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Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2013

A government that forces contributions leads to things like the 1619 Project and its distortion of history. On the other hand, when people build a government that operates on charity, truth and clarity are natural by-products.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 28, 2020

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Notable Segments

[00:05:26] Pharisees created a wrong translation of the Torah
[00:11:06] True meaning of communion
[00:18:32] Church legally defined
[00:21:05] Roman inflation and corruption
[00:26:13] Old Testament was not talking about piling up rocks and burning animals
[00:30:44] Defining the true church

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, we’re talking about the kingdom of God. We talked this morning about the 1619 Project that is coming out of the New York Times. And it’s actually, probably, heavily funded by people who do not have the best interest of America at heart. They’re people who are seeking power and control and one of the first things they want to do is undermine your heroes undermine the historical goodness of your past they want to keep you from knowing that they want to demonize anybody who might have been someone unexceptionable exceptional in your past or in your history. And the problem is, this is already been going on for 100 years and we went to some of that you can read the Reece Commission report and our “Schools as Tools” at preparing you and you can listen to some of the audios that we have there. We have some videos their interviews with people who were investigated individuals on the Reece Commission.

Warped view of history causes warped choices in society

[00:01:40] But right now, we are going to talk a little bit more about how by omitting certain trues from your knowledge of history you can be manipulated into acting in a particular cultural fashion that is detrimental towards your liberty and your freedom and the nurturing nature of society. And instead, you will move in the direction of totalitarianism despotism destruction that we seen a number of times the last century under people likes the linen install an array always mention stall and linen was no angel either I mean there were a lot of people put to death as they rose to power even with Trotsky and the rest of them. Most people don’t know this history. Most people don’t know history but to the reality of the reason you study history is to understand how things work in society if you make certain cultural choices certain societal choices certain choices of what you would get accept as societal norms, that it will direct society in a particular direction. It will actually cause you to think another way it will degenerate you or regenerate you according to those different parameters of society that you accept as valid. You know, like the 10 Commandments: Thou shall not kill thou sell not to steal thou shall not bear all’s witness if your society knows that you should not be doing these things in your society will not produce a rate culture of violent culture that and that eats up and destroys individuals and families and people and other members of society and their neighbors. You won’t be making enemies out of everybody because you have these basic principles in your society but there are 10 commandments not just three so there’s also thou shalt not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor. That’s not about stealing obviously anything steal your coveting you desire know and putting some people say well you know you want a new car like your neighbor and they say let’s coveting your neighbor’s goods. No, it is not. It is desiring to meet the same standards of affluence or maybe you…

Making do with old feed truck (gregbio)

[00:04:09] Just today, I was driving a very old truck… 35-year-old truck… and we were having trouble that was something sticking in the carburetor and it was running real rough as were going up the hill and so I stopped it and put it in park when I needed to try to figure out what was the matter and kind of figured it out I would also had the hood up and lo and behold when I was calling out I bumped the linkage to the parking brake and it came out of park and begin to roll down the hill with me. Because as an old truck got a lot of problems and I grabbed it to keep it from looking on my clothing and it was just dragging me and I yelled in my grandson stop at any jumped in the driver seat and hit the brakes and I said that’s why we feed with two people so anyway it really wasn’t all that dangerous it when you’re done any real harm I could’ve if I wasn’t in the right position gotten seriously injured but then no injury we had a good laugh about we fixed everything we went out to the rest of the feeding. But that’s because you have an old track and it’s got a lot of problems and but we make do with this old feed truck.

Pharisees created a wrong translation of the Torah

[00:05:26] And the reality is that, in society, you can have lots of different ideas and philosophies and concepts and cultural norms that are good or are bad and Christ came to teach you the good ones. He seemed to have a conflict with the Pharisees who believe that they were following Moses, of course, they were not really following Moses. They were following an image of Moses that they had created by their translations of the Torah. They had translated the Torah… we see the Septuagint which even Jesus quotes… and because the way it was translated and interpreted they had a particular view of the Old Testament that wasn’t correct. They were wrong and there are many Jews today that had that same interpretation. There are many Christians today that have that same interpretation that the Pharisees had that was wrong. on the some of the Pharisees had some ideas about the Old Testament they were pretty close on some of them didn’t there was a controversy going on there were Sadducees that were Pharisees there were salads there were the it seems there are number of other factions even amongst those people that I just name there were factions in know each of those individual groups just like you have political parties now.

