Key 2143 – Amos 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2143

The book of Amos from the perspective of the original Hebrew symbols is substantially more meaningful than the version given to us by English translators.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 12, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Amos prophet/shepherd/tender of trees/poet; English translation; Song of Moses; Deut 32?; Moses and Jesus in agreement; Poetic connections; Truth free of charge but costs you your delusions; Offices of power; Saving yourself?; Knowing by fruit; Amos’ warnings; Coming out of hell; Wrath of God is built into the system; Risking self for others; Strengthening the poor; One purse; Ps 50:1; Seeing in faith; Amos 1: Introduction; Repeated transgressions of the people represented by place names; Misrepresenting Moses; Unmooring metaphors; “Brotherly covenant”; Ten-family congregations; Holy Levites; Love vs force; Seeking God’s righteousness; Amos 2; Have you rejected God?; Will you repent?; The story of the wayward lamb; Unrighteous mammon – be friends with it; FDR’s welfare and LBJ’s war on poverty; Wilson’s golden calf; Transgressions of Moab/Judah/Israel; Amos 2:6; Egypt = bondage Free souls under God; Community: Actively caring for neighbor; Police?; “Princes” of Israel; Pledging; Inheriting the Earth; Treachery with your neighbor; Selling your birthright(eousness); The first commandment; Amos full of extra (Hebrew) letters; yod-mem; biet = families at stake; Tricking you out of your inheritance; Command to gather in Tens; Rejecting commandments; Avoiding sloth; “National Adultery”; Nazarites – who are they?; Wanting ears tickled; Letting go of treachery; What is Amos sharing?; Abraham’s army; Militia; Remaining at liberty; Amos 2:16 – courage; Living by the sword?; Weaker by socialism; Unrighteous communities; Forming free assemblies using the brotherly covenant; Loaves and fishes event; Burning Bush Festival; Cannot escape built-in consequences of creation; Dogs in cages; Knowing yourself – in spirit and truth; You can’t think yourself into salvation.


[00:02:32] Poetry; Song of Moses
[00:07:54] Dante’s Divine Comedy
[00:10:50] Deuteronomy and the five elements of a biblical constitution
*[00:12:33] You can’t save yourself by works OR THOUGHT
[00:16:48] What to do to get out of bondage
*[00:25:55] Breeches: Sewing the underwear of the Levites
*[00:26:50] Brotherly covenant of tens, hundreds, and thousands
[00:33:29] Start Amos 2
*[00:35:55] Nation divided between those who wanted a king and those who returned to their tents (families)
*[00:40:22] Learn the ways of liberty to go from bondage of Egypt to Exodus
[00:43:53] Destroying black families
*[00:46:05] Golden Calf
[00:51:22] Summer Lake store got robbed (gregbio)
[01:08:37] Who were the Nazarites?
*[01:15:49] Abraham’s decentralized, but well-organized community; Militia
[01:21:00] Last verse of Amos
[01:31:30] Burning Bush Festival
[01:33:56] COVID vax and decimation of human population

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