Key 2158 – Networking in the Bible

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2158

Networking not mentioned in the bible? Brother Gregory addresses someone who is having a hard time looking deeper than the shallowness of the training he received in modern church.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 14, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Covetous practices; Do you understand?; Most *want* to covet, Polybius; Home church group discussion; Modern church differences with early Church; Christ “commanded”; Governmental officers exercising authority; Wages/rewards of unrighteousness; Synagogues; Small groups of ten; Family – instituted by God; Modern Christian apostasy; Kate Brown’s new graduation rules; Jesus commanding His disciples; Early Church “families”; Ex 18:25; “rulers”; Individuality; Joseph and his brothers; Escaping bondage; “Religion”; “World”; “spotting” religion; Doing no more ought for your parents; Social Security has never been solvent; Are you really following Christ?; Cognitive dissonance; No SS trust fund; How much do you help your parents?; Public aid; Networking in the bible; Providing daily bread; Electing new Sauls; Potestas and imperium; US Constitution not a biblical document; “Contracts, Covenants and Constitutions” book; Repentance; Loving Christ = keeping commandments; Public health – a church concern; Force vs freewill; “Tens”; Church organization; Dumbing down children; Justin’s apology explaining Christianity; Church: resources are the people; Herod’s temple; Treasury and sacrifice; Paul’s congregations; New Testament “Charity”/”Love”; “Rabbi” rulers; “President” in congregation; Explaining “tens” and “hundreds” networking; Equality among families; Megachurches; Calling out ministers; Jesus the king; Dr. Shiva presentation on “public health”; Many workers of iniquity; Fat, dumb and happy; Solution starts with repentance; Learning forgiveness; Village idiots; Loving one another; Dysphoria; Christ’s bottom-up organization; Appointing a kingdom/government; Falsely thinking you are free; Pentecost; Blind man story; Working daily in the temple; Understanding the extend of welfare; Cutting Church muster; Kingdom public health system is intrinsic; Kingdom not of this world.


[00:00:48] Thou shalt not covet
[00:03:23] Question from home-churcher vs corporate church
*[00:10:08] Your covetous practices made you merchandise
*[00:11:30] Jesus told you how to organize
[00:16:34] Debt, income tax, inflation; silver
[00:19:49] Kate Brown: No need for math and writing
*[00:21:08] What Jesus commanded before feeding the 5000
*[00:23:44] Moses appointed tens
[00:26:25] Burden of Pharoah placed by Joseph when saving lives of his brothers
*[00:29:29] Pure religion and translation of the word “world”
[00:32:57] Social Security of never solvent
[00:34:40] Cognitive dissonance; gender dysphoria
[00:38:50] Cost of public education
*[00:40:29] Network described in the bible; daily bread provided by father of the earth or Father in Heaven
*[00:43:50] US Constitution is not a biblical document
[00:45:23] Repentance
[00:46:40] Home churchers need to understand the fullness of the apostate church problem
*[00:51:14] How we eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus; Tens
*[01:02:08] Rushdoony quote describing congregations setup by Paul
[01:15:38] Dr Shiva at Cyber Symposium
[01:24:00] Gay or not?
[01:26:29] Back to Dr Shiva

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