Historical figures who had ideas diametrically opposed to their current parties

[00:06:52] I mean, like the ideology of John FK, who was a Democrat, is diametrically opposed to what Democrats are saying today. He was absolutely he was considered mainstream Democratic Party at the time was elected very popular president got more popular because he got shot because that’s just the way it goes I’m a Lincoln that was very controversial guy that the greatest thing for promoting Lincoln was the fact that he got shot. And then you couldn’t say anything bad about them anymore but the reality is Lincoln had a lot of good qualities he had some other qualities that were not so good. But he was who the people elected at that particular time and he served a purpose in history. I’m not so much interested in who’s right or wrong I’m interested in people beginning to understand what acceptable values that you get from your culture or put in your culture or include in your cultural values that will promote a healthy society, a free society, a productive society. And what values if they’re missing or what values if they just simply don’t exist or values that are contrary that you would put in your society that will decimate, degenerate, and cause your society to become depraved and collapse.

Break down of marriage values signal a collapse of society

[00:08:25] And we talked before about some of the things… Historians who have gone to in and examined society after society throughout history find that one a society has a sexual revolution… Where suddenly one man one woman and the unity of marriage was sacrosanct, you did not violate that, that you didn’t violate before you got married you did violated after you got married and that it was a sacred relationship… When they had a sexual revolution that suddenly throughout those values those cultural values that you had two generations and the society would collapse. When socialism comes into a society, birth rates drop. They began to drop rapidly then you coupled socialism with a sexual revolution and the ability to abort 60 million babies every year and the ability to contraception and other you know are you 486, I guess, is one of the things that they take to cause in early on abortion and the pill and all these things allows for the sexual revolution it breaks down the family socialism almost always breaks down the family. Which is why we talked about this morning we talked about the past that in the early 1900s, the black community had 3% single-parent families by just a few years later it was going up to 11 and 12%. But once we had the war on poverty, it shot up to over 70% of the black community families are single-parent families this breaks down the social structure brings about the dooming of a society. And it’s happening we see it happening in the black community was also transferring over to the white community we see their up to 35% single-parent families and we also see it now one of the strongest family units was the Asian family units and we see them breaking down as well. It’s like a disease passing from one generation to the next from one community to the next one race to the next don’t like to break people up and races is an artificial way of doing it, but they seem to be popular with a lot of people.

True meaning of communion

[00:11:06] But what values in the Bible does Christ emphasize, does Moses emphasized, do the prophets emphasize, that extend the life of a community, of a society, of a nation. That actually makes a nation great makes a nation stronger makes a nation healthier and what when you what of those values when we begin to drop them off begins to it degenerate society. And what can you do today in your life to bring back those values so they become incorporated part of your very being in a very society in which you live. Now when I say “society” in which you live we have links on different pages that the and a page on societies what is a society what is a community was the difference in the community in a society. Societies may have a common communion. In other words a common source of welfare lateral communion was communion was at another word that they translate it besides translating it in the Greek word into communion they also translated into fellowship and was a what is so fellowship and communion are evidently the same thing that we translate the same Greek word into two different words but they actually mean the same thing that this slightly different explanations of the same thing and so I’m not saying it is wrong to put the word fellowship there the wrong to put the word communion but the fact is that that was one Greek word that they translated into these two different English words and they really mean the same thing but maybe just different aspects of the same thing. So what is fellowship? What is communion? Communion was when you got a piece of bread from the church. Mow that is that is morphed over time into a little tiny wafer. You used to actually get wine and bread but now the priest drinks all the wine and you just get the bread and actually because of the fears of things like coronavirus and other viruses and diseases that are not even giving you the bread and some churches. But it wasn’t a, bread originally we show this in early church documents that was actually sacks of bread and was your welfare bread it was the free bread of Christianity and it was given out to those who were in need and it was provided by those who had enough with a were willing to share with those who didn’t have enough. But it was a part of binding society together because you are actually curing for one another you can just go to the same church building seeing the same church songs and like the same pastor you actually were dependent upon that pastor for your needs. If you fell off a ladder got heard lost her job and got sick at you died your husband died and suddenly your kids or your widow in your got a bunch orphans you went to charge helped you out they make sure you didn’t starve you didn’t die. That somebody was there for you they brought you food into you get on your feet they get you a job until the you know and help your kids get the education they needed. Because that was community that sharing of the low to surviving in society too freewill offerings was the communion of Christ. That is the Eucharist of Christ. People were thankful for the opportunity of giving. That is the Eucharist that’s what Eucharist means Thanksgiving of Christ that’s what he saw the maze not talk about, bread and some wine that the priest gets to drink or grape juice he’s talking about how you sustain your daily ministration of free bread for the truly needy of society in a way that strengthens them. That’s what Christianity was about. And because Christians had their own system they were persecuted first by the jealous and envious but then also by the bankrupt systems that wanted to force the Christians into a position of contributing to their system. But their system was forbidden by Christ. It’s right there in the text he says you’re not to be like the governments of the Gentiles who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority. In other words force the opportunity tells you that right in the gospel. In Matthew, in Mark, in Luke. He tells you you’re not to be that way but every single Christian church almost every single Christian church I see at their church claiming to be Christian out there today take care of 80 to 90% of their welfare through men who exercise authority. Completely contrary to the teachings of Christ. yet they say their Christian but part of that is they don’t know their preachers aren’t telling their pastors have become brutes and because the real pastors are working down at the so security ministration welfare office that’s the ones who actually feed the sheep. That’s one to actually take care of the needy of your society.

