Key 2011 – Interview with James Williams, Commissioner for Lake County, Oregon

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2011

James talks about the politics behind Article 2 Section 22 of Oregon’s Constitution and Bill SJR 18, how they related to events nationwide, and how it reflects the failure of people to take personal responsibility.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 8, 2020

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Show Notes

Notable Segments

[00:04:24] Conservatives need to rethink things
[00:10:28] What happens when you choose gods to rule over you
[00:15:59] Oregon Bill SJR 18
[00:25:23] We’ve handed the power over to the establishment
[00:39:03] Deuteronomy 17:19; Five elements of a biblical constitution
[00:46:13] Voters throw good men into the meatgrinder of politics

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Welcome to Keys of the Kingdom. I’m Brother Gregory and, again, we’re gonna be talking about the kingdom of God. And we’ere also going to be doing some experiments in the world of broadcasting. So we’re going to be trying a number different things to have somebody on another line at the same time. And he’s from Lake County. I’ve known him all his life because he’s my son. But he’s also a County Commissioner here in Lake County. And he’s the liaison to the state government. And we had other people working for the government here in the house yesterday but did today were I have my Maya middle son I guess would be at the figure out where he is we have six children but anyway so we’re not sure exactly what we’re going to be talking about but like I said this part of this is the experiment of different equipment that were trying out and we’ll see how this goes so you to set the bear with us hopefully were going to be expanding the program/expanding the topics.

The church has no interest in meddling in the US government

[00:01:08] And even though the church doesn’t really have any interest in meddling in the US government, we do have an interest in the hearts and minds of the people and the people have to go out decide what they want to do with their government so we are going to be dealing, from my point of view, I be dealing with things like truth honesty justice mercy the weightier matters that Christ told us to attend to what my son has expertise in another area which is actually the civil government of Oregon. And you know we’ll be focusing maybe on some of the topics in organ all these topics will be of value in other states of the United States and from my experience in other countries because when I was doing a radio my studying law I would go and find that laws were changing in Oregon at the same time they were changing in Florida in the same times they were changing in within a year same time there change in Holland and other places like that. So anyways so the work doing this on the fly time figuring out what we’re going to talk about what we’re not going to talk about it probably won’t take any calls by the does call in, there is a chat room with this the show but if you get into the chat room you can ask questions there and will answer those questions in the chat room or will as some on air. Whatever questions we see show up in the chat room so anyway with that I’ll introduce my son James Williams and I will see if we can figure out some topics that everybody will be happy think about and talk about and find out about so James what’s up?

James Williams starts

[00:02:56] Oh, thanks for having me. There’s a lot of going on in the world. A lot happening all over the place a right here in Oregon is that my main focus. And the local government of Lake County but the I think one of the things that bothers me the most is something that you started to allude to there, was this concept of meddling in government and politics and what we want to talk about right now is talk with people because ultimately I think people forget that there’s a fourth branch of government everyone remembers to the main three could reduce judicial, executive and administrative but the fourth branch is really the trump of all no pun intended on that and that’s the people. And the people are the ones that make the decisions. I think where we’ve gone wrong in society today is that we have allowed the government the that is to call the shots to make up the rules and we go out every now and then we vote and we vote for an individual person that we think is going to fix all our problems and make our life better but in the end we don’t hold them accountable.

Conservatives need to rethink things

[00:04:24] I really think there’s been a real lack of that in public interest over time and is largely on the conservative side of things. I’m going to blame the conservatives to a certain extent here because I think it’s part of our natural perspective on life. Just the way we deal with the reality and the in the world we have a natural tendency I think those folks out in the country which goes out in the country can to be a little bit more conservative and in rural America especially here in rural Oregon… I can personally attest about this I come from a County that is about 90% Republican we tend to feel that the powers that be those in politics are are capable of reason and we want to reason with them and I just personally I had a conversation with someone in front of mine just last week, I went up to the state capital to speak with some of the legislators about some of the legislation is going through right now in the short session here in Oregon and includes cap and trade which is a big carbon emissions tax by most legal standards is outrageous. But by the political elite of organ it’s looked at is no this is what we have to mandate this with the push it through and I’m coming from Lake County I have a 5-hour drive just to get to the state capital. And when I get there I go sit down with a friend of mine. And he’s in politics as well he works just a few blocks from the state capital. So he sees it every day.

