Key 2014 – Critical Theory vs Critical Thinking

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2014

Something called “Critical Theory” or “Critical Race Theory” is in vogue in some academic circles. Too bad that critical thinking isn’t equally prized.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 7, 2020

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Who’s making the history books?; Graduation without understanding; Social Justice critical theory; vs Critical thinking; Pure Religion needs to be understand; Are you easily deceivable?; Are you humble enough to accept challenge?; Critical Theory defined; Liberating human beings from the circumstances that enslave them; Pied piper; Qualifying for Christian persecution; Taking the next step; Critical Thinking defined; Facts (Inconvenient truths) being omitted; Jesus forbade socialism; Government of, for and by the people; Loving thy neighbor; Philosophical approach to culture; Examine ALL the facts for righteousness; Being a minister for Christ; Corban/Qorban/Korban; Not to be that way with you; Egocentrism; Sociocentrism; Church = Kingdom = one form of government operating by faith, hope and charity; Modern Church’s anti-Christ practices; Social Justice via a moral path; Socialism available to you right now!; No tyranny in capitalism; Vengeance is the Lord’s, not ours; Seek righteousness; Theory of Oppressed/Oppressor division; Black-wanted separation; Christianity is not self-denial; Coping mechanisms; Being thankful for opportunity to give; How does your soul prosper?; 2 Tim 3; Love self, and neighbor equal to self; Culture-driven dysphoria; Covetous practices; Preach whole gospel or a lie by omission; Pious performance of your duty to your father and fellowman; Public religion; Tactics matter; Christ’s commanded organization; Bondage of Egypt – you’ve returned; Repressive tolerance; The “oppressed” want to stop you from speaking; Christianity illustrated; Cursing your children with debt; “Milk” is not enough; Changing oppressors; Avoid changing in appearance only; Bringing light to a dark world; Critical thinking is an individual process; Elders/Ministers have no authority in The Church; Appetites for benefits obtained by force; Ascending from our savage nature; James 2:5; Loving Christ and His Ways; Salvation becoming a reality.

Notable Segments

[00:07:06] Undersanding the defintion of “pure religion” can alter your entire worldview
[00:35:23] Youth are rejecting modern church, not biblical Christianity
[01:06:48] The welfare of Rome weakened the poor; Call now mand father
[01:11:28] Marginalized groups are liberated by practicing pure religion
[01:32:28] Lots of verses demonstrating how modern Christians are oppressing their neighbors

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, we’re going to be talking about the kingdom of God. And the were gonna look at a couple of different things in connection with what we talked about last week which was the 1619 Project which is this almost brainwashing approach to the history that is being presented by the New York Times and other institutions that are actually putting is already into the curriculum of your schools which is absolutely amazing that they’re actually putting this misinformation in your public education curriculums. And of course. it will filter into many of the private school curriculums as well because that’s who’s making the books and if you listen to our shows last week we talked about the Reese commission and that where the government actually uncovered the fact that many philanthropic organizations were trying to change the way in which Americans view history but it didn’t began in the year 2000 or 2008 but in 1908, they began to alter your history books so that you would change your view of American and world history now course number of years ago about 20 years ago I saw them taking history courses simply completely out of school. So that you would have people who are actually history majors believe it or not in college who couldn’t tell you who was in the different wars that America has fought since the American Revolution. These are people actually studying geopolitics and they can’t tell you the wars that we were in or why much less why we’re in those wars are who was fighting in those wars what was the motivation and these are college students. People have been graduated for decades now with little or no knowledge of history so that when they read these things like a 1619 articles that are in the New York Times, they can’t tell that they are reading rubbish. That they are reading misinformation. It is for a political motivation that these things are happening.

Obvious bias in news and hiring of college professors

00:02:52 I just read this morning that, evidently, the Trump Campaign Inc. is suing the CNN Washington Post and New York Times for defamation the flat and defamatory comments that they have made and statements that they made that they refused to retract and they are clearly defamatory comments. And it has become pervasive in the news I mean 87% maybe even as much as 90% of the college professors are all liberal Democrat philosophy now that shows a bias in the hiring of professors so that you get this particular political viewpoint when they’re presenting history, or even literature, in the universities. OOf course, this is affecting generation upon generation now in that is being filtered through those halls of, supposedly, education. And one of the reasons why is because they lack critical thinking.

Rick Plasterer article on “critical theory”

00:04:01 But what, actually, we’re going to start talking about today is an article that I read just a kiss it was yesterday and I put together a few notes on the article. But the article was written by Rick Plasterer and he quotes a number of theologians in the article. And it’s basically on what it seems to be a series on social justice. The particular article… we have it linked now if you go to our social justice page in (which you find using the search engine up there). But that critical theory coverage that he has in his article we have links to his article on that page at least twice the critical theory theories AdVent in the Christian world and how to respond not critical theory is not the same as critical thinking and will go to some of that but he has a article in there were he quotes a number of different people some are somewhat less biased than others Clark as she be I think I have his name righties a director of the Lebron I Fellowship in Victoria British Columbia and he quotes him rather extensively in this but he also goes the other side and some of their philosophies and ideas as well. But anyway, I add a little section to our social justice page on this “critical theory”. And I really didn’t know much about critical theory not looked up a great deal about it yesterday and late last night and early this morning was going over what people think critical theory is in you would think critical theory that has something to do with critical thinking that’s how you come up with a theory that is a critical theory. But actually it has nothing to do with critical thinking and that’s the amazing thing about critical theory is that it is lacking any sort of real critical thinking. And there’s quite the evidence that what I’m saying now is true and but you have to kind of you all the pieces of the puzzle are out there but you have to kinda connect the dots and and what we’ve done our webpages at and preparingyou and that this number other pages and other people are putting up together with lots of the our podcasts on it. And if you even get into that we try to link these things back and forth they can find the different pages but there the expression of a number of different people that are trying to show you what everybody seems to be missing including Rick Plasterer and Clark CV. Although I have to admit in their article they hit on the exact thing that most Christians need to begin to understand and that copper hand but that I don’t think they take it quite far enough.

Undersanding the defintion of “pure religion” can alter your entire worldview

[00:07:06] I heard Ben Carson this morning talking about why he’s doing what he’s doing. He could retire, he’s a brain surgeon, he’s successful. But he is out there punching away at certain ideas and ideologies at trying to get people to kinda wake up and he was asked why he is doing that not just simply going off and retiring and he said it was what it says in James about pure religion. And Rick Plasterer also quotes that same section of the New Testament words talking about pure religion. And they put it in a better context and I hear most missed ministers doing will get to that eventually but that’s what Ben Carson was also Corey and I share that on my Facebook page but and I’m supposed to go to see if anybody else looks at I also ran a time to get ready for this morning’s program but I will go back and I will put in some of the links to some of our articles on this so that people can understand how far and what pure religion really is. Because if I look out there on the landscape not only do I see 87 to 90% of the college professors are liberal left this summer of flat out Communists at most of them are socialists by if I look out on the landscape of modern churches denominations and religions across the board they do not understand pure religion most of them don’t even understand religion and their again just like they’ve been changing the history books over the last century they been changing the definition of words over the last century we show this very clearly by going back to the dictionaries 200 years ago and show you the definition of religion which was the pious performance of your duty to God in your fellow man. And what that definition of religion is if you go out there in Google it today, religion is defined as what you think about a supreme being. Those are vastly different definitions. So you have words in your head that have completely different definitions than what they had 100 years ago or 200 years ago if you read any document like the Constitution, or the Bible, translated a few hundred years before the Constitution into English if you are reading those things but the definition of the English words has changed in the last hundred years or 50 years or 200 years or 300 years, it’s changed from what it was when they translated the Bible into English you can read the interlaced translation and not understand what they are saying because the definition of the word in your mind is different than the definition of the word in the mind of the person who originally translated the Bible into English. So if you do that with many many many many words and you remove any knowledge of history and culture of the time, you can be easily deceived into thinking you know what you’re talking about. So if I come along with a little critical theory little critical thinking and show you that what you thought was true just ain’t so you might think I’m the enemy because I’m challenging what you believe to be true. I’m not challenging your faith in Christ. I’m just showing you a clearer picture of what Christ was talking about. And that’s what Clark Sheeby and Mr. plasterer needs to see. As well as all their readers and all the people that are following some of their good advice.

