Key 2156 – Amos 9

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2156

The book of Amos includes melting mountains, cities of blood and, hoards of grasshoppers. His poems are painfully applicable today, but modern readers are clueless about the metaphors.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 7, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Notes on; Overlapping prophetic messages; Who is God?; “Yahweh”; God’s opinion IS reality; Patterns of creation; Cause/effect universe; Inspiration; Presenting non-reality; Wrong answers?; Have you been listening to Christ?; Strong delusion; Allowing nonsense; False beliefs; Faith compels action; Do you act from revelation or vanity?; Spiritual drought; Portents; Reasons to help others; Amos’ prophetic poem; Rejecting God; Levite ministers of government; Force or Freedom?; “Horns of the altar”; Jesus’ humor; “Eye of the needle”; Charity study; Explaining Christian community; Legal charity; Daughters of the harlot; Understanding altars; kuf-resh-nun (horns); Ex 27:2 +tav-yod-vav; Can you hear the Holy Spirit?; Faith/sacrifice binds people together; Awakening your divine spark (yod); Systems of faith; Have you seen the truth?; Swarms of grasshoppers; Amos 9:1 altar – of force; Social Security has NEVER been solvent; Cutting yourself off from the Holy Spirit; Repent!; Act!; Consequential smiting of lintels of covetous altars; Mem-Lamed-Tet + yod; Inability to see truth; Digging into hell – are you?; First followers of Jesus were Jews; Council of Milan; Doing what Christ said; Carmel = fruitfulness; Being bitten by the serpent; Binding by faith, hope and charity; Where did YOU go wrong?; Why are you back in Egypt?; Paths of repentance; Sophistry locked in by pride; Sifting – trial by God; Days/ways of old; Free society; Melting mountains and hills; Having God prevail in your heart; Why Amos adds (Hebrew) letters; resh-aleph-hey + tav = seeing by faith/revelation; Are you living by faith?; Faith is a gift – which we often block; Family is instituted by God; Christ appointed kingdom to disciples (same as Levites); Saving others; Not dividing by the sword; Repenting together; Keeping His commandments; “city” = terror; Robbing widows and orphans; How Early America was great; Bible message consistent throughout; Cities of blood; Prov 1:10; One purse = socialism; Joint heirs; Don’t forsake the gathering.


[00:01:56] Our limited minds can’t grasp the concept of “God”
[00:09:08] Kate Brown law that math and reading aren’t required for graduation from Oregon schools
[00:16:05] Bootleg Fire; Severe drought
[00:20:20] Brotherly covenant; Choosing a chief executor who exercises authority one over the other
[00:25:54] Humor of rich man parable
[00:34:15] Horns of the altar…made of living stones
[00:36:44] Story of tracking a cougar (gregbio); Story of cougar in picture
[00:43:30] Grasshoppers of your society
[00:46:26] Amos 9 begins; Altars; Public School; Social Security
*[00:56:12] Church of Constantine wasn’t the real Church
[00:58:44] Top of “Carmel”; Depth of “sea”; Serpent
*[01:06:47] House of Israel vs House of Jacob
[01:13:10] Melting mountains and hills
[01:20:00] God instituted the family; Cain and Nimrod instituted the city-state
*[01:27:31] Socialism is the religion you get when you have no religion
*[01:29:07] Cities of blood; Cauldrons

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