Reasoning with the state legislature is fruitless

[00:06:18] And I was explaining my perspective and what I would like to talk about if I were to give testimony before the state legislature and he just stopped me cold and he said, “You don’t change your think they don’t care. They don’t care what you have to say. You can’t reason with them.” just stared at him for second thinking while the that’s kind of depressing okay and I think that’s where we’ve miscalculated we here in rural Oregon and rural America tend to think that the political lead can be reasoned with and I really think there needs to come a day when we just say no note that that’s not right enough is enough we’ve tried to explain this we spend a huge amount of time trying to research the facts and going through the science and bringing it back to them we present the facts in the science to and they’re going to push it through one way or the other is what happens typically when you have in the system of today the with the Western democracy where you have this supermajority on one side and one point of view is shared and you don’t it doesn’t really matter whether or not you’re right. It only matters whether or not you have enough votes.

We are no longer a Republic; 51% of the population gets to steal the rights of the rest

[00:07:48] Because we are in a democracy. We haven’t had a really true Republic for a long time. And this democracy by definition is a place where 51% of the population get to steal the rights of the other 49.

Yeah, that’s what democracy is really if you with mission is many times that a democracy was considered a bad form of government it was taught as a bad form of government in schools in the military until World War II. Before WWII, the Army Field manual told you that democracy was a bad form of government a Republic was a good form of government but after war to the same field manual then said democracy is what we’re fighting for so that is where the minds of the people have change what happens though when you have a democracy, and especially indirect democracy like the United States, actually is as functioning as an indirect democracy it was that the Constitution was supposed to create actually the Constitution created an indirect democracy that was to guarantee a Republican form of government to the states lots of happened since that originally happened most people are citizens of the United States are not citizens of their state. And so, therefore, they are in an indirect democracy that makes the legislature used to be your representatives in a limited form of government now are called lawmakers. They are offices of power. When you create offices of power people normally hear me talk erases all time men who seek power will seek office so you have people on the left… Or sometimes they call liberals which is not really fair a liberal is somebody use open-minded opinion is able to be changed at conservative someone who is slow to change you can be a left conservative not willing to J you can be a liberal person on the right willing to look at things anew and change. But what you have is on the left you have activists people want power. They want control. They want a law they want a regulation they want to control you they want to reach into your pocket and take some of your hard-earned labor and use it for what they want because they want power.

What happens when you choose gods to rule over you

[00:10:28] Well, the problem with that is that you you need to be careful what genies and what gods you create because they will have a demand on you in turn right and there is nothing government gives to you that they have not first taken away from someone else that governments that exercise authority one over the other yes those will take away from you those will rob you questions a Rob they will take away the that’s part of the deal they if you want to go…

It is a contract.

…take away from your neighbor then you’re going to end up with the government they can also take away from you if you want a government they can provide you with benefits at the expense of your neighbor then you he’s going that same governments can provide your neighbor with benefits at your expense stealing anymore it’s as you judge so she be judged not a problem is the conservative what we call conservative, the person who doesn’t want to exercise authority over you, he’s not interested in getting into office. He doesn’t want power over you he wants to be left alone take care of his family take care of his community maybe Denny want to do that but he’s not wanting to control the world he is and doesn’t have the Hitler Napoleonic complex where he wants to control everybody else. He just wants to go and do the right thing in his life he can’t afford what gets us into trouble every time is when we don’t care about our neighbor as much is we care about ourselves. I don’t think you should create a government that can exercise authority one over the other I think you should go back to the Libera’s public of the Republic that was originally intended… Even farther back than the United States the early republics in history but as our rat know where democracy in a democracy that is in debt. We’re in a democracy where your surety for the debt. And your children are surety for debt so now what are you going to do when you’re in that situation not I know I’m over here in the church, we are doing what Christ said to do but you may have another role or another mission in the world I’m afraid that a lot of the world’s not going to care like you are saying I cannot listen to Nicholas the reason you are you have activists in power you have tens of thousands, millions, of voters coming up thinks it’s okay to covet your neighbor’s goods and force them to contribute to your benefits and your welfare they already are accustomed to that idea so what are you going to do well that’ll be each individual but James here has gone into the belly of government and seeing and what’s going on there. So maybe he’ll tell us a little bit more about some of the things he’s seeing.

