term that is that become it at that time so much so that no one would dare however mention it again anyway he was a genius when it comes to economics and the and also a society because society is what runs economics but he says while and equality of rights under a limited government is possible and then essential condition of individual freedom a claim for a quality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers. And that, of course, is that once you start down the road to obtain social justice to force which is what most leftists are trying to do which is why you see those perfect savages that Polybius predicted out there beating old man over the head with bicycle locks. Those people out there are going to usher in totalitarian powers if they are given the opportunity and you think auto salvage of guys dressed in black with mass and there’s they’re not really very much and why are we worried about them. They’re just the tip of an iceberg. Army Bernie Sanders it is a devout communist and socialist and he is not very far away from the presidency of the United States will see where he goes but the rest of the the Democratic Party of has moved far more to the left than to liberalism. And if you actually look at the conservative party, supposedly the Republican Party, they believe in lots and lots of socialist type programs that countries like Sweden is already done away with. Their Social Security is privatized already it it’s not government run to privatized systems more like five 401(k)s and that’s her thing and they moved back that way because they saw on the the micro Cozumel their own countries not really be country they sought absolutely destructive to their society. But most people don’t understand that because they’re going to schools that still have the socialist professors running things.

Social contract

[00:35:03] You know Socrates, through Plato’s dialogues, developed the idea of a social contract whereby people are expected to follow the rules of a given society and except its burdens because they have accepted its benefits is very important now Lottie will deny a social contract existed like live links on the page you go there will take you to Livelink there is a social contract because a lot of our member sign out most of the guys you say that I can show you where they signed and I’ll say why do know what it meant at the time where you adult you well then you knew it if you didn’t know it meant you’re an idiot in your idiot then you don’t right to be free. You need to be taken care of by the state or somebody was willing to take you in. Now the church can take your but they would have to see the spirit of Christ in you is very Christ is not the spirit of rebellion so you know I probably should go over this page I have been at for a long time but and put in more lunches we’ve had it so many more pages so many more links. But what I was adding this morning which is actually way down farther down the guys you have several audios there that you play acting one of them doesn’t seem to be working on go find out why that 70 take a constant maintenance working on these things things shift around and change. But I there is any of you want on his face this at least 100 links to other articles… What’s public religion? That’s welfare. That’s food stamps. That’s Social Security. That’s all public religion. Those in the people who hand out that money in hand out that food those of the priests of your religion now if we redefine religion as they’ve done in last hundred years as what you think about God you can pretend that your religion is Baptist or Methodist or Catholic but if your welfare is coming from the government and exercise authority that actual religion because religion. Religious I together with and orphans and needy of your society and and it’s only pure of his unspotted by the world in the word world there is constitutional order system of government that’s what that that’s how that word is translated and defined in the Greek is lots of words in the Bible that are translated world that particular one means constant so you can’t have the widows and orphans of your society being taken care of by men who exercise authority or you’re not a part of the Christian religion. You’ve abandoned the ways of Christ and sought after the ways of Nimrod and Caesar and Pharaoh and you are content and complacent with the idea forcing your neighbors to contribute to your welfare by men who exercise authority. Which is contrary to Christ.

Critical Theory

[00:38:06] So I put in a section on critical theory. And critical theory is this philosophical approach to culture. And especially to literature. I was listening to podcasts out on the desert a number of months ago and people were taking books and they were turning on the authors must be turning over in their grave because they were turning the meaning of these books into all sorts of ideas that… I know the author didn’t think… because we know the author’s life story but if you don’t know the author’s life story like most people you might actually think that that’s what the author meant and their perverting and then of destroying all of the heroes of the past. You know, they’ve got Thomas Jefferson is some sort of lecherous slave raper. And stuff like having that they reinvent history and the it’s just not the case and we have the letters back and forth have letters from you coming his wife and who is he married half-sister after his wife died that’s very common in those days 00 wife and family were extremely important so he married his half-sister his half-sister not his half-sister but his wife says sister was was mulatto she was part black and you you could say she was a slave is a white any freer will see was telling you that was against law freer in Virginia. He tried to get that law change time and time again so we could free all the slaves but he wasn’t allowed to do because it was against the law in Virginia but they don’t tell you that they make you out like he was trying to keep these people slave you’re trying to keep mislabel I was he trying to change the law so he could free them you just not being honest anymore which brings us back to the 1619 project which I’ll probably talk more about. But anyway I will talk a lot about critical theory but critical theory is void of critical thinking they’d they’re not doing critical thinking when they formulate their critical theory. And that that’s that’s what I talked about this morning.

