Key 2413 – John Part 7

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2413

When read with right reason rather than ritualistic religiosity, John 7 is full of insights into the teachings of Jesus in Galilee about practical government.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 2, 2024

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Weakening the poor; Food lines; Feeding 5000; John’s stories; Feast of booths; Gifting to Levites; Sharing network; Charity vs “civil” offerings; John 7:1; “Jewery”; Instructions of the Gospel; Organizing to provide for one another; Commerce; Capitalism; Seeking to kill Jesus; “world”; Jesus’ brethren; Milk and Meat; Leaven; Thinking like Christ; Causing people to stray from Christ’s way; Covetous practices; Tough love; Stone Temple?; Knowing God’s will; Elements of the kingdom; Righteous judgment; Graven images; Bondage of Egypt; Socialism; John 7:26; Talking in the Temple; Not knowing Christ, Moses or God; Being a doer of the word; God’s constitution; Gentiles; The “flow” of life and love; Hearing Christ’s message; Forgiveness; Usurping God?; Having eyes to see; Nicodemus (mentioned only in John) = without blood; Jurisdiction of Judea; “dekapolis”; Deacons and their role; Elder-driven kingdom; Contextualizing John 7; Picking on Galilee?; Country folk; Degradation of cities; Relying on neighbors; Learning Kingdom basics; Taking back responsibility; Power of Holy Spirit; Imaginary Christians; Living by faith, hope and charity; Seeing your own part in your situation; Pure republic of God; Recognizing strong delusion; A new Exodus?; Repentance; Connecting to Holy Spirit; Faith in God’s control; Sabbath; Gather in His name and righteousness.

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