Modern churches have no problem coveting their neighbor’s goods

[00:16:35] And right now, we have this war going on in the political realms of the world… not just the United States, but we see it certainly in United States… this war between the idea of socialism think you need like I said this morning that AOC and booty judge were talking about were supposed to feed the poor. We’re supposed to help the poor and the sick without that is a command from Christ but were supposed to do it with their leaving now what that they’re omitting from their statement is that were supposed to do it by charity not by men in government who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority. Because Christ forbid yes to do it that way that would be coveting your neighbor’s goods. This seems like such a simple explanation I talk about this all the time in many different ways and so where does the church come in if they’re not just supposed to be conducting the choir.

True meaning of “singing”

[00:17:35] We have a lot of books on not taking them, talk about what the word “choir” originally meant. It wasn’t just a bunch of singers having you actually look in the Old Testament they talk about singers in the Old Testament with the Levites there were seniors with these actually people sing or this one of those misinterpretations. And again, like you said this many times he seems read the same exact Torah that the Pharisees were reading and they got a completely different interpretation of the alters of sacrifice. And they operated their society much different than the Pharisees did and of course all seems worth the same like I said in call themselves Essenes, but understanding is a key part of understanding the gospel of the kingdom.

Church legally defined

[00:18:32] So anyway I wrote an article a long time ago and I’ve added is a section to the page that contains this article and has to do with the church legally defined and the that article you can find that at preparing you can look up church legally defined and you can read that article and it’s a is not really long and it did because it’s in a number different pieces, the first part is the word church and then another section is legally defined in and underneath that is related definitions. I go to some of the codes and show how different states have defined the church and talk about the church and stuff like that over the course now when people talk about the church a lot of people go I have everything to do with religion you know I well if you get your social welfare… if the government is taking care of your parents up on Social Security if that you collect, or your parents collect, or anybody in your family collect Medicare or Medicaid that’s religion that’s what religion was how is the free bread of Rome was a part of the religion of Rome what they call the Roman Imperial cult once you got to be a member you had to pay in and you know course be really poor unit paying hardly anything or if anything may be paid and nothing but once you remember you had to pay you are on the roles but you are also eligible for the free bread of Rome which was handed out next to the Temple. They had a little building next the Tabori go get your free bread and you knew who was entitled to that free bread is a gave you little clay tessera which would be the equivalent today we call it an EBT card. And it’s you how you get your benefits of being a part of that Temple system is all symbols were government buildings they do different things in different temples. Temple of Minetta coined money. We recall that the Treasury Department now or at least the place that we don’t coin money really anymore mostly we meant it are men moment at the that’s where you get the word meant we print money but if it’s a Temple it’s where you go that’s what they were doing in the Temple of Minetta they were making currency of the day and the form of coins.