Closer look at “critical theory”

[00:11:20] So anyway, let’s take a look at critical theory. There are several definitions floating around the critical theory is a philosophical approach to culture and especially to literature. And again, literature is composed of all those words there changing the definition of as we speak and have been changing the definition for a century or more. So it’s especially that’s what it says the critical theory is especially has to do with this literature that seeks to confront the social, historical, and ideological forces and structures that produce and constrain it it says in this definition but what it critical theory so they’re going to look at all these things in the social historical and ideological forces and even the structures in society in culture that restrain their idea critical theory. Again critical theory has very little to do with critical thinking it’s actually the antithesis of critical thinking as it is presented mostly by socialists it is it is a common terminal find among socialist communist leftists, is this critical theory. And is where you get things the Leica Howard Zinn and the 1619 project is because they look at culture they look at literature and they confront it but not with critical thinking with critical theory. The term critical theory is applied particularly to the works of the Frankfurt school of critical theory and we could talk about the Frankfurt school but that would be yell at you it comes up a number of times when you’re studying anything like this but it is it is a very bias organization. We’ll just leave it at that. But this theory is the reflective assessment and critique of society and culture by applying knowledge from the social sciences and humanities to reveal and challenge power structures critical theory also or has origins in sociology and also in literary criticisms quick as you can look at you can read a number of different books and that written at different times by different people and you you can see some patterns developing in the way that individual looks at things. And those patterns are caused by what they’re willing to see and what they’re not willing to see sociologist like Mark Parker Meyer, also associated with that same Frankfurt school of critical theory, describes a theory of critical this theory of critical as critical insofar as it seeks in this is is a quote, “to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them.” Now that sounds good liberating human beings from the circumstances that enslave them. But is that actually what they’re doing with their critical theory. No it’s actually not. it’s actually the antithesis of what they’re doing.

Pied Piper leading people into bondage while promising liberty

[00:15:07] They’re actually leading people, like the Pied Piper, into slavery. With the Pied Piper… We have a picture of the Pied Piper on the cover of the book “Covenants of the gods.” And it is the Pied Piper leading you back into bondage. why they’re promising you liberty. Liberating human beings with these great swelling words was they talk about in the Bible but they’re actually delivering you back into the bondage of Egypt. Which all that is already taking place in America know what love people think America is one the freest nations in the world. And to some degree it is. Although I can I can show you countries where you have a lot more freedom on a day-to-day basis simply because the governments of that country are not as good at being totalitarian as other countries it is not very efficient at totalitarianism so you have a certain amount freedom in those countries. But all these countries are facing infection of violence that will spread across the world at the most inopportune time. And you need to prepare for that. The same as the early Christians prepared for that. Because it was during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

Modern Christians don’t understand why early Christians were being persecuted

[00:16:25] When the Roman Empire… of course they did a lot of persecution of the Christians. And there’s a reason why. Most people don’t understand why. Most Christians today don’t qualify for that kind of persecution. We see the rise of persecution in Christianity today. But it’s because people have some idea of what Christ was talking about. They have they read about Christ in the Bible they see some of the things that he says is that he does and they are drawn to that and that that means are drawn towards Christianity, they believe themselves to be converts, but they are not yet perfected in Christ because of some of the things left out of the evangelism of Christ in the world today. And the reason I picked on this particular article I didn’t realize it at that when I first was reading it but I got down to the bottom and saw these guys are getting pretty close. They just have to take it Annette another step farther. Ben Carson’s getting pretty close but he has to take another step farther and that’s will try to do today’s take it to that next step.

Inconvenient facts

[00:17:35] And so the other thing that I’ve mentioned here is this critical thinking. And so I thought I’d run over quickly some of the definitions of critical thinking critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form judgment. You can cut out certain facts you have to take all the facts and put them in an and analysis mean certain facts are going be more important than others but you have to consider those facts you can’t just erase certain facts and of course that’s that’s why CNN is getting good and the New York Times getting sued because they remove certain facts. And the 6019 project in that this huge amount of removal of certain facts inconvenient truths, so to speak. and is the same way and modern Christendom they talk about Jesus they talk about…

Was Jesus a Socialist?

[00:18:28] I saw a video put out by PragerU today on “Was Jesus a Socialist?” And course we’ve asked that same question. I might put that video up on our webpage, Was Jesus a socialist. We have a page that’s asking the same question. They covered many of the important points of that Jesus makes that shows, clearly, that he was not a socialist. But I am amazed at the fact that the one of the most critical statements of Jesus where he not only denied socialism, he forbid… actually there were several statements they didn’t included—his condemnation of Corbett which was a socialist program set up by the Pharisees and Herod in Judea at that time he condemned them for that program and they may no mention in the video of that but what I’ve I first thought is they’d made no mention of the fact that Jesus forbid us as the church to engage in any way shape or form in a socialist system where men who call themselves benefactors exercise authority socialism is is that you elect some sort of ruling group who will divide the well amongst people they did point out where Jesus where you know an individual Caymans asked Jesus to force his brother to divide the inheritance with them and he says what made makes me a divider over you that’s not the place of the church is not the place of the government of God to redistribute wealth. That’s your job as individuals in that government of Christ where you’re supposed to be seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness you’re the government of the people for the people and by the people that’s what it says in the Wycliff Bible. That book the Bible was written for the government of the people for the people and by the people that’s where Abraham Lincoln got the phrase from the Wycliff Bible is that’s where it that’s the earliest place where we see that phrase of government. What that means is yes in Christianity there is a redistribution of wealth but it’s done by the individual who produced that well and it’s done through a thing we call charity and the word we see translated charity is often translated love. This is what it means to love thy neighbor to provide for thy neighbor in a way that strengthens thy neighbor. But you do it to charity not to force John the Baptist said not to enforce do it to charity so anyway if you leave out those facts you’re not dealing critical thinking. So you have to have those facts as well. So and while the. Video had many of the facts it left out some facts is better than what I see in most places but not as good as it needs to be but will go into this critical thinking and into this article greater depth when we come back to Keys of the Kingdom.

A critical part of critical thinking is an emphasis on the individual

[00:21:41] Welcome back. So there’s two things that we’re talking about new here that are critical theory which is this philosophical approach to culture. It’s not an analytical approach to culture really is as a philosophical approach to culture and add especially to literature so they take books literature and the and even with a they don’t really say history and most the definitions but it does get into history but they began to alter people’s view of history of culture and a literature by leaving out certain information. And that, of course, is the definition of bias and so we were going to examples where they actually tell you that they’re going to leave out facts and information so we know right away that when they talk about critical theory they are antithesis of critical thinking. And again, critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment the subject is complex they say the several different definitions exist of this idea of critical thinking. Which generally include the rational skeptical unbiased analysis or evaluation of factual evidence. That means you have to look at all the evidence. You can’t just leave out some of the evidence. Critical thinking is self-directed self discipline itself monitored self corrective thinking. Now you see a pattern itself. It’s it’s the individual has to apply this unbiased analysis and evaluation of facts yes to be willing to look at all the facts. So critical thinking is an individual operation. If you’re going to be seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness, you need to look at all the facts you need to have critical thinking you need to be willing to see yet I belong to this church I really like the church I really like the pastor I really like the music and I really like a lot of the ideas and knowledge of the people there but is it Christ’s church. Is it following everyplace that Christ said for us to go.

