Key 2412 – Ceding Government vs Relocalizing

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2412

Activities of the Oregon General Jural Assembly provide an opportunity to highlight the dangers of using force and authority to reform government and practical considerations for relocalizing government.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 24, 2024

Show Notes

*00:00:55 Dominion; American Republic vs US Indirect Democracy; Colonial Charters; Sanhedrin; Libera Res Publica; Davy Crockett; Alexis de Tocqueville; FDR; LBJ; Cloward and Piven; Legal Charity
00:11:58 Constitution; Contract Covenants and Constitutions; Citizen vs Citizen; Covenants of the gods
00:20:55 Militia
00:25:49 Wycliffe – Government of the people…
*00:27:45 Questions for the Oregon General Jural Assembly; Polybius; Plutarch; Lady Godiva; Alexis de Tocqueville; Legal Charity; Libera Res Publica; Social Security; Corban; Corban of Christ; Bondage of Egypt; Republic; Democracy; Citizen vs Citizen
00:37:30 Dainties; Snare; Deceitful Meats; Merchandise; Curse Children
00:39:10 Biting One Another; Covetous Practices; Army Colonel Douglass McGregor; Workers of Iniquity; Biting One Another; Exodus Series; Exercise Authority
00:53:20 Cloward and Piven; Militia; Altars of Clay and Stone; Freewill Offerings; Jehovahnissi;
01:05:55 Benefactors; Curse Children; Social Bonds; Legal Charity
01:14:00 Kingdom of God; Enterprise of Law; Tens Hundreds and Thousands; Jesus Commanded; Join the Network; Constantine; Plutarch; Merchandise; Curse Children; Benefactors
01:20:18 Greg, GW Bush, Hubert Humphry (gregbio)
01:22:20 Article 2 Section 22; Elders; Measure 114; Faith; Logos = Right Reason
01:32:50 Commissioner James Williams joins show; Workers of Iniquity
01:40:00 Importance of maintaining local jurisdiction
01:46:15 James’ experience with Land Use; Federal/BLM land
01:54:30 State should return authority back counties not give it up to federal government
02:01:30 Kid who tested positive for COVID; Manipulation of stats
02:07:45 Article 2 Section 22; Reporting contributions
02:12:40 Article in Willamette Week; Governor Kate Brown
02:19:30 Slothful shall be under tribute; Mountains of Samaria
02:28:00 Administrative Courts

Paul’s Notes

Kingdoms (governments) of the world; America vs United States; Republics; Sanhedrin vs Sanhedrin; “libera res publica”; Davey Crockett story; Legal charity (bad thing); Making people dependent on government; Shining light on slavery; We the People?; Oregon General Jural Assembly; Guaranteeing a republic; “citizen”; Deciding fact and law; Whiskey; “of, for and by the people”; Assembly; Social welfare?; by Taxation?; Social security; Owning up to your faults; Hearing the cries of your brother; Illegitimacy for peacefulness?; Desiring benefits at expense of neighbor; Intervention spending; National debt = your debt; Due to your covetousness; Weak borders; Threat of invasion; Bankrupting America; Taking care of your roads; Following Christ’s ways; Future prophecy; No majority needed; Living by faith; Recognizing benefits by force; Gal 5:15 biting one another; Homeless; Nukes?; Kingdom of God – what does it look like?; Early Church groups of Ten; Jesus’ commands; Banking system collapse; Who can you trust?; Network of trust; “sit down” organization; Spiritual guidance; God’s gift of faith; Courage; Greek “logos” = right reason; Facing danger for neighbor; Bonds of a free society; Minister authority?; Guest: Corruption; Leaving judgment to God; County commissioner; Countrymen not wanting freedom; Seeking help labels you?; People reclaiming responsibility; Taxation; Oregon bill on land use; Private property?; States giving authority to Federal; County oversight of federal land; Legal bribery; Illustrating insanity; False reporting by press; Ignorance-driven strategy; Importance of understanding; Campaign financing; Doing basic research; Money for bill support; Holding officers accountable; Immorality; Campaign finance reform?; No freedom for the slothful; Finding truth; People of character; Your reaction to truth; Justice; Overwhelming fear; Real Christians; Persecution; Righteousness takes sacrifice; Keep your eyes open.

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