Roman inflation and corruption

[00:21:05] They altered that afterwhile. Under Nero they began take the silver out of the queen actually started under Mark Anthony he took some of the silver do small amount of the silver out of the Roman silver coin. But Nero took quite a bit out and then of course by Diocletian it was no more silver in the Roman denarii. It was just iron coin like you have today. And was worth not that I get in on silver dollars worth $15. But a paper dollars worth, what, 1/15th of a real dollar. And the value is all screwed up. in a system where it is what I’m interested in is the virtue is elements of your culture that will bring you back to the prosperity that once was America once was Christianity because Christians prospered during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and since most of the governments of the world today are following in the footsteps of the Roman Empire they had their free bread, their welfare systems, that are guaranteed incomes they want have that in guaranteed housing and all these things and they are provided by men who exercise authority one over the other. That’s the way Rome was going at the time of Jesus Christ. It had started going that way about well almost 150 years before Christ resume born we hear Polybius talking about it. But it really didn’t get going until Julius Caesar who never really became Emperor but under the other Caesars, certainly under Augustus Caesar, it got a much more that way Nero was that way but a course by the time Nero they were already bankrupt Tiberius it brought in things like the patriot act and made to the suspicion a crime, intimidating the government employee a crime, all these things… This is the road that they were going down. The road most countries are going down. You’ll Frese you can be arrested for free speech in many countries today they want to make it see get arrested in the United States were kind of the last holdout of things like free speech and the right to bear arms and things like that but they want to do away with that everywhere. And they can’t do away with that they want to cripple America because America is kinda getting in the way of the self-destructive spirit that is becoming pervasive in society.

Misery loves company; Society has gone crazy

[00:23:39] Somebody was showing me videos of people in China who get the coronavirus… Which isn’t that dangerous virus. I don’t want anybody to panic but it really kills far less than the SARS or anything like that it’s actually probably no more lethal than your average flu virus it’s a little bit more contagious it appears but is not very legal is like .5 to 2% lethal and the only one who’s died in the United States already in a compromised health conditions in using this 50s so but anyway the point is is that the there were people in the elevators in China – Emma film spitting they know they have the virus in your spitting on all the buttons and rubbing their saliva on the buttons on purpose because they want to contaminate somebody else. We saw this during the height of the and the scare of the other things like AIDS there were actually people who knew they had AIDS and were going out trying to contaminate other people. never but that aids in do this but that’s it self-destructive spirit you find the same spirit you find when somebody wants to kill themselves and so they go out may they start shooting other people. Want suicide by cop. And if they actually get cornered just for a minute they shoot themselves that they have been possessed by a self-destructive spirit and they want to destroy other people when they go out they get sick your misery loves company. That’s the same spirit. They get sick they want to get other people sick now live you was able that’s crazy well it is crazy but it is real that spirit is around and alive the same spirit as in your politics. And what I was saying this morning mostly is that Pres. Trump is not your salvation. He’s certainly storing them up he certainly changing the status quo on a lot of cases but he’s only got four more years if that if something happened to me so always a president is a heartbeat away from the next president. And you have no idea what’s going on the minds of your youth have been consumed by this false history. And now by the 1619 Project. You just have to listen to the first show to find out more about that. But you’re already subject to the what the Reece commission uncovered because you don’t know history.