Our forefathers meant for government positions to be turned over to new people regularly

[00:13:31] Well, you know, I see a lot of things. I hear a lot of things. And generally, I try to just pay attention watch, listen and learn and I try not to rock the boat unnecessarily. But occasionally that is what is required in and not once more I think the majority of people tend to agree with me otherwise Donald Trump would be president of the United States and I would never have gotten elected either because there is nothing in my history, that says that I would’ve been a professional or expert in this field. Like, for instance, we were guaranteed a Republican form of government by the founding forefathers but is not necessarily what we got the Republic is what we wanted but there was something we liked in our forefathers liked about the idea of a democracy, where every four years you could throw out all the idiots and bring in new idiots. Well, that would bet me. Because you need to bring in people that the Western form of democracy doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to get an expert you’re going to get an average everyday person that is going to try their best hopefully to do the job and to represent the people and represent their interests and above all they make it very clear that they are to swear an oath to uphold the law. Therefore and the law also is not written my belief that the Constitution does not grant people their rights the Constitution was written to guarantee that the government was unable or was restricted from taking rights away there were already guaranteed by natural law. So, therefore, the primary function is to preserve those rights for the people and to make sure that the government is not trampling on those and to make sure that people continue to be educated and pay attention and listen even when the government lies to you. Because they do. I’m not saying everyone government does there are some really wonderful representatives and senators, just in Oregon alone, that I think are trying to do their job to the very best of their ability.

Oregon Bill SJR 18

[00:15:59] But there are those times when… Such as there’s a small bill that we’ll talk about here in a moment that is being put forward and the way it is being put forward is very deceitful. And it is purposely written to take people’s rights away. And to change, forever really, change the way our government functions now before I go to for I would like to mention it I’ll just going to real quick I think we talked about this earlier… It’s SJR 18 and it will be on the ballots for Oregonians this year they will be seen as and that is it will be something that the United States citizen current residents of Oregon will be able to vote for. Or not for. And what it does, simply, is that back in the day the Oregon State Constitution was amended to make sure that dear when you have politicians running for office they were prohibited from taking campaign contributions from outside of their district and that makes sense for instance if you happen to be a resident of say Klamath County and not here in Oregon and I were to run for representative or for Commissioner or some sort of public office in that county, but I was taking 50% of big-money from outside of that county, how would that make you feel? Does that mean really if I was taking all my money from some office up in Portland were a bunch of people big companies and corporations up in Northern Oregon how was that how would that make you feel if you are resident of a particular district if the people representing you were being funded by other entities outside of that district so the Oregon State Constitution was amended to make sure that you could if you did take contributions from outside your district you could not take more than 10%. And if you did not you could give some away whatever you want to do but you couldn’t take it into your personal finances because most people to run for office… What they do is they run for office they have all this money and these contributions coming in and if they don’t get elected or if they do get elected doesn’t matter if they haven’t expended those dollars in their campaign contributions they walk away with them. It’s theirs. And so the those in Oregon, back in the day, tried to make sure that if someone did not follow the rules on this and they were taking more than 10% of the contributions from outside the district that they that they would have to vacate their office and any decisions that they made during their time in office were null and void from their inception that was a rule that was put through and voted in by the people and went into the Oregon State Constitution. Today there is a measure on your ballot that is not only going to overturn that and amend the Constitution to wear those rules won’t exist anymore but they will also amend the Constitution to where the legislators will have the sole power to rewrite the rules anytime they deem, or see fit, on campaign finance reform and the people cannot direct your engine apart right now the people have to vote on those kind of changes right now if they make the amount if the amend this in the Constitution it means those in power in office, right now, will have the power to rewrite the rules anytime they wish they can pull the restrictions they can change restrictions and yes you could vote them out if they make rules that you don’t like. But got the weight you have to wait and while your way to educate you to start a movement yet the started telling people this is what they did. And for the most part, I Mimosa legislators drawn on board with this be spent, Thoren their site is really hard to run a campaign against someone who’s taking big-money from outside of the state.

Outside influence in local elections

[00:20:17] And this is the problem… Most of them are taking big-money, to the tune of millions of dollars, from outside the state. Or outside of their district. In some cases, outside of this country. And so, you worry about foreign influence in your national elections, but your state governor is running and taking money directly into her account. And, you know, this law doesn’t exist a lot of other states he could but as soon as people were to see that this was actually restoring power to the people to control who gets elected in their government is not we got a long ways away from what things were originally we mention the Constitution here. And the Constitution is what everybody all sheriffs are sworn to uphold… Correct, myself included. Congressmen commissioners all these people are sworn to uphold the Constitution – the primary law that’s must be the highest law in the land rated by men so you are now passing wanting to pass statutes that infringe upon people’s right to bear arms and the sheriff says will have to obey the law well the law is that thou shall not infringe the statute does not overrule the Constitution because the Constitution is higher than the statute and a statute that is contrary to the Constitution is null and void from its inception.

