Key 2163 – Soft Despotism

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2163

The soft despotism we face today was perfectly predicted 150 years ago by Alexis de Tocqueville and thousands of years ago in Proverbs.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 28, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Festivals driven by the people; Force and fear; Stopping the nonsense; Do your own research; Meat?; Benefactors; Lk 22:25; Christ’s rules; Sacrifice; Judean welfare; “Soft” Despotism; Egoism; Connecting in a network; Developing the skills of freedom; Prov 23; “Dainties”; Meats given; Right to steal?; Who is tithing?; Traveling ministry; Paul, tentmaker; Scientific warnings; Perversion; Becoming savages; Sureties for debt; Hearing one another; Tutelary Church?; Who are your guardians?; Dishonest elections; Sovereign people; Gathering to help each other – rich and poor; Gratitude?; Moral ties; Willful sacrifice; Guaranteeing life without happiness; Wages of unrighteousness.


[00:01:04] Vaccinated article
[00:08:11] Socialism vs Charity
[00:11:10] Soft Despotism
[00:22:26] Wine of government benefits
[00:24:08] Minister motorhome details
[00:27:00] Sterilizion of population
*[00:30:40] Strange Women = Legal Charity
[00:44:10] Maze dream (gregbio)
[00:50:12] Election corruption

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