Old Testament was not talking about piling up rocks and burning animals

[00:26:13] You study the Bible, but if you think that God wanted Israelites to pile up rocks, kill sheep and set them on fire, you do not understand the Old Testament. If you think stony a woman for promiscuity had to do with putting her in a whole error putting up because a wall and throwing rocks at her till she was dead you do not understand the Old Testament those are parts of the misinterpretations of the Old Testament that have become pervasive amongst many of the Jews at the time of Christ and is still pervasive amongst many of the Christians and Jews today. That is not what God wanted people to do that is not what the alters of stone in the alters of clay was about. It was about a welfare system that operated by free will offerings and bound society together in a fellowship, a communion, of charity where people began to take care of one another to personal sacrifice. Through a network of ministers who were bound under certain conditions in order to facilitate a society. Now if we were all Saints we would need these ministers we would all just take care of one but were not All Saints so God gave us a structure in the Levites and Christ gave us a structure in the church by which we making our personal choices of personal sacrifice and personal responsibility can make choices that will strengthen our community. If it becomes a part of our culture… our religious culture, our political culture, our ideological culture… to take care of one another through charity rather than force contributions AOC Buddha judge Bernie they only do the force contributions tromp is not completely against that either make you you’re not completely guess that you’ve already got Social Security that’s force contributions Social Security is socialism public school is socialism Medicare Medicaid is socialism you can actually do provide all the services of Medicare Medicaid Social Security through faith hope and charity in your community would be stronger for them you could do it more efficiently than is now going on today in society. But you have to learn how to do that and you learn how to do that by doing what Christ commanded us to do. Which was to sit down the tens hundreds and thousands and start loving our neighbor as ourselves in a vast network somebody once was arguing about things that we really need to and we have a whole page on the guy and there’s a couple of them like that says they there’s nothing in the Bible about a network tends hundred and thousands is a network that actually Israel was organized that’s way Nimrod organize except for he organize the tens hundreds and thousands from the top down which is what they explain in Samuel 8 is there going to do they’re going there he’s going to appoint his officers over their officers over there offices and you’re at the bottom. But you’re not supposed to do it that way you’re supposed to open the bottom up you organize you take your minister he takes his minister. And he organize from the bottom up as grass run but you have to implement that and make that network of valuable because it starts providing for the needy of society now right now is dependent upon the government that exercise authority one over the other contrary to what Christ said. So the process of seeking the kingdom is to reverse that process and start looking the other way should start seeing if we can’t implement that social welfare through charity which what is what made America great. It wasn’t the Constitution. It wasn’t the presidents of the United States it was the people taking care of one another to faith hope and charity and that’s what the church, the called out, are supposed to be implementing.

Defining the true church

[00:30:44] Anyway, I have this page “church legally defined” and we just simply include the legal definition of the church. Which is in its most general sense is the religious society founded and established by Jesus Christ. upon established by me founded and established by Christ know has to conform to what I think that we all should be trying to conform to what Christ thinks we just talk about what Christ said therefore with the apostle said he said what the apostle said he was thinking and we show you the history and you should be all figured out from there. And then, like Christ commanded, we are trying to help you organize yourselves in the tens unders and thousands but you have to do it we can do it from the top down like a Caesars and Nimrods and pharaohs. You have to do it from the bottom up that’s your responsibility the and with taking on that responsibility eventually it will regenerate you you will be reborn in another way of thinking but you have to attend to the weightier matters yourself. The church was established by Jesus Christ to do what to receive preserve and propagate his doctrines and ordinances will one of his ordinances is that you’re not supposed to covet your neighbor’s goods in that you’re not supposed to be like the governments of the Gentiles who exercise authority one over the other. And one of his ordinances your to love your neighbor as yourself and to you should be laying down your life for your fellow man. Which may mean a little bit a sacrifice and if you’re very rich you should be giving a lot more of your very poor you should still be giving like the widow did and gave her Mike she gave that was counted is more but she was not abandoned she was take care by the social welfare set up by Christ in his to his called out who were able to take care of that widow she may have given the only mite that she had but she did not go hungry that night because Christ had already called out his ministers. And had already commanded that the people sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands and so there was somebody available to help take care of this woman. So what else is the church defined as a body or community of Christians Christians would be people following Christ said. They’re doing what Christ said not just doing what some pastor said some Pope said some free said they’re doing what Christ said and so that would probably look a lot like the early church which was taking care of all the social welfare of Christians rather than sending Christians to the free bread of Rome. They weren’t sending them to the free bread of Rome that was that was stuff offered to idols and they want to eat of that they were taking care of one another to faith hope and charity not for sphere in fealty. Which is the way the rest the world it so anyway there Christians united under one form of government. By the profession of one faith which is one allegiance: allegiance to Christ. There is another king when Jesus and the observance of the same rituals and ceremonies one of those rituals and ceremonies take care of the needy of society in a way that strengthens them. And they do this by free will offerings to a minister of their choice who then turns around and helps those needy of society and the best way he knows how. And he doesn’t do a good job you’ll have to get to next week you find somebody who will do a better job and you give to him and therefore you every day is voting day in this form of government you can impeach your pastor anytime you want. Because you’re the one who picked him. If you don’t think he doing a good job find another one if you think his job is to tickle your ears you’re probably not gonna find that pastor amongst us because were not in the year tickling business were in Christianity this is the real Christianity not fake Christianity that makes you feel good that the Christianity that requires that you conform to Christ. And if you’re not conforming to Christ and like I said this morning Paul gives long lists of people were not conforming to Christ and he says don’t have anything to do with them because they don’t have any inheritance in the kingdom but way they said they accepted Jesus as a personal savior. Yeah but the fruit of that acceptance is not evidence of what they do and James tells you Paul even tells you that you judge them by what they’re doing is they’re not doing what Christ said they’re not following Christ if they’re not following Christ are not Christians. They can change anytime and we can accept them into the fold become but if you’re not hearing what Christ said he said you’re not to be like the governments of the Gentiles who exercise authority one over the other call themselves benefactors. If you’re going to the governments of the world for your benefits your free education know your free student loans your whatever it is you’re going to them for that you’re not a Christian. You’re not following what Christ said you say lower Lord but you’re not doing what he said so you’re not a Christian. Now I understand that includes most people who say that there Christians but that saying your Christian don’t make it so. You have to the be that Christian.

