Key 2144 – Guru Theories

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2144

Over many decades, Brother Gregory has been exposed to dozens of “guru theories” claiming to have shortcuts to freedom. He warns about how they are not only getting people into trouble but also distracting them from building the true Kingdom.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 12, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

HHC Regional groups have one purpose; “Elder” is not what you think; Releasing preconceived notions; “Religion”, “World”; Pitching in for neighbors; Becoming human resources; The poem of Amos; Wanting Egypt; Replicating lies; Satanic salvation; What is the kingdom?; Dogs in cages; Why God hardened Pharaoh’s heart; One Child contract; Not needing benefits; Why God sent plagues; Minister responsibilities; Cause/effect universe; Antonomasia; Christ’s actual instructions; Degeneration of society; Biblical advice to slaves; Christian names?; Righteous name changes; Spiritual suicide?; Identifying intent; Invisible enemies; Things we “must” do; Republic usurped? Or abandoned?; Abraham’s army; Knowing by fruit; Who shows up?; Supply and demand; Getting Egypt out of you; The only solution; Specific gurus; Where “the contract” is; Jesus Christ’s redemption; Know the comforter; Finding the “good guys”; Sanhedrins; How the kingdom works.


[00:06:43] Two grandsons injured (gregbio)
[00:11:46] Virus = Lie
[00:17:54] Why did God harden Pharoah’s heart?
*[00:19:20] China’s One-Child Contract
[00:28:00] Is your bondage related to your name?

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