Key 2145 – Amos 3

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2145

When the poem’s metaphors are understood, the book of Amos provides clear warnings and instructions for our present society.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 19, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Amos poetic prophet; Nature of God is incorporated into creation; Built in rules; Follow or societal degeneration; Breakdown of family; “Tribal”; Families helping families; Appeals courts; Militia; Binding without force; Networked families are the biggest threat to totalitarianism; Turn around to the narrow way; Repent; Amos 2 transgressions; Watchmen sharing warnings; Doing with Christ commanded; You MIGHT be saved; Church (called out) in the wilderness; “ekklesia”; Golden calf; One Purse; HJR 192; “Cash”; Redacting history; Slaves in Africa; Judging by content of individual character; Christ’s weightier matters; Cloward and Piven; State Welfare; Cursing children; Who are your watchmen?; “Clergy”; Wealth redistribution; Amos the watchman; Amos 3; Words the Lord has spoken against YOU; Micah 3:1-5; Cauldrons and fleshpots; Regulating rulers; Bondage of Egypt; Amos 3 families; shin-pi-heh; Going back to Egypt; Or walking with God (the garden); Loving God and Neighbor; Socialism violations all God’s commandments; Lion roar – made a kill; Snaring birds; Analogous to iniquities happening; 3:7 – God revealing to prophets; Freedom of choice; US Constitution non-biblical; Temple den of thieves; Your covetous practices have made you merchandise; Making the state your father; Following trails; 13: Altars of Bethel; Spiritual revelation; Quest for righteousness; Seeing nature of God; Sitting in Tens and practicing righteousness of God; Metaphor of Samaria; Forcing sacrifice; Levites called out – belonged to God; Early Church assume role of Levites; Bible’s repeated message; “Already saved” article; Fake Christians; Wrong ministers; Listen to Holy Spirit – comfort with truth; What have you already done?; Public vs Pure Religion; Festival practical purposes; Living Network; Saving society; Stop procrastinating; Avoid the wages of unrighteousness.


[00:03:12] Degeneration of Aztecs and other civilizations
*[00:12:01] Organization of Ancient Israel
[00:15:04] Egypt’s Laws and the Ten Commandments
[00:23:44] Ekklesia
*[00:24:42] Golden Calf system; Sparta’s lead coins; Federal Reserve
[00:32:09] The positive side of colonialism
[00:34:30] Judging individuals by content of character is essential to justice
[00:38:46] Poisoning children
[00:42:35] Clergyism
[00:44:52] Begin Amos 3
[00:49:04] Families
*[00:53:59] Prey and snare in society
[01:17:17] Sumaria, Transgression of Jacob, Baalam, Nicolaitan
*[01:20:10] Technical operation of Levites and the part they played in a free society; Alters of Living Stones
[01:25:08] Email to Coach Dave Daubenmire
*[01:26:42] Becoming merchandise and cursing children
*[01:33:45] Feasts provide opportunities for maids to marry and form stronger bonds throughout society

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