Key 2012 – The Long-term, Concerted Effort to Distort History

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2012

1619 Project is just one more step of a concerted effort to distort American history and provides a good example of how much more Biblical history has been twisted and manipulated.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 28, 2020

Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:39:43] The first slave owner in America was a black man
[00:45:08] Taxation without consent
[01:12:48] Instructions for implementing a voluntary society
[01:37:42] Finding the whole truth about early Christianity

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Welcome to Keys the Kingdom. We’re going to talk about a number things today occurs when we talk about the kingdom of God because that’s the main topic of keys of the kingdom and one of the keys of the kingdom’s knowledge. Right knowledge. you a but for the lack of knowledge that’s what warns us that we will acknowledge well there’s one thing worse than lacking knowledge and that’s having misinformation. And that seems to be a commodity that everybody is suffering from right now.

1619 Project

[00:01:02] There was a project that came out in the New York Times and it’ll probably be spread and a lot of other papers that reprint these kinds of articles and it was has to do with what they call the 1619 project. And it’s really framing the American’s view of history and the problem is is that has already been done in the last century from about 1908 until the end of the century they there has been a concerted effort to change the way in which Americans view history. An, of course, I’m quoting from actual studies where philanthropic organizations got together and decided they need to change the way in which Americans viewed history way back in 1908 now the idea was around even before then but in 1908 they actually got together with a number of multi-million-dollar organizations— supposedly philanthropic organizations—the Carnegie foundation the Ford foundation the Guggenheim foundation and a number of these different marred a large philanthropic organizations got together to change the way in which Americans viewed history. That was the only reason they got together they had a lot of other ideas that they came up within their annual meetings. And they kept Minutes of their meetings. Handwritten minutes of their meetings. And they eventually about mid-century there was an investigation called the Reese commission and that Reese commission actually got permission from one of the foundation heads which they form their own little group and they sent in a lawyer to examine the handwritten minutes of the meeting… They couldn’t they were going to be photocopy and then they were going to love take photographs of them. But they went into view those hand written minutes of the meeting and the one who gave them permission to do this was actually from the Ford Foundation. And that he gave the Reese commission which was a commission of the United States Congress to go in and to examine those minutes well somebody who had cabin inside knowledge he was on the investigating team suggested to look at the minutes from particular meetings because they knew what some of the things that went on in those meetings the person who gave them permission did not even know what was in those meetings. This is decades later than some of the meetings that they were concerned with which was prior to and during World War I, etc. when they were formulating this idea of changing the way in which Americans viewed history. Now this is fairly well documented as a matter Congressional record some of the findings of the Reese commission and that it was the Reese commission was started because there was belief that some of these philanthropic organizations were engaged in what were considered un-American activities.

Reece Commission

[00:04:31] And you can listen to interviews of some of the investigative people that were in this particular commission. We have those at preparingyou… just look up “Reece Commission”…REECE. And we have those recordings available. Before I even found out about the Reese commission and its findings, I had already noticed the results of the efforts that came out of these meetings of these philanthropic organizations. You can you can trace the history of these events that were created out of these meetings simply as a matter of record. It’s not a secret. You just have to put together and there have been some people I put some of these things together on their own 10 pennies investigations other people chef lease Shapley Sen. Shapley a think it is investigations of the same kind of thing. It’s very obvious that somebody has changed the way in which Americans view history by changing the history books and they did this originally by simply deleting certain information from common knowledge by not including them in the history books that your kids are going to read in school. And you aren’t going to notice the change so much because it’s just omission they just leave certain things out and do you get some information but not all the information. This changes the way in which you view things because you don’t have the whole truth now this is not a new idea this been around for century upon century upon century. Since the time of Christ… You can go back to the Septuagint and the that that original Greek translation if you just change a few things that you don’t understand the whole picture you get something less than the truth will something less than the truth is a lie. Now the problem today is people are seeing when they look at the 1619 project is coming out of the New York Times immediately a great many historians were looking at this and saying, “Well this is distorting the truth.” This is not giving you a clear picture of history and so they started the think it 1776 project where they are countering this misinformation that is coming out of these distortions which that they’re not the 6019 project is not a new thing there Howard Zinn was doing this kind of stuff already and a lot of people were you a lot of historians are pointing out the Howard Zinn was giving everybody a distorted view of history but it’s what has been officially been handed down now through high schools and through colleges.

The Big Lie

[00:07:49] People seem to gravitate towards the outlandish lie. That was one thing Hitler talked about… That you tell a big lie don’t tell little I tell a really big lie and keep repeating it and people because it is so different and because people know that knowledge is power so even though it’s misinformation it is so different people will grasp onto it because they think while I know something you don’t know. We see little children playing that game. I know something you don’t know what an and that’s very common because we instinctively know that knowledge is power if you know something that somebody has does else does not know that gives you an advantage. The problem is this is what you know hand so you’re really the one who’s at a disadvantage. Because you know something that just ain’t so but you think it’s true and they’re acting upon it. So I put together a number notes I read a number of the articles that were coming out in this 6019 project.

Greg’s study of history (gregbio)

[00:09:06] And I was seeing… My own studies of history could I’ve read so many history books, I can even echo can even imagine the number. Because I read all the school history books grade school history books high school history books even got many college history books going back to the 1800s and in the early 1900s. And this is when I was discovering. I was just looking for history books for my own children who are I was homeschooling out here on the desert and I was looking for really good history books. Because I had history books when I went to St. Joseph’s College in California and the different high schools that gone to. And some of them were pretty good history books I’ve read some of Shalome Ash’s in history books which were more historical novels but he gave you lots of insights into the time because he understood how people lived at the time one of the best history books ever read was the 1492 to 1892 it was a history of America and it really brought a lot of these events in history alive because you are actually referring to letters and statements and reports by people who lived in that time and you got a much clearer picture. “American Writings” was another two-volume set of early Americans and them writing about the times in which they were actually living history and it gives you a different view than just simply reading somebody’s opinion. But in all these history books I realize that something was going on. Because if I had read that a the 1945 version of history or the 1960 version of history or the 1980 version of history I would get a different view of history than if I read that 1492 to 1892 book are many other books. And I was noticing certain items that were disappearing from the history books that like I said this is long before I even knew about the Reese Commission. But I was verifying to me that there was this omission going on in our study of history.

The same distortion has happened to the Bible

[00:11:35] Well, like I said, this is the same thing that is gone on in our study of the Bible. In our view of the Bible. We have a view of the Old Testament that is just inaccurate. We can take the same exact text you have King James texts of the Old Testament but with additional information about that time about that language about what people were actually doing about how societies operate. And how social structures affect the thinking of the people. We can get an entirely different view of the Old Testament than is probably prominently common in American churches or in churches around the world we are have a distorted view of the Old Testament. Now, because we have a distorted view of the Old Testament, that makes us more vulnerable to his distorted view of the New Testament. We can actually think were reading certain things in the New Testament events, interactions of people, and not fully understand them because we don’t understand the time in which they were taking place. Nor do we understand the Old Testament.

