Key 2084 – Stimulus to Hell

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2084

The recent stimulus packages highlight how far America has strayed from its Godly roots. Coveting the goods of one’s neighbor is now accepted practice, as is eating and drinking the flesh and blood of others.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 26, 2020

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Many under strong delusion of being Christian; Elements of the world; “New World Order”; Evil since the Garden; Blinders on you; Whole truth or not truth; Vaccine efficacy?; Defending accepted lies; “Stimulus” article; What Jesus said about it; Stimulus – something causing a response; Stimulating by lies; Mass hysteria; Coming out from darkness; Dominion voting machines; ID and racism?; Ecc 11:8; Unwillingness to see the light; 5000 page bills; Source of stimulus money; The “I paid in” myth; Cursing your children; 1913 Federal Reserve act; Can’t be “rich” and in debt; Blame is not divisible; Sense of meaning; Our power to choose our response; Anger habit; Time to choose; Situational awareness; Consequential loss of liberty; Christ said not to be like them; What world we are leaving our children; Luke 1:79; Spirit of destruction; Power of righteousness; Overcoming temptation; As you judge, so shall you be judged; Malachi 2; Meeting righteous need; Other peoples’ money; Jesus’ unique way; The (social) contract; Creating the alternate choice; Tribe of Levi; Keeping choice available; Iniquity; “Church” = called out; Term limits?; Is the word of the Lord in your pastor’s mouth?; The table of Caesar; What’s the true solution?; Jer 33; Abundance of peace and truth; “The real destroyers of liberties…”; Social Security realities; No separation of funds; Humility over vanity; Seek the big picture (whole truth); “partial” in the law; Who’s your daddy?; Providing for neighbor unspotted by the world; Abomination in Israel; Jeru Salem (double peace); Result of your action; A life of righteousness; Dividing your religion; Repent – go another way; Realize the temptation toward unrighteousness.


[00:06:48] New MRNA vaccine being produced; Lockdown to continue.
[00:11:11] $600 stimulus package
[00:22:09] Dominion Voting Machines, Voter ID
[00:24:08] Ecclesiastes; Days of Darkness; Vanity
[00:27:19] Accepting the Stimulus is taking money out of the pockets of your neighbor/children.
[00:30:47] Federal Reserve Act signed on Christmas Eve
[00:33:10] Viktor Frankl – Logotherapy – Healing through meaning
[00:44:33] Josiah Stamp quote on bankers
[00:50:41] Luke 1:79 Shadow of death
[00:54:33] Malichi 2: Priest’s Commandment
[00:59:39] Mark Stevens
[01:21:16] Failure of Social Security
[01:32:08] Israel & Jerusalem: Double peace in your state of being; Strange Wives

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