Consider homeschooling

[00:21:42] And people don’t understand this because they all went to public school… go back to the Constitution and go on to have a I remember when they stopped the home but you article that was the Bill of Rights… Consider homeschooling your kids, people. That’s all he’s saying. Yeah, that’s a good idea vacate a vested interest in your children’s education because they are the future of this country read the school books they use in schools today and they’re not telling you…

Article 9 of the Bill of Rights

[00:22:19] But you can do is read this for yourself: Article 9 of the Constitution… of the Bill of Rights, which these were amendments that were added… And we have a whole book on the Constitution you can read, Contracts Covenants and Constitutions, that show it from a biblical viewpoint. But the enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. That’s you. You’re the people. Unless, of course, you may be somebody in public office listening to you but in your private capacity are the people article 10 the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the people that you those that night the 10th amendment like the 9th and 10th commandment that nobody ever listens to me that those are my jabs operate you want to go look it up but the reality that you can lose these rights by applying for benefits. But then if you are applying for benefits at the expense of your neighbor, you’d be violating the 9th and 10th commandments which is over there on my side of another form of government but anyway that one of the things to maintain those rights you have to exercise in an order one of those exercises is to get involved enough in government that you can do what Christ said to attend to the weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy, and faith. If you actually were doing many of the things that Christians did in the first century, the government would not be as big as it is today. It would be in as much debt, if any debt, as it is today. Life would be much different. But, unfortunately, churches are not preaching that.

Article 2 Section 22

[00:24:22] But anyway, he was talking about… if you go to… and we’ll probably have a link to this… but that you got there and look up Article 2 Section 22 of the Oregon State Constitution, it tells you about this particular idea of not taking donations… Because this is open bribery. If you’re getting $1 million from somebody who’s not even in this state, or maybe wants to pollute in this state or maybe wants to get contracts in the state and they give you $1 million to get you elected so that you pick them. This is one of the things with a cap and trade is grading a huge slush fund which the Gov. and the legislatures will have control of moving funds around to pay off these people that gave them millions of dollars. Correct. Now, will they do that? Well, that’s up to you to figure out.

We’ve handed the power over to the establishment

[00:25:23] You have to hold them accountable. I mean, the people have to hold them accountable. This isn’t advocating for any one particular candidate this is nothing to do with who runs is not up to me or anyone else who the people choose. This has to do with whether or not you have the ability to speak your mind. And whether or not you have the ability to hold your legislators and you and your public servants accountable. Because, really, the concepts behind America on that far off from the kingdom but we have gone so far in another direction because of the political elite and the establishment and we have been asleep. It he goes back to the concept for rule America just want to be left alone and we kept pushing further and further west and we allowed those in power to continue to take our rights, to continue to take more money, and we gave them that power. That’s the sad part about all this is that ultimately we gave it to them former generations gave it to them to have this power over us. Right now we still have some pieces in place to help the people hold their legislators and hold their servants accountable. But if we continue to give them away… like I have a very horrible feeling that the Oregon state voter is going to be giving campaign finance reform, and the power for it, over to the legislature this year.

SJR 18 actually reverses good campaign finance laws already in Oregon’s constitution

[00:27:01] I know that the press is actually pressing this house resolution. I know that in order to put on the ballot a lot of the legislatures have 04 was an overwhelming number of them voting for it. This is literally voting it. This is, literally, voting to give up more rights.