Compatability of the Old and New Testaments; Red heifer

[00:12:58] The Old Testament is a witness to the character of God. The New Testament is a witness to the character of God. These two witnesses are telling, and should be in agreement, to the character of God because God is the same today as he was back then. But we hear people talking about the then Jim full Old Testament God. And Christ tells us about a new God that loves one another. I tell you that the Old Testament is telling you about a loving God is telling you to love your neighbor as yourself that’s the Old Testament that says to love your neighbor as yourself it is the Old Testament and Moses says give drink to your enemy it is the Old Testament tells you about the red heifer, the sacrifice of the red heifer, which was foreign aid to people outside of your society, outside of your community. And you were helping those people. You were caring for those people that were outside of Israel through the sacrifice of the red heifer we have articles up at preparing you where you go and read about the sacrifice of the red heifer so that you can understand what those Old Testament events were really all about. They briefly talks about the sacrifice of the red heifer in the Old Testament it doesn’t go on and on about it in many of the other books you just find it in in a few isolated locations in the Old Testament. But once you understand what the sacrifice the red heifer is it will start to change your whole view of what the alters of clay were, what the alters of stone were. What they were doing at these things that we call sacrifice and these rituals.

Churches and Temples were functions of society, not buildings

[00:14:58] One of the things that I was going to talk to you today about…we will touch on… I will do this probably in the second show, our show later this afternoon, is this idea of a church of this idea of a temple. Originally the word “church” had nothing to do with a location or a building but yet when we say the word church today most people are thinking a location building even in institution men. If we say the word “Temple” you think of a temple you know some statues in and pillars in the and Greeson or whatever those are temples were not building either originally the word didn’t have anything to do with the building they built buildings where there were temples. So what was a temple. It was actually an area it was a place that people went to do certain functions in society. Certain events in society took place in the temple area before there was ever a building there they built the buildings later on and then we begin to call those buildings temples is the same way with the word church. Originally the word church had nothing to do with the building the church in the wilderness had nothing to do with the building had to do with a group of people called out to provide a certain function in society. That’s what the church was these people called out that’s why they refer to the church in the wilderness there’s about 140 places that the word church shows up in the New Testament. You don’t find the word church in the Old Testament the only find it in the New Testament and almost every place it’s translated from that single word accuracy a which means called out so the church was the called out who was called out while in the Old Testament, the called out, the church in the wilderness, was the Levites. In the New Testament it was the apostles, the 120 in the upper room, the 70 the Sanhedrin of Jesus Christ. These people were called out to provide a certain service or function in a society that we eventually knew as Christianity the Christian society and what they were doing once we understand what was actually going on in their day-to-day activities we may find out that what is posing as the church today isn’t really the church established by Jesus Christ. And it will be up to you to figure out what to do about that I because Christ was about giving you a choice. Life or death. And that was your choice you do choose to follow the ways of Christ to be bleeding Christ you would do the things that he said he says why you know why call me “Lord” and not do the things that I say. Is your church, wherever you go to and you think that’s going to church. Is it doing what Christ said to do what Christ commanded us to do.

Jesus was a real-life king

[00:18:21] Because he was… The word “Christ” even… it means “the anointed.” It means “the Messiah.” It means “the mashiach.” It means “the King.” There is another king, one Jesus. That’s what it tells us in the New Testament. This is the King of the Jews this is the King of the Jews. People say whether Jews didn’t accept of the apostles except in the 120 in the upper room accepted him. this and Hedren of Christ accepted in the 70 that he chose that was his and Hedren they accepted thousands accepted a met at Pentecost day after day thousands upon thousands of heads of families accepted Jesus as the Christ. And these are the ones who said there is another king one Jesus and they began to do something, some things, that were different than everybody else which brought about jealousy and persecution. What were they doing that you’re not doing today what were they doing that made them Christians that you’re not doing today because something is missing. Some information is missing from your understanding of Christ and the gospel of the kingdom. And that’s what you need. To find out what that is. And when you find out what that is, it may change your thinking. If it changes your thinking that’s repentance because that’s what repentance is changing your thinking.

Europeans were decimated by plagues then, later, the Indians

[00:20:03] So anyway, we were going to look at the 1619 project just to show you how the process of changing the way in which people view history takes place. Because that’s what’s taken place in America. is taking place in the whole world but we can see in the 1619 project is dealing mostly with the Americans. Their aim, they say, is to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contribution of black Americans at the very center of our national narrative. Now there is a lot to learn about what early Blacks were doing to change the course of American history. The same can be said of early American Indians. Now, mostly American Indians died out in the and what we know as United States but even Canada and in South America because of disease went rampant through their culture because they did not have a robust immune system. And the new diseases brought by Europeans to America annihilated the Indians by the thousands and thousands it cause their whole tribes to almost disappear because of these diseases now to be fair there were diseases here in America that also affected Europeans and Europeans died by the thousands as they came over here to America and were on their bodies were unfamiliar with the diseases that were here and they died by the tens of thousands. Malaria on in the fevers that went on in the southern tropics killed off tens of thousands of Europeans but tens of thousands Europeans kept coming and it is very clear that they had a more robust immune system and they had that because millions upon millions of Europeans had died off in the centuries prior to discovering America. Or prior to the immigration to America when they had the place it ran through Europe. And those plagues ran through Europe because they developed trade routes and that spread the plagues.


[00:22:31] Today in the news, we’re hearing about the coronavirus. Actually, I have had the coronavirus a coronavirus not the coronavirus that something is wrong viruses been around for decades upon decades but there’s different strains of it SARS is a strain of the coronavirus. Most flu viruses that travel around our coronavirus is they’re just different strains now the particular one that everybody’s worked up about their worked up about it because the media is hyping the the ability of the coronavirus to spread. And they’re making it seem like oh it’s a great threat when we come back to keys of the kingdom out tell you what the actual statistical threat of the new Wuhan coronavirus has been so far. It’s just a matter public record but you will get this in most of the media but you will get it here on keys of the kingdom but will be right back so welcome back to keys the kingdom I was mentioning the coronavirus which everybody was supposedly worried about and the reality is is that SARS was as I mentioned before was a coronavirus in a rush a couple different strains of SARS and what happens when the strains get out into the public they began to seem to begin to mellow what actually is happening to some degree is that the people are developing a natural immunity to these different viruses and that’s part of that developing of a robust immune system in society but how you develop that robust immune system will vary if you get all your immunity from vaccinations, you’re cutting out major portions of your own immune system in the process of developing personal protection against disease. Because you’re interfering with the natural course of the disease in your body. Because you’re jumping in with this injection of a vaccine into your body which is stimulating your body does the vaccine doesn’t make you immune is stimulating your body to become immune.

