Key 2162 – Which Kingdom’s Baptism?

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2162

Early Christians were baptized into a practical government that functioned as a parallel alternative to that offered to those who were baptized into the Temples of Herod and Rome.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 28, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

What does “not a part of the world” mean?; Learning word meanings; “Exousia” = power of choice; John the Baptist – “repent”; concordance; context of the time; Tapping in to Holy Spirit; Doves and flickering; Baptism; Opinions and truth; Believer? How do you know?; Need truth to be saved; Set down what you thought was true; Vulnerable to deceit; Freedom of speech in the kingdom; Why we gather; Invisible bonds; “scripture”; Indwelling of Holy Spirit; “Study” = be diligent; No magic words; Actions are evidence; “Charity”; Burning Bush Festival next weekend; Sept 7th “call in sick” day for protest; Government workers being fired; Medical coercion; Media censorship; Preparing you for the truth; Cancelling – don’t want conversation; Following science; Vaccine agenda; John the Baptist gave the solution; Corruption in government; Are we doers of the word?; Seek the kingdom and righteousness and the rest will work out; Laborers are few; Doing the work; Prov 23; Understanding biblical “meat”; mem-beit-ayin-mem; Greek “broma”; Victuals?; Dainties?; Benefits!; What “normal” are you looking for?; Plutarch quote about benefits; And Polybius; Appetites for benefits; Force is not OK; Legal charity; Evidencing the problem; Christ has the solution; Shutdown removes purpose -> suicide; You will need a network; Business license? Lk 3:11; “meat” instructions; Stop being the “many”; Societal pressure; Tiberius = 2nd Caesar after Augustus; Two high priests?; “Seeing” God’s salvation; Are you fruit-bearing?; Getting back to the ways of Christ; Synagogues; Universe and kingdom are reasonable; Lavish temples; How are you seeking?; Baptizing publicans; “violence”; Moving towards the light per John the Baptist; Building Christ’s network; “Cast out” vs “called out”; John and Jesus relationship; THE solution: Love one another = charity!


[00:02:04] Exousia – right to choose; Repent
[00:04:04] Truth and the Holy Spirit
[00:08:00] Baptism
[00:10:06] Are you are believer?
[00:20:17] “Study” to show thyself approved?
[00:24:36] Burning Bush Festival
[00:26:06] COVID Craziness; Vaccine Mandates; Strikes
[00:30:36] Vaccine Science
[00:36:10] Changes in Peter after baptism of fire
[00:38:50] NIH claims
*[00:54:53] Proverbs 23
*[01:00:50] Plutarch; Benefactors; Polybius; Alexis de Tocqueville; Legal Charity; Lady Godiva; The Free Church Report
[01:07:52] Wages of unrighteousness, massacres of the shutdown; suicides
[01:15:] Luke 3:11 Two coats; meat
[01:20:23] Story of Caiaphas
[01:21:56] Luke 23:5 Bear fruit
*[01:27:59] Baptism of Herad vs Baptism of John was organizing in tens, hundreds, and thousands

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