[00:36:31] So I have a section there related definitions owned by have a flaw in my programming. I a did some actual work on that page evidently made a mistake and we should take a break anyway so I went to go to a commercial break if I can find where the commercial break is I think this is it and will be right back to keys the kingdom.

The way God’s government operates

[00:36:56] Welcome back I think you found my code violation your is availing your coding a given page if not I’ll have it fixed shortly by the time a lot of people here this particular recording so anyway again this is on the page where talks about the church legally defined. And one of the last sections is the church defined in the world and so one of the things that I’ve been writing it is the Free Church Report and I also have the minister’s manual added to numerous pages to that in the last few weeks and that’s available to the people who actually want to seek to be a minister of Christ and do the things away the early church did was his really insignificant if you are if you’re not going to take on the virtue of Christ the value the culture of Christ it what Christ was telling us to do in the way in which Christ was telling us to do we should take care of the needy we should feed the poor we should make sure that people don’t starve to death in the streets. But we have to do it away that strengthens them and we have to do it by charity not by force. We don’t want to give somebody the power of stolen of the power of mild to force the contributions the people to take care of the needy of society because they will become drunk without power and you will have a despot on your hands. And you want tyranny and probably death and destruction because that’s giving them power to somebody is beckoning that spirit of destruction you know that you they do bite the hand that feeds them so to speak this is going to be their nature but the church defined by the world I go to that same definition which is out of Black’s dictionary and the I a goes to that because it actually is fairly close to what Christ was saying I mean it clearly states that Jesus Christ established the church. That’s what the church is. It has to be established by Jesus Christ now they’ve extended that definition the definition was the definition and Blacks Law dictionary box 3rd fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth but now they started adding a things now you have the church established by saying but that’s not really the church but at one time in America Amber for over a century or more that was the definition had to be established by Jesus Christ and it was a body in a community that was united under one form of government. That still consistent in that definition the form of government we talked about if you are on that page there’s live links to another article on one form of government what does that mean but that form of government is a voluntary government where people get together in a network to attend to what Christ called the weightier matters: law, judgment, mercy, faith. And they also have certain of the virtuous characteristics of Christ now many people go to church they see the virtuous characteristics of Christ and they say yeah I want I believe in that and it has an effect in their life the way they treat other people the way they their about forgiveness in there about kindness and about charity I mean you’ll find amongst Christian conservatives some of the most charitable people in the world. And these are all good characteristics. I’m just talking about the whole truth the thing that they left out the thing that you that people have dropped off of the gospel of the kingdom which is right there in the text but they’re ignoring. And that’s why you’ve gone from you know 150 years ago if you had any of the welfare needs it people have the day they would’ve gone to church unwed mothers go to church you know people get sick go to church and people get injured go to church people lose her job to go to church people who it was her husband they go to church people loser wife they go to church. The church was the one who is going to help them out the church community was going to help. Now, of course, the family first but it did that’s why talk about widows and orphans families breakdown they die they you know go crazy they get injured day and so families need help to how you do that in society and still maintain a free society you have to do it to charity will the governments the world are not charity but the government of Christ operates solely by charity. By free will contributions by regular contributions to men who are actually doing the work of government. But as a free government, they have to do it to charity. This is the way God’s government operates.