Vaccinations and leukemia

[00:24:43] Just recently I’ve seen several people in our community have gotten a disease that is affected the actual bone marrow of their body where they’re not producing the red blood cells that they normally would produce. And this is causing them to become name he can have to have blood transfusion and that they call it a form of cancer. And what actually appears to be happening is that something is causing their bone marrow not to produce the red blood cells that it dead normally does. And so it’s a form of what they call leukemia. There’s a number of different kinds of leukemia if you get early vaccinations, you’re probably less likely to get childhood leukemia. That’s a statistical fact you can actually research that and find that that’s a statistical fact and the reason why appears to be because that’s what a lot of this has to do with correlation appears to be the fact that when you get these vaccinations it’s causing your bone marrow to produce certain hemoglobins and other factors in your immune system are jumped up in numbers because of the introduction of the vaccine now that the number of things in the vaccine that may be causing this but anyway that gives you kind of an immunity while you have these elevated counts from things like leukemia childhood leukemia. BUT… Here’s a question can prove it but what happens if that overstimulation at a young age causes your body to need that stimulation again at an older age which makes you more susceptible to adult leukemia later on in life when you’re only in your 40s while the sun you come down with leukemia because your blood your bone marrow is not producing the hemoglobin blood cells that it had produced when you are a child because of those vaccinations. Have they created an imbalance in your natural immune system which is causing people to come down with adult leukemia? And there are scientists who are looking at that and are suspecting that that might be the case. But it requires money and studies in order to kind of follow it up and find out. But I’m suspecting that that is the case.

Wuhan coronavirus details

[00:27:16] So what’s happening when you’re getting immunity from all these flu viruses by injection? That’s what they’re out there trying to figure out the new flu virus vaccine that you can get to prevent this new strain of this Wuhan coronavirus from getting into people’s body and making them sick. Well, the few cases that they have here in America, one of them had no foreign contact that they can trace. Somehow or other he got this Wuhan virus and the it come down ill and they don’t know how he got it it seems to spread simply by being airborne. You don’t actually have to touch doorknobs and some stuff like that but you can actually get it to cut through the air which makes it a little bit easier to spread but also he would got this virus and nobody knows where he got from. Which means that people can get it and not show a lot of symptoms and that means those people are getting immune in society… Like the poliovirus most of the people when it finally came out with a vaccine most of the people were probably already immune to polio because 95 we know CDC will tell you 95% of the people who got polio never showed any visible symptoms but they got a lifetime immunity from that exposure but they never showed any visible symptoms. And of the 5% that did show visible symptoms many of them did not have lasting effects from the symptoms they did show. They got sick. They got better and they were lifetime immunity. So you get like 9798% of the people developing immunity with no vaccine whatsoever same thing went on with the Spanish flu same thing went on with most lose and the same thing is probably going on right now with the coronavirus. The death rate that they now publish from what they believe is the death rate based on proven cases of this particular Wuhan coronavirus is at that seems to be at a maximum of 2%. That’s a very low death rate for flu viruses. SARS was up in the 9% one strain of SARS actually had like 30% death rate that’s high death rate 2% not very high death rate. That’s like a few old people some people with compromised lungs already and other complications will set in a cause that a 2% death rate some figures show a death rate of only .5%. That’s less than half a percent of the people who get it died from it. That’s an extremely low death rate. Yet we see pandemonium in the news stockmarkets affected everything why because knowledge is power and false information is just as powerful as the truth if you believe what you’re hearing to be true without looking into things with greater depth.

If you’re looking to Trump to save the republic, you’ve already lost it

[00:30:34] And so when we look at this 1619 project, and these guys from the 1776 group are examining the 1619 project they find out that so much of the information that is coming out in like the New York Times and these other people who are republishing the stuff… and it’s already in your school books, your kids already learning this in college you’re paying people to brainwash your children with misinformation because you haven’t looked into things because you haven’t been responsible individuals. This morning I was up early checking on sheep out here on the desert and ask on ad for the 2020 campaign of President Trump who’s going to be running again for a second term of office. It was a pretty effective ad, probably. For people who don’t already hate drop it probably effective but they’re talking about saving your Republic saving your nation because you elect this one individual as if Tromp is your salvation Tromp is not your salvation. Christ is your salvation. But doesn’t do any good to tell me you love Christ and not do the things that he says because he says it’s not those who say Lord Lord not those who say I have accepted Jesus into my heart as my personal Savior not those whose just say that but those who actually do the will of the father and people upgraded a whole theology around a few statements of Paul where he says that a you all you have to do is believe but you have to really believe you can’t just say you believe you have to really believing Paul is very clear point out with his long lists of people that have no inheritance in the kingdom that what you do tells you and us whether you really believe if you’re gossiping if you’re doing all these long things that he talked to coveting your neighbor’s goods and all these things that he says that you you have no inheritance and that we should have nothing to do with you if you’re doing any of these long listed off things that we have feet you can read about them in different parts of his epistles that you’re not a believer in Christ because your do we know you’re not because you’re doing these things wise call me Lord and not do the things that if you love me if you really love Christ you will do what he says. A lot of people they want think they love Christ they want think they know history they want think they understand the Bible, but they’re not doing what the Bible says. What Christ said. They’re actually doing the absolute opposite of what Christ said. And they pay ministers a lot of money to make it look like they are saved. Like they do know the truth.

Paying to have your children brainwashed

[00:33:44] The same as you pay money to send your kids to a college or university that is going to brainwash your children into thinking a lie is the truth. You’re actually going to pay people to brainwash your children because you actually do that when you send them to public schools you paid to taxation everybody there is no free education in the United States the at all education the United States is paid for I shouldn’t say that none when I homeschool my kids I guess I did pay… I paid in time and energy and everything but I gave it to my children for free. I’m not billing them now, so to speak. When you send your kids a public school somebody you gotta pay for that service and your content with forcing your neighbor to pay through taxation for your child’s education. But the problem is that your child’s brainwashing that you’re actually paying for because you haven’t taken the time to find out how they have been altering those school books for over a century. Slowly been deleting information and changing. This 1619 project now when I read some of the things that they state where they say. “It’s finally time to tell our story truthfully.” No. That’s not what they’re doing.

Slaves in Egypt were subjected to a maximum tax of 20%

[00:35:15] I mean, I heard the other day on the media… was it Butegieg and AOC, Cortez, was quoting the Bible about feeding the hungry… We are to feed the hungry through charity not to forced offerings the whole Gospel, according to John the Baptist, was that you were not to use force provide bread for the hungry your clothing or shelter or care for the needy of your society. You were to apply charity and provide these things out of charity that was an essential element of the Christian message from the beginning. It is really an essential element of the message of Moses. That was healthcare in Egypt for the Israelites we have this B-movie and maybe not even B-movie in a child has to view that everybody was down in the mud pits and dying. And there were people probably in the mud pits that were dying of hard work and labor but is basically that the law was 20% of what you produce had to go to the farrow Simons 20% of your work year went to the feral so you would actually go there were people who went and worked in the mud pits for 20% of the time. And there were some people worked their year-round but they were taking somebody else’s place and that’s the way in which they paid their tax it was called the corvee in the French. It’s a statutory system where you had to give a portion of your labor to the state and you have that now in the United States you have that in every country where a portion of your labor belongs to the state. Now in Egypt was only 20%. That was the maximum amount that you could charge on income on your labor to the state and that was to be a law forever in Egypt. And it still is a law that way in Egypt but in some countries you have to like Sweden you can pay 50%. Denmark 50%. Even if you’re in a low income but bracket. You know, what would almost be considered poverty wages in Sweden you will still pay about 30%. And it’s the same way in the United States except we don’t have quite as high of rates as they do but they still have a lot more socialist programs than the United States.