Body of Christ vs the Body of the State

[00:24:17] I told the story before… It is an example I share quite a few examples of the same kind of thing. I was led to put a particular pamphlet in my belt and carry around behind my coat. And I got to talking to somebody at a meeting with her hundreds of people and that individual was talking about some of the things going on at this big meeting and I knew it was time to take that pamphlet out and handed to him it was “The Body of Christ vs the Body of the State.” And talking about if you of your Corporation of Christ which is that’s what the church supposed to be it can also be a Corporation of the state. Because the states states in his laws that if you incorporate under the laws of this state all other previous incorporation is null and void as if it never existed. So you’re no longer the corpus of Christ the body of Christ your now the body of the state. And so much for separation of church and state now most ministers don’t want to look at that there are some that do but they don’t always take it far not because in critical thinking at the look at all the facts. And you I’ve sat there and talk to guys who are in the unregistered church movement some of the leaders of it, calling me up on a regular basis asking my opinion but when I take them to the rest of the story, he gets very nervous and the ice in his teak glass begins to shake and rattle. Because I’m giving the rest of the story sending him with Christ when he explained that you have to eat my flesh and drink my but you have to follow in my footsteps, what I’m doing, in order to be one of my ministers. What was he doing?

Jesus was from a super-wealthy family

[00:26:14] Well that’s why it is important to know that Jesus was from one of the richest families in Judea. He had relatives who were some of the richest men in the world at that time. He wasn’t a poor humble carpenter. His father Joseph, married to Mary, was probably a stonemason very successful financially stable one who had many many many many people working for so Jesus was wealthy. And we know back of the Bible tells us he’s wealthy is one of those facts people to skip over. Though he was rich, Paul said, he made himself poor. He gave away as well so that the fact is they that right there now they people try to edge around that fact because it’s one of those inconvenient truths.

Today’s governments are the “benefactors that exercise authority

[00:27:13] But that’s the same reason why some of the unregistered churches didn’t want to hear the whole story. And that’s what we tell you the whole story those stories we see it so far I may show us more. We’ll show you where were were getting frightened the biblical text just like that Prager you video talked about everything but didn’t talk about where Jesus said you seen the governments of the Gentiles a call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other. It is not to be that way with you he talk about the socialist state of Rome and the socialist state of many other nations who were taxing people to obtain a treasury to help out the poor with their free bread and circuses. Rome was becoming a socialist state which of course centralized power in the hands of the Emperor. Just like it was Stalin. Just like it did with Mao. Just like it did with Pol Pot. and then what is you end up with bloodshed now they Christians were the brunt of great deal of that bloodshed there were a lot of other factions which we will go and we got time to go into now that were opposing the direction in which Rome was going they wanted to restore the Republic get away from the social democracy the end very indirect democracy I mean the the emperors were elected with electoral college and eventually they did away with the electoral college and they just kind of inserted themselves with people like the praetorian guard etc. But that’s another whole story.

Join the network. Ask questions.

[00:28:49] I would love to have conversations with people who want to know. If you have questions, join the network, ask the to questions will address it on the podcast put put these questions together and we we already most of what you see him preparingyou and he said and many of the books that we publish their that are free online are the result of questions. But don’t just call me that questions put it on the network put it in writing so we can hone that question so we can get to the root of the problem. But anyway you can go you can join the network by going to and joining the network there. And it’s based on geographical areas of all the people in the network you won’t get their emails only the people geographically as close to you as possible and the purpose of the network is to help you do what Christ commanded. And is not just for debate but you can ask questions there and we will try to address that because lifetime your question is the same question a lot of other people are asking.

Critical thinking defined

[00:29:54] So anyway, this critical thinking is this analysis of facts to form a judgment. We need all the facts. The subject of critical thinking is complex and there are several different definitions and existence of this idea of critical thinking but they’re all overlapping and they all include a rational skeptical unbiased analysis or evaluation of those facts. Critical thinking is, agai,n an individual thing is self-directed self-discipline but it’s not critical thinking if you remove some of the facts. It presupposes assent to a rigorous standard of excellence and mindful command of their use of the facts and analysis. If you aren’t rigorous and your standards if you start excluding certain facts and the same wide I you know this is what you we talk to people and you show them yet but Jesus at this they change the subject rather than address what he said when he says and it we see this in Matthew, Mark and Luke: “It is not to be that way with you.” Talking about these benefactors who exercise authority these governments who redistribute the wealth by force and offer you all kinds of benefits at the expense of your neighbor that’s totally antichrist you may love a lot of things about Christ but if you don’t include that in your thinking, then you’re not assenting to that rigorous standard of looking at all the gospel you can it is he that’s the thing you’re supposed to be seeking the kingdom of God and the righteousness of God any viewer simply remove some of the directives of Christ then you are removing some of the facts. And your no longer engage in critical thinking you’re actually slighting over into critical theory. Because they love to remove facts they present facts out of context. And part of that context is the other facts they don’t want to look at anyway this objective analysis and evaluation of issues in order to form a judgment is absolutely critical in critical thinking. You have to be willing to look at all facts so it also says it entails effective communication and a problem of solving abilities as well as a commitment to overcome native egocentrism and socio-centrism. So you’re trying to overcome those things will what what egocentrism look at those definitions briefly. Egocentrism is in his thinking only of oneself without regard for the feelings or desires of others. It is self-centered. Well that’s just the antithesis of Christianity because you’re supposed to not just love your neighbor but love your neighbor as yourself you have to love your neighbor your neighbor’s children equal to your own children you have to care about them so that the antithesis of egocentrism and a course critical thinking requires that you overcome that now sociocentrism is a tendency to assume a superiority or a rightness of one’s own social group and of course that’s the big thing in modern velocities that are being taught in the colleges is that you belong to a group and your group is better they they use it is your group is better because it’s more press than the other group because they divide everybody into this socially oppressed. Chiba first discussed the increasingly popular idea of social justice is the end goal of Christianity and to some degree’s right social justice is the end goal of Christianity but the that’s why we’ve already dealt with social justice an article at preparing you in and we probably done programs on that idea of social justice originally the term was put into circulation if is far back as I can find it… I think it was in the 1600s it was by a Jesuit priest but he was talking about social justice where we much like Christ was concerned with the weightier matters of law judgment mercy and faith as Christians we should be concerned about justice but the tactics we use to obtain social justice is quite a bit different than what the modern social justice warrior is using. One of his tactics is to remove facts to to hide facts hides inconvenient truths another tactic he uses this to use men who exercise authority one over the other to force people to do what he thinks is just. Of course, that is the essence of tyranny. And of course it will only bring in tyranny and we’ll talk more about that.

