Key 2140 – Plague of Lies

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2140

A free-ranging discussion including great lies society tells itself, some of Gregory’s experiences as a child, and meanings of the words “god” and “life”.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 22, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Kingdom in the moment; “I AM”; Deciding good and evil; Inventing God; Atheists; “god”; Patterns in nature; Degrees of knowledge; Forestry; Fauna; Cultivation; Nature’s way; Global warming?; Media agenda; Overpopulation?; Deathly fear; Desiring the whole truth; Mister Scientist; Selfish pride; Letting go of knowledge; Souring by bitterness and unforgiveness; God’s way requires His Holy spirit; Who decides for you?; Lessons for Joseph?; Processes built into creation; Wars and rumors of wars; Israel and Moses’s rulebook; Making God happy; The love *of* Christ; The called out Church; Stone temples; Becoming Christians or perfect savages; Anti-christ ministers; Recognizing lies; Loving mercy; Becoming willing Christs; Catholic guilt; Picturing words; Giving freely; Knowledge sources; Spirit of life; Delusions of salvation; Force is not fair; The selfishness of socialism; Strangled meat; Laying down your life.


[00:03:08] Atheists: Which God don’t they believe in?
[00:04:09] Meaning of the word “God”
[00:06:58] Lie of overpopulation; evolution of forests; forests and fleas seen by Lewis and Clark
[00:13:12] Lie of global warming
[00:14:07] Marian Tupy: “Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know”
[00:17:10] Greg’s study of science as a child (gregbio)
[00:28:46] Lessons for Joseph and his brothers
[00:31:23] War in Israel
[00:33:16] Rome recognized Jesus as King of Judea
[00:44:27] Spirit of Life on earth
[00:51:49] Spirit of selfishness; Strangling your neighbor

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