Public School is a socialist program

[00:37:51] United States does stew is a scam sidekick to going back you put out little film where he talks about why does the right make it out that programs like Social Security and Medicare are socialists programs and will destroy America. And his answer was because they are socialists programs. And they are they are socialists programs. Public education… He didn’t mention this public education is a socialist program is part of the 10 planks of the Communist manifesto is public education most of the people up until 1910 in America were educated in private systems of education either home taught or private schools there were public schools around but even then in 1910 most public schools are heavily funded by private contributions they were all funded by taxation this idea of the government paying for your education… Now they want to pay for your student loans and all the stuff… Government doesn’t pay for student loans your neighbor is going to pay for the student loans the governments just there to make them pay this is a covetous practice this people don’t see they don’t put this information together. Instead, they have things like the 1619 project that is going out there and rewriting American history. Rewriting the information that’s in your head so that you do not understand your real history and what really drives society.

The first slave owner in America was a black man

[00:39:43] So anyway they start off talking about the 20 enslaved Africans who were brought to the colonies as if that is the first slaves in the colonies know the first slave in the colony was an indentured man who ran away and absconded from fulfilling his indenture which is like a seven-year indenture that the biblical concept but that was around seven years was usually the maximum of your indenture but because he ran away and cheated on his indenture and cheated his employer who hadn’t you paid something for that indenture the court ruled that he was indenture for the rest of his life that slavery wasn’t just a temporary indenture now he has to work for this man for the rest of his life because he absconded now that may not of been a fair judgment but that was the first slave in America. The official slave by statute in America the owner of the man was a black man who sued the court sued that man to the court that he would have to work for him for upper now because he had absconded on his indenture. So the first slave owner official statutory slaveowner in America was a black man who owned another man to the idea that this is a white institution is ridiculous slavery was around…

Slavery isn’t limited to any particular race

[00:41:09] Indians had slavery. We have a page at preparingyou… you can go read it. Just look up the word “divide” up there in the search engine up there and it’s about dividing and conquering they want you to think in terms of black and white. They want you to think in terms of race slavery was not a racial issue the whites were enslaved in North Africa far more than Blacks wherever slaved in America. Far more whites were sold into slavery children women man were sold into slavery in North Africa to mostly black people—or people of color anyway—by Muslims and what have you and this went on for hundreds of years for centuries and there were far more whites sold in North Africa than there were black sold in America now we can count all the people that were sold into slavery in South America and everything the numbers may vary there I don’t know exactly the statistics but the reality is slavery was not limited to any particular race Blacks enslaved blacks. Indians enslaved Indians. Whites enslaved whites. And they also crossed over into racial areas what is the effect of that slavery on society 10 years later, 50 years later, 100 years later. We would like to think a lot of people would like you to think that most of the problem problems in the black community is a result of the slavery before 1866 and the Civil War which freed, supposedly, freed the slaves (that’s the narrative that we have).

The slavery that came with Social Security

[00:43:01] That is not the problem in the black community today. The problem in the black community today is the slavery that came with Social Security the slavery that came with the indenture of our labor in exchange for benefits from the federal government. That’s what’s taken place with Social Security is the indenture ring you are your signing into a system where a portion of your labor can now be taken from you to provide taxes for the government who will, in turn, provide for you benefits such as old age benefits health Medicare Medicaid all these things are associated with the Social Security number it’s all part of the same system. And your labor is now a part of that system. You’re now a surety for the debt of that system yet that your people worry about Social Security going bankrupt Social Security was bankrupt on day one because there is no division of funds is ruled over and over again in the courts. The reason we went to Social Security… the reason was offered to us by FDR and we have whole books on the subject that are free online articles that go through” the actual authors of the system and how that all went to how they formulated was because the United States was already in a recession because it was bankrupt it was out of assets and it and the Federal Reserve was not going alone more money into circulation without more security you’re the security you’re the surety for the debt. When they implemented Social Security and people started signing up for that you were becoming a surety for the debt of the United States and your labor now pays that debt. Or at least the interest on that debt.

Taxation without consent

[00:45:08] If you don’t understand these things, you’re gonna have a confused view of history, a confused view of what’s actually going on in the news. And of course, this 1619 project is just going to add to that confusion already because you don’t know the law you don’t know history you don’t know the American I mean most people you ask him why did we fight the America… Actually you know you see these people like will with asking people on the streets you will who fought in the American Revolution people don’t even know who filed in the American Revolution the fact is you can find anybody I would like to know I hope he finds more people with the right answer but an awful lot of people have don’t even know who fought in the American Revolution. They don’t know why I me know the reasons why there was an American so-called “revolution” is listed in the Declaration of Independence because of these usurpations of the King was the King was revolting against the existing agreements that we had in government and they go down the list one of the things they commonly used to list was taxation without representation. That phrase isn’t in the text. It doesn’t say that in the tax headset is meant by you can’t even hardly find that phrase written anywhere in any text of the time. What you find is taxation without consent. And they can send is the individual consent not collective consent because the United States was not a democracy. It was a Republic. All these little items that are missing from your knowledge and education allows the 1619 project to be published and people don’t know what ally it really is and how it’s distorting the views of the American public. And what they could call it reframing their understanding of history but is actually brainwashing people there able to do this because you are already brainwashed. Even the 1776 people were coming out and pointing out this is ridiculous this information that their publishing… already becoming a part of curriculum actually that Artie minute much of this it arty been part of the curriculum for a number of years… they don’t they don’t even understand how much because they themselves have been brainwashed by this at the activities that we see beginning in 1908 on up through the changing of the textbooks and what was in the textbooks. They think that the American Revolution was fought because of taxation without representation. But it was taxation without consent. Because the colonial charters already stated that the King could not impose these taxes on landed Americans in the colonies. this was even argued in the parliament by English men against the King saying you can impose these taxes in America you can do it anywhere else in his colonies in Australia he can do it on a but not in America because of the colonial charters that is dismissing from the common information and you can tell a story and system they will they will argue with you without actually reading the charters. And demon get the copies of the charters is it is a bit of a chore. But anyway will go over some of the things in the 1619 project to give you a heads up to get you so that you can understand how easy it is to why and change the way which you think reframe the way in which you think because this what happened concerning the Bible as well but will do that when we come back to Keys of the Kingdom.

Early beginnings of altering US history

[00:49:27] Welcome back to Keys of the Kingdom. We’re talking about the 1619 project which is distorting the way in which Americans view history. Which is just a continuation of what began way back in 1908. And actually probably began long before that but just I know that in 1908 was some of the first meetings of these philanthropic organizations to alter what was in your history books and they had the money to do. Guggenheim Foundation underwrote the education of about 50 scholars and then got them to rewrite the books. And the Carnegie found nation and other foundations help reprint the books and then made those books available at a lower rate that Ed to go into the schools than what someone who was in a free enterprise system would be able to provide. And they were able to get their books in place and slowly began to alter the way in which Americans viewed history. that approached people like Charles and Mary Beard a lot of these things I knew about before I ever knew about the Reece commission. But anyway, now we see the 1619 project being presented by the New York Times Magazine and it is distorting even more information and that has a subtle blank field in which to do this because most kids haven’t been taught history at all. That’s one of the things they had to do… They took history out of the schools almost entirely and then they introduce things like social studies whatever that is and that they began to change the way in which kids minds even formulated around history because they didn’t know history. This made it easier for the next generation to be taught a false history and of course with Howard Zinn and people like that in an army of people in the liberal universities and colleges began to do teach this, literally, the history of hate. And the reality is that slavery was ended in this country, not because of hate but because of hate, but more noble sentiments although they were not even peer it’s really a very small minority of people that begin to alter the course of society. Like a rudder in a ship that began to alter the course of society because they take a moral stance.

