Key 2161 – Satisfying Equality

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2161

Alexis de Tocqueville came to American 150 years ago and documented his observations on how America became great due to its charity, not its central government.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 21, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Returning to Draconian measures; God’s Kingdom = right to be ruled by God; Christ’s solution; Enemies of the people; How YOU became a criminal; Equality and equity; Moving targets; Why people come and why they leave; The name of Christ; Practical reality; Racism in rulers; Equality of outcome; The art of staying free; Daily sacrifice; “Associations”; Pact of the catacomb; Crucifixion plaque; Recognizing Jesus as King of Judea; Offices of service; Juries; Understanding Paul; Capitalism and Socialism; Individual rights to choose; Thinking Christ’s way; Charitable associations; Charity spotted by government; Despotic equality; Religious order; Your duty to the body of Christ; Standing up for neighbors; Maintain conversation; Is the Supreme Court your god?; Victory by separation/isolation; “Egoism”; Accepting you might be wrong; Your right to decide; Good citizens; The goal is righteousness; Range sheep stick together; Legal Charity; Liberty is the blood of life; Your first choice.


[00:07:00] Equality und socialism is the mutial sharing of misery
[00:08:05] Alexis de Tocqueville quote
[00:10:18] Successful networking requires desire to help others
[00:13:27] Societies characterized by love of equality upset their own inheritance
[00:19:36] The Church is not an incorporated association; Vatican Council
*[00:23:05] Official declaration that Jesus was king of the jews.
[00:28:03] Capitalism vs Socialism
[00:39:15] Second volume of “Democracy in America”
[00:40:07] Central government crowds out charity
[00:45:15] Societal confusion around compulsory vaccinations;

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