Youth are rejecting modern church, not biblical Christianity

[00:35:23] Chiba joked that many people had anxiously asked him what he would say. He said that social justice is a hot button issue in the evangelical world because many young people from a Christian background have given up on biblical Christianity. And some have left the church and some have left the faith. Well, the faith in what? This is the problem. The modern church has once you have faith and their biblical view of the Bible. Their personal interpretation of the Bible but the same people the ones who leave out the command not to be like the benefactor of the that the governments of the Gentiles who call themselves benefactors who is he telling that to who is Christ talking to when he says you’re not to be like the governments of the Gentiles who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other. He’s talking to the ministers he is about to appoint a kingdom to a government to. The church, by definition, is one form of government. But if I just say that word “government,” you think somebody who exercises authority. But the church is a government that does not exercise authority over you it operates entirely by free will offerings by faith by hope by charity that’s the way most governments operate they operate by force and fealty and and violence they force the contributions of the people and redistribute the wealth we say it’s by charity. That’s a different kind of government so that when they say the church is one form of government it is but when he says that many of these young Christians have left biblical Christianity, I question whether there are leaving true biblical Christianity or the interpretation of the modern church who says it’s absolutely okay to go to men who exercise authority one over the other and force your neighbor to contribute to your welfare. And that’s why you have people coming out and thinking that Jesus Christ was a socialist. Like I said last week… Cassio Cortez is quoting Jesus and her drive for a socialist state which is the antithesis of what Jesus was talking about but yet she gets away with quoting Jesus and people don’t even get what is she saying it’s wrong but the judge did the same thing and I’m sure you can find lots of others a menu private I could buy look back I could probably find Hillary and other people in politics are doing no it Christianity is separate from the world of politics that uses force to take care of the needy of society which is what 60, 70, 80% of the people think is okay even the people that are against some of these systems of force contribution in their the call themselves conservatives there still for it in some areas like public education before Sir neighbor to pay for a child’s public education. And this, of course, is where were getting into repentance repentance is thinking a different way so the pursuit of justice is not the problem but rather quoting here over time the immoral pursuit of justice that’s the problem because they’re pursuing justice to immoral means to covet this practices by forcing the contributions of their neighbor they are becoming accustomed to living at the expense of their neighbor. And opinion for their livelihood on the property of others and so but Christ does want us to seek social justice. But he wants us to do it to Beethoven charity and he wants us to attend to the weightier matters we have articles up Siegel find out what the weightier matters are but he wants us to do it through amoral basis and including all the aspects of this is where it isn’t just enough to seek social justice you have to have a moral base to it you can’t covet your neighbor’s goods. You can’t do it by threatening to kill your neighbor he doesn’t do what you want to do it or throw him into jail or punish him or twist his arm behind his back you can’t do that you have to allow choice you have to allow liberty now they’re promising people liberty but there were actually promising from the liberty of responsibility.

Capitalism is not tyranny

[00:40:23] So Chiba also considered several questions: How how did we get here? What is at work? What are the processes that are at work? And how does it relate to biblical Christianity? And this is where they they finally at the end of the article they touch on some aspects of biblical Christianity a don’t see a lot of people addressing but they they don’t take it as far as we do and we want take you all the way to the kingdom of God and all the way to his righteousness that’s where all ministers should be leading the people and if there watering down the gospel in order to keep people sitting comfortably in the pews they’re doing those people a disservice and Christ a disservice they’re not really loving their congregation as Christ loved as Christ told him the truth and we have to do the same thing so the back in 1968 we see the social justice in all areas of the life of the left and they’re all talking about an eight the Queen phrases like social justice warriors etc. and that but the reality is in in the capitalist America if you want to live in socialism you can go out and join a commune right now they talk about you that they actually explained that and refer to capitalism is the tyranny of capitalism. There is no turning capitalism. Capitalism is what you produce is your first that’s it you the means of production you have a right to the means of production like proper you get to own property you improve that property you fixup that property build a house on the property Bill apartment complex on that property. And you want to rent out the rooms other that’s not tyranny as free market that’s exactly what those people did with when they gave talents you know a 2003 talents in and to these individual people. Smeone on invested it made it more made it more valuable made the land more valuable make the talent more valuable and they were praised for this. But the one who didn’t do anything with it, he was he was chastised for that. So there’s not the snow tyranny and capitalism now there are can be capitalists who exercise tyranny but that’s a matter of choice.

You can legally setup your socialist commune right now

[00:42:50] But if you want to live in a socialist commune in a capitalist state you can join a commune right now and live like socialists all go out work all the money goes into the commune and you elect guys who divide that money out amongst everybody in the commune. You can do that right now! You don’t need to get Bernie Sanders elected the presidency or AOC your booty judge or any these other people there running for to force everybody in America to be socialist you know you really don’t have that right to do that you you can actually obtain to get elected I guess but if you want to live in a socialist community, you can form right now it’s absolutely going the United States to form that socialist community and everything you earn, it’s not yours it goes into the commune and you elect guys in your commune to redistribute that wealth and you go out and you can get paid you don’t get paid the payment goes to the your commune and it goes directly into the commune and you’re not paying taxes on that. That’s absolutely legal to do right now. We can show you how to do it but I wouldn’t take the time to do it because I’m too busy trying to treat you how Christ said to do it which is not a that way yet another way mind so there is no tyranny in capitalism capitalism is merely the economic system based on private ownership control and operation of the means of production. You’re the means of production. you and you can accumulate wealth and give work to other men we see Christ talking about that was hiring people to work all day in the field for denarii and they all are really tickled pink to get the work and they go in there and some guys he ends up needing more workers so he ends up Pena denarii for guys going to a half a days work or even hours work and some guys a complaining. Wait a minute! I agreed to pay you a denarii you are happy with that I’m paying why are you concerned about what isn’t what I have produced the money I have accumulated isn’t it mind to redistribute see capitalism to be successful needs to be charitable these that Christian principles that I can be successful for a while with very little Christian principles. But it it needs that ultimately in order to strengthen society have that concept of charity. But in itself it’s not selfish to keep what you produce Christ is it clearly stating that you know isn’t it lawful for me to do with my known what I will what is in capitalism and have you want to be in a socialist system like a say in a capitalist system like America you can create your own socialist system right now everybody wants to be a socialist get together form these communities and set it up it’s right in the law that you can do this and start sending your paycheck directly into the community and elect guys to redistribute the wealth amongst you see can do that right now tax-free. You can do that.

Cultural Marxists really want power and vengeance

[00:46:14] But I’m not sure that’s really what a lot of you want because what you want is power that’s what we see there is a binge full spirit amongst the cultural Marxists they want control they want power. They want power over your speech they want power over what you can say what you can’t say now used you don’t have a right to that power you don’t have a right to that vengeance that we see some of these Marxists talking about. You read Isaiah 63 four for the day of vengeance is in mine heart and the year of my redeemed is come. Vengeance is the Lords even in Romans 1219 dearly beloved avenge not yourself but rather give place on to wrath for it is written vengeance is mine I will repay saith the Lord so his is the vengeance not us so what we have to be doing back again to seeking the kingdom of God in his righteousness so anyway they want to divide the world into the oppressed and the oppressor that’s not really the way we do it that requires judgment in the stencil hard. What we want to do is seek righteousness we don’t do the dividing let God do the dividing. But anyway we’ll talk more about this and will get to where they actually get close to the kingdom when we returned to keys of the kingdom in a moment.