Greg’s ancestors participated in the Underground Railroad (gregbio)

[00:52:04] The abolition movement took a moral stance. This is mostly white people who took a moral stance in defense of freeing the slaves. My own great-great-grandfather was smuggling slaves in the Underground Railroad in Virginia to help people get to freedom. And he was kicked out of a quick a church because he did that and then he was allowed into the schism Quakers which were the ones who were willing to do that to smuggle slaves in the Underground Railroad. And that’s a whole complicated to understand what was even going on back then people like to put these down into kind of commercial type venues where they think a particular couple of thoughts and their brain falls into that pattern. I’m a very slow reader. When I read, I’m by most people standards I don’t read very fast I just put a lot of time and effort into it I retain a lot of what I have read before Lisette used do I mean and do it as well as a used to but the reason I’m a slow readers I’m connecting the dots of what I’m reading now and connecting it with all the other information that I’ve accumulated and a weighing it against that other information to find out what is really true and what is not really true. And so when I see them talking about that…

Chattel slavery existed in the Americas before Europeans arrived

[00:53:31] This is what the 1619 Project wants to make you think for one they do have is one statement their arrival and not graded these 20 black slaves inaugurated a barbaric system of chattel slavery that would last for the next 250 years inaugurated acts like chattel slavery just began in America at that time. Chattel slavery was here before white men even came here the Indians were doing to a great degree there was a lot of slavery. South American Indians… whole segments of the population were enslaved. It was the conquistadors who rallied with these oppressed slaves to overthrow the regimes of the time that were killing people often murdering people and enslaving people by the tens of thousands of 400 conquistadors even with the muskets that they had then could not have defeated those natives what defeated them was the large number of oppressed population joined with the Spanish to defeat the dictatorial regimes that had been enslaving people to the tune tens of thousands and millions of people over hundreds of years. Same thing was going on amongst Indian tribes the bigger more powerful Indian tribes at enslaved other Indians is very common and there is a certain slavery a kind of indentured slavery such as you know in reading the book journey to paradise by Andrew Garcia, he talks about Nez Perce Indian who was left for dead supposedly paid to be taken care of by grasp entry Indians and the soon as a ghost entry Indians found out that they could not get paid for her when turning her over to the soldiers, they just dumped her on the ground and moved on and some penned a real Indians found her and took her into their house and nursed her back to health. And because they nurse her back to health she stayed in work for them in a form of indenture. But there’s no contract. It’s just like you save my life I’m with you now we have to work together to survive and so now I’m become a servant in the house so they understood that that payback that somebody had they wanted to pay back and eventually Andrew Garcia marries into lies and as part of the story goes on. But the point is that idea of indenture the idea of slavery there was a lot of slavery amongst the more powerful tribes where you were it’s a slave you tried to escape they would hunt you down and kill you. So that was going on before any Blacks arrived in America. They refer to it as a barbaric system.

Rome’s chattel slavery similar to what began when the US started public education

[00:56:38] We talked a couple weeks ago about, in history, how when Caesar went up to Gaul, he wasn’t yet Caesar, Caesar was his name, that wasn’t the office he was just a commander-in-chief of the military operation he went out there in over 1 million Gauls were sold into slavery. That was not a barbaric system. After member the Gauls were barbarians the two times were barbarians that was the civilized system of Roman law that allowed those people to be sold into chattel slavery. Which made lots of money for Caesar which allowed him to pay for bigger Army and we explained how that all change by changing a few simple things in society in the culture of Rome, in the laws of Rome, put them on the road towards this system of chattel civil chattel slavery that brought about the downfall of Rome predicted over 100 years before Caesar by Polybius. Where he said that the people would become accustomed to living at the expense of others and depending for their livelihood on the property of others. And this would alter the nature of society with the generate the people of society until they had once more monarch and a king, a despot. And course, that is the course of history that’s what went on in America when we became dependent upon our neighbor’s money to provide free education in public schools for our children we took a turn in society we went away from the idea of paying for our own child’s education. And then, through charity, providing education for our neighbor’s child. We went away from that and went to the government and we made the government our benefactor we said you provide free education by taking away from our neighbor this was moving away from the principles of Christianity, the principles of Judaism. Because Moses did not force taxes there were no forced taxation of any kind of any amount reasonable in Israel it was all freewill offerings. That’s of the called free will offerings and they provided for the government to free will offerings everybody was a member of the militia everybody was to arm their own families and come together for the defense of society same thing when on America the original public schools were not built by taxes they were built by the militia which voluntarily built the first public schools in Virginia. That’s the way it was operating we don’t do that anymore now we depend upon forcing our neighbor to contribute to our child’s education are welfare are the care of our parents that they care of Medicare Medicaid all these things are three forced taxation. This is a divergence away from Christianity. This is not a barbaric system this is a civil system the barbarians then do it that way barbarians operated by a militia. The barbarians operated by freewill offering most of them some of them began to change and take on some these other and we told stories about that. Herman the German and the rest of them, when they started straying from this formula of a voluntary society began to alter the nature of society and the members of society.

What made America great?

[01:00:35] But the 1619 projects wants you think it out of slavery grew nearly everything that is truly considered American and that’s not is true that the black came here had a tremendous of fact on American culture the same as the Indians who are already here had a tremendous effect on American culture. Same as the Irish and came here the Scots who came here the French you came here I use always refer to Europe. But in Europe are all those people missed the boat. People came to America came here to act often at great risk great expense to try to become free Emmy many of the Hessians who fought against us in the American Revolution, the hired soldiers, hired by the King, ended up becoming settlers in America because they liked what they saw they saw the freedom they saw the potential they saw the opportunity the equal opportunity for those who wanted to apply themselves and that’s why they came here to America that’s why they settle in America. Those Hessians had a tremendous effect on the American culture what is now having a tremendous effect on the American culture is public education at the expense of your neighbor. Public health at the expense of your neighbor the welfare at the expense of your neighbor two men who exercise authority one over the other instead of through charity. What made America great is we took care of all social welfare needs of the people to charity not to the government. So when I looked at that commercial for Trump 2020, what made America great was the fact that we took care of one another through free will offerings. This is what Christianity was all about. This was the conflict between Christianity and the Roman system is a Roman system had moved to a socialist system where they force the contributions, usually of the enemy at first, but eventually of Romans. and they tax of course they wanted attacks just the rich add but the course eventually run out of rich people’s money and you have to tax somebody else but it brought in corruption brought in destruction of society. So the idea that chattel slavery had in fact on American culture. Absolutely. But the idea that it’s economic might its industrial powers were caused by the this enslaving of the Blacks. Not so. And we’ll get into that eventually will show you that most of the industrial might of America was in the north not just a little bit larger percentage but many times more than in the South slavery cripple the sound slavery crippled America. Slavery degenerated America. The same as your social welfare systems a day your Social Security systems today is crippling America so that you do no more ought for your parents. It’s the government’s job to the take care of your parents is not your job anymore this is changing its degenerating Americans and you’re not going to become a great nation again by simply electing a president. You can only become a great nation again by changing the way you think and act upon that thinking you have to become actual real Christians not fake Christians. Not fake history like were seen coming out of the 1619 project. But real Christians. But they actually make reference that is slavery that brought about our electoral system. Nonsense.

