Key 2160 – Equality vs Equity

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2160

People’s covetous practices have lead them to value equality at the cost of equity and modern Christians have no clue how to reverse this because they are practicing the same covetous as everyone else.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 21, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Keys: “The Way” of Christ; Identifying metaphors, US Constitution not biblical; What makes us susceptible to delusion; “contract” clause; Minor prophets overlapping; Nahum words; burden -> “tribute”; Relevance to today and tomorrow; Willingness to see our own error; Living altars; Levite temple; Despotic bindings; The Church’s role in social welfare; Lady Godiva story; Doomsday book; Appetites for benefits; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Well-organized poor?; Encouraging idleness; Weakening the poor; Lev 25:35; Bondage of Egypt; 20% income tax; What covenants have you made?; Usury; Israel – not civil society but free society; Israel’s Pure Republic times; What’s your source for truth?; Lev 25:38; Turning brethren into servants; Abdicating your right to choose; Legal charity; Criminals and government; Australian attacks; Actors = paid liars; You fix it!!; Freedom requires responsibility; Becoming a doer of the word; Testing effectiveness; Criminalizing crossing state lines; Christians abandoning Christ; Problems stemming from slavery? Progressive socialism; Cancelling access; VAERS; Know the facts; Avoid hysteria; Supporting caregivers; Licensing ministers; What made America great; Equality of Poverty; “Free” benefits; Frightened by love; Solution to mandates; Mark 6; Luke 9:13; Organizing Israel; Militia; Loaves and fishes – what was the miracle?; Corroding society; Forced vs freewill contributions; Rethinking education; Home school associations; Which “Equality”?; Identity politics; Alexis de Tocqueville story; Sharing with ministers through the body of Christ; Fake news; And fake “Good News”; Democracy within a republic; It’s not allowable to take away neighbor’s right to choose (a.k.a exercise authority); Offices of service vs offices of power.


[00:02:40] Contract Clause of Constitution
[00:09:39] FDA Approval?
*[00:13:08] Religion; Altars; Levites
[00:17:00] Lady Godiva
*[00:24:05] Leviticus 25:35; Usery; Bondage of Egypt; Social Security
*[00:31:12] Israel as a republic; tithe
[00:35:50] COVID Vaccine
[00:39:57] 25:38 Land of Canaan = Land of Merchants
[00:42:15] Legal charity; Thomas Jefferson quote about government being legalized crime
[00:44:00] Australia is canary in the coal mine
[00:52:40] How wokeness is leading to racism
[00:55:57] VEARS statistics
[01:09:47] Lesson of Jesus feeding the 5000
[01:16:02] Equality vs Equity
*[01:18:45] Homeschool associations; private schooling in India
[01:22:55] Identity politics: vaxxed vs unvaxxed; Greatest genocide ever?
[01:25:15] Alexis de Tocqueville
*[01:36:00] Passion for equality will lead us to stop practicing the art of freedom

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