Key 2085 – Interview with James Williams, Commissioner for Lake County Oregon

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2085

James discusses vaccine mandates, political divide between rural and urban Oregon, and the solution of gathering together to rescue one another.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 26, 2020

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Personal coronavirus research; Dying *with* COVID; Getting away with lies; Voluntary vaccine?; Standing up for/with your neighbor; Coveting stimulus money; Malachi on those walking with God; Monumental debt growth; What ministers should be; Understanding metaphors; Unbelievable cover-up; Little dictators revealed; Voted down mandatory vaccinations; Unmandated mandates; No Jab, no job; Mark of the beast; Business shutdown cases; Solutions; No right to force your opinions; Expecting too much from government; Rural vs urban divide; Making your own informed decisions; Judging not; Caring for neighbors; Finding another way.


[00:11:48] Stimulus Bill
[00:17:11] Book or Malichi
[00:29:55] Introduce James Williams VIDEO
[00:31:35] Call with close to 100 Oregon Commissioners voted against Oregon bill that would mandate vaccines.
[00:35:03] No jab, No job.
[00:36:00] Mark of the Beast
[00:39:45] History is a series of conspiracies that were eventually recorded as history. Greg’s great uncle was a double agent (gregbio)
[00:43:02] What are the solutions?
[00:46:52] Rural vs urban divide in Oregon

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