The real cause of black poverty

[01:04:38] They talk about diet and popular music well I can tell you this that the black a diet, back in 1920s, you can just look at pictures of crowds of black people in Chicago what have you that their diet was evidently very good. Everybody looked healthy. Everybody look strong everybody looked clean and well proportioned. But by the 1960s, it all changed. That was not black slavery the change that that was that was the influence of other things in our society that change the diet of our society but anyway so it the music popular music gas the black music the music came out of the black community had a tremendous effect on Americans. But music grew out of the Ozarks and that country western music all these different kinds of music and you have to go back and study the history of these much of this came from Ireland. Ireland… When they refused to let it was against the law to teach an Irishman to read according to the British you weren’t not to teach them to read the same as supposedly amongst many the Blacks they were to teach Blacks to read there were people who were against that idea teaching Blacks to read. There, of course, were many people were doing it in many Blacks learn to read and the same as many Irish learn to read but in keeping the Irish from learning to read when they did begin to risk right many great Irish authors appeared why because nature finds way and when you were teaching to read they were learning to tell stories they were learning to pass on information to telling the stories. When they learn to read that gifted their society the oppression that had occurred in their society caused them to progress and in a much greater way when they had the tools to do so. We see the same in the black community how many Blacks were extremely successful? Some of the first millionaires in America were Blacks believe it or not. Businesswise, blacks are doing great. Family-wise Blacks were doing great after the Civil War now there was oppression around but out of that oppression came stronger community stronger of religious significance in those communities the thread passed through those communities and on to the next generation what is crippled American society, and the black community, is the enslavement of the other part of society to provide them with welfare. This idea of reparations is a destructive idea. It is destroying the incentive of the black community and to put all that together you have to start connecting all these dots and I’m not covering them all here I’m just running through some of the things. They try to attribute everything is they the minute attribute the pensions for violence in America on the fact that we enslave the Blacks the reality is, where does all the violence come from in Africa? There’s all kinds of violence Africa what the amount of violence in America the amount of abuse in America of slaves was far less than you’ll find in Haiti or in South America. We were much more humane here. Was there atrocities? Absolutely any time you give people power over another section of society, you’re going to find that abuse.

Insideousness of the 1619 Project

[01:08:42] This whole idea of social welfare by the hands of the state instead of by the hands of charity is empowering the state. Nobody is talking about their talking about empowering tromped to fix things. When Trump is only going to get four more years at the most he’s only a heartbeat away from being replaced. The governments will not change until people change. You have to take back your personal responsibilities for yourself for your family and for your neighbor in a communion of society which we call community that’s what community is it’s when society began to take care of one another and if they don’t do it to charity they don’t do it to voluntary means, they will be altered and their society will centralize power and bring about despotism and destruction. I read the 1776 people saying sorry New York Times but America began in 1776 was actually in the United States began actually about 1796 or so by the there was America was around a long before that are history the people that were here the early pilgrims what they went through in Europe before they came here. Our history began with Adam and Eve. It began tens of thousands of years ago that the whole thing about history as it doesn’t begin to begin on a certain date you can apply it to a certain date. This 1619 which attempts to link everything from non-socialized medicine to American sugar consumption to the historical slavery is simply not true and there are historians like Gordon would one of USA’s leading historians of the Revolutionary war has been sharply critical of the 1619 project even when I read their criticisms of Bob people like Nicole Hannah Jones and some of these other people who are making these different claims don’t really think that they have a full grasp of how insidious this reframing of American history really is. And we don’t really understand these things in their entirety and I don’t know that we need to but what we need to understand is what actually moves society. What actually control society. What actually sets up society so that it can be altered internally by cultural choices that we make outside of our existing families and our existing communities. Where we set these trends in society. And like I giving you the example the idea of Social Security by the hands of the state by men who exercise authority one over the other. That’s what the state is the state is this system of force. And they’re going to take care of the needy of society. Like AOC in but the judge was saying that we have to feed the hungry and all the stuff we have that mandate from Christ we had that mandate from Christ to do it by charity if you do it by force you’re contradicting Christ you’re going against Christ because he said you seen the governments of the Gentiles who call themselves benefactors but exercise authority one over the other. They are providing benefits by taking from one class of citizen and providing from the other two force same as John the Baptist was saying. You don’t do with two force, you do it through charity if you don’t do it to charity. You will end up under a dictator.

Instructions for implementing a voluntary society

[01:12:48] Polybius said it. Plutarch said it. John the Baptist said it. Jesus Christ said it. Moses said it. In Deuteronomy they warn you over and over again that you have to take care of the needy of your society and what they call pure religion through the exercise of charity so if you want to save your Republic if you want to save your country you have to do it the way Christ said to do it. That’s what it means by “Christ is your salvation.” Jesus is your salvation if you do what he said he said to do this to charity and he actually gave a command to his called out group his disciples were called out he called out his disciples he appointed them a kingdom but they said you can’t be like picking does of the Gentiles who exercise authority have to do this all the charity but he did command them to make the people sit down and tends hundreds and thousands. Why because that is the way in which to implement a voluntary society by sitting down in the tens of hundreds and thousands and starting to use your God-given conscience to care about the needy of your society to faith hope and charity in a way that strengthens the poor. That if you do this you will be saved. Both spiritually and physically saved. because and you may have to do this under great duress at times but it alters you just the same as when you decide to take care of the needy of your society by force it will degenerate you if you decide to take care of the needy of your society to charity to faith hope and charity to this system of tends hundreds and thousands is Christ commanded it will regenerate you. Emotionally. Psychologically. Mentally. Physically. It will regenerate you and give you an immunity to the evils of the world. That we sometimes see manifest itself in the form of viruses. and even if you get the virus you will get better and you will become stronger what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

[01:15:14] So what’s happening is we’re getting this misinformation from people like Nicole Hannah Jones… America wasn’t a democracy until Black Americans made it one that’s what her article was it’s as crazy besides you don’t want to be a democracy want to be a Republic and they don’t even understand that so I mean like how do you even have a conversation with these people when they don’t even understand some of the basic fundamentals. But anyway, we’ll talk more about this when we come back to Keys of the Kingdom. So stay tune.