[00:27:18] Well it’s being pushed as campaign finance reform. And that sounds really nice to a lot of people. But it’s not. Well, it is campaign-finance reform but not in your favor. You see, the rules of there. We already have an Oregon State Constitution which is very clear: You can’t take more than 10% or campaign contributions from outside of your district if you do you either have to give it up give it back you have to take those contributions if you do you can go give it to charity or something else. But you personally can’t take it. And if you do you you are to vacate your office and you the decisions and everything you voted on during your time in office is null and void actually law states that your felon you actually does have that you criterion that is a what a villain just to give people a full disclosure, this did go to the to the Supreme Court back in the was 1997. yet in the states yes the state Supreme Court and the Grail of is not overruled the threat a lot of people say that it was overruled by the state Supreme Court that is not the truth. Read it. And if you go to the rule engine 22 we have the rulings we have links to the actual rulings he go read it and you’re one of the things in arguing for House Joint Resolution 18 which takes away the rights of the people and actually opens the door to more corruption than you already have one of the things that it suggested there is so that the government won’t so the judiciary will keep overruling the power of the people to contribute money because this event that the argument will go into the details of the we have enough time to go into the details were halfway to the show now but I have a half a dozen recordings on that page to go do it step-by-step. But basically, somebody try to give $100 to somebody after the campaign and that he was from another district, so they took and they said that when I can’t take this and he says will not infringe on my right to freedom of expression. So they took the court and the lower courts ruled that it was a violation of his freedom of expression. Because he was only giving $100. The other courts upheld that rolling but they stated very clearly hundred dollars may be simply a right of expression so if somebody gives you $100 that’s this he has the right to give it doesn’t mean you have the right to take it in the court and rule that you have the right to take it you can give it to a charity. But what court did say is that $1000 is not freedom of expression that’s actually imposing influence upon the candidate which is why the law was put into place. They were not worried about somebody from Poughkeepsie giving you $100 when you’re running in Oregon is your cousin we’re worried about somebody giving you $100,000 so that you pass cap and trade so that you pass a law to force everybody in the state of Oregon to get a vaccination because you took tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical companies. Or you’re just brainwashed and don’t know better but the reality is that we can deal with the education of our of the legislatures of Oregon but what is unfair advantage is millions and millions of dollars being put in the hands of legislatures and executive officers of Oregon by people outside of the state, outside the district, to exercise influence over the legislation that affects the lives of the people. If the people don’t like that and the people want that,

Oregon constitution already protects you, it’s just being ignored

[00:31:14] And I’m assuming most don’t. They have to get together to protect themselves. And to protect their neighbor. And that you have to be there for you if you are right is correct and if you were told if you were taught the door is the Constitution actually has this in their in the first place you would know and you can hold them to it but the fact is most people, you say Article 2 Section 22 and I like what would that will in the Constitution is the is the main document of law for your entire state if in and most people in politics I will guarantee you that about 80% of the politicians in the state of Oregon today have never read the ordinance the Constitution which would mean at least 90 to 95% of the population have never read it. Correct. Well they don’t teach it to you they don’t tell you anything about this and everyone screaming for campaign-finance reform to keep big money out of politics to keep the big lobbyists out of politics but yet you’re literally going to get people to vote yes for SJR 18 coming to you can ever keep big money out of politics. In fact, it will change the course of Oregon forever.

[00:32:30] Right now, Big Politics, Big Money is feeding into the coffers of individuals who run for office. And a lot of people, most of the candidates, have taken more than they are legally allowed to do which would mean their felons and they forfeit their office and they cannot run again for two terms in that office. Correct. But nobody told them accountable the Secretary of State was appointed by the governor and the governor is in violation and so this goes on my concern is him as a minister of the church is that you hold those people accountable that you exercise your responsibility and duty because there are workarounds is ready but if you don’t get together and do the right thing, it’s going to be a lot worse for you and your children then you can imagine.

Attempt at forced vaccination in Oregon

[00:33:37] Well, just go to the vaccine argument, for instance. I mean, there was a huge, huge cry here in the state of Oregon when the proposed legislation for mandatory vaccines for all ages, basically, and that parents did not have a right to refuse treatment for their children and was going to change things the point where you couldn’t go to the grocery store unless you have vaccines legally I mean it was going to change organ and a lot of people stepped up on both sides of the issue of both are out for on amenable parties and they stood up and I said no this is outrageous. And it has nothing to do really people like to use the phrase vaccine denier or conspiracy theorist and all this other stuff. It has nothing to do with whether or not the science is there and by the way the scientific field is actually a disagreement on this they haven’t come to settle on the safety of vaccines. And what cause they have long-term and short-term because really there have been enough studies done on the double-blind placebo 09 is actually get into this ESA researching it and it’s crazy. But the big thing is when the politicians come to you in the proposed legislation is going to say you to get these vaccines in your giving one-year-olds vaccines for STD’s…

