Key 2164 – Righteously Resisting Mandates

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2164

James Williams, commissioner for Lake County, Oregon, shares thoughts on the politicization of vaccines and strategic ways to deal with mandates.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 31, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes


[00:03:39] Introduction of James Williams, Commissioner of Summer Lake, Oregon
[00:04:36] Medical issue, not a political one
[00:07:57] Bloomberg article: 99% of people who get COVID get better and have 13X better immunity
[00:09:56] Israel study: Natural immunity 13X better
[00:10:54] Denmark has removed all mandates in favor of natural immunity
[00:12:15] Oregon legislation to force vaccination long before pandemic
[00:13:38] AOC = Association of Oregon Counties for county commissioners
[00:19:07] 1906 Jacobson Ruling around Smallpox Vaccine
[00:25:05] Stay in your lane
[00:27:31] Two types of civil rights; Excousia
[00:28:38] ADE – Antibody-Dependent Enhancement
[00:32:44] Dr Rhonda Patrich on Joe Rogan
[00:35:32] vaccine Injury Compensation Program; $4 billion paid out
[00:38:06] More details on 1906 Jacobson case
[00:39:49] More on ADE
[00:44:48] Possibilities of sterilization: Dr Michael Yeadon; Karen Kingston
[00:48:31] NIH: “Hydroxychloroquine with zinc is a gamechanger”
[00:51:20] Jesus commanded people network in tens, hundreds, and thousands
*[00:58:22] Alexis de Tocqueville quote about despots keeping people in isolation
[01:01:02] Religious Exemption may be a trap
[01:12:15] “I’m just doing my job”
[01:21:15] Karen Kingston documents
[01:31:27] Addendum
[01:35:00] State has authority over your health if state is your father/provider

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