Democracy vs Republic

[01:15:49] Welcome back. So we’re talking about Gordon would who is opposing the 1619 project and not Nicole Hannah Jones who was promoting it as she’s one of the authors wrote that it is absolutely nonsensical America wasn’t a democracy until Black Americans made it one. And of course, like a I’ve talked about many times, until World War II democracy was considered an evil form of government bad thing it was not promoted by the early Americans at all. And the you can Galway back to the Greeks who have many things to say against the idea of democracy which is nothing more than 51% of the people taking away the rights the other 49. That’s not what America was originally USA actually is always been an indirect democracy the United States government but it was created in order to protect the Republic. To guarantee that Republican form of government but of course when the United States government was created it had very little effect on the average everyday events of government and when I say government I mean government with a small G. It was the governing of the individual by the individual you know if there was saying at a disaster it was taking care of by the local community. Or other communities that were linked together with those communities to trade and they said all they’re having trouble here. I give the example and little town of Silverlake when had a fire and so many people were injured in the fire people came from the nearby towns by horse and buggy, by wagon, with blankets and food and supplies to help those people. And took the orphans back with them and raise them up this was community helping community and we used to have a network of communities that would do that.

Requirements of a Biblical Constitution

[01:17:54] And that network was created much like the early Israelite network which was known as Israel. Which was simply a network of voluntary groups of people organized in the tens hundreds and thousands to help one another. There was no king in Israel. And it actually was very successful for numerous years. It wasn’t until they want to greatest civil government to electing a king that they got into trouble and but they were warned what to do in five different things to put into their Constitution to protect them if they decide to have a king with limited power. You would put these five things to write them down and read into them every day and we point out in the free book online contracts covenants and constitutions that of those five things the Bible commands that you put in your Constitution if you’re going to have a leader can exercise authority only one of them shows up in the U.S. Constitution not doesn’t mean that you can’t implement all five of them in your day-to-day life but you have to take back your responsibilities to implement them in your personal Constitution in your personal way in which you relate to the rest of society. We’ve become crippled as a society because we have gone we have altered the culture of our society by going a certain way and by neglecting certain responsibilities within society.

It’s hard to pin down how far back in history the lies started

[01:19:26] Woods talks about some of these things, but he doesn’t put them together like we do . He did say, “I was surprised by the scope of this thing referring to the 1619 project since it is going to become the basis for high school education and has the weight of the New York Times behind it. Not only does it have the way to the New York Times behind it but it also has Pulitzer Center using his reputation to encourage it to become a part of the 1619 project curriculum target targeting all grades in your public schools.” Now you’re hearing me say this you may hear other people say it in reading the 1776 countering of the 1619 project. And people like John Oakes it is a distinguished professor of history and graduate school of humanities at the city University in New York, he’s very critical of this. But even these guys do not have a clear picture of history because they came out of that 1908, 1927 alterations of the way in which they learned history and that their view is somewhat skewed they have a better understanding than most people certainly better than Jones’ understanding but they are still missing certain elements because it’s been a long century-long process to brainwash the American people so that they don’t understand and they were only able to do that because the religious element of our society distracted us from the true message of the gospel of the kingdom. So you just keep going back and going back and going back and finding where the lies began. They make reference to the contemporary black problems have very little to do today was slavery. We have that article “Divide” at preparingyou that goes through a lots of different aspects of this of put together over a period of months and maybe even years but and we pointed out many times the illegitimacy rate in the black community where they went from 3% of single-parent families in 1900s to 11% by 1938. And now, 70 years later, they’re at 74% illegitimate single-parent families in the black community and even in our white community now 35% weave a 35% but back in 1900 it was only 3%. What the heck went on socialism free education free healthcare free taking care of your parents you take care your parents a more the state will do it all this was preached against by Jesus Christ.

Organize like the early church to make America great again

[01:22:38] And the Corban of the Pharisees, which was a social welfare system, the sacrifice… that what corban means other people was now a tax under Herod and the Pharisees they force the people to pay in attacks at first it sounds real good because it’s a very small tax and it’s guaranteeing you these benefits of religion which was how you took care of the needy of your society that’s what religion was that’s what they were doing in the temples we have a whole article on the Temples so you can understand that, today, the Social Security building where you go that’s your temple that’s are you going to go to get the care for the needy of your society to Social Security welfare offices these are all your temples today that’s what they were in Rome. So once you begin to put the things together you realize I have to think differently I have to think like Christ told me to think. I have to think like how my going to take care of the needy of my society to faith open charity alone I’m going have to create bonds in my community where people actually care about me enough to be there for me when I have a need. That means I’m a have to sit down in the tends hundreds and thousands and actually start contributing to the needy of society I get to choose how I’m going to contribute who I’m going to contribute to when I’m going to contribute all these choices are mine but that’s my responsibility, as a Christian, to figure out how to do that the most efficient way possible. And that’s what the early church was doing. When they got baptized 1000, 2000, 3000 people in a day. That the heads of families getting baptized so that meant everybody that was you’re talking 20, 30,000, 40,000 people, which is half the population of some of these areas are going to have to give all the social welfare through charity the to organize themselves that’s a responsibility that’s a different way of thinking that’s repentance and that will lead to 3% single-parent families. Which is where you have to get back to if you want to make America great again. You have to get back to taking care of one another the chair. You can’t just a lack that different president and expected different results. is not going to change you have to change the responsibility is up to you to change.

Decay of Social Security

[01:25:28] Your opioid epidemic… How many people in the opioid epidemic in the cocaine epidemic in the people shooting up on the side of the road how are they surviving from day-to-day how do they last a month shooting up like that they getting the government check 250,000 addicts are getting Social Security. Not because they’re old. But because they’re addicts. They’ve disabled themselves through addiction. That’s billions of dollars going out you need and nobody’s doing anything about it harming they did they have tried to stop the how easy it used to be Amelia had you prove your hairnet before you get on so scary get a permanent check coming in every month when my own one of my sons went down and sign up for Social Security we didn’t sign-up our children for Social Security we didn’t deduct a we just we took care of them ourselves we were responsible for myself but eventually you can’t get anywhere in the society hardly without the that number. Got to have the number of the beast in order to do anything in society dove up a bank account to get most jobs and all I can stuff not done have to be as nice you laws is that everybody thinks that way so yeah and so most of my kids had to go into the system in order to go out. And that’s okay as long as they continue to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness is not you get contacted by people who want to not get their kids Social Security numbers as an individual choice but you better start making a choice wisely. Because you can’t get anywhere in the society without that number at this time now eventually the society will collapse. You know, will trump suddenly die and then things go awry the pendulum is swinging farther and farther each way and that the debt is nobody’s really dealing with the debt and nobody’s dealing with the bankruptcy of the morality of society you get 60 to 70% of the kids graduated from high school think socialism is good in socialism will destroy a people. It will degenerate the people themselves. You can’t get back you can’t get those generations back overnight there are some kids waking up some young people waking up and realizing that socialism is bad but I have never seen before in my long history over half a century well over half a century been watching this going on I’m never seen socialism so popular as it is today. And young people are coming up into the voting age and the idea that you will that if you just get Trump elected is nonsense. It’s not… He is who he is that’s fine you have to change you have to change the way in which you do things the way in which you think that’s what repentance is. The changing in the way you think.