[00:47:51] We talk about a lot of controversial subjects and topics at keys of the kingdom we look into the untold history the inconvenient facts of our history the information that is been deleted from the Gospels…it’s in the text but they discovered a skip over they don’t seem to have eyes to see it it’s right there… and of course because we do that we add hundreds even thousands of footnotes in our reading material which are all free online in his holy and preparing but I also want to give you a disclaimer the viewpoints and statements of beliefs and opinions expressed in my interviews, writings, and podcasts are only the results of my personal observation and experience we do not promote endorse or verify the veracity or reliability of any groups personalities or institutions we may mention. They are being shared and open communication in search of the truth it is not our intention to offend confuse or attack anyone nor their personal delusions. The free expression of ideas in an open conversation with the general population of the world are not meant as legal, medical, or personal advice. If you believe we are in error let us know where and how you believe we are in there be specific. Join the network. Tell us there join some of our other groups send us an email we can even bring you on the programming you can debate some of these topics if there is no way that were going to talk about such controversial issues in such a great depth that we are not going to mention some things that people are unaware of. Or have been unaware of or have never been told just because it seems unusual because it’s outside of the realm of what you have come to believe is true, search out. Find out. Do we have evidence to back this up is there a reasonable logical and righteous pattern that we are pointing to. That’s going to be up to you were all seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness until then peace on your house.

Critical theory people love division

[00:50:32] Welcome back to keys of the kingdom so like I said that the critical theory people like to divide the world into the oppressed and the oppressor. And the powerful and they advantage to and the powerless and the disadvantage. And of course, then that’s that’s the whole idea of they put people in all these different categories of being this person being disadvantage more on this people person being disadvantage even more in the more there disadvantage the more their words have more power than the ones who have advantage. In their minds they’re taking away the power of those who you or quite male wealthy they don’t have any say only ones you have any say of the people who are poor, black, crippled, or gay. And the people who are often in these poor positions like that not black people going to say like that I I saw the thing with Ami I think that’s his name I can result name right now but anyway he went on to campuses and was asking students about this new trend of having black areas on the college. Black dormitories on the college. A separate black graduation was the Black Swan they want to segregate themselves from the whites well by the same token they are segregating whites from the Blacks is executing safe spaces and he was asking them what they thought of this and almost everybody asked, as far as I can remember, were quite on the campus and they all thought this was great in a were for that’s what they want sure they thought was great and anyone a few blocks away from the campus words not dominated by leftist Marxist professors and he began to ask the people on the street and in that particular community most of them were people of color and he were asking them and they were going like all us crazy a 100% he why why are we separating were how we can be a community you know how we be you know society if we start segregating yourself absolutely did different opposite opinion from the black people out there but the black people in the University, at least some of them, were thinking that that was a good idea to segregate themselves and coarsening when interviewed had the KKK who thought was a good idea. But the reality is that this is a lack of critical thinking and an overabundance of critical theory thinking that know you want to segregate yourself off because you have power in that segregation know you don’t it actually takes power away from your community divides you what it is a divide and conquer. And they’re falling into this idea right away.

Christianity isn’t about self-denial

[00:53:33] But what I want to really bring up is Chiba talks about that many these people who embrace this critical theory they were Jack they don’t really reject the American dream which is about involves personal prosperity in the world that we live in they don’t reject personal prosperity they’re not out like Mendicant monks or saddus in India you living in hashish and stuff they’re not interested in that they want comfort they want what they want but what they’re really rejecting his Christianity which is where my objection come Chiba says which is self-denying. I don’t believe Christianity is self-denying it’s denying selfishness. But it is because our heart is purged of selfishness because we love Christ. The search for Christianity is a positive thing is not about denial of even the things that might tempt us. It’s about the fact that we love the truth we love righteousness more than we love those self-serving pastimes that the world offers us in many ways Ami we we don’t deny ourselves the pleasure of drugs we just have no interest in drugs. Because we are seeking enlightenment and awakeness and we want to see the truth. I have had so many people tell me all light I chew tobacco or I drink because it helps me cope or they take Darvon or I can think of all the I used to have all those names of all those drugs in my head when I talked about that but Valium and all this… they take the because it helps them cope know they take all those things because it helps them not cope the reason their smoking marijuana the reason they’re taking drugs, the reason there are doing these inappropriate things that is deaf defaming their body is because they don’t want to cope with the truth about themselves. So Christianity is not the nine yourself it seen yourself in seeking the righteousness of God Christ said seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness everything else of be put into place in the thing about self-denial he says to seek this righteousness. Now, I agree that in the process of seeking righteousness you may have to deny yourself you do it one you know you you have some money and you see somebody in need and you want to help them out and you contribute that money to help them out or food or clothing or whatever it is. You take something you have and you give it to another in this gifting process and you’re happy to give it which is the Eucharist of Christ. It’s thankfully giving to others. You’re not giving because somebody’s forcing you are pointing a gun at you are taxing you you’re giving because you actually care about others. So as you might say that looks like cell self-denial but we know that when we lay down our life for Christ sake for Christ character in in the way of Christ, we will pick up our life more abundant. So are really not denying ourselves were putting up treasures in the kingdom of God so it’s not it you have to be very careful I’ve seen ministers fall into this this idea of being that mendicant the self-denial the sad do which my son-in-law always refers to the “sad dudes” because that they just record their lives with the self-denial. And they’re getting ego boost with that which is a drug. And you don’t want that.

Lovers of their own selves

[00:57:47] So anyway, if you read there John III epistle of John chapter 1 verse two beloved I wish above all things that thou may just prosper and be in health even as thy soul prosper how does your soul prospers seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. So the American dream which after all involves this prospering in the world as Chiba says but only if it includes Christian principles which involves this prospering our neighbor as much as ourselves which takes me back to what I was telling you about capitalism capitalism is you have control over your means of production. But if you don’t care about your neighbor as much as you care about yourself you will not prosper even capitalism. Sooner or later it will catch up on you. And you read second Timothy 37 it says ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth and a lot of people are studying the Bible but are not really coming to a knowledge of the truth because they’re leaving out the inconvenient facts. And that’s what you hear here on keys of the kingdom a lot of times is what they would call inconvenient facts we believe them as the life-giving facts of the gospel because were willing to look at the whole gospel. If you go back to that second Timothy chapter 3 start at the beginning it says this now also that in the last days perilous times shall come for man shall be lovers of their own selves (which is the antithesis of that self-denial. but again I want to be careful of get falling into the self-denial idea that but the point is they love themselves you are supposed to love yourself but you’re also supposed to love your neighbor equal to yourself your spouse equal to yourself your children equal to yourself your neighbor’s children equal to yourself but he says the men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous they want something at somebody else’s expense they won’t boasts with proud blasphemous disobedient to parents there was they don’t take care the parents they want to do no more opera the parents it takes us back to the corban that trigger you video failed to mention the Corbin of the Pharisees was making the word of God to none effect and causing the people to do no more for their parents what’s doing that but Social Security which is exactly what the system of Corbin was… a Social Security program based on force contributions you had to pay in and had Gabbay Molokai ministers going out there pacing off your fields to make sure that you contributed the right amount counting the branches on your cummin at branches on that plant the see what they had coming to them because you had to give them a share 10-20% but anyway disobedient to parents and others not taking care parents unthankful unholy without natural affection which is why you see all this promiscuity, broken marriages, living together, and then living together with somebody else, and then living together with somebody else, and the and then of course you get into the bisexual and all this kind did and then people don’t know what what sex there even at have this dysphoria about and I sympathize with that but that is a product of this selfishness because you’re not following the natural affection of taking care of your parents and taking care of your brothers and sisters and take care of your neighbors see have all this free time to become true strikers false accusers incontinent, fierce despisers of those that are good where you you hate the guy stays married and stays faithful to his wife and any become traders heady high-minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Having a form of godliness but denying the power there of from such turn away was was at not there’s many people that do all those things that I mentioned… those covetous practices all socialism free education pay my student loan pay my kids public school education out of tax dollars all that is a covetous practices and from such we are to turn away. Now we’re not condemning were were just saying were not going to be a part of that system. We’re going to be a part of a righteous system that’s based on faith open charity and it goes on to say of this sort are they which creep into houses and the captives, silly women, laden with sentence led away with diverse loss this is the modern church and not just silly women but selling men as well I want want to be chauvinist about it that think they are following Christ but their actually engaging us covetous practice in which Peter talks about will make you merchandise Kircher children make you surety for debt and all of which is taking place all which is happen when you hear about the news that rising at a phenomenal rate but ministers goes on to talk about ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. So that’s what were trying to share with you is the whole truth.

