Key 2159 – “Commanded”

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2159

Milk-fed modern Christians are so oblivious to the meat taken for granted by the early church that they remain blind even to the verses where Jesus commanded it.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 14, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Home churches; Like early Church or Pharisees?; When God won’t hear you; Christ’s commanded organization; Mark 6; Protestant; Popes; Calling no man father; Ten family groups; Synagogue; Early Christians were Jews; Ex 18:25; Lk 12:15; Understanding covetousness; Gambling; Wanting gain at others’ expense; Rebuttal of HHC article “Commanded”; No coveting!; Make-believe freedom; Mark 6:40; Simplicity of charity; Luke 9:14; Tithings/symposia; Groupings of Ten in history/languages; Doing what Christ said; Interconnecting groups; Importance of the meaning of words; Pure Religion unspotted by government; Exercising authority; Do you?; Mt 20:25; Mark 10:42; Lk ?; Daily Ministration is caring for needy; Public religion; “Benefactor”; Bread sacrificed to idols vs Christian charity; Home “church” social clubs; Good tax men?; Helping you with your unbelief; Romans 13; Exousia; The Higher Liberty.


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*[00:03:50] When Jesus commanded the people to organize themselves
*[00:05:42] Roman church came down from Constantine
*[00:07:15] Organizing in tens throughout history
*[00:10:07] Early Church were Jews
[00:12:15] Covetousness built into society
[00:13:33] Gambling
[00:18:20] Corban
[00:23:53] When the US returned to the bondage of Egypt
[00:26:35] Most common form of government throughout the history of man
[00:31:25] Social Security has always been in debt
*[00:35:05] Luke 9:14: Sit down in 50s of a company; tithings
[00:40:28] Phariseesreligion was wrong
*[00:43:18] Matthew 20:25 – Exercise authority; Mark 10:42; Luke
[00:46:08] Ministers call on government services to meet needs of people
[00:53:08] Exousia

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