Approaching life with the character of Christ

[00:40:38] Anyway, I’ve had a number of other problems I breaking my rib, etc. But the were trying to get it set up so we do more videos but I’m looking at so many of the links on this page so many words that we use we have links to other articles to start showing you but not as does any good if you don’t sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands. and you don’t start caring about other people as much as you care about yourself so that’s Christianity is about sacrificing some of the life that God gives you for others you will be blessed more abundantly… you get the new car you want to know you are whatever it is they get to drive around in a test letter whatever but you will be blessed if you approach life with the character of Christ with the wisdom of Christ. With the spirit of Christ. And and that’s going to be very important in the days ahead that you do that because that is seeking kingdom of God and is righteousness.

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[00:41:49] So anyway, I have a whole section on there and some questions. Like what was the bondage of Egypt and why were we to never go back there again? Well, the bondage of Egypt is where you had to pay 20% of everything you produced any given year to the government that was the bondage of Egypt when you laugh the bondage of Egypt under Moses his new plan Moses his new deal you no longer had to give 20% of what you produced in a given year to the government. You were supposed to give 10% to the Levites. And of course you gave it to the Levite that you know they organize in the tens hundreds and thousands they did that even before Jethro came Jethro was just talking about the courts that these tens hundreds and thousand became a part of the judiciary system where you eat you we try people locally they were injuring somebody or there there with the only cause damage to your neighbor Ernie’s he couldn’t get you to settle you can take it before the elders of your community and you lose 10 elders because there’s 10 families is a minister who is also the head of a family and then he has a minister who is also the head of a family so you have representatives of over 100 families almost a thousand families there in those 12 men and they try the matter. If you still don’t get justice you could flee to the cities of refuge whole article in the cities of refuge which was really it wasn’t that you all the criminals ended up in the cities of refuge but because they ran really fast but you are appealing to those refuges and nobody can kill you while your case was appealed to those refuges and they would see whether or not you got fair judgment locally and that may take quite a while to do but that’s what they were and we go to that in the article we show you the translations the actual words you can think that all criminals if you are fast enough runner and you made to one of sounds they can do anything to you as not what was they’re talking about appeals court system same as the alters. But I asked some of these other questions have people giving consent to a social compact that might enslave them like in the days of Egypt well actually there’s a live link to an article called employee employed versus enslaved and you you get there by clicking on the word enslave and it will show you that you have and we have an article on social compact we have an article on consent to show you how you can send if you take a benefit like we mentioned before you know in quoting the these other sources that if you’re taking a benefit if you’re reaping the benefit you will have to pay the duty so also we quote Proverbs why should this lawful be under tree because that’s what it says in Proverbs this lawful shall be a tribute’s lawful and what lobbies of your lazy bomb he may end up and attribute but slothful in the ways of Christ of the ways of Moses Moses said love the neighbor as thyself and then we asked the question why did Corbett of the Pharisees make the word of God to none effect that’s pretty powerful to make the word of God to none effect. Well, there’s a live link there to Corbett which explains how Korbin worked how you signed up for how it operated at the time Rome has system Korbin they spell a little bit different Korbin just mean sacrifice but it’s a system of sacrifice that was making the word of God to none effect because it was not based on charity in the Old Testament said these were all…