[00:34:56] And you’re giving 70 to 80 vaccination schedules, as opposed to what was when I was a kid was a couple of vaccines. Right and even then I are you actually still debate about the 100% safety these vaccines but the big thing is the safety because you can’t sue pharmaceutical companies for creating a bad vaccine. Or delivering bad I just tell the story this morning and Kentucky and Indiana Ohio had bad vaccines infecting thousands of people to those states and what your recourse well this is too bad you because if any of you out vaccine injury there is a court that they established, I think was in the 1980s, you where is vaccine injury court I believe that is the actual name of it and they have settled millions of dollars you millions upon millions of dollars. Just what they settled and most of the people who were injured never get a settlement correct it’s an minority that actually and had fortune it going because you and the state are going to have to pay in the states pain your pain because again there’s nothing the state has that they have a first taken away whether they there was a contract for or not doesn’t matter the point of this is at the pharmaceutical companies are held to zero liability for creating bad vaccines or botched vaccines. And if you have an injury if your child has an injury there is no liability or recourse laid at the foot of responsibility laid on the pharmaceutical companies so that alone the fact that there is so many settlements in the of legislators saying know it’s 100% safe don’t be silly. Of course it’s safe don’t be surprised if people stand up and call BS on that. Because that’s where we really are I mean it is outrageous and I saw so many parents mothers and fathers and even children come out. And you young people and I was actually surprised to see so many young people coming out and speaking on this and so and they all had different reasons but for me the issue is, don’t lie about it. Don’t lie about the 1% safety if you want to give vaccines for your kids find right but don’t but the idea of removing the liability from the pharmaceutical industry and then forcing everybody Annex and having government legislation forcing this product on the American people putting billions and billions of dollars into the pocket the pharmaceutical companies that bear no liability, but they’re going to go a huge portion of the profit of market that they’ve already got monopolized.

These programs are just mechanisms to send your tax dollars to private organizations

[00:37:49] Which was why we see… And I went to a lot of the candidates and it’s very clever how they do it. They get small organizations and groups and they funnel the money into those nurses associations and what have you. And then those nurses association’s turn around and give thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and that not just nurses Association of a lot of different medical groups give to the candidates and then guess which canisters are pushing to have forced vaccinations which will put billions of dollars back into the coffers of the same companies that are funding these guys. So whether you’re for forced vaccinations are not before vaccinations are not are you for holding down your neighbor and injecting vaccinations in them because it won’t make you any safer and I can talk about the science of that later: and we got webpages up at preparing you that quote the CDC… quote those sources. You can read it for yourself or you can be lazy and Everest they can sit back and think well that’s just ridiculous they wouldn’t vaccinate us with anything that would do us harm.

Deuteronomy 17:19; Five elements of a biblical constitution

[00:39:03] One thing I want to read to you, and then we will go on to another subject, is Deuteronomy 17:19. There we go…we’re going to go into the Bible. That’s my side of my mic. Back to the basics, people. “And it shall be with him…” Who’s him? They’re talking about if you haven’t thrown, a kingdom, a president, a prime minister… Someone is the chief executive officer of your people, your nation. That’s what a nation is, it’s people. If you’re going to elect a king or ruler or somebody who could be your lawmaker, there’s basically 4 to 5 rules that the Bible talks about you need to put in your Constitution. And that’s why I wrote the book Contracts Covenants and Constitutions. Because almost every Christian I know are completely unaware of it. But it tells you in there: “And it shall be with him and he shall read there in all the days of his life that he may learn to fear the Lord his God to keep all the words of this law and the statutes to do them.” Now is basically what gone in this Deuteronomy 17 back you go back to 16 start reading your 15 read the whole chapter you want but it’s getting you know five limitations that you need to write down to restrict the power of your cane or your president or your Primus this is the principle of the Constitution now that that so the Bible understood that you might want to elect somebody they advised against it in person emulate but if you do and also commonsense quotes for simulates is not like this that I’m just bringing religion and government that common sense by a Thomas Paine was quoting all simulated to warn you about government because most of the Bible is about government but as a right these limitations down and read them every day we were just talking about the fact that not only do the people not read the organ Constitution to their legislatures every day, they don’t even read it themselves. And that apathy is a slothful approach to what Jesus calls the weightier matters of law. judgment. mercy and faith. You need to get involved not because government is your salvation Christ is your salvation but because if you don’t care about your neighbor and do something to protect him from the abuses that can come from bad governments, then you’re worker of iniquity by slaw by avarice by not getting involved in doing something about it now not trying to get out the vote. I’ll leave that that to James I’ll leave that to political action groups… No, this is just discussion. I mean I I really feel like we need to talk about some of the things sometimes and just you just have a dialogue.

