Key 2142 – Usurpation? Or Sloth?

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2142

Brother Gregory addresses a spam-like email full of nonsense that was sent by a person calling himself “Michael Agape” to some of our groups.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 6, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Networking without Internet; New CDC reporting numbers; Deception; Abandonment of “the republic”; “We the People”; US Constitution; Nonsensical arguments; Mission for Christ’s ambassadors; Covetous practices; Thinking like Christ; Fraud?; Legal title; Real bondage/merchandise; Daily ministration; Following the Holy Spirit; Are you owned?; Christ = king/anointed; Canaan invaded?; Kingdom-seeking work; Family is key; Reversing covetous practices; Meditation; “United States”; “Act of 1871”; Where you are at today?; Your cleverness is not the answer; Repentance; Right to choose; Seeing the big picture; Christ’s solution; “Tens”; Living Stones; Golden Calf; Abraham history; “Many souls”; Who to follow; Pursuing righteousness; Admitting you’ve been wrong; Establish relationships; Invest in others; Called out; Finding truth; Christ won – conform to Him; Research these topics on and


[00:03:17] Addressing an email full of nonsense from Michael Agape.
[00:10:10] Kate Brown not legal governor of Oregon
[00:13:05] Property issues
*[00:18:40]Social Security Number and becoming merchandise
[00:21:23] Greater Idaho
[00:27:05] Churches are part of the fraud
[00:28:59] Act of 1871
[00:31:26] Doctors on COVID Vax: “We screwed up!”
*[00:38:50] Never piled up stones and burned sheep in Old Testament; Golden Calf
*[00:40:20] Abraham’s early years
[00:50:43] Ideas for uncashed stimulus checks

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