Key 2141 – Amos 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2141

The book of Amos goes over the heads of those in modern church because they don’t understand how closely the symbolism resembles them.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 6, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Amos, minor prophet and shepherd; Levites often shepherds; Network of ten-family synagogues; Ministers were communicators of information; Freewill support; Consequences of choosing rulers; Amos’ poetic nature; Modern Christian 40,000 denominations; Amos explaining situation; History repeating itself; Avoiding confusion; “Christian” nature; Knowing Christ; Stimulus checks cursing children; Tav-kuf-vav-ayin – Tekoa (stockade?); Town or character? “Day of the Lord”; Satan “believes”; World in decline, watchmen not warning; Amos, contemporary of Joel; Amos 1; “Carmel”; earthquakes; Who are your shepherds?; Following science? Or media?; Omitting Christ’s instructions; Covetous practices; “Insurrection?”; Jan 6th Temple defiled; Your daily bread; What captivity?; Your first choice; Where your rights are going; Study: Interfering with natural processes; “Gimel” = cause/effect; Inspiration of authors; Drawing near the solution; “3, even 4”; “brotherly covenant”; Repetition/sequence of transgressions; Levites taking bribes; Bottom-up networking; Early Israel = Republic; Alexander the Great; Sloth begets tribute; Why bribes?; Jethro’s advice; Levitical charity; Red heifer confusion; Burning sheep doesn’t bring people together; Sharing reality; Returning to righteousness; Overpopulation?; Retaining responsibilities; Cities of refuge; Transgressions today; Today’s “Israel”; Consequences to not following instructions; Contrary to God’s ways; Repentance; Blood in your teeth; Amos 1:15; King’s captivity = exile?; US Constitution; World in bondage; Christ’s daily solution; “Telkoa” warning watchman?; “Carmel” – also in Micah 7:14 = be fruitful; Top of Carmel = first fruits; Instruments of Iron = force; Believing lies; Pure Religion; Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; Household of faith?; Archibald MacLeish quote; Taken away right to choose; Division is destructive; Gather as Christ commanded; Coveting is not OK; “Altar calls”; Who’s your salvation?; Show up!; Avoiding delusion; Humility is key; Join us.


[00:02:00] Amos a shepherd and “dresser of Sycamore trees” (Builder of network?)
[00:14:55] Where does the stimulus check come from?
[00:16:46] Tekoe – Location or much deeper description?
[00:20:18] “Day of the Lord” – Point at which the consequences of doing contrary to the formula of God’s people catches up with them.
[00:26:49] The shepherds of today’s society are the news media
[00:34:45] Threshing Gilead
[00:39:09] Midwife visit; interference with natural birthing process has health consequences throughout life.
[00:42:10] Captivity may not mean captivity
[00:55:14] What were the “bribes”?
*[00:58:54] The stupidity of the “burning up sheep” interpretation
[01:04:31] Abortion and the decimation of the human population
*[01:07:06] The root of court corruption

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