Key 2157 – Annotated Amos

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2157

Chuck Swindoll serves as a perfect example of the ignorance of the modern church about the true meaning of the bible.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 7, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Amos on societal corruption; God is built in to system He created; Nature reveals; Learning how to be a free people; Returning to bondage; Golden calf = reserve bank; “god” = ruling judge; Supreme Court – deciding good and evil for you; 1 Sam 8 wanting a king; Moving the Temple; Korah the sheep; Black/white faced sheep; Basics of the kingdom; Swindoll’s commentaries on Amos; Amos 2:6-8; (Julius) Caesar comparison; Federal Reserve; Selling your neighbor into bondage; vs showing up for your neighbor; “Corban” of the Pharisees; Amos 3:10; Electing Sauls; Early American public schools; Mountains of Samaria; Cities of blood; Amos 5:11; Robbing widows and orphans; Hewn vs unhewn stone; Tax complacency; Righteousness is key; Church symbolized as women – caregiver; Helping dysphoria; Amos 8:4; Inflation; Unjust weights and measures; Biting one another – meat with blood in it; Forced offerings; “Intentional Community”; Gathering in free assemblies; Living kingdom where you are; Values driving action; Sacrificing self; “Religion” and the “priestly”; “legalism”; Your right to choose = freedom.


[00:01:10] Amos’ predictions apply today because the fallout of corruption is the same. God is built into the system of God.
*[00:03:11] Hebrews return to the bondage of Egypt
*[00:05:35] US President appoints the gods of the US
[00:08:18] Silliness of anti-bigotry laws
[00:12:09] Israel’s rejection of God
[00:13:40] Alamo’s lesson on democracy
[00:18:03] Metaphor of sheep; getting organized
[00:21:58] Changes in Roman laws reflect their movement from a republic to a democracy
[00:25:30] Lesson of the Amish; Local farmers helped widow
*[00:30:35] Jefferson and public schools
*[00:36:07] Treading on the poor; Widows in Summer Lake (gregbio); Poor family in Wisconsin
*[00:45:26] Inflation
[00:48:30] Practical concerns about intentional communities

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