Liberation theology

[01:03:50] In the article they talk about the heritage of liberation theology which began back in the 1960s. And we talked about way back. This liberation theology had a place in the communion our communities of what thought themselves to be Christian communities because they did not understand this full gospel which receded Gregory video leaving out were not to be like the governments of the Gentiles a call themselves benefactors but exercise authority to seek the benefits of those governments that exercise authority enforce the contributions the people. To get free bread from them is to get things sacrificed to idols. Because that whole system of free bread was run through the temples which were government buildings of Rome of Greece of corn that’s how they provided the free bread to these socialist systems that were being set up all over the Roman Empire. All around the Mediterranean and they were providing for the needy to force contributions. Which is the antithesis of the Gospel according to John the Baptist according to Jesus Christ. According to Peter. And Peter warns that you begin the again become entangled in the yoke of bondage because of these covetous practices. And you would become merchandise. You become surety for debt. All of which is happened at happened why the people have been preaching you half of a gospel the because they remove the inconvenient truths are right there in the text is as we saw with the Prager you video said a lot of good things and and I believe that the people who put together the video have a lot of good intent. But if you’re not going to preach the whole gospel you’re preaching a lie. Because that’sthe definition of a law is a lie by omission of the whole gospel in the whole gospel is a we should be taking your one another to faith open charity entirely so talks about his hermeneutical key and this liberation theology in and that those things in the article in a talks about relevant to a contemporary world but the oppression of the middle-class and even the rich was the number one consequence of idolatry. Because he talks about the consequence of idolatry is the oppression of the poor well eventually did lead to the oppression of the poor. But it started with the oppression of the rich, came down to the oppression of the middle-class, and eventually included the oppression of the poor.

The welfare of Rome weakened the poor; Call now mand father

[01:06:48] But the worst thing that it did visit did not strengthen the poor with its charity, its free bread. And that free bread of Rome was also blue cheese at times the wine at times in and even meet at times during the festivals they would butcher the that had the same called “the shambles” where they would have all these animal sacrifice to cut up the meat and they would give it away to the poor some they would sell but that was all things and then they would take the money and they would use it but that was all idolatry. Because it was about providing for the religious you know the pious performance of your duty to God and your fellow man was what when religion was but now there pious performance has to do with the obligation to your father. And Jesus said, “Call no man on earth father another part of the Bible that’s right there anybody studies history knows that at that time the Padres of Rome where the Senators of Rome and the Petronas of Rome the our father of Rome was the Emperor is alleges that call no man pottery everybody knew he was talking about the Senators of Rome who gave away this free bread in the emperors who gave away as money every time I was new Emperor they gave money out to the poor and they gave it out based on their registration in a system of force contributions to the pagan temples of Christ was building a Christian Temple that did not depend on force contributions but I’m free will contributions I’ve you put these facts together with critical thinking you realize that Social Security the welfare office Medicare, Medicaid, are all religious institutions. They’re what is called public religion. And they are providing for the widows and orphans and needy of society and even the strangers in your minutes and now even the illegal foreigners they come and your country they’re providing for them to forced offerings to the church of the United States the public religion of the United States to see if you think religion is what you think about God your armistice that’s is why they had to change the definition so that you think you’re religious because you think this about God Christ that is not what you say is not what you think it’s what you actually do and what you actually do tells us what you’re actually thinking if you’re thinking it’s okay to take from your neighbor by force to provide for your needs are not thinking like a Christian. Now there many people think a lot of things like Christ but if you don’t think all like Christ your you’re not fit for the kingdom you have to really convert the way you think into the way that Christ was thinking. And this is hard for the people back then which is why people were falling by the thousands and then he tells them another level to what Christianity is really all about, and many of them walked away and found excuses. Well I why will do this I got to do that and really is very simple what you have to do is seek the kingdom of God. Which is a system that were people sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and actually start caring for one another to faith open charity instead of four spirit and violence.

[01:10:23] So anyway, Chiba also talks about a sub subtle but important shift occurs for those who embrace critical theory is that it becomes not just a helpful lens to interpret the Bible but is recognized as an interpretive key becoming the foundation to derive what they call truth from the biblical text. Well the problem is, to some degree… I don’t know what degree does don’t really know him CBN and the plaster are you Rick Plasterer already are subject to the distortions of those very lenses that they’re talking about by the society and interpretations a party read free oneself from oppressive ideas of dominant groups is what Israel did in Egypt. But their tactics were decidedly different than the modern “woke” generation that we see today.

Marginalized groups are liberated by practicing pure religion

[01:11:28] The Bible is about liberating marginalized groups through those groups practicing pure religion that’s taking care of the needy of your society to faith open charity rather than force, fealty, and violence. And you’re supposed to be providing it to it daily ministration of charity now the only practical way of doing that is to sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands as Christ commanded his church his disciples to organize the people and of course we don’t organize you you organize yourselves in the tens of thousands and start that true charity that true love of taking care of one another so that you’re no longer dependent upon those men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority. That is seeking the kingdom of God to move in that direction and you won’t sit down and that pattern and begin to actually seek the kingdom of God you’re not doing the commandments of Christ. Because that he actually uses they have to use a were commanded that’s were Christ commanded people to actually do something. It’s right in the text is the only place he commanded the people to do something and he did it or there was not going to be enclosing fishes there wasn’t to be any welfare to the church until people actually organize themselves in a system of charity that care for one another.

Christianity does not divide people into groups

[01:13:12] This whole idea of intersectionality is the antithesis of true Christianity because it’s dividing the people into these different groups of oppression. in the Preston a lack of stuff but that’s not what we’re supposed to look at Romans 1012 for there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek. For the same Lord over all rich unto all that call upon him. So are you really calling upon Christ recalling upon the fathers of the earth recalling upon those men call themselves benefactors but exercise authority force the contributions of the people to provide you with free education course they don’t really provide you with that those force contributions because the borrowing money which is why you become a surety for debt and you have cursed your children and your you the money you pay in taxes usually just goes to pay the interest on the debt that your living under you have returned to the bondage of Egypt, you see. And you were told to never go back there again but you are told that you again it entangle yourself in the bondage of Egypt entangle yourself and that yoke because of your covetous practices. Peter said it. Paul said it. Christ warned about it. All the profits of told you from the beginning to about Proverbs Ecclesiastes over and over again they tell you this but your mind preachers are just trying to get enough warm people in the pews and that’s not what Christianity is about. That’s not evangelism. If you’re not telling the whole gospel your you’re actually a worker of iniquity because you’re keeping them from the knowledge of the truth in Galatians 328 it says there is neither Jew nor Greek. There is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for you are all one in Christ Jesus there is no oppressed and oppressor there are those who are seeking righteousness with all their heart mind and soul. And those that may be seeking some righteousness with less than all their heart mind and soul. And then there are some that are actually seeking unrighteousness. But God is judge. We’re not vengeful on this.

