Key 2411 – John Part 6

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2411

John 6 is where we find the traditional story of the “miracle of loaves and fishes.” But a careful reading and a deeper understanding of the times provides a much more powerful and relevant lesson.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 10, 2024

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Finishing John 4; Creeping fear; John’s sequencing; “Q”uote gospels; Baptizing; John 9 blind man parental story; Doubt; Christ’s system of welfare; “Corban”; “logos”; Spirit-giving life; Making God’s word to none effect; Covetous practices; Sabbath; “Leviathan”; Robbing Ephesus = world bank; Witches; Christ’s living water; Your available choices; God’s still-small voice; The right reason of God; HHC Podcasts; Unleavened bread; Auroras; Carrington event; John 6:1; Logging story; Feeding of 5000 (men); “Make” them sit (pipto); Relating to Exodus; Who Christ came for; How the multitudes were fed; Teaching care; The bigger miracle; Organizing yourselves; John 6:11; Sharing is essential; vs Forced offerings; Be not afraid; Rice-bowl Christians; True bread from heaven; The source of life; Predestination?; Loving the light; The real Jesus; Christian cannibalism; John 6:60; Q: Abraham and his son; Long life spans; Child sacrifice?; Listening to the fallen; Giving life – pure religion; Sadomasochism; “Evil”; Extra-biblical Abraham; Haran’s death penalty; Isaac’s succession; Abraham’s altars; Sacrificing Isaac; Priests of the family; Taxing Abraham?; Early sheriffs and support; Come together.

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