Being complicit in the crime

[00:42:19] I wrote a series of articles about, “Does a Christian have a right to self-defense.” And in that, you know, a lot of people say that while I wouldn’t use a gun on anybody but I say will you call the police this yes absolutely what why you: the police. Because he’s got a gun and so the real this is if you’re not willing to step forward and protect the innocent from being murdered or robbed or raped your complicit in the crime you’re certainly not a good Samaritan you’re not coming to the aid of people that are being abused by men who exercise authority you need to do that in order to be a real Christian you need to care about your neighbor not only Jerry Wise but Justice Wise so anyways I just wanted to read that that it is important that you understand this is the government you were born in some you need to be righteous in the way you deal with that government just like your righteous with the EQ deal honestly and friendly with the unrighteous man so that you will be suitable for more righteous habitations I can guarantee this there are no slothful apathetic people in heaven. It’s all industrious, diligent people. Be diligent to show thyself approved. That’s what the Bible says.

Low-density population density of Lake County

[00:43:45] So anyway, do we have another topic that we want to cover? Or do you want to look at some of the things they said was in a share 8 to 12 week we could sue for no time actually got a question from an individual here… A suggestion more like… the talking about the ratification of the organ Constitution and to give electoral votes to each district manning the boys would bring more power to the rural areas. Yeah. I think that’s more question for me than is for you I think yeah we could do that I don’t know about you in a supermajority there be any chance we have to put a boat to the people and find out whether or not they do that, unfortunately, the other side of organ outnumber us and so is for us Eastern Oregon’s concern Ameena be great if I could get more of a voice. on astragal without personally because we counties cutting unique actually because we have three legislative representatives health representatives and two senators so no matter whose office we walk into wheel and bring about 200 votes to the table because we’re such a low density of the population has a low density so the problem is without us you just don’t bring a whole lot to the table. And this one of those things are we just don’t have a lot of power or influence we go and talk about these things would just find a certain extent. I just think it’s funny how in Oregon Lake County seems to me to be the example of gerrymandering in the state. Where even though all of our representatives all five of them are very conservative but still it you just don’t really bring a lot to the table I don’t know if all were representatives really care so much about the vote. Some of them don’t. Some of them actually just really want to do the right thing and it can be beneficial but to have so many other voices at the table that you can go and talk to you even if you don’t have a lot of influence but again I kind goes back to… going back to the question about more power in the rural areas by giving electoral votes to each district you have to modify the Constitution to do that. I am fine with that. I just don’t know if it be possible. And I’m not sure if the answer.