The ministers of Jesus managed millions but had nothing of their own

[00:41:55] So you’re not to find ministers living like millionaires. Although you could find ministers that handle millions of dollars Barnabas own property in Cyprus and he was known as hostess he was a Levite you guys can own property in their own name. They can sell their own property but he was able to do that because of changes historically in Jerusalem and in Israel and Judea over 100 years before. Rules that actually some of the Roman emperors are not emperors they were neighbors at that time tried rollback under Pompeii Bombay’s general but that they got past that Levites got to own property. And the Levites became wealthy or wealthier in some of the high priests were living at in more opulence then even inherit himself because they were breaking some of the rules that Moses said lay down because of the way they could misinterpret the Old Testament. And the same thing has gone on in the modern church today which is why you have multimillionaire pastors were millionaires in a not all pastors are that way but there are ministers were millionaires and yet that if you have a need Kauai Bernie. Bernie is a multimillionaire. Although he’s hidden a lot of the money see don’t see it but it’s there multimillion-dollar properties he owns etc. and I can show you where a lot of it is hidden is not that hard to find but your monitor medias can of pointed the but anyway but if you have a need he’s not going to provide that out of his pocket like Christ did hazy gonna provided out of your neighbor frock which is why socialism lists Margaret Thatcher once said socialism probably socialism is eventually run out of other people’s money. And this has to do with the early church had to take care of the needy so you had people like Peter saying, “Silver and gold have I none.” Because he wasn’t living he was amassing fortunes under his name millions of dollars were probably coming into to his you know his network person the way the system is set up it doesn’t go up to the Pope and then filtered down to all the other people. Most of the money it in an funds and supplies are distributed amongst the needy of society down where the needy of society left is not going is not trickle-down type government. That’s not the way it works. But you had hoses who is fairly well-to-do sold all this property as a Levite and came and laid the money at the foot of the apostles. That’s at the foot of Peter’s peers got all this money supposedly but Peter says silver and gold I may not so it and keep it for himself he turned around and took care of the needy of society with those funds. Well, who did he hire to make sure that that money got distributed where needed because there were famines and we see that Paul and who Barnabas taking funds to far ends of the Empire to take care of Christians because Christians are going to go to the Roman welfare state they’re going to go to church and so who depicted go with Paul to distribute these funds make sure they get to where they need to go pick Barnabas who was hoses and took the same a Barnabas like as he knew that he was nine in this for the money he turned over all the money that he had made. Because that was one of the commandments of Christ for his ministers which we talk about later in the book. But this one form of government that Christ is expressing is an actual network body community of people taking care of all social welfare and a daily ministration based on charity instead of force. If you aren’t going in that direction in your church, then your church is not seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness if your church is still depending and is comfortable with depending upon men who exercise authority for their welfare then you haven’t really repented. You haven’t really turned around your thinking like Christ you’re not thinking like Christ this why we pointed out the Christ was actually from an extremely wealthy rich family and that he had decided to make himself poor. He was the rightful heir to the throne of Judea which would be the throne of Israel. But he at could have remained fairly wealthy. His uncle was one of the wealthiest men in the Roman Empire he had other relatives that were extremely wealthy. And he gave all that up so that he can also become high priest like John the Baptist who was the high priest the literal high priest the rightful high priest of Judea. And we go through and explain how that is the case.

Jesus chose men of understanding, not scholars/Pharisees

[00:47:26] Someone the other day read one of our articles… I can’t even remember which one was Buddy it was saying so is this a scholarly article I don’t know and the one of the people in our network pointed out and said well the Pharisees were scholars Jesus didn’t go in and list men amongst the scholars you listed them amongst fishermen and more common people not to say that beer wasn’t smart he certainly was. But he wouldn’t be classified as a scholar and of course the same we could save David he was a shepherd. The youngest of the boys kind of a runt of the litter but he was the one they chose to be king. Because, you know, it’s out of the humble the that Christ is going to pick his leaders. So I’m not a leader of the people. I can barely find my own way in life. But I’m sharing with you for free. All of our books are available for free online and the all the all the footnotes on this one page alone I think there’s a 9 footnotes to take you on and links there’s dozens of links to other articles.