[01:15:38] So in the article, they also mention this Hubert Marcusa and his doctrine of repressive tolerance which events back in the 1960s and he sees a German-American philosophers sociologists and political theorists associated with the the Frankfurt school of critical theory and so anyway and that guys around talking about this suppression of conservative judgments. Repression and the toleration—or really it would seem—the acceptance of radical claims of groups held by this marginalized society and their actually going to keep you from speaking so you see this repressive tolerance growing in America where there they’re trying to keep you from speaking the: hate speech or triggering and all this kind of stuff but that’s all part of that critical theory because they don’t want to look at all the facts which we will when we returned to Keys to the Kingdom.

Those who call themselves oppresses are oppressing ideas

[01:16:52] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. So we have this idea of the oppressing speech oppressing ideas from those people who divide the world into the oppressor and the oppressed they say they are there oppressed but they’re the ones who want to stop you from speaking and we see that same spirit in the way in which they approach their critical theory because they oppress they shun facts in the biblical text of that you think the Bible is about what a lot of modern church people say the Bible is about which is supposed to be about what you think about God.

The Bible is really about taking care of your neighbor

[01:17:37] When the Bible is about how you going to take care of loving your neighbor. The responsibility, put on you by God, to love your neighbor as yourself. And you think by going to church doing a little bit of token charity the a you know helping out you widows may be sending some money to Africa or South America to some missions there, that you are practicing Christianity when actually Christianity was taking care of all the widows and orphans in your own congregation entirely, 100%, so that none of them had to go to the men who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority of them had to go to the temples the government buildings of Rome core of Athens you they didn’t have to go to those benefactors who exercise authority they were taking care of in their own community. Now certainly, most of the elderly would be taken care by their children or their nieces and their nephews but they would also be yell occasionally there is enough of those prospering because people died they get the flu and die. Whatever. and does so than that’s where the church comes in in the church is to facilitate that charity of taking care of the needy of society to charity to faith hope and charity rather than force fear in fealty which is why the world doesn’t you have to sign up now you owe them you have to pay in. They can actually if they’ve incorporated under Nimrod or Kane or Caesar or FDR they with their institutions they can borrow money against the future against the future of your children and then provide you with the benefits today of course that would curse your children with the debt and of course if you watched any news even CNN will tell you this but you know anything about was going on that’s exactly what happened everybody born today are born in debt. Born in the United States for New Zealand born in Australia born in England born in Canada all those children are born debt and will someday have to work to pay off that debt, pay that interest back, to the traveling merchants of the earth. And that’s the system you’ve created. And you created that system because people haven’t been preaching the whole gospel. They haven’t been preaching the whole truth. And anything that is less than the whole truth is a lot so ministers get up in their pulpit and they preach alive because they don’t tell you the whole truth is a all well were just preaching the milk of Christian kindness. Well then, that’s not congregation this is somebody out there on the street that you got to come in and sit in Europe you is not really a congregation of Christ I thought the church established by Christ that this you know you’re just telling people to be nice to each other which is good but not the gospel. Because that’s that’s the hard truths of the gospel. The inconvenient truth of the gospel is you should be taking care of all social welfare in your communities. If those communities are truly Christian communities. Which is why, because you’ve allowed this whole system of Corbin this whole system of social welfare to grow up in your nation, you’re no longer a Christian nation. You’re no longer following the Way, the way of Christ you are part of the system of oppressors oppressed because you become accustomed to living at the expense of your neighbor. And have developed a habit of doing so at that at the expense of others.

The problems created in Iran

[01:21:50] You cannot read your society of oppression by oppressing others in your society and or by changing who is allowed to oppress who. I was a thing and in Iran there complain about the shot tortured people they said the CIA was teaching them how to torture people want to CIA agent was asked that he is shocked and he said we can’t teach easy people anything about torture because he knew they tortured people but the revolution of getting rid of the Shaw simply put the torture stick in someone else’s hands. Many of those tortures now became devout Muslims so they can keep the torture stick they used before and many of them were killed off to an in the violent revolution but they did not want to change they just wanted change who held the torture stick. And that’s why today the the moment observed of the the Muslim brotherhood or whatever that is running Iran are pilfering the same billions of dollars and luxury and affluence that the Shaw had been taking. But now they’re taking it for themselves and but they’re keeping the people oppressed as much or more so than the Shaw why because the hearts of the people did not change go see the pictures of you know I ran back in the 60s everybody look so modern but they they were taking on the outward appearance of, I hate to say democratic society, but they were not changing in the hearts. And that’s that’s what I realize that you have to change in one of the way to begin a change in your heart is to sit down the tens or hundreds of thousands actually begin the process of learning what it takes to take care of one another to faith open charity. And that’s what you have to do. That’s why Christ went to all the trouble to command that.

Which world?

[01:24:06] Now in this article that we been kinda taking some of my notes off of… They talk about several principles are important to understand the Bible on its own terms and they say one the world is God’s creation and, therefore, good. Well actually, he’s using the word “world” there improperly. The world as you seem probably most often in the New Testament is front there’s four different records of translating world one of them is constitutional order system of government your religion is to be unspotted by the world that’s the word is using their I don’t know what word they’re using in this little statement the maces is number one think that the planet was created by God the life on the planet was created by God and it was good but it also has the potential to shut out the light which is what you see in this critical theory they shut out certain facts and want to look at those things they want to live in darkness they want to sit in darkness and is price came the world sitting in darkness and he wanted to bring light to it so the plan the people on the planet are not necessarily good unless they let the light of God into their hearts and their minds and money do they will start to see that we should be taking care of one another to charity not to force why you have to explain that Christ was not a socialist is clear evidence of people do not understand who Christ is.

Sit down in congregations

[01:25:39] The second thing he says is, “Human power cannot be the basis of understanding reality was true we have to have a revelation and orders and intellect alone is not enough because intellect can be biased intellect can be prejudiced intellect can shut out certain inconvenient facts so we need that revelation of God let that revelation of God we need to make a place in her heart for God in one of the ways you do that is a sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and strive see the righteousness of God in other words to live by faith open charity instead of force or violence so if you sit down to do that with any Congregation don’t to say, does it with that guy because he’s too poor Mykacet with that guy because he’s too this series to that you do it that it’s a free assembly you’re not a Corporation is a free assembly and yet that will be poor amongst you in heart and spirit in morality even. But you forgive them and say look of just sitting here to start this process of seeking the kingdom which is an individual process critical thinking is an individual process so even when you sit down so he was talking about elders. That was one of the big misconceptions you can look up Oregon elders they were talk about elders having who’s your elder in your church is a 10 who has authority to elders have no authority in the church ministers have no authority in the church they have authority in their life they have authority in their family hopefully they exercised that authority would love but had no authority in the church has were not to exercise authority one over the other like the other governments of the Gentiles. Tnd elder assembly the head of a family the idea that giving this office of power to somebody you call and elder your church that’s feloneus that’s a misinterpretation mistranslation.