Different perspectives on American slavery

[01:28:54] The strategic omission in this 1619 project was only preceded by the strategic omissions that I’ve mentioned earlier. Go read our article on Schools as Tools at preparingyou. We go through this step-by-step and I can go through it in a greater and greater detail but the number of articles we have at preparing you are amazing and the amount of information and people you know say you know is this a scholarly examination will look at the footnotes where we getting this information from we show you the thing is it’s different than what people are used to thinking you go to Princeton University I know people and Princeton like a 12 James McPherson has as pointed out the slavery in the US was not unique but rather only a small part of a larger world process that was unfolding over many centuries yet that slavery was everywhere but slavery was not everywhere in America it was in the North there were people who oppose so much I made illegal. Jefferson wanted to free the slaves that he inherited he was not allowed to by law. He wanted to change the law so he could free them people don’t tell you that in this new history. What was actually going on what were people trying to do too free this they knew that slavery was then generating the south you go Tocqueville, Alexis de Tocqueville, he a right he traveled alter the South he traveled to the North and he writes about what he saw going to the South and once you understand how society works you realize that slavery was not making the South prosperous temporarily it seemed to but was actually degenerating and bankrupting us out now everybody in the South and owned slaves only about 4% of Americans ever even owned slaves so there were large amounts of people that were not depended upon slavery there actually depended upon their own efforts in their own and even amongst many the people who owned slaves they those slaves… most slaves ate at the same table as their masters. Most people don’t realize that they have this picture that everything is a giant plantation or people out of these lots that’s not the way it worked they did work that way with some minority of slaveowners some of the worst brutal slaveowners were black slaveowners owning other Blacks brutality is not a racial thing it’s a cultural thing and the culture in Africa where a lot of Blacks live was a very violent culture. It was violent in other places in the world as well that’s why you one you had a lot of violent people moved to Australia because of the prison colony concept and it brought a lot of violence to Australia. And that is still affected their culture today are all Australians violent people know absolutely not because the pendulum of society will swing from one generation to the next.

Solving society’s problems boils down to caring for your neighbor

[01:32:21] But if you don’t get this big picture, you will be easily manipulated. But the basic things that you need to understand is human compassion. Caring about others. Not just giving them free food. But giving to them in a way that strengthens which is what you do is you create a network of charity where people have to be a part of the giving to become a part of the receiving. You can take this model to skid Row… And actually you will even find some areas of skidrow in these tent cities where people are actually watching each other’s backs and developing trust. There’s also some of them some of the most wicked people in the same areas which is causing that societal pendulum to take place. When you’re surrounded by wicked people and dangers people and users and abusers, some people will see that we need to get together to watch each other’s back. They will develop certain loyalties now you have to have this other moral compass moving through society which is what the 10 Commandments is all about so that you’re not. Because I mean the Mafia has loyalty to Jesus talks about that do these and robbers love one another. They protect one another but they’re still thieves and robbers so you have to create a society that is not the or a robber, nor a society that is covetous of its neighbor’s goods.

Taxation is covetousness

[01:33:55] If you are creating a society that is covetous of your neighbor’s goods, that wants to take from your neighbor by the use of force to obtain what they want that’s not stealing that’s covetousness. Taxation is not theft. Taxation is covetousness. Desiring to get a benefit at the expense of your neighbor isn’t necessarily theft if your neighbor has signed up for the same system there may be some theft involved in taxation but that’s usually illegal taxation most taxation in America is not illegal is not even unconstitutional lobby like to say that all these taxes are unconstitutional. know these taxes are the result of the contract clause. Because you signed up your parents signed a no Israel signed up in Egypt for the benefits of the Pharoh and for 400 years they were in bondage because one generation signed up why you think it’s any different now reality is if you want to go back to up to when America was great when America was free, you have to change your way of thinking. You have to repent you have to start taking back your responsibility as the people of righteousness. That’s why you’re supposed to be seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness.

1619 Project promotes racism

[01:35:23] I don’t know how much of this… I’ve got an offle lot of notes on this 1619 Project attributing the unique characteristics of American society to slavery when essentially all societies had slavery historically. That’s one of the things that these 1776 people point out. Bob Woodson also noted that at the lies and omissions are not effective tools with which to fight racism. Well, actually, this whole system 1619 project is actually promoting racism was almost gone in this country in the early 1900s it was around and always will be around same as there’s always yummy prostitution is going to be abusers and users and there’s going to be that the poor you in spirit you will always have amongst you. But it was under Woodrow Wilson where segregation was reintroduced into the military and reintroduced into other institutions of the United States who was elected you know as a Democrat because party divided into three parts but we had a three-party system the bull Moose party came in and that’s what got Woodrow Wilson elected. And he moved us back in this prejudice but the real promoters of racism in America was LBJ. And he did it by the war on poverty because he divided the American people instead of… The blacks should be following people like a Booker T. Washington who set a great cultural example of what you need in order to become a success in society and the and Thomas Soul and people like that of contemporaries they tell you what you should be doing but this idea of omitting whole elements the reality is Bob Woodson omits he doesn’t intentionally omit but it was the omitted from his education because of that stuff it started back in the early 1900s. Immediately, the best lie is just not the whole truth.

Finding the whole truth about early Christianity

[01:37:42] That’s why you need to know the whole truth about American history. But you also need to know the whole truth about Christian history. Real Christianity. What the real Christian conflict was between Christians and the Roman socialist republic which was becoming an indirect democracy itself. And why that change is that cultural changes in Roman society was altering in degenerating the people. Christianity was regenerating, rebirthing society to become that free society as Rome collapsed. You’re at the point where you need to start regenerating your local communities in by gathering together in the tens hundreds and thousands and taking over more of your responsibilities for law judgment mercy and faith. This is what Christ called the weightier matters Christ said those were the weightier matters law judgment mercy faith you have to take over that responsibility in your local community you we’ve written a lot in the book Covenants of the Gods about contractual nature of government and we have 15 chapters in their show you how you’ve lost freedom by making contracts with society with the government in order to obtain benefits in order to obtain access in society you had to make these contracts but if you would have not forgot the practice of pure religion you would be in a far different position. But you don’t practice pure religion and more pure religion is how you take care of the needy of your society. Today in your churches 90 to 95% or more of the charity in your local community churches is provided by government. Which is not charity at all its force contrary to Christ that’s contrary to the gospel of the kingdom you need to change that only you can change that by turning around your thinking and going the other way. Seeking the kingdom of God and his righteousness so until you do that, all I can say is peace on your house and may God be with you God bless.

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  1. The New York Times is now hedging on a sprawling journalistic exercise called the “1619 Project” that has proved more editorial than historical. It asserted that slavery was “one primary reason the colonists fought the American Revolution.”

  2. “The 1619 Project has come under withering criticism for its perspective on American history. Many historians have questioned its accuracy and its attempt to undermine the salutary and historic effects of the American founding. Among them are Pulitzer-Prize winning author James McPherson, professor emeritus of history at Princeton University, who wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning “Battle Cry of Freedom,” widely regarded as the authoritative account of the Civil War. He stated: ‘I was disturbed by what seemed like a very unbalanced, one-sided account, which lacked context and perspective on the complexity of slavery, which was clearly, obviously, not an exclusively American institution, but existed throughout history.'”

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