You don’t choose leaders in Jesus’ kingdom. You choose those who attend to the daily ministration in the weightier matters

[00:48:43] But the church is a form of government that operates by faith, hope and charity. It does not operate by forcing your allegiance it by fealty or by force and your contributions it operates you the way. The form of government that is the church leads you to freedom and a free society in a strong and healthy society they can survive the decline and fall of the Roman Empire and she thrived during that process but the form of government that most people are looking to that operates by force they got there to try to elect a guy who’s going to be their salvation. But it will backfire eventually it will backfire because nobody lives forever. You know, David made lots of mistakes all certainly made lots of mistakes but he destroyed himself by falling on his own sword that’s that self-destructive spirit firstly he got thousands of Israelites killed and then he killed himself. David did pretty good most of his career but he screwed up a number of times but he was a man after God’s own heart because he repented. So this goes for you guys now to if you’re really listening to what I’m saying you’re realizing that the modern church is not doing the right thing. It is not preaching the whole gospel of the kingdom. The whole gospel of Jesus Christ is leaving out some important aspects of the Thanksgiving of Christ of the daily ministration of the church. Not living to covetous practices which the Bible in the New Testament tells you will make you merchant don’t curse your children make you surety for debt make your children surety for debt all of which is already taken place. But all you have to do is repent think like Christ said to thank take on the culture of Christ gathered together in the tens hundreds and thousands and started attending to the daily ministration in the weightier matters of law judgment and mercy and faith. As Christ commanded us to do. That’s not a big thing. But I’m not putting heavy burdens it is burn but in the long run that burden is light. That’s what he tells you. That burden is light. But you have to do it.

Start organizing yourselves

[00:51:18] We create an electronic system where you can start to find other people as close to you geographically as possible. And the idea is more people join into the network will find more people that are closer and closer to you and then you can form these congregations will they all think like you know to all your children think like you? Do all your friends think like you? No. But there are certain common cultural parameters put Christ cultural parameters of virtue that you want to quote cultivate in your gatherings and but all your gatherings and they were call them free assemblies because are not corporate all your contributions you let go of them entirely in somebody else’s responsible for them. If they don’t do a good job with them they’re not supposed to accumulate huge reservoirs of gold and silver and gold in temples and all that comes up there to create outflow of righteous charity is charity that strengthens the poor and network, an intimate network, that spreads over all nations that’s what the church is supposed to be that’s what we should be working towards that’s what we should be striving towards. And that’s what we’re telling you about on these pages… I evidently did fix that air since one layer but anyway because it showing up correctly now. But anyway, go to go to his holy join the network and in these different places and that are close to you geographically and the start forming that network from the ground up and yet you’re going to have different ideas and some of the other people. If you look at the early church and some of the writings of the early church they were all over the board a lot of his wife because Christ didn’t explain everything in detail. He gave you the details of what you needed to do in this what it amazes me that only one time did he command man to do a certain thing he commanded the weather does ceases and he commanded the devil to leave any a commanded the unholy spirits to go into pigs. But he only commanded people one time and that’s when he commanded his disciples to make the people sit down in the tens hundreds and thousands. They did this before there were any loaves and fishes had to organize themselves in the tens hundreds of thousands and that of course is what they did on Pentecost as what they always had done on Pentecost is because that was one of those gatherings where Buddy came together and they made sure that they were well organized and attends unjust and thousands and because that was going to be necessary to operate a free government he can’t just go everybody around and why help somebody they came across today people will die and starve to death. Like a destocking about a friend of ours who was she’s exceptional in the way that she finds people and helps people and I could tell you story after story based on of time but she had people that had no friends but her and she known them from years before in business and but she still stayed in touch and that person died in the backyard and none of the neighbors knew not neighbors cared not the neighbors came to her age is fell down died in her backyard but this other woman who live miles and miles away was the one that this lady had written down over and over again that this is the one to go to some happens to me. The reality is that we need to incorporate that caring about one another in our local cultures in our local communities and this is what the church should be doing. Instead, it’s fractionalizing people and 40,000 different denominations because they had changed religion from how you take care the needy of society to what you think about God and this guy over here thinks this about God and this guy over here thinks this about God and this group this Baptist group thinks this and this method is group think that. But that’s not what Christ came to do to divide the people with denominations there is only one denominator in Christ’s church and that is Christ and so let’s look at what Christ said to do and try that for change but until then peace on your house and may God be with you God bless.

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