They’re ruled by force because the church is not their government

[01:27:46] But anyway, number three that they mention here… “There is a unified field of knowledge and morals based on revelation instead of the facts of dominant cultures or simply analysis of oppressor and oppressed.” All this kind of interesting. I think Mrs. the understanding of the Bible entirely he did not hit he doesn’t hit until later down in the article and then when he had said he doesn’t hit it is hard as I’ve been hitting it for you and hopefully he will y’all arthritis send audio to them and see what they think of it because it’s all about that their article you cannot read your society of oppression by changing who is allowed to oppress and I give you the example of Polybius’s statement when he said… 150 years before Christ John the Baptist he says the masses continue with an appetite for benefits and habit of receiving them by the way of the rule of force and violence the people having grown accustomed to feed the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others, institute the rule of violence in their government. Because the church is not their government. They’re not taking care of the widows and orphans and needy of their society to charity they’re doing it to force and violence. And now, uniting their forces, massacre, banish, and plunder which we see is the inevitable result of critical theory they’re going to banish speech they’re going to banish opinions they’re gonna go in and scream see you can’t even talk at your meetings. They’re going to plunder today they’re just plundering with noise but we see the violence on the street as well hitting people and bashing people creating war on street this is what’s coming from preaching half a gospel and you need to stop they need to preach the whole gospel and he goes on to say and tell they just generate the people degenerate again into perfect savages which we see in these antique rallies and protests. Finding once more a master a monarch a stolen Miao Pol Pot that’s what they’re that’s where they’re headed and that is the opposite direction of Christianity and the reason that they’re headed that way is the church is that not been preaching the whole truth of the gospel of the kingdom.

Oppressing our neighbor so our child can get “free” education is not Christian

[01:30:30] Exodus 22:21 Thou shalt neither backs a stranger nor pressing for he were strangers in the land of Egypt. So they use quotes like this to say that were supposed to help the illegals entering into America. Now personally, I don’t think we need a border wall if we were still the walls of righteousness that we once were in America but we become a socialist nation with our free education are our free health care are free this that the other thing are welfare systems and so therefore we don’t have the moral and terror integrity we become savages we pillage our neighbor. Forcing him by the Sheriff going there taxing them so that we can every education market this is taking a toll on our Christianity is dividing us from Christ. Because we are oppressing our neighbor to obtain those benefits we have developed an appetite for. Now, when I’m saying this, it’s just is just going over a lot of people’s heads because they don’t want to accept the truth that we as Christians should be homeschooling or private schooling or children we should be taking care of the health and education and welfare of our children through free will offerings not depending upon those men who exercise authority one over the other but we are yet we still call ourselves Christians we is a Christian minister said while I’m sending my kids the public school as evangelist you’re sending your kids to institution supported by force contributions contrary to the teachings of Christ to teach the people about Christ. Not gonna work you are T preaching half a gospel you need to change the way you think.

Lots of verses demonstrating how modern Christians are oppressing their neighbors

[01:32:28] Exodus 23:9 Also thou shalt not oppress the stranger for you know the heart of the stranger that is go to this Leviticus 25:14 Leviticus 25:17 you shall not therefore oppress one another not just a stranger but one another if you’re forcing the contributions to get the benefits you want from society, you’re oppressing your neighbor. Proverbs 3:31 in be thou not the oppressor choose none of his ways but yet you do and how many people are about I know a lot of people that vote for the socialist programs that we see in the comments programs that we see in the candidates that we see they are actually atheists. But at least they’re honest about that. But that Christians who do this are people claiming to be Christians you can because you’re playing the part of the oppressor you’re trying to force the contributions of the the people. He says he that oppresses the poor to increase his riches and he that give it to the rich shall surely come to want if you organize in the tens hundreds and thousands and there was some capitalist was taking advantage of his employees you have the power in your community to alter the way in which he was behaving but it because you have been losing sight of the true Christianity for over 100 years the unions rose up there was a need for them in some places but the unions have become as oppressive as the old employers in many cases. I can show you examples of this. but were were not following those guidelines but you can go again to James to verse 5: “Hearkened my beloved brother and half not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him love you love them you have to love is way the whole way of Christ you can’t just pick and choose what you want to accept of Christ. Because then your belief in Jesus is alive is not the real Jesus it happened Jesus. But ye have despise the poor do not a rich man oppress you and draw you before their judgment seats yeah that’s what’s happening now do not they blasting the Worthing name by that which ye are called Christianity. Yeah, they blasting it because you’re not being real Christians if you fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture which is 11 neighbor as thyself you well. But just not what you’re doing your coveting your neighbor’s goods the the agency of men who exercise authority contrary to the teachings of Christ, yet still calling yourself Christians. needs to stop you need repent you have need of repentance but if ye have respect of persons each commit a sin and you are convinced of the law has transgressors. You need to change the way in which you are approaching Christianity your you’re still trying to elect men who will fix this I don’t not opposing the fact you want to go vocal about you your most people probably voting self-defense anyway. Although there are many people are not it be curious to see what the election in America is going to bring this next time around but that whoever you elect, that is not your salvation. Your salvation is what Christ taught. But nobody’s very few people in the churches the Evangelicals are actually preaching the whole gospel not telling you what religion not teaching how to practice pure religion they’re not facilitating the practice of pure religion they’re comforting they’re tickling your ears on the weekend but allowing you to engage in works of iniquity the rest of the week at 1520 but that we write unto them that they abstain from the pollutions of idols from the fornication and from things strangled and from blood well taxation is strangling your neighbor in order to obtain the benefits you want that’s the pollution of the idols second Peter 218 four when they speak of great swelling words of vanity they’ll learned through the lusts of the flesh through much wantonness will all his benefits they want those that were clean escape from them who live in error while they promise them liberty they themselves are servants of corruption four of whom a man is overcome of the same he is brought into bondage we use take care of all the social welfare of the people of America through charity there was no social welfare and to the socialist FDR really started bringing it in a in gangbusters. The people said we defended socialism when we defeated Hitler. FDR was a socialist. The enemy is within the gate. Is already there yet he defeated Hitler but you didn’t defeat socialism because he continued to grow in America first 24 if after they have escaped the pollution of the world was the pollution this covetous practices through the knowledge of the Lord… which the modern churches are not giving you and the Savior Jesus Christ who they are not describing full Jesus was the guy, “Christ” is the office, the Messiah, the King.

[01:38:29] I heard a kid the other day saying, “I have one King. Jesus.” Great! and that guy showed great he was one was brought up on the wrappers stage and was told to say something derogatory about the president you know blankety-blank Trump or something. And he wouldn’t do it he stood his ground great good for him that he would engage in such defamatory language is not even political as an individual he probably is now Charlie Kirk against all the talked but he he’s he said Jesus was his salvation but what I’m talking about is how that becomes a reality. By doing what Jesus actually said they he says they are again entangled there and overcome than the latter end is worse than the beginning. In Egypt you had to pay 20% of everything you earned it to the government. Today is far more than that.


[01:39:36] But anyway, this critical theory, however, by its very principles uncritically accepts the claims people in categories deemed oppressed or oppressor and that’s that’s contrary to what we should be doing he said that he was thankful for homeschooling the switch should be is saying that the was thankful for homeschooling was still legal in Canada because this where these guys are from writing this article and we advocate that to homeschooling private schooling taking care but also in the areas of health and welfare and every aspect of welfare. Canada’s a heavily welfared state and getting worse. So they see that and they even talk about taking care of the widows and orphans and needy of their society through these systems of the church but we have a long ways to go because we’ve gone so far away from this this is why this beast is risen up in the world today is going about a devoured who will. And you know people think Trump is there salvation he’s a heartbeat away from letting somebody else take power the power structure is already there and they talk in this critical theory about structure of the structure of the kingdom of God is sitting down tens of thousands voluntarily organizing yourselves in these groups picking ministers you are here to actually be public servants to charity to faith, through hope, and through love. That’s Christianity. if you’re not doing that you have need of repentance to turn around thinking that way and so anyway we’ll talk more about this next time on keys of the kingdom until then see on the network. God less.

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