Voters throw good men into the meatgrinder of politics

[00:46:13] One of the things I keep going back to… this is just me personally because this is one of the frustrations about this job… I’m not only a limited government kinda guy, I’m more of an almost no government kind of guy. I mean it’s not like laissez-faire concepts that I carry is more like the less the government does the safer the people are. So the safer the people want to be the more they have to do. Correct. Which goes back to individual responsibility which is something that they don’t they definitely don’t teach in schools anymore. And I really want to push and I want to talk about and facilitate this conversation in society to or we can go back to his other things. I was actually listening to an audiobook with my wife were driving back from my office the other day and it’s about an 80 mile one-way trips on a 50 mile round-trip to give your sorry I didn’t listen to a lot of podcasts get Jordan Peterson or been screw the Ruben report presenting it – and the help but one of the things we like to listen to her audiobooks. And I was listening to this one was covering, the young Viking Dane invasion of England and one of the Northumbrian’s was in the southern part of England of the time and arousing these troops to go forward and fight the West Saxons who are there in the Civil War and the there basically any really when you get down to it they’re fighting for religious freedom. And it is kind of interesting concept. But you are having the West Saxons who are going to exterminate all the Danes know pagan gods know nothing you know you can’t do any of this in this country anymore they’re going to go for one angle and this is before any of those other before England was one country. So it was broke up in all these different kingdoms and they were squabbling of fighting over who’s going to rule everything and the church played a huge part in at the time the monks in the priests were very wealthy basically the biggest lobbyist group in the nation at the time on the continent. And they were really asserting a power know what it’s funny because this one part in the story this one guy who is a pagan priest fighting for the Christians and is fighting most of his army are Christians and there is a priest in the group who stands up and either these rousing the soldiers in and rallying them to before they go off and fight the West Saxons. And one of the things he says as he actually goes in the Bible and he talks to the I think the quote that he was pulling from was Romans 9. And he talks about when the people have no country that there will come a time when they will say you are not our people and it will basically cast you out. And this is in Romans. that in that time you will be God’s people and the reason I bring that up if it just construct the court with me and I thought it was rather interesting because the army of men that were rallying at the time they actually had no king. They had no real leader and they were finding a leader in this one Dane who is helping them fight the West Saxon Army at the time. Had a cruel king and they were going off to fight and I thought it interesting because they the priest point was rally and rallying them was saying look we know you don’t have a king, we know you don’t have a kingdom, therefore your God’s people. That your kingdom and us were fighting for and it’s not you it is not the people entirely abandon them I think that the leaders and representatives of abandoned the people. They’ve forgotten who they serve to certain extent but one of the things I want to go back to is this the same been frustrating me, because I am such a limited government guy, there reaches a point when none of this stuff matters it just doesn’t matter. So say this is all just the screen just sideshow to distract us all and it pushes us all in this direction of all we need to get our guy in there because he’s going to send it straight. And I joke with locals around my area and I say I’m not I’m not there run again I’m not gonna do this I’m not going to this my whole life I’m not going to be a career politician. So if you want to find someone else to do his job find go for it because I’m probably not gonna do it twice some you really need to stop looking to throw good men and women to the wolves to go and die on a spear point for you at some point you need to step up and take responsibility for your own lives if you continue to put more responsibility on the government, the more likelihood you will have that it will not only chew up and eat alive the good men and women that you throw into this meatgrinder that is the beast, that is politics, the marble nuthouse it in at the Oregon State capital, the more you continue to do that the more likelihood they will be tuned up and you’re going to lose good people and they become bitter and hardened and crisped. Because of this culture that we’ve had that we just throw people at government thinking that somehow they’re going to fix it will this not going to happen because the real problem is you. People don’t take responsibility for their own lives that’s my biggest issue. And when I talk about it people come up to me and the sale good job James yeah you spot on but they still covet their neighbor’s goods. They still want their PERS. They still want this they still want the retirement and I got news for you there is not one single dime left in your Social Security fund that you put there the only month way you’re going to get your payment for your retirement is if I continue to work my generation continues to work and your grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue to work to make sure that it’s there. Because that’s the system that you created. And that you bought into. Or your parents. and your parents see the entitlement issue that we have today with my generation isn’t exclusive to my generation the entitlement culture came long before mine came with the Gen Xers that came with the baby boomers that came before that I’m either the first president to actually have a Social Security number was actually Dwight Eisenhower. But there were two presidents before him because Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a guy who put it into action and then Harry Truman even went through his entire term never had one the only reason Dwight had one was because it was another paper designed to reward to was fighting the Germans and so he had a number and inlet and trust between the time. And now we have bankrupted that system that was supposed to be voluntary and we’ve made it mandatory. And my generation is stuck. My generation may have their shortcomings absolutely I would love to see more young people get involved but they don’t this is something that really frustrates me because the fact that my generation has never known a time without war. Ever it is always there’s always been war for the United States of America since the beginning of my generation the other thing and the biggest for me is that there is never been a generation in the history of the world that is inherited as much debt as my generation is about to and my generation for the majority of them can’t balance a checkbook. So that concerns me. That’s a that’s a problem if you’re going to talk about individual responsibility then this is where we need to go your children are the future the children in a society, the children that you currently are sending the public school to be educated and you’re not and I really see so many parents that don’t really get involved with their children’s education. Some do and I’m thankful for that because those children tend to go want to do great things. But for the most, I really do have very serious concerns about society it on both a rule from a religious point of view and a political’s point of view but I’m not going to sit around and blame politicians my main issue is with the individual people that fail to take responsibility for their own lives. That’s all I got.

[00:55:50] Alexis de Tocqueville… I was looking at some of the quotes while you are talking and, you know, one of the things he said is everybody feels the evil that can come from government to control and the loss of rights but he says but no one has the courage or energy enough to seek the cure while to make Christ is the cure. What he was really talking about those of you have listened to us before know what people are. Has another great course will have to get them next time because it looks like were completely out of time the time I went to pretty fast bed but join us on the network at Join the network groups I see a lot of lights lit up a lot of people call then but join us on the network joint with the network space and geography air but he joins is going to be more link to their local areas and deal with the problems in your local areas is helping one another is what made America great and we have to get back that until then piece in your house and may God be with you. God bless.

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