Public schools built voluntarily

[00:45:56] Your tithing was a freewill offering. You got to choose who you are going to give it to when you were going to give it to them and you know they said you know you’re not supposed to be just if you if you have 10 sheep you’re going to give me don’t give them the worst sheep in the flock you don’t have to give them the best sheep in the flock either you let the should decide is run down chute and gets will the 10th one and you do the same with oils and whatever you produce you share with them but he has a job toio. Because he’s the priest of their religion and their religion again is how you take care of the needy of society it’s only pure religion if you do it only to faith open charity and not to force your violence so Moses was showing the people how did this what bound them together this one about Abraham and all his alters together. So that he was able to muster army overnight because they were all this is why Thomas Jefferson said there should be public schools. Who was supposed to bill that was the government supposed to build those public schools Oregon attacks everybody in the village they had to pay money to build the schools now the militia built the schools demolishes the voluntary army. People got together and they built discloses to say we should have a school should really just that’s in a one room school house within walking distance of everybody in every Ward of every County and he called those words republics. He called those counties republics so you know the meaning a Republic attached you to build those schools you’re going to volunteer go down now what the community would you have everybody on your block got together and built a one-room school house on every block in the city where the kids on that block went to that school to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. And the parents were involved daily with education get some parents are home and cut out for a couple hours is right there on the street and come down for a couple hours and that they work with the kids for a couple hours. And then you know maybe have to go and do some shopping and then they have won something else on the block and there’s probably some retired people on the block income. But they know everybody is coming down there educating his children because these children are your future they are your social security. I can tell you you know my kids are all home taught if if everybody in the community was working together to do that what you know I my dad came from a little one room schoolhouse out in South Dakota. And from his immediate classes and he was in a little tiny classes at their inconsistent tiny school they had several admirals a general a vice president I mean they just and my dad and you know CIA agent. They had all these people who were great achievers comeing out of one-room schoolhouse. It’s you get away better education and that but but you think you all you need is big you school with all his classrooms of export steam in the note you’re getting poor education and this test scores homeschoolers test way higher than the public school kids so it’s up to you what kind education you want but that’s what the kingdom of God would be. Families organized in groups of 10, in groups of 100, groups of 1000 taking care of their need for one of the houses on that block could actually be a convalescent and people or the fact is you have somebody who lived on that block who would come into your home and help take care of your parents when you’re away at work and then when your kids Gallo bit older they would be responsible enough to do it y’all take turns. Kind of like those people in the big fat Greek wedding how they yell if you need help at the laundry do you need help at the restaurant you need help at the the travel agency. They’re helping each other become successes that’s what made America great was in the Constitution it was people helping people that’s what Christ was trying to get the people back to doing. But some people like the blind man’s parents all we know is the bars you were telling you to leave the social over systems the world were telling you turn around think a different way and start establishing social welfare system of Christ. And the religion… the pure religious practices of Christ and wean yourself off of the covetous practices of looking to men who exercise authority.

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[00:50:49] That’s another question why did Jesus say call no man father upon the earth. Who were these fathers while this article there that will tell you who these fathers were next question why did Jesus say not to be like the rulers who call themselves benefactors who were they while that was your Bernie Sanders your FDR’s your LBJ’s and their war on poverty which is devastated the black community and and is working its way down to every have very heavily through the white community name into the Asian community. Causing the families to break down. Not making them stronger. Certainly not making community stronger remember the earthquake in LA with I was there 50 years ago that I was there may be more than 50 years and very few people helped each other out. It was terrible but it was better back then than it is today now you have people like his Ephesus going LA because you can’t get prosecuted for small crime that is walking the stores and take what they want and that’s only going to get worse and worse and worse and worse. Because you’re going the wrong way you have to change your thinking. Why did the Koreans save their stores during that rioted burning was going on in one thinkers in LA riots that they had because they still had the semblance the of gathering together. They still had this common thread that brought them together as they were watching each other’s back this what the kingdom is is the buddy system times 10. It is what Christ told us to do if you think you want to be a Christian a real Christian not the watered-down apostate Christian we see in most place and I know in every church will have some people who really want to be a real Christian and are willing to repent go the other way. Why did Peter say that covetous practices would make you merchandise and curse your children that’s us three articles in that one sentence one question what did Jesus list off as the weightier matters? Why did Jesus come man that the people sit down intends only time he commanded people with he commanded them to sit down in tens hundreds and thousands? what is religion what is pure religion to articles in question why did the church have a daily ministration where’s your daily ministrations it men who exercise authority is that the fathers of the earth or is it the church established by Christ that is helping set up that daily ministration through the love and charity of the people that that’s why the Bible and I said that this morning was the government of the people for the people and by the people but modern Christians don’t know that. Which is the next article. But the early church did note that because they were actually following the ways of Christ and I know this is so much different than what everybody else’s used to you know I’m throwing a lot out here. And I go down into golden calves and what are the altars of earth and the alters of stone what is the Sabbath in a some of the efforts of a Greek Orthodox guy talking about the days the week it referring to them by the great names which is the first day second day Thursday well the sixth day of the week is Friday and that is called the preparation day. Well that’s in the Greek and they knew that and so he thinks I assume that he thinks he’s keeping Sabbath because there are shipping on I guess Saturday I didn’t listen to the whole audio but I heard a little bit of it but the Sabbath is not about a day. It’s about a way. So when you Christ and if if you’re doing all these things I mentioned above you’re not keeping the Sabbath you’re actually a surety for debt if your surety for debt that’s for sure you having kept the Sabbath. So anyway that’s the basis of it you go to preparing and the look of social justice and see the article hopefully I’ll get those little typos fixed so they won’t be in there anymore but the big thing is when you are preparing you join the network find out the closest people in your community don’t have to meet with and you can meet him on the phone but start gathering such spreading this message start letting other people know that you need to be seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And until then peace on your house and may God be with you God bless.

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